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    posted a message on Ban the user above you #2

    Banned for being the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

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    posted a message on Rock, Paper, Anything

    The magical hats are destroyed with Uno Reverse Cards.

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    posted a message on My Hill II

    Idelac: You know what? I have a better idea.

    Idelac has left the game.

    Player_Miner: Is he salty or wha-

    Idelac has joined the ga-



    Player_Miner: *Respawned* Hey, that's my shtick!

    Idelac: Jeez... that was more painful than I thought it was... Oh. I'm on the hill now...

    "MY HILL!"

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    posted a message on Death Messages II

    Idelac was forced onto the other side of reality

    I force the next poster to flip a lever that fires an arrow that triggers a tripwire that pushes a slime block that launches the arrow into a button that activates a piston that pushes a villager that lures a zombie into luring an iron golem over a pressure plate that launches a cat that scares a creeper into a fire that kills the creeper who drops some gunpowder into a stream that pushes it into a portal that slides the gunpowder over some ice and over a pressure plate that activates a piston that updates a block which updates a long line of gravel that drops a skeleton that lures a wolf into a portal that stands in front of a sheep that lures the wolf over a tripwire that removes a water block that suffocates a squid that drops an ink sac into a hopper that feeds a chest that activates a comparator which activates a piston that pushes a witch off a pressure plate that pulls a lane of slime blocks that pulls a stone block and drops an anvil on you.

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    posted a message on Who will post next?

    99999 damage!

    GDog, Conor, algot.

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    posted a message on The above avatar caused you to land in the hospital, how did it happen?

    *DRACONIC BOW INTENSIFIES* (Is that how you spell it?)

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    posted a message on 1.14: The RPG Update

    I know this idea will kind of suck. So don't expect too much protection if you completely oppose this idea.

    Anyway, since that's out of the way, let's jump into the suggestion.

    The intention of this update is to give a more RPG-ish feel. That means we'll have to consider the number one aspect: Stats.

    But first, all this stuff might make this far too easy in a vanilla world. Therefore, this will have to be an entirely new gamemode: "RPG". This is only a Survival world with the new RPG mechanics. Sadly, Creative and Hardcore are not allowed for this mode.

    When a player starts a Survival world, they begin at LV 1 and the following stats: 20 HP, 0 ATK, and 0 DEF.

    But you're probably thinking right now: "Well, then, how do they level up if they can't deal any damage, which is due to 0 ATK?!" It's way, way different than you think.

    ATK isn't a base stat of how much damage you deal. It's not like you have 1 ATK and you deal 1 damage. No. Instead, it's just a buffer.

    In other words, say that you hit something with a wooden sword which has a base damage stat of 4 (or something like that), and you have an ATK stat of 1. Those stats add together, for a damage output of 5.

    DEF is the same as follows. It nullifies incoming damage outputs by your DEF stat.

    Think that you've been hit with the same wooden sword mentioned in the ATK explanation, and you have a DEF stat of 2. The DEF stat subtracts 2 from the damage output, for a final output of 3.

    Now, let's get on an entirely different subject: EXP. This is different from the EXP that we use for enchanting (We'll call that Ench XP). This EXP is gained from killing monsters or other players. Once your EXP rises high enough, your LV increases, too. Monsters have a set amount of EXP that you get when you kill them. Animals, such as pigs or sheep, don't have any EXP and are just a waste of your time if you're grinding.

    Players, on the other hand, if you kill them, you get all their EXP they earned in that level. This means that you get experience equivalent to all of their EXP in their EXP bar. Say that you killed someone who is LV 2 and they have 4 EXP in their EXP bar. Then you get 4 EXP.

    Your quarry will lose all their EXP they had in their EXP bar, and they'll have to restart that level all over again.

    A player's LV can grow until LV 50. For each level, the player's HP rises by 2 HP (equivalent to 1 heart). ATK rises by 2 every 2 levels, and DEF rises by 1 every 4 levels.

    Monsters also have a set LV, and this is determined by how strong each player is. It takes the average of each player in the game. If there are 3 players and their LV's are 11, 6, 2, respectively, the game calculates the average, which is 6.33. However, when it comes to LV, decimals are not allowed, so it rounds to the nearest whole number, in which case is 6. The LV for monsters is now set: LV 6. The stat increase criteria also applies to monsters:

    +2 HP/1 LV, +2ATK/2 LV, +1DEF/4 LV.

    I may change this in the future. Give me your feedback, and I'll know whether to take this down or not.

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    posted a message on How do I know when my pickaxe is about to break? [Joke answers only]

    It breaks when you craft it.

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    posted a message on Answer the question above you

    If that's not accepted, then I'll ask something else.

    ^ This GIF is my first pixel animation-- based off of Splatoon, of course. What do you think of it?

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