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    Exclusive Items (Unnoficially named):

    Season 1:

    Tracking Amulet - Tracks positioning of the members of the Order of the Stone

    An accurate image:

    Diffuse Potion - At Ivor's Endercon Lair, used in an early attempt to kill the Wither Storm. Supposedly could if the Wither hadn't protected itself. Named after useless unobtainable potion type scrapped in 1.9.

    Potion on right.

    Dark Nether Star - A varient of the Nether Star dropped by the dead wither storm. Had enough power to create and activate 9 beacons.

    Enchantment Book of Command Eraser - A special enchantment book used to give an enchantment which shatters any command block in 3 hits

    Super Diamond Tool - A tool/weapon enchanted with Command Eraser book. It has a special hilt (or stick) and can shatter command blocks.

    Endercon Banners - Just about every banner has a pattern that cannot be transcribed with vanilla resources

    WIthered Redstone - Even when hit by a dense purple fog, it is quite apparent the redstone in the storm is default purple

    Blueprints - Soren's blueprints for a pattern for endermen to build.

    Exclusive Armor (WIP):

    Magnus's Armor

    Ellegard's Armor

    Soren's Armor

    Ivor's Armor (note it only exists in a flashback, his normal clothing isn't armor)

    Gabriel's Armor

    Enderman Suit

    Tall Enderman Suit

    All the armor in Ivor's lair (Ender Defender, Star Armor, Sword Breaker, etc.)

    Ender Dragon Wings - Worn by Reuben to the build competition. Wouldn't necessarily call it pig armor because the 1.9 dragon head cannot be worn by pigs so assuming this alternate minecraft developement path allows mobs to wear armor this goes in the chestplate slot much like an elytra.

    Exclusive Blocks (Unofficially Named):

    Strange Light Block - Shown in buildings at endercon

    Glowing Lapis - A strange ore found in Ivor's lair in the Far Lands, it is blue and emits light

    Blue Lantern - Perhaps made with glowing lapis, found in a couple of locations and emits light

    Purple Lanturn - Strange block inside the storm that emits light. Has a unique texture.

    Decayed Block - A block absorbed by the Wither Storm and drained of all its qualities. Found inside the storm and composes it

    Super TNT - One of Soren's "Impossible Items", used to craft the Formidibomb

    Formidibomb - Powerful TNT varient. Although the explosion itself doesn't look much larger in size , its blast power value is much higher.

    Withered Sand - Sand with an alternate texture and the color of clay found in the storm.

    Withered Nether Brick - Looks very close to Nether Brick but appears to be tinted purple beyond the purple fog.

    Window - a modern looking window at endercon

    Lighted Window - The windows from the above. Only lighted.

    Diorite Stairs

    Red Stained Clay Stairs

    Stained Redstone Lamp - at Ivor's Lair

    Alternate Bookshelf - at Ivor's lair

    Unique Paintaings - Such as a golden apple painting in Ivor's Lair

    Armor Stand Lighter - Used to light up displayed armor in Ivor's Lair

    Enhanced Texture Chests - Chests and a few various tile entities are more 3D, could just be a resource pack though

    Unlocked Iron door - can be opened with one's hands and have handles.

    Fire Powered Piston - Activated using flint and steel instead of redstone.

    Tall Armor Stand - holds the tall enderman suit.

    Ropes - hold up redstone lamps in endercon.

    Light gold block

    White Pumpkin

    Exclusive Mobs:

    Wither Storm - Grows by absorbing blocks, inflicts wither sickness, shoots fiery wither skulls, has tractor beam eyes, etc.

