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    Those weren't jockey's, they are the insanely once in a lifetime rare skeleton horse riders. Which only occur during lightning storms, like a miniboss killer rabit style mob.

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    Quote from Miner_world111»

    Hydraheads, On detail, How exact do you want the nether cart? Its kinda hard to copy it block for block.

    Just the basic outline of everything you don't see long enough. The entrance, lava stream, etc. obviously should be copied, but everything else is up to your interpretation.
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    A forumers guide to ethos

    Ah, etiquette. Before even scratching the surface of it, let me define the word:

    The rules indicating the polite way to behave.
    I am not going off of the "social norm" definition, because that's conformity, not etiquette.

    You have my permission to TL;DR (too long don't read) provided you at least read what applies to you. Nobody is perfect, because perfection is a subjective and convoluted concept. So let's just take these guidelines as self-improvement suggestions that will help us build a more approachable and fair community.

    Note: Everything I post in this thread is an opinion. You may disagree with it, and if you do your opinions will be valued (please post on this thread)

    I: Preface
    II: Responses and arguing
    III: Politeness
    IV: Flame Wars and OP's intent
    V: Be Supportive

    VI: Conclusion

    I: Preface (If you want to TL;DR, at the very least read this and cherrypick the rest):

    So let me start by answering the question, why was this thread created? I'll be honest here. It was created because of all the borderline flame wars about....everything. From the strictness of the suggestions forums to the biased views of hating change. And the biased views of hating the lack of change. Basically, general bias and rudeness. Which is sad. I can see about 60-70% of our members giving at least an effort to be polite. The other percent is not necessarily impolite, but at the very least need some serious help being more understanding.

    I think we can all improve by reading this thread. Heck, I think even I improved just by writing this thread, despite these views being my own. I guess that goes to show you your nature to swiftly speak your mind and ignore your personal standards until AFTER posting is a legit problem. To make it worse, we all try to justify whatever we said with even less thought. Well, actually more often than not we actually add new context to align these statements with our standards. Which is fine, so long as we don't go off topic in doing so. I will touch up on this later.

    Part II: Responses and arguing

    Part II-1: Listen to other people
    If you post a thread, you have to listen to everyone's replies. Not just the ones you like or agree with. You are not always "right", because opinions are opinions, so by nature there is no "right answer". And more importantly, other people are entitled to opinions too. Furthermore, take the opinions of other people and try to understand why they feel this way. If you truly disagree with the logic behind the opinion, not the opinion itself, that's when you should make a counterargument. If both your opinion and their opinion both have merit, you can also reply with something like "I see where you're coming from, _ can indeed sometimes cause _. I think there is a solution to this particular part: nerf _ and make ~ less common". If you completely disagree with their opinion, politely disagree and back why you feel it is not a good opinion. If their opinion has no support, that is bias:

    Part II-2: Bias
    If someone posts a simple unsupported statement, don't merely disagree. First ask an equally as simple "how so?" because you don't even know their thought process and thus can't really judge. Don't be the one to post an unsupported statement either. If you do, follow with "I will elaborate when I get the time". Because simple black and white statements don't contribute.

    II-3: Black and White
    Not everything is in black and white. In fact, nothing is in black and white. People have reasons for posting things. Say they post a "this is better". Don't you think they actually have reasoning, even if they don't say it? People are complicated. They are like onions. They have layers. If they say something nonfactual, they probably misread it somewhere. If they make a "rude" remark, maybe they were offended by something in the post. I'll touch up on such statements later. A lot. Bottom line, don't judge people in the forums for what they post.

    Part II-4: Do not over assert your position
    When you reply to somebody's post, don't keep going back and forth. Your reply to this persons reply and their reply to your reply and maybe even an entirely separate post of your own are enough. If you reply to everyone on a thread that is not your own with the same viewpoint, the thread will probably turn into your views, not the topic. And it will drag on blandly.

    Part II-5: Do not assert opinion as fact OR fact as opinion
    Never use generalizations such as more or most, everyone, few, etc. without solid evidence which comes from unbiased poll data; never say "splash potions were not intended to be used by the player" because the developers obviously added the feature for this reason.

