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    Can you make a skin for me, a girl, wearing whites clothes and shoes, light pink or blue hair, and beady eyes x3
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    Quote from Ssohpk

    I don't get it.
    you don't need to :3 jk, what do u don't get?
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    I made a folder and made it in .Minecraft and named it mods, I downloaded a mod and put it in that folder, went to Minecraft, and it didn't work
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    WhiteList Application:

    Out of Character-

    IGN: IHasmarshmallow

    Age: 14

    Roleplay Experience: I have roleplayed for about 3 years & decided to do forums

    Can You Roleplay Seriously?: Yes, I could get a bit off hand, but I get control of myself soon

    Can You Be Mature?: Yes, most definite

    What Makes You Want To Be On This Server?: I love to roleplay, and I am a big fan of the yogscast, I want the opportunity to have the privilege to play this

    In Character-

    Name: Marshy LeMoon

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She wears coats/jackets to cover her wings so its un-visible. Sometimes wear shirts and shorts(That's when wings are visible).

    Background: Is secretly an angel, but only few know. A good angel, She is really nice & had a rough past, but is through with it. When she is mad, she turns in to a dark angel. When she grew up, she bailed school when she was in 8th grade, so she didn't get much education, & enjoys adventure time (:3).

    Strengths: She has a power over weather & friends with all animals

    Weaknesses: Math problems (since she bailed school in 8th grade) & fighting

    Fears: Death

    Desired Job: Musician or Artist or cartoonist

    Thanks For Your Time!!!
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