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    Soren. He's eccentric. Makes those recordings of his endermen observations. Listen to them carefully and try not to laugh. He wants people to respect him and not his building skills, is a great thinker who is a little off (most great thinkers tend to be), and....well.... "once you meet an enderman, you will never get a greater frienderman!".

    I could go on, but his uniqueness and reasonable character traits given the amount of time he's been alone just seem to add up well enough to snag my favorite spot.

    I also like Petra being generally awesome minus the over-rebellious side that comes in later episodes (which is still tolerable) and Lucas who seems to be a nice guy. Yes, he hangs with the wrong crowd and yes he has some issues such as wanting to be the leader but he's still a kind and reliable friend.

    Least favorite: Axel. Although thankfully he does kind of redeem himself in episode 4 and even says "I'm tired of always being the selfish one".

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    Quote from BloxxingBlocks»

    Ep4 ends the main storyline, Ep5 will be something additional, I think

    Which means it could be virtually anything. Reconstruction, exploration, sandbox (limited), filler, sidequests, etc. So I have no real idea.
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    Quote from Machinasa»

    The Lego Movie was fantastic because it was tolerable for all ages. If the Minecraft movie is anything like Minecraft: Story Mode (directed at young children), it will be a disaster. At least for those who don't fit the demographic. Please, please create a film which we can all enjoy and does not tarnish the name. Something funny and simple.

    Actually, I'm just not seing this. Story mode has equally as mature writing as the Lego Movie, I have seen both and the humor in story mode is up to par. In the sense that there is some adult humor (not innapropriate, just mature) in both. This misconception has to end. Story mode is well written. Look at Soren, for example. His scenario is universally hilarious. And sure there are *some* lines that seem immature, but if you look at the lego movie you can say the same.
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    Well, I wasn't quite sure where to post this honestly. The new Minecraft Story Mode section, the modpack section, or the map section. Ultimately I decided the map section, because there will be very few mods as well as an unmodded version.

    So, let me start off by telling you what this is. It is a map recreating the world of Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale games.

    Why not just play the game itself?

    -You should do that too. But I like having more options. So I decided to clone the environments of MCSM so that people without the game or people who want to explore the world with more freedom can do so. I also realized the game is built with enhanced texture vanilla blocks and shaders. So it will be almost 100% to scale accurate. And I have a primary resource. Yeah, I own the game. It's not like I'm so cheap that I'm making my own homebrew copy of the game via vanilla and youtube videos. XD (That would be sad). Again, I encourage you to get the game as well. Good voice acting and amazing plot.

    Did you say modded?
    -Yes. Naturally i need dialogue options and more controlled enemies for this project. So I'm using custom npcs, possibly mobends, possibly shaders, and a couple of other mods I really need to make this happen. As I said above, there will eventually be a vanilla version with less features. The modded version will likely only support Technic.

    Of course! No pics no clicks, right?

    The Treehouse:

    Endercon (Prelims):

    More Pics:

    Coming Soon!

    Forest Walk (WIP):

    V 0.1 (World Save, Custom NPCs)

    Here is the link to the first build so far: http://www.mediafire.com/download/smdxr4w8at4k9rt/Story_mode.zip
    So far, it has everything up to the nighttime nature walk part. And a little bit of just that.

    I cannot guarantee this particular save will run without the custom NPCs mod, which is recommended.

    Also, you might not start at spawn point. So /kill.

    V 0.2 (World Save, Custom NPCs)


    This version has redone endercon's builds and made progress on the nature walk area. It also created roads between all the areas and general fixes/improvements which make it feel more like the real deal.

    So. yeah. Any questions, suggestions, comments....leave them in the comments! And feel free to click that green 1-up button because I'm doing this alone for free. XD

    It may give me more.....incentive. Especially with all my other projects. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

    Edit: I appreciate the support. I will properly credit anyone who submits a part of the game for me to import.

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    Quote from Random_Man092»

    Hallo!. i have questions for you. is this use mods? or maybe resourcepack?

    No resource pack or mods are necessary. At least not resource packs. But the mods, to my knowledge, do not have to be used to run the map. They are optional.

    Quote from _EnderPig_»

    They use mods to make this map.

    Yes, this is indeed correct. And if you play with custom npcs you will have the full experience.

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    Quote from mulhimine»

    @ Hydraheads

    I was actually with you on the post and realized a few things. And then you told me to go sit in a corner and rethink my life, what does that have to do with my post? How did my "painfully offensive and rude post" ruin at least 3 peoples' days? All MCreator mods I have seen have not been very good at all, and I did try to download and use MCreator but it simply didn't work, I could not do anything. MCreator did however look like it had been updated quite a lot and improved. However I do not see how anything about my life has to do with the post I made, I see that what I said may have been a bit rude but how was it painfully offensive?

    Sorry if I took it a bit far. Calling the OP lazy was a bit hurtful, but if you are able to at least understand that is just not the case then we're all OK. It is possible to pump out a good MCreator mod, I have seen it done. The problem is, it usually isn't because people expiriment a lot with it when they first get it and make useless overused ruby tool and such mods. However, it can potentially handle biomes, any type of mob, weapon, dimension, etc. And this particular mod is good and manages to accomplish its goal of story mode npcs/bosses/items.
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    Quote from mulhimine»

    There is alot of things wrong with MCreator, it is for lazy people who don't care enough to learn how to code.

    I am really irritated and offended that you said this, to be honest. You are in no position to call the people who actually have lives and don't want to watch 50+ tutorials just to learn how to make a mod with eclipse that MCreaotor can make lazy. You don't know how to hard it is to put together a mod. Sometimes it's not even worth the amount of time it takes to learn it.

    Did you ever stop and think for a second these people might not have a summer to spend 1000$ on a Java coding course, or even the money itself? Did it ever occur to you you have to learn Minecraft code after Java code? Did it ever occur to you one mess up on setting up a library could ruin the 1 day long process of setting up a modding environment?

    It's so excessively hard to make a good mod that the few people who actually can without paying are so devoted to the code and are in the right position still have problems, and slower mod updates to 1.8 prove how long learning the second phase of modding alone takes; shorter than the first phase but almost a year. Modding is incredibly difficult, trust me.

    If we follow your logic, over 98% of this community probably including yourself are lazy for not understanding modding. Not to mention your argument is a copypaste from the arrogant mainstream MCreator haters.

    Yes, of course coding is hard, thats what makes it cooler when you make something awesome with it, not just finding a stupid and easy alternative.

    Don't use MCreator, learn how to code.

    Oh really? So making new weapons, dimensions, mobs, and bosses with an approachable program is not the least bit cool? Didn't know that. Guess that means iChun is the only cool modder in town.

    No. We will not learn how to code. We may try to, but with little success.

    Use MCreator as much as you want modder, that's what it's there for. Hate to stoop to this level and sorry if you are offended but;

    mulhimine go sit it a corner and rethink your life. Because you have just ruined at least 3 peoples days with a painfully offensive and rude post.
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    She could have just cut off her arm and stopped the spread....

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    Quote from Partonetrain»

    You know that ZSS = Zero Suit Samus, right?

    Respect. I'm normally pro tier-list, but it's really hard to establish a tier list with a game that gets updates, so I think the whole idea is kinda futile for Sm4sh.

    Yes. I'm very much aware of that. Toon Link = Toon Link, though. I never really see people online playing toon link. Link and Zero Suit are always played, but not Toon Link. Which is why it is so interesting for me to find a TL player.

    And that's a very good point. If you are to argue a tier list exists, it would be easier to establish with static character stats. Dynamic characters = dynamic viability/potential = dynamic list.

    Quote from Scorpionius»

    I'm casual.

    A filthy casual, according to harcore Smash players. I never really understood what's wrong with playing Smash casually though.

    Nothing's wrong about that, don't worry. Those ultra hardcore players forget the whole purpose of Sm4sh or even video games in general is to have fun, and if anything they would be the filthy ones having defiled the purpose of the game's existence by branding it its unintended form and only that. Even if you are competitive, you should definitely respect all types of players. The ones who play it for enjoyment have every right to do so.

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    Minecraft: a sandbox game with no set story. I agree that at its core, Minecraft has no story. The game is what you make of it. Unless, you don't wanna make something of it. You want to know the oddly specific lore behind the world which makes all the pre-defined elements such as the dragon, the nether, the creepers, the villagers, etc. It's about time we find out what REALLY happened! What is Mojang hiding (sarcasm)?

    Before you go posting "Minecraft has no story" I want to tell you this: please don't. I know it has no story. But paradoxically, it does. The story BEFORE it is predetermined. What happens over the course of the game is up to the player. So let's start right now, shall we? I will incorporate elements from the comments below to formulate my ultimate theory over time.

    Let's work backwards here. From the destruction of the dragon to the destruction of the world.

    Part One: During Minecraft:

    What is Minecraft? Who is Steve?
    The key to these answers lies in MC story mode. The Order of the Stone "saved their world" from the ender dragon, no? But the ender dragon has no direct impact on the overworld right? So what's up with that?
    Many years ago, there was a small group of survivors of the apocalypse known as the Order of the Stone. They defeated the ender dragon leaving behind only its egg. Who is Steve? It is much like Final Fantasy's Warrior of Light; a character who never literally was in the game but represents the player's party as a whole. In other words, Steve IS the order of the stone. He is more of a concept than an actual character. In it's essense, I doubt we'll ever get the full story of the order after story mode is over with. We will obviously learn more about Ivor and the Order's members, but that's all. All the details in between the adventure to the dragon are basically the player's own adventures/misadventures.