    Part III: Politeness (most important)

    Part III-1: Defining Rudeness
    What is rudeness? There are 2 common definitions
    1. offensively impolite or ill-mannered.
    2. roughly made or done; lacking subtlety or sophistication.
    I prefer the second definition, because what really defines impolite? So, going off of no sophistication, let me emphasize, re-emphasize, and over-emphasize the can and cant's of posting.

    Part III-2: Detecting Rudeness
    What should be considered rude? How do we know if something is rude? In general, when we for all extensive purposes set rudeness to the lack of sophistication, there are 5 types of posts we should avoid typing:

    Discrimination (of any type):

    Now, there are many different types of discrimination. The first is regarding a persons race, country, etc. Since people aren't usually racist in this forum, let's focus on country. Don't criticize any country. Period. Conspiracy theories about the U.S. government are wrong. Canadians already apologized about Beiber many years ago. The U.K. is not queen centered, that's more of a tradition thing. Japanese people are not inherently racist. Such statements are unfactual stereotypes. Stereotypes are ignorant, biased views. Boys > girls is false, and girls > boys is false also. Don't say your religion is better than anyone else's Religions are moral guidelines, not encyclopedias. Or factions for that matter. And nobody is better than anyone else. Why is that so hard for people here to understand? Moderators delete posts becasue it's a job, not a hobby, popular mod makers are good at code, but they are not better than you or me. Notch is not our God. He's just the founder of the community who founds many things. Herobrine doesn't exist! Blegh!!! The reputation section should be renamed because it only deals with likes...I digress. We are all equals here. =s. Don't look up to people too much or talk down at people at all. Well, I think that covers discrimination. Essentially, just don't think anyone is better or worse than anyone else and you are good.

    Calling a post a lie:

    This is perhaps the rudest thing you can ever post. Period. At least discrimination is usually written by someone who was influenced by popular (false) beliefs. Calling someone a liar has no place. Anywhere. It's degrading. First of all, being humans, we make mistakes. Not mistakes as in lying. Usually, they are misinformations or misunderstandings, not even lies. Second of all, people change view points. Third of all, what is lying? We have such loose definitions for it. Here's a fair definition: Saying something that you don't believe is lying. If you believe something to be true, factual or not, you are not lying. So don't go "You meant _, not _. It's obvious what you meant you liar". Oh hell no, it's not obvious. People are complicated. They can't just write all of their thoughts on a page! There aren't enough words in the English language! And you know what, live by this: assume whatever someone said to be a truth. It is an incorrect truth only of you can prove it wrong, and only a lie if the person being accused admits it.

    Disregarding Someone's views:

    Honestly, this is more ignorance than rudeness. But because ignorance = not sophisticated, let's cover it while we're addressing these. Your view is not always right or even usually right. Or right at all. Because it's a view. An opinion. Opinions are not right by definition. You can learn a few things from listening to the opposition, and being open minded to the other side of the coin (figuratively speaking).

    Calling Someone's post ignorant/blind

    I can kill this in one sentence; who are you to judge if someone is being ignorant when they very well could understand your view and just disagree with it?

    Intentional Malrecognizing/Forgiveness:

    I know, I know. That's not even a word. But what I mean by this is do not judge people based on their disagreements with you on previous threads. I would say or just don't judge people at all, but I realize as human beings this is a tough goal. At the very least, imagine the way someone behaves on their latest post is the person you are responding to. This is the internet. We just don't tend to post how much we changed. And we are dynamic people, we have the tendency to grow and evolve. So don't hate someone you hated on from a 3 month old thread. That person may have changed. For the better or for the worst. So forgive and forget. Unless the case is bad enough where they should be banned. Then report and forget.


    Part III-3: Reporting Rudeness
    I know the following may sound controversial. So prepare yourself. If someone posts something rude and disrespectful, in such an extreme and just plain low case you could drop dead of rage, completely ignore them. Don't even bother with their reasoning. People who say stuff like this either are disregarding your true nature as the good person you are, or have a superiority complex. So you have the right to disregard them as long as you don't stoop to their level or hold grudges. Even if they have merit in other aspects, if the case of rudeness is that extreme, Report their comment. In fact, report the member. Just run through their post history and see if this is what they usually do. If it is, report. If not, they may be having a bad day. If they soured up your day, and are just being jerks, they may sour up everyone else too. You will be helping the community in the long run if you are an up-stander. Again, this is only in extreme cases. In bad but not extreme cases, just report the comment or possibly reply saying it was uncalled for but leave it at that.

