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    posted a message on Euphoria (3 slots opened)

    Why did you say that I quit??

    and you even banned me,what did I do?

    pls reply

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    posted a message on Euphoria (3 slots opened)



    Experience:I have been playing MCPE for 7 years,and Iam a leader of a builder team

    Rank wanted:Builder

    Reason for applying:I am a good builder and even though I have a builder team already I still want to help build with other people

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    posted a message on Join the new MCPE building team AltoBuilds

    Hello to anyone that is reading this,I have been playing MCPE since 2010(7 years :D)throughout the years of me playing this game I have done amazing builds and Ever since I have always wanted to make something else more than buildings or blocks,it's that I want to create a team of those who will help me do those things,

    So I want you (whoever is reading this) to join my new team.

    The team will be called the AltoBuilds(we could change it if you don't like the name)

    so I am asking you people to join me and help me in creating projects,such as maps,server builds,etc.

    plss fill out the form if you want to join

    MCPE username:

    Age:(must be at least 11 years old)

    How long have you been playing MCPE:

    Why you want to join:

    Building specialties:(redstone,interior,all,etc.)

    Link to one of your builds:(do not take the build from websites or other people)



    How often do you play:

    MCPE version:


    After filling up the form above send it to me on discord

    My Discord tag:IGotGobbered#2435

    (If I am not responding pls talk to the co-leader

    Discord tag:Awesome258#6989)

    I will be checking everyday for those people who wants to help me create this group


    1)plssss do not swear,but if you really want to plsss censor it or parody the word

    2)Must have MCPE 1.0.8 or higher

    3)Must be a good builder

    4)Must have teamwork

    5)Do not mess up builds or build something inappropriate

    6)must follow the leader

    7)must be friends with other members

    8)Have fun :D

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    posted a message on Looking for new players to join!

    Hi i want to join my username is IGotGobbered

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    posted a message on MedievalCraft PE [Need Mod and Builders]

    MCPE Username:IGotGobbered

    How long you've been playing MC:5 years(i think)

    Kik: IGotGobbered

    github: none

    ProAtBuilding: 8 (i used to be a builder on a server)

    MCPE Version:1.0.7

    Trust Rating:7(i dont trust myself that much either)

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