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    so how is the general stand on tubes now? (with the poll being closed)

    while the essentia transfuser is kindof cool, it also feels like its removing depth from the alchemy system. it feels like it should be a really lategame, almost endagme item since it trivializes essentia transport.

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    so i know there is a lot of talk about changing the aura into a general vis again, but ive also been thinking. with all the content thaumcraft has right now. what could possibly come next after the eldrich epiphany? what sort of knowledge could the mysterious eldrich bestow next on us?

    one of the next big additions i could think of would be direct spellcasting without foci. i know there are some mods coming right now that add their own spellcasting system. blood magic, psi, intangible.

    i was kindof thinking about spellcasting similar to older editions of dnd. where a handful of big spells could be prepared ahead of time as a one-off. the thaumaturge prepares a spell and it is stored in his mind. he has a limited number of spellslots available. when a spell is cast, it is expended and the spellslot blocked until he sleeps through a night. (a hotkey on the tool bar would be taken up by the spell when its prepared).

    the spells that would be available and i was thinking of, could create these large moments for the thaumaturge.

    - like summoning a ring of large tentacles made of stone that leash out against every mob in range.

    - being able to leave your body behind and fly around in form of a whisp within a limited range

    (exploration - your body stays behind and is vulnerable).

    - creating a large knockback effect around you to fling every entity away from you.

    - unleashing a barrage of magic missiles.(against the darkness)

    - setting a homepoint and create a portal that persists for a short duration and takes you and every player that walks through back to that point from anywhere in the world.

    - becoming a living flame, immune to fire and being able to walk over lava and setting every mob or player around you on fire

    - summoning a squad of temporary combat golems made from the materials around you who are fighting for you

    - summoning a door to your own sanctuary (a construct similar to the eldrich dungeon with a lot of large rooms, that only belongs to you)

    just a certain set of powerful spells of which you can only prepare one or two at a time. they could be part of the boss loot that you can find in the eldrich dungeons.

    maybe you just get clues that you have to put together and research the spells. of course they would be powered by draining vis directly from the aura (in advance when theyre prepared).

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    Quote from MentalMouse42»

    Slimeballs: Find a slime chunk (Journeymap will help), and farm it. I found one in a surface ravine that went down to Y=36! (You can do multiple levels, from Y=39 down.)

    Taint: I set up my "dirty" crucible below a batch of air shards. I had one of the clusters convert at ~ 10% flux, with nothing visible on the surface.

    Note that once you get the shard-farming recipe, you can also harvest single shards from clusters, but making taint clusters grow probably takes a lot more than I have.

    i just made a vanilla chicken farm that i can turn off any time to collect eggs. that gets me the victus for just duplicating the slime.

    you could probably make more efficient builds, but it works really well with automated alchemy.
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    Quote from mihosh»

    Setup I'm currently trying is straightforward - simple big parallelepiped room, with ice focus turret mounted to ceiling (because Witches and Endermen are immune to lightning), four gather runes to cover all of the floor and thaumium uniweel extra capacity scouting golem to service all those seals. And a Fill seal on chest, of cause.

    This seems to be working so far, though I don't think there are exp drops.

    Are fighting golems really efficient in grinders? I heard bad things about Creepers. And are Dextrous golem TC5 thing, or TC4?

    Maybe I can use immobilised aggressive golem as a bait to lure mobs into Liquid death? Water channels seem to be not very reliable...

    you could use levitators to channel mobs and items. though its better to have a decent air node nearby for that. it doesnt cost a lot of vis, but its still a constant drain.

    cant help much with xp drops, but if you just want to kill them, you could funnel them all into 1 water block where they drown and then a hopper underneath that to collect the drops.

    would save you on the gather seal, the auto caster and the golem.

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    automated alchemy is so easy with the essentia transfuser.

    i have an alchemical construct on one side, an alchemical furnace on the other side an a bunch of jars in between. balanced shards no problem. the only excess i ever have is herba (could be saved for later). and terra from ore doubling.

    the only thing you really have to pay attention to, is to put the emptying transfuser directly on the thaumatorium without a pipe in between.

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    ok, here a summory of some of the ideas concerning infusion and instability ive been seing so far.

    instability modifiers

    • flux in the aura contributes to instability and the severety of the effects
    • maybe the moon phase could modify instability
    • altar upgrades reduce instability (eldrich or ancient stone infusion matrix and pedestals)
    • symmetry contributes to stability (i think its a kindof important part so you have to balance out your stabilizers instead of just using a single one)
    • using different types of stabilisers contributes to stability
    • stabilizers themselves slightly reduce instability, but have a hard cap for each type

    new instability effects

    • hostile whisps spawning

    infusion stabilizers

    infusion stabilizers are able to completely prevent negative effects from occuring. they signal a warning, that an instability effect is about to happen and give a short time window to perform a task to block the effect.

    not every stabilizer can block every effect. a candle wont be strong enough to prevent items from exploding for example.