    When does Steve first spawn in the world?
    It is important to note Steve spawns in with a full stomach, high saturation, full health, and with no XP. These factors prove Steve has had no interaction with the apocalyptic world before-
    "Wait a sec, but what if he just respawned"
    Good point. That would actually seem more likely.....if everyone else who died respawned. But they didn't. And they won't. Dead villager's don't respawn.
    "Then is Steve a god?"
    No. He's a concept. He represents the order and imagination and what not. Let's not break down MC's mechanics. Let's look at the original spawn once again. The regional difficulty is also minimal when you spawn. It is sort of random where he spawns. But one thing is for certain: he's freshly spawned. Did he just wake up? Likely. When you first spawn, you fall a very short distance. Like 1/4 a block, no? And he wakes up at exactly 0 ticks. Kinda like getting out of a bed, no? It's safe to say he woke up after some apocalyptic events. So we have steve settled: the order wakes up shortly after the apocalypse, and survived because steve was in a shelter.
    "Wait, a shelter?"
    Yeah, you heard me. A shelter. It was a nuclear war. Proof being: creepers. They are mutant plants which were formed by Mojang Inc's nuclear bomb being modeled incorrectly. (see what I did there?). Giant spiders? Deformed villagers? It's fairly obvious the radiation from dose nukes got to some things. Plus, nuclear warefare is the only way earth would ever get destroyed.
    What about zombies? The nether exists as a dimension. It's obvious the dimensional fabric was weakened by the apocalypse. Because you can't build portals IRL. Therefore, hell on earth literally ensued when demons began to possess corpses destroyed by the apocalypse. Same with skeletons. The undead exist because of the nether: there's no other explanation. Ever heard of Soul Sand? Souls exist in MC. Also, zombies are not infected with the zombie virus. If they were, their AI would be much stupider and the holy enchantment smite wouldn't work on them.
    Ah, endermen. They almost deserve their own thread, But not really. So, endermen are basically people from a farland. Spelled that way intentionally of course. They are interdimensional beings. From a higher plain of existence. Their existence on your plain is because they ned your help. Now, get ready to take in some new information beyond theories: Endermen say things like "come here" and "help" in a really distorted voice. I'm not making this up, google it. They are not tempting you to look at them or anything. Because they are too unstable; Any interaction with liquids/entities from the overworld drives and enderman insane damaging its existence on your plain. Why do they grab blocks? Because they want to fix the end. The end that the ender dragon viciously destroyed. The dragon, in its assault, is not hesitant to knock away a few endermen to attack the player. It's no coincidence that the enderman are not hesitant to fight back either! They know they cannot win, but need your help. Their world was reduced to an island of unbreakable blocks. They want you to slay the dragon and free them! And rebuild their world!

    "COOL STORY BRO! Now what about the Nether?"

    The Nether is literally Hell. Nothing to it, really. I could go on about human spirits merging with pig spirits to form a monstrosity. And that Ghasts are unbaptized baby spirits. But I'd rather not.

    "What about the Wither?"

    The Wither is basically Spiritomb from Pokemon: A cluster of souls together in one body who refer to themselves as we rather than I. Soul sand's texture shows a bunch of souls. Plus three human skeleton souls. I mean, really. The player literally creates this absolute evil. And for what? A beacon of light to protect the world with. Not much to the wither. What you see is what you get.

    "What about the villagers?"

    The villagers are the most interesting of mobs to cover. Basically, they are mutations of something that adapted to the apocalypse. They have an affinity with emeralds and likely eat them to heal themselves. They are not humans. They are clones. Let me explain. They are all identical. They are clones and clones and thus have defects. Villagers were created so Jason Smitty, the mysterious professor, could survive the apocalypse and continue the human race. Jason was a sick, twisted, man. He made villagers capable of mating with each other because they could switch genders at will like fish. This is how villagers were engineered, like it or not. The villagers were genetically modified clones. They could absorb the raw substance of any ore of the earth and convert it to vitality to survive any famine. They could mate in previously mentioned ways. They could SURVIVE the apocalypse. And continue their research on the properties of the world.

    The rest of the threory is coming soon. Stay tuned.

    (And I'll make a modded adventure map out of this after the story mode recreation)

    Individual Aspects Explained:


    The origin of Steve is a tough nut to crack. Who is Steve? Steve is an interpretive character. His personality, choices, and very existence are up to the player. You could argue that Steve is always a human, but that's up to his skin really. You could argue that Steve can respawn, but hardcore mode exists. Last human? Multiplayer. He's a survivalist? Not if a new player is playing as him... However, there are 4 undeniable facts about Steve. Unless you are playing with mods or plugins, they cannot be altered. Mods and plugins are like parts of a story that have been eggagerated over time. So here they are:

    1: Steve woke up after the apocalypse, with absolutely nothing.

    2: Steve can and sometimes needs to mine, craft, fight, trade, enchant, eat, sleep etc. as a human can.

    3: Steve is neither enderman nor undead; he is not weak to any specific enchantment or water.

    With this being said, who is Steve? He can range anywhere from a lowly miner who works his way up to a master swordsman to an omnipotent creative god who can place blocks infinitely.

    No matter what, we can say he is a survivor of the apocalypse. He wakes up after whatever catastrophic events destroyed civilization. All of the other details of his story are up to the player's imagination. The sky's the limit. If the player chooses to end the story, he/she must slay the dragon. Nothing else can really be said.

    If you want a more specific story, you must use the one from Story Mode. Many years ago, there was a small group of survivors of the apocalypse known as the Order of the Stone. They defeated the ender dragon leaving behind only its egg. Who is Steve? It is much like Final Fantasy's Warrior of Light; a character who never literally was in the game but represents the player's party as a whole. In other words, Steve IS the order of the stone. He is more of a concept than an actual character. In it's essense, I doubt we'll ever get the full story of the order after story mode is over with. We will obviously learn more about Ivor and the Order's members, but that's all. All the details in between the adventure to the dragon are basically the player's own adventures/misadventures.


    We have overlooked creepers for way too long.

    These things are "programmed to follow and wreck your stuff". They have a man made item (TNT) literally at their core. AND a music CD. So what can we infer? These tyhings were biologically and mechanically engineered cyborgs used to transfer a message encoded in a CD between government buildings pre-apocalypse. They were set to explode when an enemy tried to steal the information. As seen in the diagram, they used to be a more plain shade of green with more prominent features. However, the apocalypse has rendered them defective. So now they are covered in moss and mistaken ANYONE as the enemy.


    Vilagers, villagers, villagers. What even are they? I think a better question would be, what aren't they? They aren't humans. That's 100% for sure. Because they don't have genders. Also, their noses are horribly long. Two conclusions can be drawn from them. Before we get into detail about that, let's look at their traits. Trading with them restores their health. They have a language, but it has almost no sounds made from their mouths. Sure their textures show a mouth, but they mostly speak nasally. Villagers fear the undead. Villagers live in villages and can open doors. Villagers can reproduce with any given villager.

    So we nose they aren't human. They can probably switch genders like a fish, some kind of gene which was clearly passed down to all species after the apocalypse. They can open doors, so they must have opposable thumbs. They have less of a vocal capacity than humans. They are a passive omnivorous species as their trades and farms would indicate. They also have a fair IQ, but are not intelligent enough to know when they are cheated out of a trade. Or know their village has been looted.

    What other species is like this? Monkeys. They fit all of the aspects necessary. Taking a planet of the apes approach, villagers could have evolved from monkeys. They not only fit the bill, but are also the closest species to the human and could evolve to that stage before the apocalypse. The monkey above (the proboscis monkey) has a rather large nose; so that particular monkey is most likely candidate. Villagers also are accepting of humans, and probably worked alongside them before the apocalypse. Somehow, they managed to survive the apocalypse unlike the humans; so they may have evolved on a far away island with minimal contact with the humans. So nukes and floods didn't reach them.

    Another (less likely) explanation is the villagers are all clones of a clone of a human. The person being clone looked like the human above. The original clone looked like this:

    It was modified to have some traits to survive the apocalypse, but being a clone of a clone it looked imperfect.

    They were mass produced, so the clones of the clone looked even less humanlike:

    Either way, villagers are not quite human like we thought they were.

    As for the villages themselves? They were built by the villagers. Because they basically account for the number of villagers within the village. Also, the villagers built simple houses because they are not quite as advanced as the humans. They don't expand on their villages because they are too busy surviving the post-apocalyptic world.

    Guardian/Sea Temple:

    Ocean Monuments are like the main temple in the capital of the Aztecs. Guardians definitely seem to be intelligent, having a social hierarchy (Elders are the tribal "leaders"), defending the temple, likely for their tribal religion. Humans had large amounts of sponges in the temple keeping the water levels down due to frequent floods, and once the Apocalypse came rolling around, with rising water levels (global warming), the sponges decayed, and the cities flooded over, destroying all but the Monuments in the center due to their massive sizes. These monuments were swept by the ocean tides and, suffering minimal damage, shifted into the gravel on the ocean floor (which there usually is around ocean temples).

    Later on, the fish from the nearby area had slowly mutated (evolved?) and became an intelligent species. They settled in the temple and began to read the inscriptions learning the old religion of the Aztecs. They have a strong sense of community and are willing to die to protect the treasure stashed in their temple. Their ability to shoot beams developed so they could effectively communicate to each other just by making eye contact, and their spikes developed because they were constantly defending themselves and their temple. The beams themselves are actually heat rays and thus the player only takes damage once they heat up enough to get burned.

    The elder guardians are comparable to queen bees; they were chosen as leaders due to having superior size and power. There are three of them: Religious Leader, Political Leader, and Military Leader. Some standard guardians create a vision of an elder guardian to scare off the player. How? They a beam from its eye in such an intricate way a sort of "hologram" is projected. This tactic usually scares off intruders. The blindness is caused by some chemicals released into the water to slow down and weaken predators and also in order to make the vision more prominent and is part of the scare tactic.


    Perhaps the biggest mysteries of all are the endermen. These beings aren't evil. They are in another dimension in need of your help. The dragon destroyed the end before leaving only unreducable blocks. Therefore, the reason the endermen grab blocks is to fix their homeland. Beings of the end are weak to water simply because their skin can't handle the properties of the foreign liquid. They are able to "teleport" by entering a rift between various dimensions using the power from the core of the pearl in their ender gland. In this rift, time moves by slowly, hence them appearing to teleport in the blink of an eye. Extracting the pearl, Steve does not quite understand how to use it. So he simply throws it pulling him into the unstable dimensionally rift the fragments from the shattered orb create. As for their aggro nature: endermen are from a different dimensional plane. They are not supposed to be in your dimension, and a sort of existential paradox drives them insane.