    Part IV: Of flame wars, and intent of the OP

    Part IV-1: On topicness; no redundancy
    Staying on topic is obviously important. But there is more to it than that. Please do not misinterpret a topic. What do I mean? If you are responding to a topic that, let's just say hypothetically, is called "Please don't add broccoli in 1.17", because broccoli is being added by a snapshot, do not say "I hate version 1.17. The Pig Dimension? Huggable pet creepers, really?". Why not? You are broadening the topic and destroying the purpose of the thread. Which was against broccoli. By be openly against 100% of MC 1.17 you are adding an unnecessary or otherwise irrelevant argument which will sidetrack people on the thread. How does this connect to etiquette? It can easily lead to a flame war; where people go on primitive rampages full of bias and caps lock. And I also mean dealing with flame wars themselves. Which leads me to:

    Part IV-2: In the case of a flame war...
    Stop, drop, and roll: Stop the argument. Tell everyone to focus and the thread isn't about this. If it is, then drop the hate. Let everyone know they all have valid points (no matter how unsupported). Tactically roll around the issue and say something like "We covered every strength and weakness already. Let's let go already." or "Let's just wait and see how the changes play out" or even "Let's all have a cookie and move on :D.".
    Evacuate the building: Sometimes staying out of a burning building gives the fire less stuff to burn. Know what I'm saying?
    Call the fire department: contact a moderator, they've got it all under control.
    Get a new fire alarm: Raise your skills at detecting posts which can potentially cause a flame war and learn how to calm the situation

    Part V: Be supportive!
    Part V-1: We are a family, so to speak
    Yeah, there's always that creepy uncle and that uncle grandpa, but...we're essentially family. Metaphorically. Hypothetically. I'm not talking nepotism here, I'm just saying the qualities generically attributed to families (ex: being supportive, constructive, nice, understanding, etc.) are the qualities we should have in the forums. Understanding means say stuff like "yeah, I get that. Even if I don't agree, I definitely see where you are coming from". Understanding is legit understanding. Getting where they are coming from, and truly listening to them.

    Part V-2: Support
    Supportive, contrary to the suggestions thread (the embodiment of evil), does not mean Support!/No support/Partial Support. It means: "You want this to be added? Well, here are the pros and cons:-----. If you need help improving your suggestion, just ask me!" Please, if you have any shred of humanity in you, don't call an idea stupid. You call it bad, if you have enough support and be polite about it. Just not stupid. The point of the suggestions thread specifically is not, I repeat not, to determine whether it should be in the game or not. It's to propose/suggest an idea to see if Mojang deems it fit. Sure, you should give feedback, and see how the community will react. But that could be accomplished in a poll. The comments in a suggestion thread should really contribute to altering the suggestion until it is polished enough to not be disliked by or hinder players. And please, be willing to alter your suggestion and take feedback. Of course, this doesn't only apply to the suggestions thread. Don't insult somebody's community creation of any kind. People have different standards. A resource pack, for example, that looks sloppy to you may be the best aesthetic ever to someone who comes across it. Just politely state how you think it could be improved.

    Part V-3: Constructive Criticism
    Constructive? If you think something needs improvement, suggest how it can be improved. Don't bash the idea. Please contribute. I'll quote the last sentences under support to emphasize
    "A resource pack, for example, that looks sloppy to you may be the best aesthetic ever to someone who comes across it. Just politely state how you think it could be improved."
    There you have it. To shorten, "It's bad because" should really be "If you do _" it can improve.

    Part V-4: Be nice in general
    Be nice by complimenting frequently and if always address a strength every time you post one weakness. No, seriously. Try it out. You can actually get somewhere in the discussion

    Part V-5: What is the thank button for?
    Confusing, I know. It seems to serve whatever purpose is most convenient at the time. Let me clarify it is not for supporting an argument. Even I do that sometimes. But we have to move on from that trend. Thank buttons are either to thank a post for answering a question/helping the discussion move on with great unbiased detail or to thank someone for their contribution to the community. And don't misunderstand the latter. A contribution to the community is a user submitted thing or a very thought provoking/detailed post.

    Part VI: Conclusion
    Part VI:
    So now that you read this thread, hopefully you have been inspired to help create a generally more friendly environment. The forums shouldn't really be so full of bias and rude remarks. Everyone is equal here.

