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    Welcome one and all to the world of myth and legend. A land where wizards fight dragons with magical artifacts, this is truly a world where your wildest dreams could come true. For those of you who don't know, this is the end result of the process listed here http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/off-topic/forum-games/forum-roleplaying/2753713-microscope-based-interest-check. For those of you who also don't know, my name is Iceinfly and I will be your GM here. Have fun and let's make magic happen.

    Courtesy of Scarfking, one of the Microscopers

    The world is such a broad and diverse place. There are beings as diverse and adaptable as humans, as sturdy and tough as dwarves, and as wise and agile as elves. The elves live in the forest of the north, making them one with nature. The dwarves were once humans, who were trapped underground for generations, thought to be lost. Now, they have an affinity with the earth and amazing strength. The humans are everywhere- ever adapting, ever expanding. From a land to the east, across the Jaculus Sea, were a race of bird-people, called the T’Kal. From the southern desert emerged the Ztaari, a race of humanoid insects. From the depths of the forest which the elves dare not venture come the Naga- Human torsos with snake-like bodies and tails. And from Death herself are the rejects- the Severed. Those who Death believes does not deserve to rest, so they wander the Earth, unable to die.

    And then, there are Monsters. Minotaurs, Imps, Goblins, Kobolds, and even those we have not seen yet. They threaten the land, craving nothing but chaos and destruction. The six races and the Severed formed an alliance against the Monsters, in essence, becoming one gigantic nation. But the threat of the Monsters has never declined, not even after a thousand years. To protect the cities and outlying villages, the Mage Guild was formed. The Mages protect the cities and villages with powerful magic that takes a lifetime to obtain and master. Thankfully, in addition to the mages, it is customary now for everyone to be skilled with a weapon when they reach the age of 10. And though the Monsters are very much a threat, they are considered “under control” by most everyone.

    But sometimes, simply defending a place is not enough. Often, there are reports of particularly powerful Monsters that a single Mage would not be able to defeat. That is when people send for the Slayers. The Slayers are expert assassins, who always travel in pairs to take on these threats before they can wreak their havoc. Most Slayers don’t return from the first job, but they always get the kill, no matter the cost. They justify endangering themselves by saying that someone has to do it, or else the Monster they slew could have killed many others. To be a Slayer is to die fighting, protecting those you love.

    And though the races are united, their lands are far apart. The capital cities of each are connected with portals ever since the alliance was formed, allowing freedom of travel to those who have coin. One can travel to Lapis, the underground city of the dwarves. To Arbor, the beautiful forest city of the elves. To Caelum, the T’Kal city atop a mountain. To Harenam, the city on the sand, built by the Ztaari. Or to Palus, the murky land where the Naga reside.

    Magic is a wonderful thing. It can heal, it can attack, it can defend, it can do almost anything. But out of fear that Mages would run rampant, the Mage Guild only allows a select few to join. These are then trained, but are managed strictly by the Guild. Few make it to the end of training, and the rejects are killed in order to make sure no-one would abuse this power. Magic is still available to the ordinary citizen, of course, but it’s nothing more than basic telekinesis and parlor tricks. But, there is a way to gain magic power without training that rivals that of a Mage. You can make a contract with an Entity. This is illegal, and punishable by death. However, it is difficult to find an entity in the first place, and much more so to convince them to contract with you. In addition, you get very little power at first. To gain more power, you must complete tasks, set forth by the entity. They can be as vague or specific as they want. You don’t have to do what they tell you, but you won’t gain any power. So think carefully before you make a contract, if you get the opportunity.

    Overarching Rules:
    These are the overall rules of roleplay and for how you should conduct yourself in the game.These rules work on a strike system. If you break them 3 times, you will be removed from the RP and totally ignored. No exceptions.
    • No arguments. If you have a dispute, talk about it on a PM thread that I’m included in. Don’t clutter the OOC or IC thread with squabbles.
    • Typical MCForum Rules and FRP rules (No meta, godmodding, etc.)
    • One character per person. If you want to make a new one, talk to me and we’ll remove your old character first.
    • No one liners. Put some thought into your posts and make them meaningful to the conversation.
      • If you want to tennis post or have a conversation like that, feel free to take it to a PM thread in which I am involved and post the result or the entire conversation to the forums in ONE POST.
    • Individual players (Including mods) cannot advance the plot or make "big plays" (Killing a tough enemy, things like that) without consulting one or more RP Mods. These big plays will be specified.
    Playable Race List:
    • Humans
    • Elves
    • Dwarves
    • Ztaari(An insectoid race, They get random and unpredictable visions. A phenomenon known as Yokan. Pretty frail, but also fast and agile. Very similar to the Thri-kreen from Dungeons and Dragons.)
    • The Severed (A race of undead who have literally been ripped out of the land beyond by entities or dark magics. While rare, they are blessed with near immortality and inability to rot, though they are never at peace and may never rest.)
    • Naga (3-4 feet human torso, minus legs. 8-10 feet snake tail. Can switch between thermal vision and normal color vision. Venom without a known antidote that causes convulsions in their prey but doesn't kill them. Generally slow, stubborn and clumsy.
    • T’Kal (Bird people, have talons for feet and wings for arms. They also have a “Hand” on the elbow of their wing. Due to the fact that they have hollow bones (better to fly with) they tend to break easier, making them much weaker in melee combat and at resisting damage.)
    The Application:

    If you want to start with magic, fill this out, too. No starting with a contract with an Entity, NO EXCEPTIONS:
    Minor Spells:
    Why should you have magic?:
    How did you gain your magical powers?:

    Application Rules:
    • No OP characters.
    • If you have magic, it has to be minor. Nothing more than basic prestidigitation or simple parlor tricks. You cannot start as a full blown magician.
    • Keep characters realistic. After all, this is a low fantasy setting. Also say for glory and honor, huzzah in your application so I know you read these rules.
    • Unless your character is literally the most average person in their race, their strengths and weaknesses should be more than that of their race. That means that you shouldn’t put “Hollow bones” as a weakness if you are T’Kal because ALL T’Kal have hollow bones.
    • No previously established universes or characters from previously established universes.
    • Be creative. I reserve the right to deny any application I think will not mesh with the setting.
    • If you are denied 3 times, you will not have any further applications reviewed.


    Accepted Applications:
    Name:Character Name: Age: Race: Gender: Basic Overview
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    ((2000 feet is about a half mile, btw. 3 blocks in New York city is about 3000 feet. I like the Daredevil esque dust sight thing, though. It's pretty and cool.

    penny and dime... penny and dime....))

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    Quote from tripl3dogdare»

    Looks interesting... Is it too late to join the party? I hope not =)

    Name: James Carlson

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male


    Stands at 5'9", weighs about 120 pounds. Has a skinny, athletic build that shows off a bit more of his bone structure than his family (used to) think healthy. Has messy, jet-black hair on first inspection, though to a more discerning eye it's actually a very dark brown. Sports a pair of warm, brown eyes that sparkle mischievously when he's about to do something stupid. Rather lanky, but far more coordinated than his immediate appearance would indicate. Not the most muscle-bound guy ever, but since the apocalypse began the constant exercise has whipped his body into some semblance of a respectable view. Has a tattoo on his right shoulder (usually covered by his clothes) of a red heart with black angel-style wings. Has a long, thin scar stretching from the front of his right shoulder to about the middle of his stomach from where an armed zombie slashed him in a close scrape.


    Wears a dark gray short-sleeved T-shirt with a blue Nightwing logo across the front, a black zip-up hoodie with the inscription "Hero's Blade" in red on the front (usually unzipped, even in cold weather), jeans, and a pair of black and white tennis shoes. Also often seen with a simple black sword sheath strapped diagonally across his back. All his clothes are pretty beat up, but in serviceable shape.


    Throughout his life, James has been told that he wasn't good enough. Even though he was an ace student, a good athlete, and at least adequate at almost everything he did, it never seemed to be good enough to satisfy his parents, his teachers, and even his fellow students. Driven to introversion by the lack of support he received from the people around him, he turned to computers for solace, becoming an expert in all things code. This also led him to become extremely good at video games, improving his reflexes, critical thinking, and ability to keep calm in dangerous situations far beyond average.

    James also trained in swordsmanship throughout his life, from the time he was old enough to lift and swing a simple foam sword. Before long, he was easily one of the most dangerous people in the country, assuming, of course, that he was supplied a serviceable weapon (or at least, so he'd like to think).

    When the apocalypse began in earnest, James and his family were forced from their home by the oncoming tide of zombies. During their escape, his mother and father fell to the horde, leaving only James and his younger sister to make their way out of town and away from the crowds of mindless, unkillable beasts. Unfortunately, his sister, unbeknownst to either of them, was bitten in the same wave that took their parents; it was only a matter of time before she changed, cornering her brother in their shelter that same night, wielding both a knife and the threat of forced enlistment into the army of the undead. In order to escape, James was forced to leave his sister laying in pieces on the ground of their shelter, escaping with a near-broken will and the long scar across his chest.

    Ever since his family fell, James has wandered the wilderness, surviving only on instinct and willpower. His only memento of his family is the sword that he brought with him from his home, which is also the sword that tore apart his sister's body (a rather bittersweet memento to be sure). The sword in question is a simple black-and-silver longsword, with a longer-than-average handle that allows for either one-handed or two-handed wielding and no guard to speak of. He usually wears it sheathed across his back in a special sheath he designed that allows him to effortlessly draw or sheathe it in a moment.



    Fairly athletic, although not amazing

    Expert hacker (though that's not probably going to be much use)

    Very observant; usually the first to notice nearby danger

    Extremely high bar for panic; doesn't freak out easily


    Tends to be a lone wolf; doesn't play very well with others

    A bit cocky and arrogant, which gets him into unnecessary scrapes

    A little on the over-heroic side; would rather die a heroic death than get away scot-free (again, puts him in unnecessary danger)

    Tires easily when forced to fight; can only last about 5 minutes of serious fighting before he needs to rest


    James, having watched one too many "lone hero saves the day" movies, has an extreme tendency to try to play the hero, even in ridiculously impossible situations; be warned that he may get even his friends into trouble by trying to take on something he really shouldn't.

