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    posted a message on What's better: Cartoned Milk or Bagged Milk?
    I know what bagged milk is. At my school district in the U.S. when they give milk out for school lunches it comes in closed bags. To drink it you chew and spit off a corner of the bag and then drink it through that hole.
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    posted a message on Official Minecraft 1.8+ Update Notes and Discussion
    Notch suggested that jeb_ should keep that as a generation option. So we will have Default, Superflat, Large Biomes, and Skylands
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    posted a message on Official Minecraft 1.8+ Update Notes and Discussion
    No snapshot today... Darn.

    I personally think Minecraft should have more realistic biomes before another fantasy one is added.

    Does anybody know what that biome might represent?

    This isn't a fantasy biome, the podzol has low nutrients, and not much grows there except the trees, thats all I can recall.
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    posted a message on More Powerful Texture Pack System
    With the new texturepack system, you can do a lot, such as make animations, and higher resolution texturepacks without mods. It would be very convenient if we could add textures to the game using two methods.

    The first method is the use of suffixes. Each of the suffixes are _top, _bottom, _side and _random#. The suffixes _top, _bottom, and _side will change the top, bottom, or side textures of that block. For example, if I wanted to make dirt look like grass, I could name the top, side, and bottom of the dirt like this... dirt_top, dirt_side, and dirt_bottom. The _random# suffix will make random block textures available.

    The second method would be texture modding. Texture modding would work in this format... NEWBLOCKNAME_NEWBLOCKID_SUFFIX(If needed).png. When you use a texturepack with one of these in it, a block with this texture and ID will be modded into the game. This would also work with server texturepacks.

    Thanks to FallaciousFoxtrot for mentioning this idea... If you rename an item to "Baseball Bat" then it would look like one. To work, would there be an extra texture in the items folder named, "ORIGINALITEMID_Baseball Bat.png. This item would look like a baseball bat after you rename it with an anvil.

    Another interesting concept I've seen is to be able to re-texture items based on anvil-applied names, like for instance naming a sword a baseball bat alters the texture to that of the texturepack's item-texture called baseball bat. This would be another great way to flesh out the texturepacks, and the more abilities the formal vanilla system has to offer, the better.

    If you have any suggestions, feel free to express them
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    posted a message on Hunt or be Hunted by Herobrine Server
    On this server you are spawned in a customized superflat world. Your goal is to team up, or be solo and hunt, or be hunted by Herobrine. The superflat has everything you need in normal survival. The IP is:
    Thanks for considering this server.
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    posted a message on I have multiple double chests full of chicken eggs and I do not know what to do with them.
    Kill all the chickens with an awesome lava flood.
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    posted a message on What does /debug do?
    The /debug command hasn't been explained. Does anyone know what it does?
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    posted a message on 1.3 Questions
    In order:
    August 1st
    Is not a mod, it is a snapshot
    A snapshot is a preview of the upcoming features.
    How did you NOT know this?
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    posted a message on 12W25A Server
    This server is now owned by someone else, but I am still in charge. The new server will also have its own thread. It is also not hosted by me anymore.
    New server information:
    Bukkit w/ plugins
    Server name is Castle Town

    Mostly Survival
    Many different ranks
    Will be out of the box soon

    Outdated Text Here
    (And Below Too)

    You can basically do anything you want to do, but if I IHateChores, asks you to do something then you must do it. I will joke around a bit, and I will be testing too. There are currently three slots available and if you want more you can ask for more on here. If there is lag I will try to fix it even by shutting off the server for a while.
    There has been a misunderstanding if the server is creative or not. When you first join, you have adventure mode. You need to follow the path out and read all of the signs in the path and on the rules board. Then say the key words and get survival, a D pick and an Ender Chest. You can also ask for supplies to build, and if I trust you enough you get opped. Fair enough.

    A video for the server
    Another video
    A banner for the server

    So, is it online? Check for yourself.
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    posted a message on what mob do you think is the most useful?
    Mooshrooms: :RedShroom:
    You can get mushrooms from them, leather, and steak.
    Quote from Doug_Rattmann

    I'd say skeletons.
    They give you bones for bonemeal, which can get you seeds, bread, flowers, tall grass and if you have just one of each mushroom you can create lots more by making giant mushrooms and cutting them down, giving you tons of mushroom stew.
    They also give you arrows and now even bows. (with a rare chance they are enchanted too)

    You gave me the reasons to like a hostile mob.
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