    They occasionally say the following:

    "hiya", "this way!", "forever!", "uh oh!"

    They are trying to direct you to the End. The End is in grave danger and will be like this forever if you don't help. How do we know? Just look at the end: a sky island guarded by a dragon. The dragon is their ruler; or better yet, dictator. They do not want to serve the dragon, so they call you over to help them defeat it. The dragon is willing to kill a few endermen to attack you, and the endermen aren't hesitant to fight back.

    Furthermore, the endermen in the overworld are virtually unable to reach the end. They shattered the original portal to prevent the dragon from destroying Earth, and so have also lost even the ability to teleport there, trapping the other endermen with the dragon. We will elaborate on this when we get into the strongholds.

    The Ender Dragon is a suitable main antagonist in Minecraft. It used to be a peaceful entity that flew throughout the end overseeing the progress being made. Until one day: The day a human visited the End. The human made a grave mistake: it looked into the eyes of the dragon. It had realized the same physics that applied to the endermen would also apply to the ender dragon. Think about it. Why does the enderdragon attack without being looked at? Because he is already agroed. This human had studied local folklore and found out out staring into the eyes of the dragon would give them both the ultimate power. For several days, him and the dragon clashed. But he ultimately lost, wounding the dragon. The dragon went on a rampage destroying the end. To please her (female because her name is Jean), the endermen erected large pillars to heal her wounds and basically worked as slaves. A group of endermen found the portal out of the end. They all entered it and smashed the frame, teleporting all across the world to search for someone with the power to slay the dragon.

    Many years before any of these catastrophic events happened, and shortly before the apocalypse, humans were friends with the Farlanders. Farlanders were stable endermen who had grown attuned to the overworld and traded rare materials to the humans. They were from a far away land thought to be another planet, and that's how they got their name. When the farlanders found out the humans were using these trades for war, they stopped selling the materials and teleported away to the ends of the earth to....study the Earth. The floods of apocalypse destroyed them along with many other humans. The previously mentioned materials included endstone, later used to engineer the end portals.


    The Ender Dragon used to be a peaceful entity that flew throughout the end overseeing the progress being made. Until one day: The day a human visited the End. The human made a grave mistake: it looked into the eyes of the dragon. It had realized the same physics that applied to the endermen would also apply to the ender dragon. Think about it. Why does the enderdragon attack without being looked at? Because he is already agroed. This human had studied local folklore and found out out staring into the eyes of the dragon would give them both the ultimate power. This human was none other than Steve's brother, Brine. His eyes began to glow as he was flooded with the abilities of an enderman! And of the Far Lands. The rest was a blur. But eventually, after the end was ravaged by the dragon, and Brine lost the fight, some endermen and Brine himself managed to escape. Of course, the endermen didn't understand at the time Brine was truly the cause of this. They saw him as a hero. The hero. The hero Brine. Yeah, he earned the title of Herobrine by fighting the dragon. Ultimately, Herobrine isn't evil. He knew he would obtain the ultimate power but had no idea by doing so he would trigger the catalyst event in the destruction of the world.

    Where is Herobrine now? What power does he have? Herobrine exists in the Overworld sometimes watching over the player. But he usually sort of does his own thing, (Cut short, I'll finish the rest soon)

    If we are believing the Story Mode canon, herobrine can be seen as a representative of Ivor and/or the Witherstorm. (WIP)

    Nether Ranks:

    Here is a rough outline of the idea.
    When you die without the power to respawn, you go to the Nether (or maybe possibly the sky dimension also). Depending on how many aweful things you did which had negative impacts on other people before you died, you will be given a rank in the Nether. Note this is not an exact science, but was created to make more sense out of Nether mobs in general.

    Self-Forsaken: Roughly 82% of all Nether souls make up this class. They were too spiteful to gain salvation but yet too unwilling to accept they were bad people. They are trapped in soul sand and can never pass that rank. However, thanks to the events of MC, they could leave the possess fallen human shells to create zombies and or skeletons and do bad things to respawn at a higher rank.

    Peasant: 11% of all souls who go to the Nether are one of these. Either they tried to harm others and violate their own ethics and failed, or were just bad griefer. However, they still accepted they were not good people and deserved this fate; so they combined with animal spirits (who are incapable of knowing right from wrong) to become pigmen. A similar phenomenan occurs when a pig is struck by lightning, in which an evil spirit possesses the fallen mutation of a pig. Hence the smite enchant still working. They have the capability to move up the ranks. Although it is more plausible the pigmen are combinations of multiple exclusively animal spirits in general, while still maintaining the just of the idea.

    Unsalvated: Ghasts are the radical idea of "unbaptized baby spirits" except more or less just someone who died before they developed their own sense of justice/ethics. It would be hard to put an exact percent on these, as they very from time to time. But I would say a good 3% are. The sad truth is they cannot move up from this rank either.

    Dukes: These are highly revered spirits who have done many bad things throughout their lifetime and/or have intense malice/hatred for humanity. They manifest themselves as wither skeletons. Roughly 2% of spirits achieve this rank.

    Lord: Right below dukes, in the transitioning phase. They are 1% of all spirits, and are about to become dukes in a short time. In other words, nonwither skeletons in forts.

    Demon: The transcendant rank. Once you do enough evil, remove all good thoughts you ever had, and burn with hatred, you can immerse yourself in the lava of the nether. If nothing happens, you are not at that level. If you become a blaze, you are. 1% reached this rank.

    Magma Cube: These have nothing to do with the Nether spirit system, and are simply mutations which formed in the nether.

    Arch-Demon: You can only reach this rank if you merge with other souls full of malice. So the peasants are hit with the malice of the dukes, and the combo (Wither) surpasses the demon level. The only ones to ever exist are potentially created by the player.

    Devil: Infinite dark nether power. Legend has it one of these exists. Whether it be the Wither Storm, or some outside presence which fills the Nether creating the magma cubes.


    Ah, the Wither. There isn't really much to this one. The wither is a cluster of souls, much like spiritomb from Pokemon. The soul sand texture and 3 wither skulls would indicate this. The wither status effect decays the body and the projectiles are evil spirits fired at the enemies. The wither is full of doomed souls, each with some sort of malice, hence it attacking all living mobs. The wither skulls house dark souls hence the wither not attacking undead mobs. The armor is an aura created by the Wither to deflect projectiles. Very straightforward. The nether star is a cluster of the trapped souls which hardened and formed into one source of light, almost inverting the evil. The wither draws from this to use its shield. You get status effects from a beacon using a similar aura.

    A final thing to note, is the Wither is created by the player. So it never existed beforehand. Any damage done to the world is by a Wither is the fault of whoever spawned the Wither.

    Wither Skeleton/Decay/Wither Sickness

    Wither Skeletons are not subjects of the wither, with the wither itself being a player created entity. They are kind of their own things. Evidently, they are controlled by the Nether's evil spirits. As far as the underworld goes, they are probably just below the transcended demon rank (blaze) making them dukes or high level souls. Wither souls are human souls with a high, even respectable (in demonic terms) level of malice. Enough to make them drain the life of their vicims with dark willpower. When the rift between the nether and overworld became close, fallen humans with previosuly mentioned level of malice who died were overtaken by their inner darkness and manifested themselves into an entity.

    The Wither status effect is often called decay by fans for a good reason. The word wither itself has the implication of withering away. In other words, shriveling up and dying. So what causes this satus effect? Malice. The wither skeletons want you dead so much that it hits you with killing intent. The power will cause your life force to fade at the hands of the evil spirits manifesting the skeletons. I know this sounds more farfetched than a virus, but the smite enchant and general theme of the Nether seem to indicate everything in said dimension can be taken with literal religious ideas or mythology.

    Wither Sickness is rather similar to decay in origin. Only, it is more biological than spiritual. Because the wither's destructive power is amplified with the organic substances it absorbs, the ability to take away life is accomplished by overexposure to the beams. The beams that absorb things also break them down to their simplest form by sucking away their life and giving them this bio decay, manifesting the wither's destructive will with a plague. Hence the storm itself is composed of black decayed blocks. Functionally, it is far weaker than decay, spreading really slowly. However, it cannot naturally be healed, and absorbs the strength of the user at it creeps up their body. Presumably leading to their death.

    Spooky Scary Skeletons:

    Coming Soon!

    Command Blocks/Wither Storm:

    Now I'm sure you're curious what command blocks actually are and how they work. Coming soon!

    Alternate theories:

    Hydraheads's Other Theory- Before the Apocalypse

    The Beginning, part I:

    The stage is set just months before Minecraft begins. There is a supercompany called Aether who is a governmental body, a company who sells and produces the most futuristic products and has total monopoly over everything, an army, etc. There was total peace for a long time until that fateful day. The day the hero of our story, Xen, meets a soldier engineered by Aether Labs named Steve, created to be the hero who would save the world from the interdimensional collision with the End that was to happen soon.

    Steve was created as a clone of Xen with brinestone, giving him interdimensional control. He was also created with cachedstone, allowing him to respawn. From the start, Steve shows signs of instability. He begins to question his very creation, eventually leading to totally going berserk and attacking the company. It wasn't long before they realized the problem with Steve; the Brinestone. They successfully defeated Steve and removed the stone. However, this caused Steve to lose all of his memories, and they began to reteach everything to him with better results.

    Steve only lost because he did not understand his power. After the fact, The Aether Scientist, Ender, proposed the only way to survive the potential Apocalypse was to "become one of them", an idea which everyone declined. He secretly injected himself with Ender dust found by crushing an Ender cluster, an object which formed by the built up interdimensional friction when the two dimensions started colliding due to their many missions to fight off the warring nation, Terra. Terra was a nation that primarily used the Earth's resources rather than engineering their own. They were also an extremely religious nation and their military army was made entirely out of robots.