    WIth the fix, it looks good. Thank you for working with me:
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    Quote from iSpeakDubstep»

    Name: James "Jim" Greene
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Standing at 6 feet, 2 inches and weighing 170 lbs. Jim is a tall and slender fellow. Many hours spent indoors have turned Jim's skin pale. His unkept, light brown hair is always hidden beneath a fur Ushanka hat. Light brown, bloodshot eyes are accented by a strong brow, and slender cheeks. A stubbly beard covers his face. (See attached image)
    Clothing: Jim's wardrobe consists of old military fatigues as he hasn't quite yet gotten over retiring from the force. He wears an army camo Ushanka hat on his head. A worn pair of binoculars hangs around his neck. An undershirt and his old military jacket that still has his last name embroidered on the chest are coupled with dirty beige cargo pants. His black waterproof combat boots, though stained, offer good comfort and heat. (See attached image)
    History: Born in the Shenandoah Valley of central Virginia, Jim developed a unique relationship with the outdoors and nature at a very young age. His childhood days were spent climbing the mountains and swimming in the streams that surrounded his parent's cabin. Jim's father was an experienced outdoorsman and taught him many things about survival and hunting. Not believing in the modern education system, Jim's parents chose home schooling over public education. Though Jim excelled in his studies and earned his high school diploma, he never had the social interactions that usual teenagers do. By the age of eighteen Jim could maintain weapons, hunt for food, and gut a deer in record time, but had never been to the movies with friends or gone on a date with a pretty girl. What he lacked in social skills he made up for in self sufficiency and discipline. Jim had an extremely close relationship with both of his parents. When his mother passed away unexpectedly due to illness, this shattered Jim, but destroyed his father even more. While Jim developed a sense of spirituality and learned to cope with the loss of his mom in a positive way, his father had developed an unhealthy addiction to hard liquor. Already having a deep sense of wanderlust, his dad's heavy drinking was even more of a reason to move out of his parent's cabin and find a place of his own.
    Not quite liking the idea of living by himself, Jim decided to enlist in the army rangers when he turned twenty-one years old. He felt his wilderness expertise would give him an advantage. Jim rose through the ranks after two tours in the middle east, primarily Afghanistan. He was eventually promoted to master sergeant and earned the title of squad leader. This helped hone Jim's leadership skills, and also gave him a sense of companionship with his squad mates. While patrolling a village, Jim's platoon stumbled upon an enemy compound. The occupants had abandoned the building long ago so it was up to his team to search for any intel or weapon caches. Following standard procedure, Jim ordered his squad to prepare for breach & clear. He took point and slowly opened the front door to the compound. Before he could react Jim heard the deafening click of an explosive trap, and everything went black. He awoke in a tent to the beeping sound of the medical equipment that surrounded him. Although taking minor injuries from shrapnel, Jim survived the IED explosion. Unfortunately, one of his squad mates didn't. Taking this loss very personally, Jim was awarded a purple heart ribbon and was honorably discharged from the military. After giving nearly a decade of his life to serving, the only rewards he had earned were a few ribbons and shiny metals, and blood on his hands. This greatly disturbed Jim, and he began self-medicating with alcohol. His days blurred together as he spent the majority of his time, alone, on a ranch he purchased in Small, Texas.
    Though isolated, Jim had an old CB radio the he used once in a while to talk with a few guys he knew in the army that lived on the military base nearby. One night Jim was awakened by the sound of radio chatter. He stumbled over to the desk where the CB resided and attempted to turn it off, but soon recognized the voice. It was a friend of his from the army base warning him to stock up on provisions and stay away from big cities. Jim attempted to contact his friend for a better explanation, but soon realized the message that was sent was a loop. The warning played over and over before Jim finally shut off the radio and went back to bed. Seven days later the power went off. He began to take the situation seriously and booted up a generator he kept for emergency. Supplies low, Jim feared the worst as he counted the dark days. He knew sooner or later he would have to look for fuel and water. Grabbing a .308 Winchester scoped hunting rifle, his steel Bowie knife, and his outdoor backpack, Jim prepared to leave his ranch in search of supplies.
    Strengths: Jim is a seasoned army veteran and skilled outdoorsman. He has experience with many different firearms and combat tactics. Jim can build campfires, clean animal carcasses, and use the nature around him to his advantage. He is a leader and works well with a team.
    Weaknesses: Jim is a bit of an anti-social and does not trust other people easily. His post-duty depression that began after retiring from the military has dulled some of Jim's skills, and turned him into a minor alcoholic. He also has a strong desire to be a hero as Jim struggles with self-gratification.

    Looks good. The whole concept of the grizzled war vet forced into an even darker war is a very common type in the zombie apocalypse genre.
    You are happily...

    I will wait a little bit for people to finish their applications before I post the IC thread.
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    Quote from Halokrauser»


    ((Nice app. The power is a little overpowered but nothing too bad.If you abuse the power, I will reserve the right to remove you from the RP.))


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    The Story:

    Doomsinger's Song:

    On January 2nd, 2012, the airwaves were hijacked with a strange announcement. It told the United States that they would now bow to a strange man known as the Doomsinger. At first, the nation laughed at the strange announcement. They said it was nothing more than a hoax, a hacker trying to cause fear in the nation. That was, until the Doomsinger made national news by leveling the space needle in a single blow, killing 12. This, though, was only the first measure of the Doomsinger's song. The Doomsinger, who had unimaginable strength, speed, agility, and was almost completely immune to all forms of attacks began leveling important buildings and monuments all across the U.S, killing thousands.

