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    posted a message on Answer the question above you

    I dunno.

    What's one of the highlights in your life?

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    posted a message on Bigger flower pots


    Maybe Big Flower Pots could hold more than one small flower, so you could essentially make a bouquet.

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    posted a message on Counter-Kill The Above Avatar


    If you don't get it, I spam Lux Congerere (A light attack that hits all targets 3 times) on the Shadow Clones, and you get caught in the AoE.

    I get a group of Pokemon and make them use Charge Attack, a skill in which they ALL rush the next poster and use Z-Moves, all at the same time.

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    posted a message on The Vending Machine

    In this game, the above poster puts something in the vending machine, and you decide what comes out, depending on what they put in.


    I put a coin in the vending machine.

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    posted a message on 128x128 skins
    Quote from EstorraWolf07»

    So on pocket edition you can have skins by 128 pixels by 128 pixels. Why not in Java? Please it would allow the community to become so creative with skins and it’s just a suggestion from a skin creator who is using apps allowing those pixels but doesn’t use pocket edition. If it’s a tedious thing to do I understand but I would love to see this in Java

    I agree. The current avatar resolution is just too cramped. This would lead to some epic detailed skins.
    Quote from fishg»

    That would ruin the simplicity of pixel art.

    However, I also agree with this. So I propose that it would be 64x64.

    Either way, I really like this idea.


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    posted a message on Hot Creeper Mayhem II

    The Creeper flies over GoldHero101's head. I grab a Home-Run Bat and SMAAAASH!! it.

    (EarthBound, anyone?)

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    posted a message on Misquoting
    Quote from GDog_0»
    *scientific rant*

    What are you even ranting about?

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    posted a message on What news is the above avatar giving you?

    "Local forum game troll gets perma-banned"

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    posted a message on Grief the Build Above You

    I drop a WALL to stop the base from moving, then I poke the base which somehow makes the base explode.

    I build a SkyWars arena.

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    posted a message on Escape the Cave!

    David looks around some more, until...

    *Loud crashing noise*

    Camper: Bandits! We're under attack!

    Connor: Ugh, we just can't take a break, can we?

    The party rushes to the legion of bandits.

    Bandit A: Ugh, these idiots don't know their place!

    Bandit B: No prob, though-- we've fought harder battles, no?

    Bandit A: I guess you're right.

    David: What the hell are you all doing?!

    Bandit C: We've gotten reports of a certain camp that's hoarding a load of really good loot! As bandits, it's our job to steal everything we can! So, kid, you're better off running to your mommy or something.

    David: ...Oh, please. What a cliche taunt. I bet you don't even know that I don't even have a mother or a father to run away to. Besides, that's what a coward would do-- so YOU'RE better off running away before you find my blade sticking out of your back.

    Bandit C: Heh, for a little kid, you're really brave, I'll give ya that. But like I said, you're just a little kid, and I bet just one strike will knock you down!

    David: *Smirking* Welp, we'll see! Try your luck!

    DJ: You just plagiarized Shadow David...

    David: Oh, shut up. Who cares about those plagiarists?



    David used Spin Slice! (38/48 EP)

    Bandit A took 21 damage! (59/80 HP)

    Bandit B took 19 damage! (71/80 HP)

    Bandit C took 19 damage! (71/80 HP)

    Bandit D took 19 damage! (71/80 HP)

    Bandit E took 20 damage! (60/80 HP)

    Bandit Legion

    Bandit A: 59/80 HP, 20 ATK, 15 DEF, 75 G, 20 EXP

    Bandit B: 71/80 HP, 20 ATK, 15 DEF, 75 G, 20 EXP

    Bandit C: 71/80 HP, 20 ATK, 15 DEF, 75 G, 20 EXP

    Bandit D: 71/80 HP, 20 ATK, 15 DEF, 75 G, 20 EXP

    Bandit E: 60/80 HP, 20 ATK, 15 DEF, 75 G, 20 EXP

    Team Connor

    Connor: LV 13 (65/119) 13/42 HP, 40/40 MP, 25 ATK, 23 DEF, 31 MAG, 20/20 HP Spr., 9/10 MP Spr., 1/1 Life Spr., SafeSpot [] (+2 HPR, +1 MPD, 25% QuickC, 5% HasteC)

    Faiya: LV 13 (65/119) 20/35 HP, 22/22 MP, 22/22 EP, 27 ATK, 20 DEF

    Gaster: LV 9 (50/80) 21/38 HP, 29/39 MP, 29/29 EP, 74/74 SCP, 18 ATK, 18 DEF, 37 MAG

    David: LV 13 (65/119) 65/77 HP, 29/45 MP, 38/48 EP, 0/3 BP, 29 ATK, 27 DEF (Moved)

    Welk: LV 11 (29/92) 47/47 HP, 47/47 ELP, 39/39 EP, 12 ATK, 20 DEF (4 LV Up Pending)
    DJ: LV 13 (65/119) 17/34 HP, 34/34 ELP, 31/31 MP, 25 ATK (+3, +3 (28/30)), 10 DEF (+2, -1) 13 MAG (+2) 5 SPD (+3 MPD, -1 MD, +2 HPRI, +2 MPRI, 5% Deflect)
    Java: LV 12 (27/105) 28/28 HP, 28/28 ELP, 30/30 MP, 15/15 EP, 22 ATK, 19 DEF (3 LV Up Pending)


    Orange Hand (Gaster): LV 5 (12/42) 23/23 HP

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