    Ender showed many signs of instability. Later on, he is beginning to mutate into an enderman, and loses control of himself. Ender fights Xen and loses, dropping an ender pearl. The scientists begin studying this object. It should be mentioned that Ender was the first to discover everything in the End and everything in it was named after him.

    The next proposition to stop the crisis was to travel to the moon and begin terraforming a new earth, to be "copied and pasted" into another dimension which the End would never touch, a process too dangerous and untouched for earth itself. There they had to fight off dinosaurs which they had begun raising on the moon a while back to prove it was possible to revive the species, not expecting them to overmultiply. (this detail is more geared towards my modded adventure map (upcoming)).

    Sadly, were unable to do so. Rather, they were hurled into a strange new dimension theorized to lie somewhere outside of the dimensional spectrum where all dimensions meet: The Nexus. There, they were able to teleport between various locations, and took advantage of this to travel across the ends of the earth in order to stabilize various rifts between the end and the overworld. Collecting data from all of these rifts they were able to engineer a new block: the command block, which they would use to alter the laws of physics using long algebraic formulas.

    They ended up successfully stopping the collision, but the two dimensions were still lined up, and thus the Enderman problem was not quite over yet. Meanwhile, the war picks up between Aether and Terra. To combat the near infinite number of robots from the enemy, Terra finds a more effective way to combat the enemy. Violating international laws, they begin cloning evil Scientist Robby to create a testificate army. This desperate attempt failed, and the remaining clones were buried underground by the explosion of a nuclear bomb, which their outfits granted immunity to. These testificates would later become peaceful villagers.

    Robby fell ill, and fled to his isolated igloo in another nation to avoid the government and continue experimenting on himself and the nation around him. Xen was given the mission to capture him, but found that he locked himself up. In truth, Robby was trying to save everyone with his vaccine, but instead turned everyone in the village including himself into zombies. Xen fled the scene knowing it was pointless. When he returned, he recieved word that the enemy had created a space colony and were developing a world destruct beam, which they would threaten to....go figure, destroy the world.

    Since Aether lab's president (Cyprez from PMC) was too stubborn, they refused to surrender. And thus the countdown begun. Xen was sent to the space station to prevent this calamity. He powered his way through all the gaurds and robots with the latest Aether Technology. In the final showdown against the enemy leader and his death robot, Xen was defeated. He gave steve his sword and told him to protect the world in his place. Xen was then forced to use the Brinestone to gain the ultimate power, telling Steve he was about to do something stupid which would probably destroy himself, and in a last ditch attempt destroyed the death robot and presumably Xen. Steve 1v1ed the enemy leader and won, but couldn't stop the beam cannon from firing in time. This explosion caused the destruction of the world and the space station itself burned out. Steve respawned in a blank open world.

    Sumarai54321's Theory of Judgement:

    I always thought that the story was a little more deep. Here is my proposition

    Steve represents you in a literal sense. You live, you survive, you thrive. The Overworld, as always thought, does represent the mortal plain, the Earth. You live on the Earth for you time and that's how it works. Bu here`s where it gets a little deeper. I theorize that the Nether represents the Underworld, you are judged by _______(I will tell you later on.) and then you are sentenced to either the Nether, The End, or The Overworld again. When you are sentenced to the Nether, you will be a Ghast, you will moan and cry in pain forever.

    The End represents Limbo, in life, you did equally right and wrong. In The End, you are sentenced to be an Enderman for eternity, to always look down upon others, able to pick up things, but not to really create, able to attack, only if attacked.

    Finally, the Overworld represents reincarnation. If you do good, you shall be reincarnated into life once more. You can die and "respawn" since you did good.

    Finally, I theorize that your judge, is not Notch. Notch, Jeb, Dinnerbone, and others are the Creators. But Herobrine is the judge. Always been determined as "evil" because he almost always sentences to Nether or The End. Few reincarnate. So Herobrine is portayed as evil.

    This is in it` Alpha Stage so please comment and suggest ideas. Thanks!

    Massive Smurf's Ender Domination Theory

    The conflict that destroyed the world as you (don't) know it was one between humanity/the Testificates against the End. The End it named as such because it is exactly what it sounds like: the End of any dimension it touches. The dragon is the supreme overlord of the End dimension. Leading it's legion of Endermen, the dragon laid waste to countless dimensions in the past. Sights set on the Overworld, the siege had begun by infecting the world with the purple particles that you see swirling around Endermen. It corrupted the lifeforms on the surface, turning large growths of moss into four-legged exploding monsters, supersizing spiders, and raising the dead.

    Taken by storm, humans and Testificates made their best efforts to hold off the encroaching darkness. Such defenses include the golems (This would explain the plants growing on the golems, as they've been around for years, pushing the forces of the End back.), the temples (Humans, being the money-focused creatures they are, initially believed that the monsters that assaulted them were merely plundering the world for it's riches. They built traps in their jungle monuments and desert catacombs to fend off the monsters from claiming their treasures.), and the dungeons (Vaults that were used to channel the constant flow of the corrupting End energy into strategic areas. Also built by humans, they set up boxes with treasure nearby with the belief that it would further lure the monsters into those areas.).

    Extensive mining operations (Mineshafts) began in order to raise resources for the cause. In the early stages of the war, it was established that the Testificates, a people of magic and prosperity, would supply food to the warriors and create magic tomes to enhance their gear. The humans, on the other hand, with their sheer power in number and resourcefulness, would be the bulk of the fighting force. Together, they learned the weaknesses of their enemies. Their leading discovery was that the End energy lost effect in bright light. This led to the failure of any decaying physical vessels, such as corpses and skeletons. Spiders would return to their normal, wild state. Creepers, however, would photosynthesize enough in the light to maintain the End's control over it. However, being moss possessed by a dark apparition, they still preferred the dark.

    War raged for months, in what seemed like a losing battle for Humanity and the Testif. Every engagement seemed to result in several new corpses to be claimed by the purple mist. The will of man, steeled in countless wars, remained unbroken; that is, until the Endermen themselves started plaguing the land.

    Many Testificates began submitting themselves to the power of the End. Some set up shelters in the swamps, while others prowled around the dark forests and jungles, waiting to use their clever potions on anyone who was unlucky enough to come across them.

    All hope seemed lost, until a spectral footprint was discovered in the universe. The Testif scrambled all over this discovery, figuring out how to focus and utilize it. Weeks of tireless research led to the discovery of a portal: The portal to The Nether.

    This startling discovery rekindled the fighting spirit in humans and Testif alike. They had seen the horrors the End delivers to it's victims, and they would have none of it. They scoured the remains of the Nether, looking for a way to combat the End (Ironic, considering the Nether had already fallen to the End. You would bet that you wouldn't find a counter-measure in a defeated realm.). Nothing turned up except the fleeting souls of the Nether's previous inhabitants.

    Notes on the Nether:

    The Nether is a dimension that has already been conquered by the end. Cordoned off from the rest of reality, it exists in it's own bubble, much like all other dimensions that the Ender Dragon has touched. The purple particles around the Nether portal are the spectral footprint left by the forces of the End. The Nether didn't have Testificates. Their counterpart was the Pigmen. An aggressive race of humanity did exist here, however. Blazes are floating, mangled remains filled with the essence of who they once were. The spinning rods are their bones, perpetually burning around them. In their agonized existence, they attack any outsider they see. Ghasts are a weapon used against the End. Soul Sand is a material that the forces of the Endermen imbued with countless surplus souls deemed unfit for further use. Wither skeletons are a certain tribe of the aggressive form of humanity that have inherent supernatural abilities. Once an outcast tribe, they became integral soldiers against the End. In desperate times, the Wither tribe would perform a ceremony that required a large amount of souls. The Endermen, having left deposits of souls literally scattered around the barren wasteland, provided these souls to the Wither tribe. Once the ceremony was complete, a creature of great power would be unleashed on the Endermen. Still, it was not enough to stave off destruction.

    A scouting party had just exit the Nether, having found nothing of great use. Carrying their spoils from having fought Blazes, they were ambushed by a pair of Endermen. In the engagement, one of the humans took a blow to his back, where his supply satchel was. It crushed the Blaze Rod inside to dust. After having lost half of their number, the scouting party emerged victorious. They collected the orbs that remained from the Endermen, and stowed them away in their bags. When they returned to their village, the human found that the orb had begun to resemble an eye. Testif clerics confiscated it to take a closer look, and found out that it had a very faint, yet stable link to the End itself. Here, the ultimate plan of defense was laid out: an attack on the End dimension itself.

    They built massive underground strongholds, where the full breadth of their magical and technological prowess would be displayed. Libraries containing their studies and notes were created. Prisons for holding the rogue Testif were made. Most importantly of all, was the Portal Room. Several devices that amplified the link between the Eyes and the End were arranged around an immense source of heat. The plan was to combine the power of many eyes at once to open a breach in reality. This portal would then lead directly to the Dragon's lair.

    Notes on Endermen and Pearls:

    Endermen aren't "real" creatures. They exist in their own reality entirely, separate from everything. As such, they don't have souls, or an essence. When they are defeated, they don't really die. They simply morph into black orbs to prevent their death. When the orb is shattered, it is only then that the Enderman is erased from existence. In a final effort to create havoc, the Enderman uses it's last bits of energy to warp it's murderer to it's place of death. Then, a final burst of energy where the orb shatters inflicts pain on the thrower.

    Notes on Ender Eyes:

    Ender Eyes work because the Ender Pearls fused with a remnant of a previously conquered dimension. The pearl builds a link between the dimension it's in and the End, because Endermen know they have no business being in a dimension they have already harvested. The eye-shape itself is to indicate to other Endermen that it is searching for a way back home. The Blaze Powder tricks the Ender Pearl into thinking it's in the Nether again. They will float to a place where the fabric separating it's current dimension (In this case, The Nether.) and the End is thin. When the humans began using the Ender Eyes for their own use, the Endermen inside would detect this, and destroy themselves to prevent them from reaching their goal.