    One day, the Doomsinger decided that he was done messing around and made a bid for the nation. Within an hour, the Doomsinger had captured the president and his entire cabinet and was holding them hostage with only one demand. The nation was to give itself up to the Doomsinger and bow to him. The nation refused his demands and the stalemate lasted 10 days. During this time, a few former SWAT and ex-military got together and created ROCK (See below).

    ROCKing the World: ROCK deliberated on day 2 of the incident and eventually came up with a plan to defeat the Doomsinger. You see, the Doomsinger may be super powerful but there is a limit to how much punishment he can take before actually taking wounds. Unfortunately, the power needed to do this would level a normal city and there was only one device known that could do that... a nuclear weapon.

    On the 10th day, on January 21st, 2013, ROCK retaliated against the Doomsinger by capturing his family and threatening to kill them if Doomsinger didn't give up on his endeavors. With an ego greater than his strength, the Doomsinger decided to take matters into his own hands and save his family by himself. ROCK told Doomsinger that his family was being held somewhere in the Nevada desert. What they didn't tell him was that his family was standing right next to a nuclear bomb. Doomsinger rushed to the Nevada desert and found his family almost instantly. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and the Doomsinger was vaporized along with his family. The mushroom cloud could be seen for miles around even in areas outside of Nevada, causing this to become known as the Nevada incident.

    Encore: After the death of Doomsinger, his irradiated ashes spread around the world. Anybody who inhaled these ashes gained superhuman abilities of all varieties. Your character is one of the people who inhaled these ashes. The more ashes inhaled, the more powerful a power the person gains but there is a cost. As a person inhales more ashes, their personality becomes more pronounced. Good people become great, bad people become evil and some even seem to go totally mad, believing themselves to be one aspect of Doomsinger and trying to carry out his work.

    The year is now 2015 and superpowers are still reasonably uncommon. A recent twister thrust its way through the blast site and has kicked up enough ashes into the air for superpowers to start making a major appearance around the world. This RP is set in small town Nevada about 20 miles from the site of Doomsinger's destruction.

    A.C.S.S (Agents for the Control and Supervision of Supers):

    The A.C.S.S was formed during the 10 day period during which Doomsinger was holding the President of the United States hostage. Originally called ROCK, they were a group of SWAT and ex-military units who used their series of connections to take down the Doomsinger. After the Nevada Incident, ROCK was changed to the A.C.S.S in order to keep an eye on and classify all the new superhumans that have been appearing around the world. Their headquarters is located in Carson City, Nevada. The presence of the A.C.S.S in Carson City has caused the region's economy to boom, becoming a much larger city than it originally was but also leading to the resurgence of organized crime in the area.

    The Rules:

    1. Basic forum roleplay Rules.

    2. Please be active. Let me know if you are going away for a while.

    3. Absolutely NO one liners... no exceptions. I don't expect a life's story either.

    4. Follow Wheaton's Law.

    5. Ask questions if you are curious. I will try my best to answer them.

    6. Have fun.

    7. Leave it on the field. If you have a fight IC, don't take it OOC.

    8. Entei27 is the moderator of the tread, he has the ability to accept and deny apps, control major NPCs, and enforce the rules.

    9. Put 'Where's my super suit?' in your app so I know you have read and agreed to the rules.

    10. OOC in ((double parentheses))

    The Application:

    (Delete anything in () brackets.)

    Name (Your name/nickname. Everybody needs a last name.):

    Age (16 minimum):

    Gender (M/F/Anything in between.):

    Personality (How does your character act?)

    Appearance (What does your character look like?):

    Superpowers (If none put 'none'):

    Bio (Your character's history: 2 paragraph minimum):

    Equipment (What your character carries):

    Other (Anything else):

    Accepted Applications:

    Joseph Finnegan:19:M:Energy Manipulation

    Name: Joseph Finnegan
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Joseph has a serious personality and a dry sense of humour. He is also quite timid, he is afraid of his powers. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, hence he doesn't use his powers very often and, therefore, is untrained in their use. He has learned to bury the fear, but he still tries to avoid trouble, he doesn't want to tempt fate. Ever since his first inhaled the ashes that gave him his powers, his nervousness has become more clear due to a combination of the ash's effect and the fact that he has abilities that could harm others. He can be a bit cold at times and lonely as he sometimes tries to stay away from people for fear of harming them. He has an unsatisfiable curiosity, if there is a mystery he must know its solution.

    Appearance: Joseph is slightly taller than average height. He has fair skin that is almost pale. He has ashy coloured hair that is straight and a little late for a haircut. His rounded face is relatively free from blemishes, with a pointed nose, a rounded chin and a thin mouth. His eyes are a dark brown colour. He has a thin frame, with thin arms and legs. He is scrawny, combined with his light skin, gives him an almost sickly appearance. Despite his appearance he should not be underestimated. He wears neutral colours, today he is wearing a pair of light grey trousers with a grey-blue T-shirt. He also wears a pair of dark grey shoes with white socks and a beige cloth jacket with dark brown elbow patches. He also has a analogue watch with a brass face and a leather strap.