    Well, that's about it for threadiquette. If you have some more ideas for threadiquette, post them here. Or just make general comments. Because that will help to. Just be polite while posting. Otherwise you didn't really take much from this thread.... XD


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    Can I use this in a modpack? (I'm recreating the entire game as a modded map)

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    -When you look at a :Spider: from a statistical standpoint, they are not so frightening, being one of the weakest night mobs. All they have going for them is their speed and climbing abilities. You can absolutely destroy them with even a wood sword. Or your fists if it comes down to it.

    -Aesthetically speaking, they can be frigthening. This can be changed with a resource pack or by changing your own skin to a spider so you become their king.

    -Also, they aren't good, because they attack you. But they aren't evil either. Because they only attack you when it's dark out and they can't see well enough. That gives you the advantage at day time. They are neutral mobs.

    -If you want to slay them more easily, get Bane of Arthropods.

    -If you want to destroy all of them, enter the command /kill @e [type=Spider].

    -If you want to make them not spawn, get a mod change the game's difficulty to passive.

    -There's no reason to be afraid of spiders, because they are neither the most dangerous nor the most hostile mobs out there. I'd be more terrified of a creeper, because of their empty dead eyes and giant frowns and griefer nature.

    But oh well, I cannot critisize you for your fear of the mob.

    :bouncyspider: by MineWarCrafter


    (Sorry about all of that. I just had to....

    anyways, your best option is to get a resource pack and make spiders look less scary)

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    Quote from grockster124»

    Witherstorm Evolutionary Stages (for those interested)

    Birth Stage:

    The Witherstorm in this stage resembles a regular Wither, and has it's ability to fire Wither Skulls. The only visible differences is it doesn't explode the stage when created, the skulls it shoots have flames trailing behind them, and the obvious command block in it's rib cage. It has the ability to attract single blocks to it, to create it's "body". Once it begins to attract blocks and they begin to form the armor, it moves to the next stage. It will follow the commands of it's creator to attack, and cease it, although once the Witherstorm enters the Cycloptic Stage, it will ignore these commands.

    Humpback Stage:

    Named after it's armor's appearance, this stage's armor has completely covered the back, and the necks of the three heads. It still seems to follow commands, and cannot be attacked with typical melee attacks. The tail and the rib cage (and it's command block cargo) remain exposed, along with the front's of it's typical heads. The Witherstorm is able to pull two blocks, and multiple banners from the walls at once. The later parts of this stage can lift largish clumps of 3 to 5 blocks.

    Cycloptic Stage:

    Early Cycloptic Stage

    This stage's armor has covered the center skull to the point that it has formed a head with teeth-filled jaws and one glowing purple eye. It's ribs and it's side heads remain covered, and it's tail has been covered, with 3 pixel sized extensions hanging from the bottom of it. It will quickly cover it's command block core at this point, rendering the Fancy Potion useless, and leaving only the two side heads barely exposed. As this stage continues to grow, the creature gains the ability to lift humans with a purple eyebeam from it's head, and the bottom extensions has grown into a group of small immobile tentacles. At the end of this stage, it will have covered it's bottom half with a half oval shape, and have grown a mobile tentacle from it's side, and can lift entire chunks of flooring, and will have covered all but it's upper front in armor, the rest being covered in a partial sphere.

    Reorganization Stage:

    This stage is unwitnessed, but is a transition from the partial sphere and one small headed Witherstorm to the heart shaped 3 large headed stage. This stage has the other two skulls transformed into heads, and have all three grow significantly with the rest of it's body, which grows multiple tentacles.

    Destroyer Stage:

    This is the stage the Witherstorm is in when it destroys Endercon, and where it spends the rest of Episode 1 in. This stage can use it's eyebeams to lift large portions of buildings and other structures and groups of people into the air, and fires large, explosive heads that set every block of large trees on fire, and have the explosion strength of a charged creeper. It also has the ability to use it's tentacles that have grown to hundreds of blocks in length to grab humans, break portions of buildings (and portals) and block peoples paths.