    With the plan reaching it's final stages of completion, the dragon devised a cunning plan to cut them off. It halted the assault of the Endermen and the End energies. The monster siege had stopped. From here, the dragon waited. The supply of pearls, and thus, the eyes, having been cut off, humanity went into a tailspin. With no unified directive and the illusion of victory, the usual fare of wars and battle broke out. Typically, these battles would end with important men making treaties and stalemates, but with basic survival still fresh on the minds of all, the wars were ruthless. Already low in population after dealing with the End's forces, it became that humanity's end would be themselves. The Testificates could see through the dragon's plan, and tried to warn humanity to no avail. The last vestiges of mankind were on the precipice of total extinction. At once, the End began it's attack once more. With a fresh pile of bodies to control and few enemies to resist, the End dwindled the humans to a mere handful. In a last ditch effort, the Testif used their magic to suspend a chosen human in space. They would be safe from all harm, and safe from the passage of time.

    Years pass. The End has decimated all of humanity. The only reminder is the bodies that infest the tunnels and darkened corners. The Endermen start peeling chunks of earth from the ground. The destruction of this dimension has begun. Nature has taken it's course, and the bastions that supported the humans during the war are now tombs of mystery. Temples in the jungles become overgrown. The catacombs in the desert get buried under the drifting sands. The broken vaults spill their trapped monsters into the caverns below. Even the glorious strongholds have become shells that no longer reflect the hope that they once stood for. Ultimately, it seems the Ender Dragon has claimed another universe.

    Until, the last human (Or humans, if you're playing multiplayer, perhaps.) comes forth from the void. The magic of the Testif has worn off, and you are born again. You remember the final plan against the End. You know the steps to take. You will finish it, no matter the cost.

    Notes on Endermen behavior:

    The Endermen don't expect a human. As such, they do not notice you when you are near, or do not believe that they are seeing a real human. They only take action against you when they feel your gaze upon them. Their calls for help are perhaps either calls for help in destroying the landscape, or maybe the souls they have consumed are crying out from inside them.

    On the Origin of Endermen
    - SomethingSlimy

    Endermen first appeared in out world when our two worlds drifted close together, and the fabric between our realities became thin. This is believed to be a natural phenomenon that worlds like ours and theirs undergo - our world is presently connected to many others worlds, but we only know how to build a gate to a few of them. (The Nether being the most commonly known.)

    When the portals of our two worlds connected, the Endermen were able to feel the connection and teleport through their own gate into our world before we were ever aware of the existence of the End. To an Enderman, traveling between worlds may be trivial, assuming that they can travel through a gate by only feeling it's presence, not explicitly knowing it's location. (This is commonly believed.)

    The Dragon is a (perhaps parasitic by nature?) entity that feeds on worlds to procure it's strength and form. (Currently that of a dragon, it is not known if it can posses other forms.) It's motives beyond this are largely unknown. It's lifespan is not known either, nor is it know if it is a native creature of the End, or if it originated elsewhere. (However, historical records describing the Endermen as having green eyes suggest that latter.) It's presence is perhaps a reason the End is so barren today. Endermen born in the end have purple eyes due to the Dragon's influence.

    The first Endermen to come into our world had green eyes, their original color. It is believed that they were the first to sense the newly connected gate to our world, and took the opportunity to escape before the Dragon had a stronger influence over the End. They soon used their teleporting abilities to travel to the farlands, and are no longer seen.

    Our worlds will probably stay connected for thousands of years to come. If the Endermen already present in our world are of any indication, the Dragon may soon attempt to devour our world, as it has it's own. This idea is supported by the presence of the purple-eyed Endermen that have inhabited our world after the departure of the green-eyed ones - they would serve as eyes for the dragon, so to speak.

    Additional Notes:

    - Endermen become deeply disturbed when looked upon, it is believed by some that this is another influence of the dragon, but others theorize that it is simply the nature their species.

    - The source of an Enderman's ability to teleport comes from it's Enderpearl. It is unknown if they are even able to survive without one.

    - Endermen do not appear to posses gender differences, at least not ones that we are familiar with.

    - There have been reports of Overworld-born Endermen possessing eye colors besides purple. This would support the theory about purple-eyed Endermen being influenced by the dragon, etc. But I doubt the validity of these claims, as I have never seen or met someone in person who had seen one.

    (If you didn't know, Endermen used to have green eyes in the snapshots before they were added.)

    More on the Origin of Endermen:

    Our best theory concerning the birth of Endermen is this: Endermen are born from the enderpearls of the deceased. No one is known to have seen this however, (although supplies of pearls are rare, you probably know why,) so it's much more likely that a pearl would have to be under the right conditions. However, this could not possibly sustain a population. Perhaps a pearl, rather than creating a single Enderman, conjures an area around itself where multiple can be born?

    The Enderman born would be influenced by the area that the pearl resides in - in the End, Purple-Eyed Endermen are born. Green-eyed Endermen likely ensure the survival of their kind by keeping all their pearls in a designated area resembling the End before it's domination by the Dragon.

    As for Endermen born in the Overworld - we're not quite sure. This leads to an interesting question - could an Overworld-born Endermen be considered feral? Could it be tamed, or perhaps communicated with? Communication with an Enderman is something I don't think has ever been achieved, likely due to the Dragon's influence, and no one has seen a Green-Eyed Enderman for hundreds of years.

    Additional Notes:
    - In the End, beyond the Dragon's island lies the original civilization of the Endermen, abandoned and in disrepair now that the Dragon commands them.

    - The purple particles attracted and emitted by Endermen appear to be quite similar to the particles emitted by a Nether Portal. Perhaps this is indicative that both use similar processes to bend through space?

    Grockstar's Theory of Everything:

    Part I: A great war with Humanity fighting the newly born "monsters" had destroyed the original world, leaving it to corrupt to the End, and humanity with the help of the Great Notch, created a new world for them to flock to. Not all of humanity followed, distorting into Endermen. The first Humans to arrive in the Overworld built the Strongholds as gateways for the rest of humanity to follow, while those who stayed in the corrupt world, would gradually distort into the End and the Nether and the monsters that inhabit it. In the Overworld, humanity rebuilt, building great cities and the temples and monuments, and developed a large population boom, leading to a flourishing civilization with similar technology to Medieval Europe. The monsters at some point found a way into the Overworld, causing the civilization to slowly collapse. Steve was one of descendants of these people, but how far back the civilization collapsed is of interest. Within a month after death, zombies would decay to the point of being immobile, not to mention the strangeness of how skeletons are able to move, and why both catch fire. Obviously, for most traces of the civilization to be erased, it would take hundreds, if not thousands of years.

    Part II: So, how are these creatures still "alive?"

    Most domesticated animals, if introduced to the wild survive if not completely coddled or has the ability to defend itself (most toy dogs would die rather fast) Look at the feral cat problem.

    I noticed that. Remember, I made this when I was like 9 or 10. I have gotten a newer idea, involving Endermen and dimensional fragments. It does coordinate to 1.9 as well. I'm still formulating the details, but the initial idea was that the universe used to be made of millions of unstable "dimensional fragments", and that with Endermen's ability to teleport across them, they gained a advantage over species, as these fragments would frequently collapse, killing everything in them. They would eventually spread across this fragmented landscape, and eventually integrated the ruins of collapsed fragments into what would become the End. When the End grew to significant size, it's force acted on the dimensional fragments, causing them to acreet into a a couple dimensions, causing the animal species in these dimensions to truly thrive and gradually change into what they are today, or at least their ancestors. The precursor to the End became host to a civilization of Endermen, who took creatures and plants from what would become the Overworld. Some Endermen decided to live in the Overworld, forming permanent colonies in the Strongholds, which would connect to the surface to bring the Overworld creatures to the End, building farms to breed them (as this theory says that the End resides in the Void, I think you can see the issues here), gradually becoming sulf-sufficent, and morphing into humans, at the cost of losing their teleportation, hence the need to build End Portals, by combining the now useless pearls with Blaze Powder (maybe Nether forts were built by the Endermen as well, the Nether colonists becoming Pigmen, who would later host the zombie infection, to become Zombie Pigmen) to create a way home. However, the humans couldn't fit into the Ender Civilization, and to leave the End forever. They maintained a positive relationship with the Endermen, continuing to trade with them. At some point, the Humans and Pigmen declared independence, and shut down the End Portals, cutting off the supply of the Ender Civ's needs, causing them to collapse, abandoning the cities and ships, and retreating to the End proper. From there, humanity and the Pigmen rise, building great civilizations, until the monsters appear.

    Still a baby thesis, but it makes more sense.

    Part III:

    Yep. Humans are descends of Endermen that eventually lost their teleportation and shrank 'cause gravity, becoming a seperate mind. I assume that because the whatever force that zombifies humans and pigmen, affects Endermen and their descendant species. It and the Ender Dragon could likely be a extension of the force that turned the monsters into... well monsters. I have yet to explain how this malevolent force originated, but it presumably created the Ender Dragon, "enslaved" the Endermen, zombifiying humans and pigmen, and allowing the corpses to maintain and greatly slow decay, allowing these corpses to still move as skeletons, created creepers from moss (if GT is to be believed), and basically all the other monsters.

    My two ideas as of who the two speakers of the End Poem are:

    1. Endermen in their original, uncorrupted state, assuming the Dragon is their master, discussing the events of the past million years (the corruption doesn't have to be that old, but they could be discussing the universe's life, the original interface referring to the Enderman and their descendants) and Steve.

    Or the more likely one (in my opinion)

    2. Killing the Dragon forces the corrupting force into Steve's body as a punishment. As Steve is about to leave the End for his world, the corruption begins to assault his body as the more negative voice. His inner voice and nature is the more positive one. These voices battle in their own way in Steve's head. If the negative one wins, Steve will likely be trapped in the End to die, or become a zombie. As the voices battle in his head, the Endermen begin to talk to the player. The positive voice wins, the final stanza (the one in my signature) is said by the positive voice and the Endermen, and once they say "Wake Up", Steve regains control, and jumps in the portal.