    - Drain: Joseph can absorb energy from things such as batteries, fire, energy-based attacks, etc. There is a limit to how much energy he can store, but that limit can be increased with training. It takes some time to absorb energy though.

    - Redirect: Joseph can use absorbed energy as a weapon, shooting it from his hands

    - Shield: Joseph can use absorbed energy to create a sort of barrier, the more energy that is put into it the stronger it is.


    Joseph's early life was ordinary, he went to school and received a good education. He was well liked at school and got fairly good grades. He had a few close friends, those who managed to get past his serious personality. Joseph knew what he wanted to do after he finished school. In fact it was quite early in his life when he discovered his passion, he had a passion for writing. His parents and teachers did their best to nurture his passion for writing. Joseph wanted to become a journalist, and it was this that ultimately led to his acquisition of his powers. Even before he graduated he studied what it took to become a journalist. And there was one story that he found fascinating. The story of Doomsinger.

    Joseph was at home when he first heard of Doomsinger. He watched the news stories on the crazed superhuman. Like everyone else he thought it was a hoax, until monuments began to collapse. He was scared, terrified of the amazing things that the superhuman did. He was scared of the fact that they had some sort of plan to take over the country. And yet he was fascinated. There never was a story like this before, at least as far as he knew. The journalist inside him wanted to be there, wanted to write a story about Doomsinger and share it with the world. But Joseph knew better than to tempt fate and the superhuman who could probably rip him limb from limb if it took their fancy.

    And the came the amazing finale to the story. The atomic explosion that ended the threat to the country, once and for all. Or so he thought. He didn't know about the ash, or what was going to happen to the people who breathed it in. All he knew was that the superhuman was not going to take over the country and that they were safe once more. Despite the fact that the story seemed to have ended, Joseph still wanted to know more. He would read the stories on the internet, learning as much as he could about Doomsinger and his superpowers.

    And it was in one of those internet searches that Joseph first learned that the story hadn't ended. It was on some obscure news website that he found the next chapter. It was a simple story with an extraordinary subject. It was a story about a man who had managed to stop a speeding vehicle with his own two hands. There was a picture of the car after the incident. There was two clear hand-sized dents that reached deep into the car's front and even into the engine block. There was also an interview with the driver of the car, they said that it was like hitting a brick wall. The car had just stopped and even after the man had stopped the car he lifted it clear into the air.

    In 2015, two years after Joseph graduated. He had begun going to university and was studying investigative journalism. He was still researching the apparent superhuman abilities of these people. But he had almost reached the end of what he could learn on the internet. He needed to do some field research. He told his parents that he was going to do some interviews in a town in Nevada and jumped on the next train there.

    After a long, boring train ride Joseph arrived in a town that was very close to the site of Doomsinger's death. He took out his notebook and pencil. He began asking locals, gaining knowledge. The interviews were going well until the wind began to pick up. Ash began to fill the air, it stung his lungs. He couldn't help but breathe it in. He coughed and spluttered, something happened to him. He began to absorb energy uncontrollably, he touched a electrical socket and felt the energy flowing into him. It was amazing, and terrifying.

    Equipment: Joseph carries a notebook, pencil, a few batteries, his phone, wallet and keys.
    Other: Where's my super suit?

    Red Hawkins:18:F:Super Strength

    Name: Red Hawkins.

    Age: 18.

    Gender: Female.

    Personality: To be shown through roleplay.

    Appearance: Red is a young, cheery and rather pretty girl with some... Well, somewhat unusual features. Her hair, for a start, is a startling blood red colour. It's cut short, short enough that it barely covers her ears when let down, but even so it's soft and looks just great. Her hair is naturally wispy so Red doesn't style it at all, merely letting it fall wherever it may so she tends to have the messy look. She has a fringe too, though it's short and will only cover her eyes if she ends up getting her hair really wet.

    Next up is Red's eyes and other facial features, but her eyes come before the rest. They, like her hair, are quite unusual in that they're a pretty striking colour. A very bright, piercing electric blue colour. Anyway, her eyes are very striking, soul-piercing even, and most have a hard time looking away once they've made eye contact. The rest of her facial features are more normal, but still quite pretty, such as her slightly smaller than average nose, sweet pink lips and cheeks that're neither plump nor thin. One other thing that stands out about her face, however,is the cute splatter of freckles scattered about her cheeks and nose. Almost like they're strategically placed for maximum cuteness.

    Cutting ahead to her body we find that Red is quite short, standing at the rather measly height of 4'9" total. She has quite a slender body, petite even, though her arms have some visible muscle that keeps her from looking like a twig. Her bust is a respectable C-cup, perfect for her size and form, and her rear is a rather small and firm spectacle that most would call perfectly squeezable. I wouldn't do so unless she offered you the chance, though. You might lose an arm. She has an hourglass figure, or a figure that could ALMOST be called an hourglass, and her skin is pleasantly smooth to the touch, not to mention lightly tanned. Other than the freckles on her face she has next to no blemishes, or at least none that are readily visible.

