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    Quote from theozov»

    very good indeed! do you intend to make this available for download someday?

    Thank you! Yes, it will be available for download when I feel it's presentable enough. I'm not sure when that is.

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    In the beginning of button.json you have defined one texture that you call "texture" (located at block/buttondown).

    Now, if you look at all the faces, you see that they all call for a texture called "0", that you haven't defined. The quickest way of fixing this is renaming your one texture from "texture" to "0". Like so;

    "textures": {

    Hope it helps!

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    I made some new models for the different light sources. I turned the wall mounted torch into a bulkhead light, the lantern into a storm lantern and the hanging lantern into a small industrial lamp. I threw the textures together quickly. They will be reworked later (like everything else I imagine). Here's a picture displaying them, along with some other models I made:

    Here's some landscapes, as promised. I'm still fidgeting around with the colormaps, but I like the overall impression.

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    The term modern can be applied to a wide span of history, so, let's talk definitions. In its broadest meaning the modern era begins during the 16th century. It includes the European renaissance, the industrial revolution and what we call contemporary history; which is post-1945 up until present day. That's roughly 500 years – a little too wide a spread I think. What I intend to capture with this pack falls rather within what historian Eric Hobsbawm calls the Short Twentieth Century, which starts with the beginning of the First World War (1914) and ends with the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991). I have some reservations though. I want to avoid getting into the advanced stuff that emerges at the end of that period, like microchips, computers and such, while at the same time keeping the door open to some older types of architecture.

    Now, there's many resource packs that has the word modern in their names. They are usually intended for sleek modernist architecture builds. Then there's packs that doesn't have the term printed on the tin, but that I also consider modern. Examples of these are Last Days and The End is Extremely Nigh, and they are closer to what I aim for with this pack, both visually and conceptually. The pack isn't meant to present an apocalyptic theme though. It could, but not necessarily. I'm going for a wider spread; something a little more low-key, but still gritty.

    I came up with the idea for Modernpunk when I was sketching on two builds. One was a Kowloon-esque type of thing, something reminiscent of the street scenes in Ghost in the Shell (1995). The other was an interpretation of the town of Innsmouth from H. P. Lovecraft's The Shadow over Innsmouth. These are my main sources of inspiration, along with How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis and later works of similar disposition by other photographers. I also like trashy modernist architecture (constructivism, bauhaus, functionalism, brutalism).

    I want you to see signs of decay on the surface, as you normally do, but at the same time you get the feeling that something more sinister is festering at the core. I've tried to incorporate this into the world of Minecraft. The Overworld is the realm of order and normalcy, but it's fraying. The Nether is where all the Overworld's waste and excrement ends up. The entropy if you will – whether it's real and metaphysical. Much like in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, "when there's no more room in hell", it begins to seep into the Overworld. The End is just that: the end, death in eternity.

    The Overworld

    Subtle trash is probably a good descriptor for the Overworld in this pack. Here's a few blocks and a couple of quick builds to illustrate. I'll try to grab some screenshots of the natural environments next time.

    The Nether

    The Nether in Modernpunk is basically a toxic landfill. Netherrack is just compacted trash. I haven't textured the quartz ore yet, but I suppose it'll be a similar block but with chunks of plastic or something in it, instead of quartz. Soul sand is replaced with a grey-brown, slightly iridescent sludge, like an oil slick. I'm thinking of replacing the lava textures with something similar, but more dangerous obviously.

    The End

    So my idea of The End is something between the opening scene of Terminator 2 and places like Capela dos Ossos. I'm not sure what to do with the chorus plants though.

    The pack is in 16x, and I'm still in the sketching phase, so expect a lot of change and reiteration. I generally prioritize block textures, and then items, entities and GUI (in that order). I'm also doing a little model work. I'll post some next time. Anyways, thanks for dropping by and reading through my ramblings. If you have any input, don't hesitate to share!

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