    Part IV: What has gone on before, Part I: Prehistory

    Millions of years ago, this universe was not as organized as it is, in the 3 dimensions it is in now. This universe was born as a very fragmented, broken place. Millions of small dimensions ranging from the size of small mountains to large planets floated through the Void. Living in these "shards" was harsh, with a burst of evolution forming several varied creatures and plants, before these unstable shards collapsed on themselves, or merged with another shard, killing all life within.

    It is in one of these shards that this story really begins. Here, by some quirk of nature, the Endermen evolved, with a ability that would change life in this universe forever. Using a pearl-shaped structure inside their bodies, they gained the ability to teleport between shards, observing and learning, eventually evolving sapience alien to ours, being much more intelligent and rational, at the cost of having little to no emotion in their lives.

    From here, they spread across the universe, living in small villages in shards, and yet having to teleport away once the shard neared collapse. The Endermen, while used to this life, wished for something more. A permanent place to call home. To build something great, and beautiful. And then one day, a village of Endermen had a idea, to build their own shard in the empty Void, the vacant and empty place between shards. One that would not be destroyed.

    The Endermen began to build their own shard on the edge of the universe, where shards were few, using materials from collapsed shards, their sterilized contents scattered to the Void. Slowly, several scattered islands started to take shape. Word of this new shard had spread across the Ender villages across the universe, and more and more began work on this project, the artificial shard slowly growing, larger and larger permanent settlements being founded on this plane of existence, much larger then any shard. The End had been born.

    These settlements grew into villages, villages into towns, towns into cities, cities into city-states, city-states to civilizations. Here, on this world between worlds, nations had been born, the End unifying into one massive civilization that built great cities across the End that's name has been lost to time. It created Void Ships, vassals to sail the space between shards, to explore the universe. They created great libraries in which they stored knowledge of the universe, as the End grew until it reached critical mass. And then something began to change.

    While shards had collided several times in the past, the result was highly unstable and was very short-lived. Now, things began to change. The End had reached the size in which it's force pushed against the shards, compressing and compacting them against one another, and they began to merge, ejecting out large amounts of rock used to further grow the End, increasing the affect. The shards formed into clumps of shards that interlocked to form a stable dimension. These shard clusters compressed, and the tightly packed tiny bodies merged into one large embryo. At this point, a few dozen of these embryos existed. These embryos combined into the two other Dimensions. One would become the Overworld, the other the Nether.

    At this point, the history of the Universe and the history of this story split. History had begun.

    Part V:

    The Dragon is the ultimate embodiment of this "evil", of it's physical form. I'm gradually forming the details of this theory, but the Dragon is essentially the organized "head" of it. If the Dragon is killed, and the ultimate force of it beaten, it has been essentially crippled. Monsters will still spawn, but the End and the Endermen will be free, and able to fight it. Whether or not humanity (not counting villagers) will be "free" as well is different. Most of humanity is already dead, unlike the Endermen. Only a few zombies are still cureable, so most of humanity in the end is still dead. A few humans like Steve may be scattered across the world, but they are so far and few in between they may not be able to depopulate. A typical Adam and Eve-like story is impossible due to both low genetic diversity and incest weakening the offspring within two or three generations, resulting in most of the offspring dying in utero or during childhood because of genetic defects. It would take a concentrated population of about 750 people to produce descendants that wouldn't have genetic defects.

    Summary: The Dragon is the "head" of this evil. Killing it cripples the evil, freeing the Endermen and greatly reducing it's power. Humanity may not be saveable however.

    Part VI: What has gone on before PII: Dawn

    While this massive collision event took place over thousands of years, and the collisions having no effect on the End itself, it greatly effected the ancient civilization formed on the End, with most of the population dying from starvation, having no way to feed. As a result of this and weakened gravity, the Endermen stretched to the thin and tall state they are today, rather then their original form which is unknown, to require less sustenance, natural selection favoring this body shape over the previous one. The main island of the End quickly became abandoned, and the cities there eroded away to dust, leaving only obsidian pillars. The main Enderman population either traveled to the Overworld, or to the outer islands of the End, where a primitive plant species had managed to survive and grow, and a new civilization formed on this island network, building smaller versions of Void Ships to navigate the islands.

    Some of the Enderman hiding in the Overworld eventually returned to the End with news of it's habitability, with the basic biomes, plants and passive/neutral mobs or their ancestors evolving. With a new civilization struggling for life appearing, they built massive Void Ships in order to account for the much larger distance between the Overworld and End. Colonies were set up here, and on a lesser extent, in the Nether, where only the Ghast and Blaze had evolved. Eventually, with the discovery of how to build End Portals, the massive Void Ships fell out of use and were abandoned, and a few still slowly drift through the void between dimensions, while their smaller cousins also were abandoned and can be seen near End Cities after the Gateway portal was discovered.

    Now, a few Endermen decided to set up permanent underground gateways with portals to the End in both the Overworld and Nether, their descendants living here to maintain the gateways, being called Strongholds. While the Overworld Strongholds were simple trade ports, the Nether Strongholds were complete forts to protect against Ghasts and Blazes. As demand for goods from the Overworld increased, the Nether demand decreased, only being needed for Nether Warts, a fungus species important as it produced a base molecule used in almost all Ender medicine. Eventually, a large breeding stock of Nether Wart was established in the End, and the Nether was abandoned, although it later saw some use as a experiment done by Endermen, called "Pigmen", officially known as Sus homo. The Pigmen were a modified species of pig that was made bipedal and sapient, using Enderman genes, and left in the Nether to see the results several hundred millennia later.

    Meanwhile in the Overworld, trade flourished, as unlike Nether Wart, most of the Overworld creatures and plants were not cultivatable in the End.
    The permanent inhabitants of the Strongholds, which had evolved into the state they are in today, began to change, physically and mentally. For one, they began to become smaller and wider due to the Overworld having heavier gravity. Because of which, their pearls wouldn't form right, causing them to be harmful to be used by what were being dubbed by the Ender civilization as "humans", having to be removed, eventually devolving altogether.
    Mentally, the humans became more emotional and irrational (sorry but it's true), wanting to experience life and love instead of storing all intelligence into their heads. Humanity and Endermanity(?) quickly became alien to each other, and eventually, the humans seized control of the strongholds and shut the End Portals, cutting off the supply of almost all needed by Ender society, naturally causing it to collapse.

    While some groups tried to open up a route to the Nether, the Pigmen, now controlling a civilization of modified Nether Strongholds, now Nether Fortresses, quickly evicted the Endermen. Most of the Endermen had to resort to the act of hunting and gathering in the Overworld, and then teleporting to the End. In reverse to the last collapse, the cities on the outside islands of the End were abandoned for the now flattened inland, with only the tallest spires of obsidian still standing. The Ender civilization had collapsed permanently this time.

    Meanwhile, in the Overworld, humanity was flourishing, building it's own cities with massive pyramid momuments in the center, and smaller temples that were burial chambers to a king. This civilization, while not as advanced or transdimensional as the Ender Civilization, was self-sufficent and had medieval technology, with castles and cathedrals built higher, larger and grander then the last. And yet this dawn would not last...

    Part VII: What has gone on before Part III: Twilight

    We do not have much information about the human civilization, but here is what is known.

    After the humans declared independence, they forcefully removed the Ender Eyes from the Portal to shut it down. The Endermen, despite their advanced intelligence, forgot how to make the Ender Eyes, although it is possible they did know, but had no means to secure Blaze Powder (due to the Nether being controlled by the Pigmen). Either way, this assured travel to the Overworld was only limited to parties of one, which wouldn't have enough supplies to secure enough food for the Ender Civilization. Once humanity did this, it seems they at first continued to expand and live in the Strongholds, although it is clear that they eventually abandoned them for the surface, possibly due to fear of the Endermen returning, or just due to overexpansion, or perhaps, a combination of these.

    It is possible that Abandoned Mineshafts were tunnels dug by humans to escape the Strongholds, hoping to find a cave system to the surface (hence why they intersect through Strongholds occasionally), although it is possible they are just mineshafts, or again, the intersecting tunnels were made first, and the others were constructed later. However humans left the Strongholds, there is no evidence of humanity returning.

    Once humans emerged, they began to construct Villages, similar ones being continued to be found after the Apocalypse to this day, growing crops and possibly inventing the Iron Golem through methods unknown. Eventually, these communities became proper towns, and began have organized ruling systems. When these rulers died, they (and their treasure) were buried in small pyramids in the desert and later, booby-trapped "temples" in the jungle.

    Eventually, humanity built large cities out of stone and prismarine in extremely low basins, being mostly ocean due to being massive natural water sinks. As this obviously was not ideal to build a city in, humans likely used large amounts of sponges to absorb the water in case floodwaters started to rise and thunder down the basin.

    These cities had much larger pyramids in the city centers as proper centers of worship, and monuments, perhaps to their accomplishments, or perhaps to the gods that they worshiped. Humans noticed large pufferfish-like fish would lay their eggs inside the temple during the occasional flood, and due to them being reasonably intelligent, began to keep them as pets in large pools of water, like koi. These fish are the ancestors of the Guardians.

    At this point, humanity flourished and seemed set on the path their ancestors (Endermen) had followed. And then that all changed.

    No one knows how it started, or how it crossed dimensions as it did, or what it even is, but eventually, the path to darkness had been beaten. This evil that changed the world will be know through out the rest of this story as the Corruption. The Corruption's origins are unknown, nor which dimension it formed in. At some point, it leaped from the Overworld to the Nether through methods unknown, as neither humans nor Endermen had any access to the Nether, zombifying the Pigmen into Zombie Pigmen, and re-animating their skeletons as Wither Skeletons.