    • candles only give very short notice and start flickering. they have to quickly be reignited with flint and steel
    • skulls of different mobs start glowing. when right clicked with a wand, they block the effect but spawn a hostile mob
    • brains in the jar can be used as stabilizers. they start glowing and require player xp to be sacrificed (via right click with an empty hand)
    • beacons deactivate when blocking an effect, and have to be reactivated by sacrificing an item

    any other ideas for stabilizers?

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    Quote from codebracker0»

    If you put 8 candles into a certain shape, they act as a flux buffer, so before an instability effect triggers one of the candles flares up and you have to right-click it with a wand to stabilise it in 3-5 seconds, otherwise it does the usual instability effect.

    If you put 4 skulls in a certain shapes it blocks the instabilities, but each time an instability would happen, it spawns a hostile mob.

    If you put crystals into a certain shape, they block instabilites, but each time they block instabilities one cluster shatters and you have to craft it back together.

    actually, i like this. this is very interactive. nice idea.

    this could be kinda built upon by other mods for their own effects. botania allows to use floating flowers and their pylons for example to act as infusion stabilizers.
    in their case they could flare up and might need to be fed with mana bursts to block the instability effect for example.

    if blood magic wanted to add stabilizers, they might require for the player to draw their dagger and sacrifice some blood to prevent the effect.

    this could turn into a very interesting system where different stabilizers require different tasks to be performed to prevent the effect.

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    edit.: scratch this.

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    Quote from XelNigma»

    I'm fine with so many things generating flux, if only there was some way to combat the flux, save for silverwood sapplings that get rarer and rarer as you play. Some way to draw it out of the aura and crystallize it, ideally.

    but it already works like this.

    plus, i made a silverwood treefarm with golems, and my stockpile of silverwood saplings is steadily growing. theyve proven to be a good source of auram.

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    daaaaamn. i just built a vanilla mob spawner and topped it off with half slabs. the building focus luckily works on those too and cut 5 minutes of work down to seconds. the thing is amazing.

    Quote from Dante_Thanatos»

    Focci Breath of Decay: Cone effect, Perditio vis, causes wither,
    slowness and weakness. Potency upgrade makes the debuffs
    stronger/longer. Third Upgrade: Desecration: Instead of a cone it
    becomes a bolt that affects an area for some time, causing the effects
    above. Must scan a Wither skeleton first.

    Self-Perfection: Self only(or aura), Ordo vis, buffs the affected
    target(s) with Strength, Speed and Health Boost. Potency would increase
    the effects obviously. Third upgrade: Inner Fire: Changes the Strength
    to Fire Resistance and Speed to Resistance. Must scan a Nether Star
    first (or a Beacon)

    Just wanting to get this out of my system.

    there is already something like the first one in the mod. hint: it requires a bit of gambling

    as far as health boosts go, we have runic shielding.

    Quote from KingEdward9830»

    No, just after I posted that I realized I hadn't scanned...

    yea. this is why the thaumonomicon should drop some hints. at least through research fragments. right now its kindof backwards. if you already know what you dont have unlocked, you can scan items related to it.

    but someone who woulddnt know that there even is a golemancy tab, or something like the automated crossbow within, wouldnt even think to scan these items. because the items that actually unlock stuff are all very few and very specific.

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    Quote from mihosh»

    Cobble is way more plentiful source of Perditio than Gunpowder. And Ignis essentia is not consumed by Furnace - only Ignis aura.

    Furnace is currently does not worth the hassle for that miniscule output bonus and exp orbs. Give vanilla furnace three bellows, Alumentum as fuel and hoppers to feed and unload, and it will process a lot of stuff very fast.

    no, thats why i said it should get the ability back to be fed with essentia.

    you dont need much gunpowder for anything, and it has a lot of the aspect. so if you have a mob grinder just running passively, that would be an ideal use for it.

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    Quote from Hyxaru»

    It may be just me but I don't like the current state of flux. Let's first forget flux, strip away anything about flux. Now when I see thaumcraft I see allot of tools to automate things. I like that. But then when you look at it most automatable things in thaumcraft have flux pollution attached to it.
    -Creating essentia means creating flux
    -The arcane bore requires essentia or causes flux from draining all perditio vis. Theoraticly you could have a node in the same chunk that fills the chunk with perditio at a same rate or higher then the arcane bore uses, but I think you'd need a huge, huge perditio node for that.
    -The infernal furnace creates lots of flux.
    -Magic mirrors create flux when they pass items, on both ends.
    All above mentioned gameplay tools are awesome for automation. They function for the long run. But they also create flux for the long run. While you can state that you can just grow pure nodes, my experience has shown me that it takes quite some time in between flux absorbtion, leaving time for flux to spread to adjacent chunks. And it doesn't feel good to have to keep growing pure nodes, even if they can be automated. I like to think about my farms in a way that they will remain there forever. That there can't be a shutdown. That if I afk-ed for months at a spot, even though I most likely wont, it doesn't break.
    Taint however breaks things. It uproots crops, breaks redstone and kills mobs.
    Pure nodes can be grown automaticly, yes. But as they do either:
    -in the long term flux generates faster then the nodes can eat or survive, thus tainting the area.
    -grow faster then taint can shrink them, making a node that grows so large it can attract other nodes from far, far away.