    All in all, Red is a girl who is hard to look away from.

    Red's outfits tend to be pretty normal, if a little tomboyish some of the time. T-shirts, jeans, cargo pants, hoodies, shorts, whatever. She's never really been into all that dress nonsense like other girls, just throwing on whatever feels comfortable or suitable. For the moment she's wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, a plain white T-shirt, a dark red hoodie over the top of it (which has a pair of adorable bear ears on top of the hood!) and on her feet are a tough pair of dark boots.

    Superpowers: Red's powers are quite simple. First of all, she is INCREDIBLY strong. As in, strong enough to lift a truck over her head and launch it through the air effortlessly, or strong enough to tear a giant redwood tree out of the ground and use it like a baseball bat. While her strength is likely not at the same level as the Doomsinger's, it is still absolutely ridiculous. Try not to get punched by her if you value your life.

    Red's other power works perfectly with her first. See, she is not only incredibly strong, but also incredibly durable! Her body is far, far tougher than the average person's, allowing her to shrug off blows that would cripple anyone else. She can survive amazingly high drops without breaking any bones, bullets won't penetrate her skin and most explosions aren't strong enough to cause her harm. Of course, her level of durability is nowhere near the level of the Doomsinger's, so there is definitely no need to drop a nuke on her. Still, it'll take a LOT to cause her harm, let alone kill her.

    Bio: Born and raised in small town Nevada, Red's lived in the same place for her entire life. She was always an energetic child, running rings around other kids and still sprinting along after everybody else was too tired to move. That boundless energy kept her personality bright throughout childhood, always smiling and laughing even when things got rough. This was good, because her family was quite poor. They lived in a pretty run-down house, barely making enough money to get by, so naturally she didn't get all the luxuries her classmates did. Still, Red was happy.

    During Doomsinger's reign of terror Red, like so many other people around the world, watched the events unfold on TV. That said, she wasn't so much scared as excited of the prospect of superpowers actually being real. Sadly they were in the hands of a really bad guy, but they existed! That was pretty cool in her books. On the day Doomsinger was killed she was in school, naturally, and was witness to the distant detonation of the nuclear device. That was pretty damn cool too.

    Life returned to normal after that. Two years went by quietly, Red scraped by in school while her parents scraped ends together for them to live. The recent twister that passed through the battleground drew some local media attention but, as far as she knew, it was just another story on the news. She didn't really think anything of it when she inhaled quite a lot of ash later that same day, though the coughing spree she had was quite annoying. But things were still normal...

    Well... Until today.

    Equipment: Normal schoolkid stuff?

    Other: Red inhaled quite a lot of ash... Oh, by the way, have you seen my super suit?

    Eric Greaves:17:M:Elemental Replication

    Name: Eric Greaves

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Sporting a rampant sense of humour, Eric can think of a witty remark or an insult for any occasion. Whenever he activates his power he usually cracks a pun, then goes wild. Probably his most prominent feature is his rather callous reaction to death, usually cracking a joke when an opponent is killed or literally laughing in the face of death. This may make you think he's cold and heartless, but it's rather because he's almost been killed time and time again, even before he got his powers. Cheating death seems to be the norm for him, so don't be surprised if he laughs even as somebody breaks his arm in a fight.
    Inhaling the ash for over 10 seconds straight has pronounced this show of emotion, so his laughs in combat may even be called maniacal sometimes.

    Appearance: Eric is 6'3 with light brown hair cut like Nathan Drake's, as Eric is a big fan of the Uncharted series. In fact, he's such a big fan almost every aspect of his clothing is based on Nathan Drake. He generally wears either a dark green henley shirt and light blue jeans, or a stained white henley t-shirt over a dark red shirt with khaki cargo pants. He generally accompanies these with combat boots and occasionally a light sweater. On a cord around his neck he wears a polished silver replica of Nathan Drake's ring from Uncharted 3. Eric's eyes are forest green and after getting his powers has lost his tan, giving his skin a startlingly white appearance.

    Superpowers: Eric has the ability to turn his skin into whatever he touches at will, such as metal, glass and wood.
    He calls this power metamorphosis.
    He can't turn into things like dirt or sand, only consistent solid materials. If he holds two different materials in each hand, like metal in one hand and stone in the other, half of his body will turn into metal and the other half will turn into stone. As well as this, different materials means he can morph his arms and hands into different weapons.
    Metal specializes in swords and sharp weapons, while stone specializes in blunt weapons like clubs and maces etc.

    Bio: Working his dream as a leatherworker and selling custom holsters online since he was 12, Eric's parents were killed in the Doomsingers attack, killed crushed under the rubble of the Smithsonian. Eric had been at his friends house that day, and watched the news as it was revealed no one had survived the attack.
    Eric cried himself to sleep for a year, and still mourns. After his parents death he was adopted by a pair of strict stepparents who only wanted him to do the menial jobs, such as cleaning the house (Cinderella much?) . They disapproved of his leatherworking and forced him to sleep in the basement with no pillow and no blanket. Although the work distracted him from the death of his real parents, eventually he cracked, running away when he turned 17 with only the clothes listed above, some food and his ring.