    The Corruption began in a species of edible moss, grown by humans. It at first improved it's growth rate, and then it's amount of spores produced in it's spore capsules. However, this species's spores rapidly starting growing as a parasite on pigs, first as a fine green fuzz, then as larger spore stalks, and eventually as large dark patches on the pig controlling parts of it's bodies against their will. These pigs began to die, eventually being overgrown and being moved by the moss. At some point, this moss parasite latched on humans, and then began grow on them, the final results being what we call creepers. These hostile moss-controlled humans would detonate, releasing millions of spores into the surroundings and destroying the nearby area. Spiders who were infected with this moss saw a rapid increase in size that was passed down to their children, with no other physical effects, although it didn't take long for these giant spiders to attack humans for sustenance.

    The Corruption itself began to move into humans when the infected pigs were consumed, creating a similar viral infection that created zombies. These zombies would attack and devour all humans in the area, turning them into zombies. Their natural rate of decay was greatly slowed, and even when all the flesh had rotted away, the skeleton would still move and attack with the goal of killing. These "monsters" would rapidly multiply and track down survivors, resulting in the great cities being abandoned at first, although once the panic from this had stopped, humanity used it's superior weapons to stop the advance of the monsters, who quickly only became a nuisance, although causalities would still continue in the ill-informed and the Villages, who were often far away from any city, leaving them susceptible to, and the first to witness "sieges", in which a large group of zombies would assault the village, and break down the doors of the villagers, quickly hunting them down and devouring them, leaving no survivors, and even the mighty Iron Golems would fall.

    At this point, the Corruption leaped to the other dimensions, brought to the End by Endermen, bringing corrupted food back to the End to feed others, and somehow traveled through the Void into the Nether. The Corruption spread throughout the End in the Chorus Plants, while in the Nether through Nether Wart. Strangely, the only effect on the Endermen was a change of eye color, from green to purple, while in both the Pigmen and Humans severe changes occurred. Perhaps it was their alien mind that kept the Corruption in check, having much less emotion to tamper with then their descendant species. Because of which, unlike the containment and eradication procedures undergone by humans (and possibly Pigmen), the Corruption went ignored, simply being known as a emergent different eye color, allowing it to rapidly spread across the End. The response to the Corruption in the Nether is unknown, due to lack of contact at the time. Presumably, containment procedures were followed, but with their lesser technology, the Corruption spread much faster then in the Overworld, and the Pigmen's fate was sealed.

    The result at this time was a stalemate in the Overworld, complete ignorance leading to rapid spread with minor effects in the End, and complete destruction of the Pigmen society in the Nether. And then it all changed when the Egg hatched...

    Selene 011's Theory of Theoreticalness:


    who are steve and alex

    Steve is a boy of about 19, he can be seen to smile and is good at mining and chopping down trees. he is older than alex but isn't as smart. he has diamond armor and tools but they rant enchanted.

    Alex is a girl of about 14, she is good at surviving and redstone. she is younger than steve but more intelligent. even though she only has iron tools and armor she has enchanted them and carry round a bow for long range combat.

    Why do monsters come out at night, and what are they

    Creepers (creepus explodus) are part pig part plant. when experimenting with leaves and pigs notch managed to make a creeper, they only care about exploding players.

    zombies (plarius deadus) are basically undead. they eat peoples brains.

    skeletons (bonius deadus) are basically old zombies

    spiders and eve spiders are, well, spiders

    endermen (farius telepius) are the future of players. they populate the end but occasionally they teleport through a rift. they then appear in the overworked

    guardians and elder guardians (kepras, kepras eldes) are mutated pufferfish. they blame the squids for this

    what is the end

    in the future of minecraft all the grass and threes died, leaving only cobblestone.

    the players then noticed the cobblestone turning yellow and hard. then whole chunks of the world fell away.

    they turned to the precious egg, and found it hatching. a portal appeared beneath it. unlit

    the world turned dark. pillars erupted. each with a crystal.

    to combat the dragon they became taller, the became black and had long arms and legs.

    they had green eyes, then they turned purple.

    Zakum's Villager Theory:

    My theory is that villagers are the human race thousands of years ago, when they were still a bit simpleminded. They're only able to build small houses and they talk to eachother like a pack of animals would. They have, in most cases, no defenses against the zombie hordes that attack every night. Their economy is mostly revolved around emeralds, an item the player character sees almost no use for, the only practical function it serves is to bunch them up and use it as a power source for beacons.
    I think the player character can actually decide whether or not these villagers evolve beyond humanoid animals by building in their villages. You, the player, are the most intelligent being in the world when you first spawn. You're able to build a house within a day, you know how to craft many things the villagers can't even comprehend. If you play in creative mode, you have absolute power to build anything. But the villagers, although human, were created naturally by the world and not spawned in with a guidebook on how to build anything, so they never were able to reach your level of knowledge about the world.
    But if you decide to live among these villagers and improve the village's layout, houses, defenses, etc, the villagers will eventually adapt to the new changes and begin evolving with more advanced brains, since the player character showed them their previous ways were extremely inefficient. The player character can't see these changes, since at first they're completely dumbfounded and try to apply their previous habits into the new village. But after many years, long after the player character has left the world forever, they begin trying what the player did and see that their quality of life is significantly improved when they do so. Eventually, they adapt to their new way of life and become full-fledged humans.

    A few other theories about things related to villagers:

    Iron golems
    If there was a top ten list for the most puzzling mobs in minecraft, iron golems would probably be right behind endermen at #2. These giants are already one of the oddest creatures in the game simply for being extremely rare automatons. Presumably, their main purpose is to defend the villagers from zombie hordes. If they're not in a village, they slowly explore the world instead, stopping for many seconds at a time. My veeery loose theory on them is that they were created by the same ancient race that built the strongholds as bodyguards to defend the ancient race from monsters. Due to the completely abandoned nature of the strongholds, it's assumed that the ancient race left very long ago, and that most of the iron golems were taken along with them. The few that were left behind traveled to the overworld. The golems that discovered villages found an oppurtunity to continue what they were created to do, and the ones that didn't explore the world in a lost state. I call it a loose theory since it'd be very difficult for them to get from the strongholds to the surface.

    These are also a very interesting case, since the bricked interior and villager experiments imply there is other life as intelligent as the player. Again, I'm assuming the makers of the igloos are the same ancient race that created the strongholds, as they're the only beings in the world that can craft stone bricks and can shape the world like the player and villagers (to an extent) can. Why they decided to specifically test villagers is a different theory that I might tackle in the future.

    Apocalypse (Hydra asked if I thought an apocalypse happened at one point)
    I don't believe there was ever an apocalypse in minecraft. The ancient race did disappear without a trace of their whereabouts, but it seems like the world is still very healthy considering the large amount of water and flora. The more grotesque creatures like creepers and zombies are actually natural creations of the world, and since there are no other creatures like the player character, I think the player character is a mutated zombie meant to represent the player. Zombies are almost exactly the same as the player character in physical ability. Able to wield weapons, armor, and any block that can be picked up. They even have the same body type! The only difference is the player character's appearance, intelligence, and ability to mine any block and place it somewhere else.

    Lightwaver's theory of the Sky:

    A History of Minecraft
    Part 1: The End
    Millions of years ago, there was a planet much like Earth. It's inhabitants were closely related to humans, and they lived in a golden era. Their name for themselves and their planet is lost to time, and so whenever they are mentioned now, they are referred to simply as the people.
    In that age, the people had constructed wondrous feats of magic and engineering, including huge castles able navigate the skies, made of mythical elements, and orbs made entirely of light that one could use as both illumination and companions. The progress of the time was remarkable, and more wonders were being discovered daily. But it could not last.
    The demand for new discoveries was such that the people were experimenting with dangerous forces that they did not understand, half completing a project before putting it into the world as complete. There were, of course, the few lonely voices of reason that tried to slow the massive development, but they were ridiculed and brought to shame, and then labeled as unimportant and forgotten. Their doom, then, was certain.
    The cause of the collapse seemed benign enough, at first; for it was a discovery that allowed anyone to become as they wished, to transform into a bird and go flying, shrink themselves down to the molecular level, and to undo any damage done to themselves with a thought. However, the way this was achieved was unstable, and the consequences horrendous.
    The richest of the people had been able to afford the ability first, before it had been complete enough to bring to the public, and these were the ones who went completely mad, transforming into beings measuring in miles, and laying waste to anything they could. Most of them eventually found each other and would battle for many days, until one made a mistake and died, transforming back into its original human-like form. The ones who had gotten the ability when it was released were transformed into bizarre, alien creatures, and stuck in that form with no intelligence remaining. The ones who had gotten it the latest were the most unlucky, as they were transformed into the shapes of various creatures that were terrestrial, but had enough intelligence left to them to know what had happened. These poor souls either ended up twisted with hatred, and resembled a huge spider or a person's carcass, or they wound up with the forms that were of humans, but key parts of the anatomy were wrong, and their ability to communicate was severely limited.
    Then there were the people who were either too poor to afford the ability, or had held out getting it. Most of these people were killed by a mutation that was most like them in form, or the stronger mutation was transferred to them via one that resembled one of their carcasses. The largest groups of survivors numbered only a few hundred, but still had their memories. By the time they had gotten to safety, the biggest of the mutations had wiped themselves out, and the rest were only seeking out and killing people or mutations that most resembled them.
    Part 2: Into Darkness
    Eventually, a group of a few thousand humans had banded together to create a place of safety. Brick by brick, they built as they hadn't build in many hundreds of years, by hand and mechanical synthesizer, a stronghold that was hidden deep below the reach of any transformed powerful enough to break in, and defended at all times by mechanical constructs built out of iron, the strongest metal they still had in quantity.
    The people expanded their stronghold outwards until it was large enough for almost ten thousand people, and then created vast libraries of research, hoping to one day be able to either escape the mutations entirely, or vanquish them once and for all. They created magical weapons forged of a blue crystal and enchanted from the life forces of defeated mutations, and rode out on horses, the most reliable form of travel they still had, searching for other groups of survivors of the collapse. After many generations of searching and building, the people populated three strongholds, and were dedicated to finding a way to break free of the creatures who held kept them from venturing outside of their walls of stone. Their civilization may have collapsed, but the people still knew how to progress. Their first breakthrough was in portal technology, and they created a portal made out of a material resembling obsidian, but incredibly strong. The material was the only one found that could withstand the stress of a hole in reality.
    Groups of people ventured through the portal hoping to find an alternate world that resembled theirs, but never came back. The people finally sent a hundred of their strongest warriors to investigate, but only three of them came back, one of them holding the head of a dragon. Another exploration party found themselves on a barren stretch of land floating in the emptiness of the universe. An alteration of the original portal was created to travel within the dimension, and the people found nothing but more barren lands, but with multitudes of a strange purple plant. Finding it edible, the people tried to colonize the world, but found that only material already there would not dissolve.
    And so another civilization was set up in the dimension that seemed to have been shattered in a sad end, with buildings built of the yellow material the islands were made of, and eventually purple bricks made of the edible fruit.
    Part 3: Shift
    The dimension was called The End of a World by its new inhabitants, but eventually was shortened to The End. Most of the people had already gone to the End, with its absence of mutations. The people discovered how to do wondrous things there, and built amazing ships that would zoom through the endless void, mapping a seemingly infinite number of islands, none distinctive from each other. The ships were fueled by the plants that the people had named Chorus Plants, on account of how they seemed to whisper when eaten, and would then transport the user instantly to a random location around them.
    The dimensions slowly shifted away from each other for several years, and it soon became a rare time when the portal would open, but no one really minded, for the inhabitants of the end were self sustaining. There was only a skeleton crew of people left in the strongholds when the portals finally stopped responding all together, and they lamented the fact that they had not gone over to the End.
    The effect of being cut off from the world they had originated from only became apparent after many, many generations. The diet of chorus fruit and complete isolation from their home world eventually manifested itself in the ability of the people there to transport themselves the distance that eating the fruit had, and control where they ended up, and they eventually became able to communicate by thought across vast distances. Long after, they would be able to cross the inter-dimensional plain, their diet would manifest itself in the form of their bodies, and they would forget language.