    As described on another thread by grockstar124:

    Quote from grockster124»

    Witherstorm Evolutionary Stages (for those interested)

    Birth Stage:

    The Witherstorm in this stage resembles a regular Wither, and has it's ability to fire Wither Skulls. The only visible differences is it doesn't explode the stage when created, the skulls it shoots have flames trailing behind them, and the obvious command block in it's rib cage. It has the ability to attract single blocks to it, to create it's "body". Once it begins to attract blocks and they begin to form the armor, it moves to the next stage. It will follow the commands of it's creator to attack, and cease it, although once the Witherstorm enters the Cycloptic Stage, it will ignore these commands.

    Humpback Stage:

    Named after it's armor's appearance, this stage's armor has completely covered the back, and the necks of the three heads. It still seems to follow commands, and cannot be attacked with typical melee attacks. The tail and the rib cage (and it's command block cargo) remain exposed, along with the front's of it's typical heads. The Witherstorm is able to pull two blocks, and multiple banners from the walls at once. The later parts of this stage can lift largish clumps of 3 to 5 blocks.

    Cycloptic Stage:

    Early Cycloptic Stage

    This stage's armor has covered the center skull to the point that it has formed a head with teeth-filled jaws and one glowing purple eye. It's ribs and it's side heads remain covered, and it's tail has been covered, with 3 pixel sized extensions hanging from the bottom of it. It will quickly cover it's command block core at this point, rendering the Fancy Potion useless, and leaving only the two side heads barely exposed. As this stage continues to grow, the creature gains the ability to lift humans with a purple eyebeam from it's head, and the bottom extensions has grown into a group of small immobile tentacles. At the end of this stage, it will have covered it's bottom half with a half oval shape, and have grown a mobile tentacle from it's side, and can lift entire chunks of flooring, and will have covered all but it's upper front in armor, the rest being covered in a partial sphere.

    Reorganization Stage:

    This stage is unwitnessed, but is a transition from the partial sphere and one small headed Witherstorm to the heart shaped 3 large headed stage. This stage has the other two skulls transformed into heads, and have all three grow significantly with the rest of it's body, which grows multiple tentacles.

    Destroyer Stage:

    This is the stage the Witherstorm is in when it destroys Endercon, and where it spends the rest of Episode 1 in. This stage can use it's eyebeams to lift large portions of buildings and other structures and groups of people into the air, and fires large, explosive heads that set every block of large trees on fire, and have the explosion strength of a charged creeper. It also has the ability to use it's tentacles that have grown to hundreds of blocks in length to grab humans, break portions of buildings (and portals) and block peoples paths.

    Devourer Stage:

    This is the stage in which the Witherstorm is in when it attacks Boom Town/Redstonia (depending on your choice in the story), and ends Episode 2 in this stage. While it's heads have not grown in size (proportionally), it's body has grown to massive proportions, and it's bottom tentacles have grown to the average size of the Destroyer's tentacles, and it's larger set have grown massively to the point of being twice as high as it's body. The result is a octopus-like body plan. It is able to lift the top half of Ellegard's lab and break apart in a few seconds, and significantly darkens the sky in it's presence (although this effect occurs when the Witherstorm can be seen in the distance in it's Destroyer Stage at the last few minutes of Episode 1).

    We will learn about more stages and the Witherstorm once the other 3 episodes are released.

    This basically shows all the stages of the storm in case you needed pics.
    Edit: Also, in episode 3 it reaches its strongest state, the Thunderstorm form. It creates a storm in the area around it and probably has more power than even episode 4's storm. In episode 4 it is split into 1 devourer and 2 destroyer storms, with the most developed one hosting the command block.

    Half Grown Pig (Reuben): A pig with birthmarks on its back and potentially a bruised eye. In between the size of a child and adult pig. The proportion of the head to the body is about in between too.

    Finally, some blocks have more textures to make the world look more diverse, primarily grass, stone, and gravel, and entities such as a minecraft with diamonds.

    If you can name anything else, please do so in the comments.

    Also, we can use this thread to discuss whether or not these items should be included in this game.

    And if anyone is willing to make a mod, that would be amazing.