    To the point, flux invalidates the long term, while thaumcraft offers so many potent automation devices.

    But thats just a small part of thaumcraft, not all is automation but that is how I feel about flux from generic devices.

    i think flux management is a rather interesting mechanic and something that has been missing in thaumcraft 4. taint did exist, but only as a curiosity in its own biome, that spread so slowly that you could easily settle next to it.

    if you really put some efford into keeping your devices and your environment clean, youll be able to build up largr automated systems. really, the easiest way is to pull the flux together with a totem into a chunk with a lot of vis crystals to absorb the stuff and a large pure node to clean it up.

    you basically dont have to worry about it at that point. but it requires some delving into the mechanics.

    as for the infernal furnace, i dont know when you last used the thing, but one of the last updates reduced its vis consumption. it would probably be a good idea to add the ability back to have the thing run on essentia.

    with a good mob grinder setup, you could use gunpowder to get perditio for the bore to mine and ignis for the furnace to smelt the ores.

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    Quote from Hyxaru»

    For something like the arcane bore, which is desiged to be activated for a longer period of time, I never find it worth the cost. With a minecart version, it would mean that it is used even longer.
    I have yet to test if the arcane bore too stops when perditio vis is at 10% or lower, but if it doesn't it means using the arcane bore equals creating flux, either to aura drainage or the essentia smeltery polution. Now normaly the essentia smeltery isn't that bad, but with an arcane bore (potentialy) using essentia 24/7, that means just way too much flux.

    To emphasize, the first lines in the book even say that the arcane bore is used without the players constant supervision. It does however require this, to control flux levels.

    this is not much of an issue imo. i found the bore runs pretty efficient on perdito essentia. and the generation of flux should be managable.

    either pull it into a chunk nearby with a totem in it, make a silverwood treefarm next to your essentia production (youll grow larger pure nodes pretty fast), or upgrade the essentia smeltery to produce less flux. or all of it at the same time.

    void jars dont seem bad either. ive been smelting down a good bit of cobble and voiding terra for the bore to run. theyre not very messy.

    you can always overdo it, but it just becomes a matter of not having everything run at the same time. wait until the bore is finished mining out the area youve layed out, then turn on the ore doubling and processing system.

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    by the way, is the arcane bore on rails still on the table? because ive thought a bit about it and have the concept more fleshed out. what i came up with is this:


    - bore cart base (an arcane bore base on wheels, furnace cart in the recipe, adds an additional fuel slot to the bore interface)

    - essentia carts (optional)
    - vanilla chest carts

    the arcane bore is mounted on the bore cart base which is able to move on rails, and requires fuel like coal or alumentum to run. the bore cart links carts together similar to the railcraft crowbar so the entire train moves as one, and the carts are talking to each other. (i dont know why this isnt vanilla -.-)

    its mechanics are otherwise the same as normal. it requires an excavation focus, a pickaxe, essentia or vis to mine. essentia is drawn from essentia carts. items mined are stored directly in chest carts. the carts dont have to be connected in any particular order.


    the new seals are placed in the same block space as minecart rails (for example placing down a seal and then a rail directly on top of it). theyre interacting with a bore on a cart base, when the cart moves across them.

    mining seal

    this seal tells the arcane bore to stop, turn into the specified direction (north, east, south, west) and start mining.

    the bore will move on if there are no more blocks in range to mine, if the chest carts are full, or if its pickaxe is depleted.

    if there are two mining seals in the same block space, it will first follow the task with higher priority, then the next as usual (for example seal 1 tells it to mine out a shaft in one direction, and seal 2 into another direction).

    cargo seal

    this seal tells the arcane bore to stop until the following (configurable) conditions are met.

    - refuel
    - refill essentia (can be provided via essentia transfusers)
    - unload cargo

    - replace pickaxe

    items can be pulled out and refilled either manually, via golems or by hoppers. when the chestcarts are unloaded, fuel and essentia are fully restocked, and a pickaxe with more than 1 durability is in the bore, it moves on.

    here is how an example setup look like. (mining seals represented by block breaker seals, and the cargo seal represented by a use seal).

    you would essentially have a train station, where the cargo is managed, and then rails leading into a longer shaft, where mining seals are placed along the way as stations for the arcane bore to stop and mine.

    this would allow to automatically quarry a larger area by laying out minetracks and spots for the bore to mine. if an area has been mined out, the rail track could simply be expanded further.

    edit.: silly me forgot. powered rails would be able to stop the thing. so you could just put one somewhere easily accessible, flip a lever and wait until the train comes around. as funny as the thought of thaumaturges running after their trains, desperately trying to stop them, would be.

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    Quote from Hyxaru»

    Arcane bore aimed at bedrock or the sky, fortune III or treasure III, golem placing gravel in range and there you go. Still it would be nice to have.

    yea, this is more about the early game. i dont need that much flint, but i still need some to make arrows. and i dont have a fortune shovel. shoveling gravel is anoying.
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