    The End Poem:

    Voice 1: Hello?

    Voice 2: Yes. Take care. It has reached a higher level now. It can read our thoughts.

    Voice 1: That doesn't matter. It thinks we are part of the game.

    Voice 2: I like this player. It played well. It did not give up.

    Voice 1: It is reading our thoughts as though they were words on a screen.

    Voice 2: That is how it chooses to imagine many things, when it is deep in the dream of a game.

    Voice 1: Words make a wonderful interface. Very flexible. And less terrifying than staring at the reality behind the screen.

    Voice 2: They used to hear voices. Before players could read. Back in the days when those who did not play called the players witches, and warlocks. And players dreamed they flew through the air, on sticks powered by demons.

    Voice 1: What did this player dream?

    Voice 2: This player dreamed of sunlight and trees. Of fire and water. It dreamed it created. And it dreamed it destroyed. It dreamed it hunted, and was hunted. It dreamed of shelter.

    Voice 1: Hah, the original interface. A million years old, and it still works. But what true structure did this player create, in the reality behind the screen?

    Voice 2: It worked, with a million others, to sculpt a true world in a fold of the §f§k§a§bVoice 2: , and created a §f§k§a§bVoice 2: for §f§k§a§bVoice 2: , in the §f§k§a§bVoice 2: .

    Voice 1: It cannot read that thought.

    Voice 2: No. It has not yet achieved the highest level. That, it must achieve in the long dream of life, not the short dream of a game.

    Voice 1: Does it know that we love it? That the universe is kind?

    Voice 2: Sometimes, through the noise of its thoughts, it hears the universe, yes.

    Voice 1: But there are times it is sad, in the long dream. It creates worlds that have no summer, and it shivers under a black sun, and it takes its sad creation for reality.

    Voice 2: To cure it of sorrow would destroy it. The sorrow is part of its own private task. We cannot interfere.

    Voice 1: Sometimes when they are deep in dreams, I want to tell them, they are building true worlds in reality. Sometimes I want to tell them of their importance to the universe. Sometimes, when they have not made a true connection in a while, I want to help them to speak the word they fear.

    Voice 2: It reads our thoughts.

    Voice 1: Sometimes I do not care. Sometimes I wish to tell them, this world you take for truth is merely §f§k§a§bVoice 1: and §f§k§a§bVoice 1: , I wish to tell them that they are §f§k§a§bVoice 1: in the §f§k§a§bVoice 1: . They see so little of reality, in their long dream.

    Voice 2: And yet they play the game.

    Voice 1: But it would be so easy to tell them...

    Voice 2: Too strong for this dream. To tell them how to live is to prevent them living.

    Voice 1: I will not tell the player how to live.

    Voice 2: The player is growing restless.

    Voice 1: I will tell the player a story.

    Voice 2: But not the truth.

    Voice 1: No. A story that contains the truth safely, in a cage of words. Not the naked truth that can burn over any distance.

    Voice 2: Give it a body, again.

    Voice 1: Yes. Player...

    Voice 2: Use its name.

    Voice 1: Hello. Player of games.

    Voice 2: Good.

    Voice 1: Take a breath, now. Take another. Feel air in your lungs. Let your limbs return. Yes, move your fingers. Have a body again, under gravity, in air. Respawn in the long dream. There you are. Your body touching the universe again at every point, as though you were separate things. As though we were separate things.

    Voice 2: Who are we? Once we were called the spirit of the mountain. Father sun, mother moon. Ancestral spirits, animal spirits. Jinn. Ghosts. The green man. Then gods, demons. Angels. Poltergeists. Aliens, extraterrestrials. Leptons, quarks. The words change. We do not change.

    Voice 1: We are the universe. We are everything you think isn't you. You are looking at us now, through your skin and your eyes. And why does the universe touch your skin, and throw light on you? To see you, player. To know you. And to be known. I shall tell you a story.

    Once upon a time, there was a player.

    Voice 2: The player was you.

    Voice 1: Sometimes it thought itself human, on the thin crust of a spinning globe of molten rock. The ball of molten rock circled a ball of blazing gas that was three hundred and thirty thousand times more massive than it. They were so far apart that light took eight minutes to cross the gap. The light was information from a star, and it could burn your skin from a hundred and fifty million kilometres away.

    Voice 1: Sometimes the player dreamed it was a miner, on the surface of a world that was flat, and infinite. The sun was a square of white. The days were short; there was much to do; and death was a temporary inconvenience.

    Voice 2: Sometimes the player dreamed it was lost in a story.

    Voice 1: Sometimes the player dreamed it was other things, in other places. Sometimes these dreams were disturbing. Sometimes very beautiful indeed. Sometimes the player woke from one dream into another, then woke from that into a third.

    Voice 2: Sometimes the player dreamed it watched words on a screen.

    Voice 1: Let's go back.

    Voice 1: The atoms of the player were scattered in the grass, in the rivers, in the air, in the ground. A woman gathered the atoms; she drank and ate and inhaled; and the woman assembled the player, in her body.

    Voice 1: And the player awoke, from the warm, dark world of its mother's body, into the long dream.

    Voice 1: And the player was a new story, never told before, written in letters of DNA. And the player was a new program, never run before, generated by a sourcecode a billion years old. And the player was a new human, never alive before, made from nothing but milk and love.

    Voice 2: You are the player. The story. The program. The human. Made from nothing but milk and love.

    Voice 1: Let's go further back.

    Voice 1: The seven billion billion billion atoms of the player's body were created, long before this game, in the heart of a star. So the player, too, is information from a star. And the player moves through a story, which is a forest of information planted by a man called Julian, on a flat, infinite world created by a man called Markus, that exists inside a small, private world created by the player, who inhabits a universe created by...

    Voice 2: Shush. Sometimes the player created a small, private world that was soft and warm and simple. Sometimes hard, and cold, and complicated. Sometimes it built a model of the universe in its head; flecks of energy, moving through vast empty spaces. Sometimes it called those flecks "electrons" and "protons".

    Voice 1: Sometimes it called them "planets" and "stars".

    Voice 1: Sometimes it believed it was in a universe that was made of energy that was made of offs and ons; zeros and ones; lines of code. Sometimes it believed it was playing a game. Sometimes it believed it was reading words on a screen.

    Voice 2: You are the player, reading words...

    Voice 1: Shush... Sometimes the player read lines of code on a screen. Decoded them into words; decoded words into meaning; decoded meaning into feelings, emotions, theories, ideas, and the player started to breathe faster and deeper and realised it was alive, it was alive, those thousand deaths had not been real, the player was alive

    Voice 2: You. You. You are alive.

    Voice 1: and sometimes the player believed the universe had spoken to it through the sunlight that came through the shuffling leaves of the summer trees

    Voice 2: and sometimes the player believed the universe had spoken to it through the light that fell from the crisp night sky of winter, where a fleck of light in the corner of the player's eye might be a star a million times as massive as the sun, boiling its planets to plasma in order to be visible for a moment to the player, walking home at the far side of the universe, suddenly smelling food, almost at the familiar door, about to dream again

    Voice 1: and sometimes the player believed the universe had spoken to it through the zeros and ones, through the electricity of the world, through the scrolling words on a screen at the end of a dream

    Voice 2: and the universe said I love you

    Voice 1: and the universe said you have played the game well

    Voice 2: and the universe said everything you need is within you

    Voice 1: and the universe said you are stronger than you know

    Voice 2: and the universe said you are the daylight

    Voice 1: and the universe said you are the night

    Voice 2: and the universe said the darkness you fight is within you

    Voice 1: and the universe said the light you seek is within you

    Voice 2: and the universe said you are not alone

    Voice 1: and the universe said you are not separate from every other thing

    Voice 2: and the universe said you are the universe tasting itself, talking to itself, reading its own code

    Voice 1: and the universe said I love you because you are love.

    Voice 2: And the game was over and the player woke up from the dream. And the player began a new dream. And the player dreamed again, dreamed better. And the player was the universe. And the player was love.

    Voice 2: You are the player.

    Voice 1: Wake up.

    Interview with the guy who wrote it:


    List of splashes:


    List of Structures:


    Story Mode:

    Episode I:

    Episode II:


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