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    Hello, I have decided to begin my own Bakugan Mod! I'm looking for people to assist me with it, such as coders, people to design the bakugan forms, etc. Post here if interested in helping! *To be a coder, you must demonstrate at least some knowledge of coding mods.

    I've already got an idea of how it could work. When you begin, you will be asked to choose a guardian bakugan, which you can choose from a selection of 6 bakugan: Pyrus Dragonoid, Aquos Preyas, Haos Tigrerra, Subterra Gorem, Darkus Hydranoid, or Ventus Skyress. You will then enter the world, with your Bakugan in ball form, and your bakugan on hand will be in a panel on the right of your screen. Any others would be put in a special Bakugan Interspace Computer. To use a bakugan, use the arrow keys to switch between them, and throw a gate card, then throw the bakugan onto the gate card. You can have up to three with you at a time, and new bakugan can be captured by being defeated in battle if you are at least 500 G's above them. In New Vestroia, Bakugan will be in their full form, unless you use an item called a Form Reverter, which will put your bakugan into ball form in New Vestroia. That's all I have for now, feel free to contribute thoughts and ideas.

    UPDATE 5/31/15

    I have planned out a good portion of how I intend for the mod to work. When digging or mining, you will occasionally come across a new item called a sealed ability card. When you right click the card, it will become a regular ability card, with the name and effect on it. occasionally, the ability card will be a specific Bakugan's card, such as Pyrus Dragonoid's "Boosted Dragon" Ability Card. These cards will spawn their specific Bakugan, along with any other abilities unique to that bakugan. All ability cards will be attribute-specific, only being able to be used on that specific attribute. In addition, bakugan-specific cards will only be usable on that bakugan. Cards and Bakugan will be kept in your chests, hotbar, or inventory. In a battle, you may use up to 3 bakugan, 3 ability cards (and 1 fusion ability), and 3 gate cards. bakugan and gate cards will of course be thrown, and ability cards will simply be right clicked to activate. If you defeat your opponent's bakugan by at least 500 G's, you will capture that bakugan (if you run out of bakugan completely, you can always mine another), unless you play the doom card, which will send your opponent's bakugan to the doom dimension. I don't have a clear picture of how to incorporate evolution yet, however. Most likely, it won't be added until after the mod's release. I was thinking perhaps at least one way for Bakugan to evolve would be for it to accumulate a massive amount of G-power, around 2000 G's or something, in battle.

    Still looking for some people to assist me; the sooner the better! I hope to release some of the first screenshots from testing the mod in June!

    Update 6/1/15

    I have created a forum for the mod: http://bakuganmod.freeforums.net/

    Still looking for some people to assist me; the sooner the better! I hope to release some of the first screenshots from testing the mod in June!

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