    Season 2: (will be reformatted eventually)


    Eversource's Crown

    Custom portals

    Special enchantment book (used on flint and steel)

    Glowing Flint and Steel

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    Quote from leycraft»

    how about underground for ep 6-7 ? then you don't need much space for them and can go to place you want with ease

    It depends the setting and lighting. But I might go that route.
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    Quote from PileGuru»

    I've got god gear and I've been killed twice in the end by multi enderman attacks. With one of them you lose about half your health in the fight.

    You know you're not supposed to attack multiple endermen at once, right? Just pick them out one at a time. If you see both by accident, stand under a 2 block tall structure or utilize water.

    Shields are wonky and cut down on sight and I'd prefer just to have a bow in that slot.

    That's something you get used to. At least in my case. I was annoyed at first but eventually found it to be pretty cool holding a shield. In all F5 perspectives. And a bow is a trade off. The ranged attack isn't necessarily worth a valuable block negation item. Plus, you can scroll over the shield on your hotbar, block, and then scroll to your sword and swing. Seriously, the shield is like twice as resilient as a sword block was plus the full negation while angled correctly.

    The major point is that all regular mobs including endermen are mindlessly easy to kill en-masse if you do a planned attack. Most you can just sit back and mindlessly kill with a bow and endermen can be killed easily if you have 2 block high ledges to fight from. The real fun of mob fighting used to be a melee sword fight with a mass of mobs and this has been ruined for the benefit of PVPers.

    And you can still do that, but it's harder as well with more intelligent mob AI. So even the mindless exploits now require more thought and challenge. Plus mobs strafe away from bows, at least skeles do. And no, I found the old PvP to be a mindless boring activity. Mobs got in the way of mining but were not hard to kill. Now they are a part of mining rather than a consequence. And many PvEers like me prefer the new way.
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    Quote from PileGuru»

    Totally different type of change. Reducing the damage on an enchanted sword is a legitimate change to make it harder, adding a hunger bar to a brand new game is a legitimate change to make it harder, cool down is a change that only benefits PVPers while making it nearly impossible to defend against 2 endermen at a time or a gang of zombie pigmen, and penalizes a large part of the community for the benefit of the few. It's really not an equitable change.

    Well, the same logic regarding making the game harder with the other two works for the cooldown. And this makes PVE better also (I've been playing 1.9 for days now not counting snapshots) forcing the player to focus and take the shot so to speak and...

    Bring a shield. This new system relies heavily on shields. The shields last a long time, can look cool with banners attached, and negate attacks entirely when angled correctly. In some cases, they can even negate entirely a creeper explosion.

    Pigmen I can sweep to the side even easier than before thanks to new sword properties. But endermen zig zag around and teleport when attacked sometimes avoiding the attack forcing a bar reset, so I see the problem there. That's because you are not properly equipped. Let me explain. Previously, endermen were iron tier mobs. Now, they are diamond tier mobs. Meaning you should have diamond tier to fight them on a reasonable level. Which makes sense if you really think about it. Many players don't go to the diamond tier because the nether and the end would potentially burn up/devour their ultra grindy new gear. Now there's incentive to get to the next tier to even make it to the end.

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    Actually, reddit, one of the largest fandom sites in existance (via subreddits) is where Mojang pulls user opinions from. They don't use the forums. And no, the polls had nothing to do with pvp. And no, reddit is not for pvpers exclusively. Or remotely close.

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    Nah. It's a fact. It has been confirmed. Microsoft doesn't work with Mojang on the code. They want Mojang to make all the calls as to specifically not dissapoint the community who didn't like the buyout. Seriously, look it up. And I'm not shoving ANYTHING down anyone's throats. Please be more respectful.

    Edit: But they did make the Windows 10 edition. Love that.

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    Quote from NoctilucentSky»

    I'm 100% in agreement with 007, the update is rubbish and has brought down a few notches Minecraft's gameplay experience. Then again something like this was expected from the moment Microsoft took ownership.