    Managing to buy his way onto a series of trains with the remainder of his money, he rode to Nevada, somewhere he'd always wanted to go. He'd immediately gone to a small off-the-radar town (the place the story is set) , but the day he arrived, the twister struck and the ash caught him by surprise. He'd heard the wind howling, and had glanced up to get a facefull of ash he'd spluttered and choked, inhaling in the ash for over 10 seconds until he managed to dive for cover underneath a cardboard box. He'd sighed in relief as the storm died down, then climbed out of the box and into the street. There were quite a few people out and buzzing after the storm, and Eric rested his hand against a brick wall to catch his breath. Then he felt a faint tingling in the arm touching the brick that spread from his fingertips down to the very end of his feet. Before he could look down, someone had shrieked. A woman was pointing at him, screaming like the devil itself had arisen. Only then did Eric look down.
    And his body was made out if brick.

    He screamed in horror too, staring down at his arms and legs. People started closing in on him, and a pair of policemen nearby rushed at him, one wielding a taser. Eric raised his hands in surrender but the cop still fired. The needle struck his chest, then ricocheted off. The other officer panicked, drawing his handgun and opening fire. The bullets only chipped Eric's brick body, but each shot hurt as if the bullets were actually hitting flesh and blood. He'd roared in pain, then stumbled forward and swung at the cop. Midway, the hand morphed into a morning star, a spiked ball made of brick the each spike ending at a razor point.
    This slammed into the cops skull with all the force of a hammer hitting an anvil. Bones crunched and the officer fell to the floor, blood spurting for between the fractures of his broken skull. The other officer had screamed and waddled quickly away, probably regretting those doughnuts he'd eaten over the years. In terror, Eric fled with his suitcase and made the front line of the newspapers the next day.

    After a few weeks of careful training and probing he could metamorph at will and all the other things listed in powers. After a while he created a few spheres, each made out of a different material for him to morph into. He carries them in a holster he made using his experience with leather that straps to his right forearm. And now, he has set out to find others like him, to form the Justice League. Just kidding.

    Equipment: Even the slightest material can morph his body, so he carries a few specially made balls that can give him his abilities. One is made of a lightweight titanium alloy, one is made of concrete, one is made of rubber, one is made of a seriously lightweight plastic and a final one is made of plexiglass.
    He has been searching for one made out of a diamond, but so far has had no luck. He keeps the spheres in a holster he made on his right forearm that keeps each ball in contact with his skin at all times, allowing him to morph at any time.

    Other: Eric is ambidextrous, and... hey, where's my super suit gone?!

    Maybe You?????

    Put your spoiler here.

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    posted a message on Interest Check: Detective Agency RP
    Quote from owleyes3159»
    I'm definitely interested in this and I quite like the whole idea. I haven't been in an active, long running, RP for a while, but I would be up for helping out, moderating, and such.

    I would love to have you helping me out when the RP finally goes up. I will be sending you a PM with all of the juicy secrets as well when the RP goes up as well.
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    posted a message on Alpha&Beta Academy: A Place Where Spies Roam Free! [Reboot!] [Not Started] [Always accepting!]
    ((Awesome! My app will be up soon!))
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    posted a message on ~+~Tʜᴇ Isʟᴀɴᴅ ᴏғ Rᴀʜᴀsɪᴀ~+~ {Fantasy Roleplay}+{Whitelist}+{Helpful Staff}+{24/7}+{Custom Races}+{Spell Plugins}

    Username (IGN): Iceinfly

    Are you experienced with roleplay?: I am. I done quite a bit of "Forum Roleplaying" which, if nothing else, should tell you that I am experienced with the terminology and have my own style. I also do quite a bit of "Paper and Pen" roleplaying, games like Dungeons & Dragons, where roleplaying is half of the experience due to the mechanics not holding up on their own for a game of that length.

    How active do you think you’ll be on the server?: I think I will be decently active, due to the fact that summer is almost over for me, my play time may be limited by real life obligations.

    Have you ever griefed?: I have never griefed in order to troll or degrade another's property. On certain servers, griefing is required, e.x. Starquest, in order to get to a place in the game in which you can feel safe and happy.

    Explain metagaming briefly, please: Metagaming is using out of game knowledge to effect your in game decisions.

    Explain powergaming briefly, too, would you kindly: Powergaming is attempting to maximize the strength of your character with no regard for roleplay, background, or story. Think EV trainers in Pokemon.

    It is a common misconception that powergaming is the same thing as godmodding. Godmodding is forcing your actions upon another. Saying something like, "Franklin stab James' heart and kills him," is godmodding. What Franklin should say is, "Franklin takes a stab towards James' heart in order to finish him off." This allows James time to react and keep his character alive.

    Other: By the way, I noticed that you were unsure on the name for your insectoid people and I wanted to bring something to your attention. In the Dark Sun campaign setting in Dungeons & Dragons, there is a race of insect like people with a chitinous exoskeleton and mandibles. In the setting they are known as the Thri-kreen. When I saw the Insectoids, they instantly reminded my of that race.