    Devourer Stage:

    This is the stage in which the Witherstorm is in when it attacks Boom Town/Redstonia (depending on your choice in the story), and ends Episode 2 in this stage. While it's heads have not grown in size (proportionally), it's body has grown to massive proportions, and it's bottom tentacles have grown to the average size of the Destroyer's tentacles, and it's larger set have grown massively to the point of being twice as high as it's body. The result is a octopus-like body plan. It is able to lift the top half of Ellegard's lab and break apart in a few seconds, and significantly darkens the sky in it's presence (although this effect occurs when the Witherstorm can be seen in the distance in it's Destroyer Stage at the last few minutes of Episode 1).

    We will learn about more stages and the Witherstorm once the other 3 episodes are released.

    Thank you so much! I couldn't find any screenshots for these before.
    1. They added a useless potion to the latest snapshot. Witherstorm Confirmed?!
    2. As much as I would love to start speculating why the storm commonly places the blocks on its back and what the command is, I can only do so after more episodes are released.
    3. Why didn't Ivor just make a normal wither? He could've still easily proven the same point....
    4. What is the intention of the storm's mass destruction? (Probably the same general malice of souls which form a normal wither)
    5. Based on the dialogue it would seem the storm only appears in the town the player visits. Is it drawn to the amulet?
    6. The sky darkens, yes. But as proven by the choice of sleeping the night, it also spawns night mobs, meaning it turns its perimeter to nighttime. Given the gravity beams....The command block must have some kind of influence on spacetime as a whole.
    7. Yeah, that's all....
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    Quote from The_Draconian9»

    Thanks! To OP, these are ridiculously overpowered. Like, gamebreaking overpowered. Heck, I remember one guy in my Roleplay Realm managed to get one, and challenged me to a duel. He ate the "Notch Apple" and I was dead in no time flat. I'm sure "Notch Apples" are even more disastrous when fighting monsters.

    Exactly. Once when I battled a friend we were told we could choose a weapon of choice. I chose the notch apple and was given a wooden sword, while fought by him with a diamond sword/leather armor, and still won three times over. Because he respawned and hilariously kept at me with no succcess. May I mention his sword had sharpness V and fire aspect II AND knockback? Yeah, this really happened. XD

    Point being, they are like exhaustible invincibility; whoever has the most wins no matter what.

    Quote from SeriousSorcery»

    This is a really bad update. I like things that are sustainable, not being able to craft them is certainly not sustainable for people who don't mod or cheat.. I hope they change it back or at least give a new recipe for them. Obviously this fix probably wouldn't change PVP for most people because public servers that you would PVP on will still probably have plugins with shops where you can buy them, or kits that give them. This change will mostly just effect single player worlds and vanilla servers.

    Well, the problem with the sustainability which golden apples had was they were too OP. If you make a successful farm, they can be horded and eaten en masse so the people with the farms were OP. I get they are supposed to be OP, but they were beyond OP; they were broken. Now they are obtainable for everyone at a modest rate, encourage exploration, more fair, etc.

    Quote from rodabon»

    Actually the real reason it's known as a Notch Apple is because back when Notch used to play Minecraft on servers if you killed him he dropped one.

    Does Notch still play servers, and is this still a thing?

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    Sorry, but I have to do this. XD

    Quote from mariofish»

    I don't like the new fighting system, I find it confusing and not needed in minecraft.

    (we have provided long, drawn out arguments and counterarguments for and against this very specific view already, in regards to confusion and simplicity)

    Quote from Hydraheads»

    For any newcomers to this thread, I implore you to read back and see if what you wanna say has been said in the last 50+ pages. If it has been, I recommend you don't keep this going. Thank you! :D
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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?

    I didnt see this post. Sry, but agreed. Do you think we could get an admin to lock it for now?

    We can ask, but there would be no real grounds to request a lock for it other than beaten to death. I hope it does get locked, at least for the time being.

    For any newcomers to this thread, I implore you to read back and see if what you wanna say has been said in the 50+ pages. If it has been, I recommend you don't keep this going. Thank you! :D
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    Quote from Hydraheads»

    I'll search for one. It was said during Minecon. 2014 I think. Maybe 013.

    I can't search that deep for a link, but I remember in great detail...To summarize Minecon:
    "PVP is bland right now. Have you considered adding magic?"
    "Yeah, we're planning on fixing that. I noticed on servers, PVP is basically just whoever clicks one button the fastest wins. We are hoping to improve Minecraft's current combat system in later updates. Even if not necessarily with magic, we will certainly diversify our current system and maybe add more weapon types."
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