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    posted a message on SkyLand1.1
    1.No mods
    2.No free flying
    3.Have fun!
    1.Build a cobblestone generator
    2.Make a diamond pcikaxe
    3.Expand the island
    4.Make a house
    5.Build a diamond hoe
    6.Build a farm
    7.Make 5 sets of 64 dirt
    8.Make a bucket
    9.Make a wheat farm
    10.Make a melon farm
    11.Make a pumpkin farm
    12.Build a manshion
    13.Make a furnace
    14.Make a diamond sword
    15.Make a base
    16.make a water fall
    17.make a pond
    18.survive 99 nights
    Bonus:Make a chimney on your house
    Bonus:Make a youtube channel about this
    22.Kill 900 skeletons
    23.Kill 50 zombies
    24.Kill 20 creepers
    25:Kill your friends
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    posted a message on TRON; REZCRAFT 64x (Discontinued)
    Secret language:
    :Flint and Steel: = Set a fire
    :cobblestone: = Ima build
    :mossystone: = It just stone

    Give me texture pack for more Secret languages i made up
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    posted a message on My Survival Terria
    :rolleyes: :Skeleton: :Turquoise: :Portabella: :iapprove: :obsidian: :GoldBar: :opblock: :feather: :goldore: :dry.gif: :Yellow: :coalore: :ironore: :YFlower: :Diamond: :Furnace: :bookshelf: :Portabella: :RedShroom: :RFlower: :GoldBar: :rolleyes:

    Download:My link
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