    Your Character's Name:(First,Middle, Last): Adder (Hawk) Hawkins

    Age (All races have the same lifespan): 26

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Personality (Separated for organizational purposes): Adder is a recluse towards those who he does not know. He does not make friends easily and prefers to work alone. By no means will Adder ever set up permanent residence with anybody else. When he gets to know you, he is charismatic and knowledgeable

    Appearance (Separated for organizational purposes): This is the skin I will be using.

    Biography (No more than a couple paragraphs):

    You know, people say that every cloud has a silver lining. They say that whenever something bad happens, there is always something good that will come out of it. Well, as far as I can see, those people are full of sh*t. At every single turn, I have found something else that I have to go through and, no matter how many of those things I encounter, I have never once found a silver lining. If this is some god trying to teach me a lesson, then they must have a messed up sense of humor.

    Anyway, you are probably wondering how I got to this god forsaken island. This all started about 6 years ago. At the time, I was nothing more than a lowly fisherman, trying to make a living off of the open seas. My crew and I were sailing into open waters when a storm, the likes of which we had never seen, hit. The turbulent waters made it nearly impossible to control the boat and, within 10 minutes, our boat capsized and I was left drifting out to see in a dingy. Unfortunately, I did not bring any water with me on the dingy and I quickly succumed to the ravages of dehydration. Unconscious, I eventually regained consciousness on a nearby island. In a haze, I waddled inland to find water and came upon a freshwater river running through the center of the island. From then on, I worked to find food. I created a bow from some webs I found hanging from trees and quickly learned how to use it. For years, I was stuck on that island, trying to find a way out until, finally I figured out a way to create a boat out of a fallen tree.

    When the boat was finally created, I stocked up on supplies and set out into the ocean once again. I went east, knowing that that was the direction of the mainland, and began to sail. I sailed for days in the hot sun with no sign that I would ever return to the mainland until finally, I spotted a land mass on the horizon. Extatic, I paddled my boat as hard as I could until I was swept up by an extremely powerful current. The current began to take me closer and closer to the land mass until it crashed me into some of the rocks on the side of the land mass. It was then that I realized something. I did not sail into the mainland, I sailed into yet another island. With my boat broken and my supplies exhausted, I was left to start all over on this new land, this new place that I now need to call home. How's that for a silver lining?
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    posted a message on | fishcraft.tk | ANTI GRIEF SURVIVAL | In need of staff | Join Today | No Lag |
    Hello everybody. After playing on this server for a while, I have decided to post an application for moderator in order to see what I can do to benefit the server.

    IGN : Iceinfly (Most people on the server know me as Ice.)

    Why do you want this position: I love this server. Other than a select few mini-game servers this server is the only one I play. When I have the chance I get on the server and start playing. More of this is explained in the "on a scale of 1 - 10..." section but I am saying it here because I want to emphasize the fact that I want to see this server grow. I believe that the purpose of any staff, be it builder or owner, is to improve the playing experience for the server's playerbase. Moderators have the special position of being the closest to the playerbase while still being part of the general staff (I exclude builders here because their use dies off when the server is completed.) Now, after playing for about a month on the server with no intention of becoming staff at any point, I have realised that there is still a need for people to improve that experience. What finally brought me to this realization was the incident with Schrack in which I saw that there are still people out there who want to degrade the experience of the playerbase on the server. That degradation of the general peacefulness of the server made me feel that I needed to do something to stop these people before they bring too much harm to the server. Having a staff position will allow me to do just that. This is why I want to be staff. In the simplest words possible, I don't want to be part of the problem anymore, I want to be part of the solution.

    Have you played on our server: At this point in time, I have been playing for about a month or so. I took a short break after the issue with Schrack escalated because I wanted to wait for the toxicity that anybody would be feeling to blow over before I came back and began to play once again.

    Skype: Iceinfly1 (I am on at almost all times due to the fact that it is summer.)

    On a scale of 1 - 10 how much do you want this: I would rather not put this up to a number. If you think about it, I could put a big 10 and seem like I don't care about the question or I could put something lower like a 7 or an 8 in which I risk seeming like I don't want the position enough. So, due to that fact, I am going to say how much I want it instead of putting it on a scale. I really enjoy playing on this server, I think I have made that quite clear throughout the "why do you want this position" section. I use this server to relax and to get away from all the troubles that life presents.I crave the ability to keep the server running and to improve it. On any server staff help with making the server bigger and better but there is more to staff than just that. Many people don't realise that on any server the staff are not just there to keep people from breaking things, they are there to fix the broken things when it inevitable happens. As was shown with the situation with Schrack, a server can die if one of these broken things is not fixed fast enough. So, staff are there to keep the server running along with improving it. Really, what I am saying here is I want to be part of the solution when people start griefing instead of being part of the problem by neglecting to notice or do anything. In the end though, the question asks for a number so I will take a risk and say that I want this at a 9 on the scale.

    Have you been moderator before: I have been a moderator on two servers before. One of which was known as Age of Citycraft where the server was shut down about 7 months ago after a large problem hit the server. I had a run in with one of the admins before this happened and I left the server. I also became a moderator on a short lived server known as Forge as Arrfia in which I became a moderator and a few weeks later, the server was shut down.

    Do you know all the essential commands ? : Define essential commands. I am familiar with all of the commands from the Essentials bukkit plugin along with all of the basic Minecraft commands if that is what you are asking.
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