    The new sounds are not nice either, I mean a chest closing sound that sound like a wet fart? or them squids which are now mumbling stuff non stop? and the furness?? The only sound change I'm glad about is rain as it is now more like a light shower than a moonsoon.

    Maybe for the combat upgrade they should have added a new gameplay mode "Combat" along with Survival and Creative instead having a number 2 on the very, very good creative game that it was.

    Sadly, these must have cost a few bundles of dollars in wages and else so i don't have any hopes that they will retract the update, meaning that I will play on 1.8 servers and probably cancel my recently purchased realms subscription. Thank you Minecraft update 1.9 team for destroying single player survival mode.

    How ironic. Microsoft hasn't touched Minecraft's coding and hasn't comissioned anyone to do so. All they have done was made MC windows edition and the Hololons. I'm pretty sure you're not against those contributions, right?

    Also, the sounds are liked by the majority of us here. And they added more creativity with blocks, mobs, and a new intuitive command block system.

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    Quote from CK20XX»

    Skeletons are now like Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4. At a glance, they seem overpowered, but they have distinct and easy to exploit weaknesses. Shields are specifically designed to make them manageable. Wolves will automatically pursue them and they'll barely try to fight back. They can quickly become helpless when they don't have a lot of room to move, and fighting multiple skeletons is actually safer than fighting just one, since they'll often end up shooting each other and that leads to mob infighting.

    My thoughts exaclty. They are polarized mobs with strengths and weaknesses pushed to extremes, and dangerous if you're not cautious. And like little mac, a "patch" has made them more polarized but still not that good because their weaknesses are just so exploitable. Tedious, but exploitable. And to a large degree exploitable. Emphasis on exploitable.
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    Quote from Anomalous13»

    Oh no, I was just wondering. I used to play Smash 4 but I transitioned to Project M recently, although I'm down for a Smash 4 convo. Seems like the last topic in this thread is over, so...

    Sure. We can also talk about Smash Flash 2 and Brawl. On top of melee/M and the obvious 4. And let's not forget 64. Or Crusade. Or Smash Land. Or Rivals of Aether, PS all stars battle royale, punchtime explosion....

    As long as the physics are modeled after Smash or a legit smash game you can talk about it here. I'll change the title to Super Smash Brothers Thread soon.
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    Quote from Pizza_man007»

    why do Magnus, Olivia, and Axel have NO votes? They are still kool characters!

    Magnus: He's a nice guy, but doesn't get enough screentime. Lukas seems to overshadow him in terms of personality, being nicer and being a lot better of an unintentional antagonist when he goes rogue or messes up. It's a matter of trying to steal leadership vs. boom town death bowl pride, and I'd say his parallel Axel adds more to the diversity of the group than Magnus. So I understand why not this one.

    TL;DR: Not fleshed out enough or diverse enough to be memorable let alone favorite, even if Magnus is a still good character.


    Olivia: I do not understand why she gets no votes at all. If you took the Boomtown route, you don't actually get to understand her personality much. But if you go Redstonia, you do. She is very shy, almost self-loathing (or at least pessimistic). But she is a very reliable friend who tries very hard to improve, and aspires to become something great. Basically centered around hope/confidence and the lack of it. Faith Olivia, faith! Olivia: "What do you mean we got this? We've got nothing!" Jesse: "We've got a pig!". And the first character with dialogue. Zombie sized chicken people. Zombie sized chicken. Abominations.

    TL;DR: Should get at least a couple of votes


    Axel: Now Axel is a character I could write an essay on. First glance, he's a jerk. Always pulling the group apart, not forgiving Lukas or Ivor, etc. Trying to seem better than he actually is at times (when he offers to go through the Nether Portal first but stalls until Jesse takes the lead) and loves destruction. However, upon furthur examination, you can see a few very intricate characteristics of his. "You guys are my only friends" sums it up pretty well. He's always sticking up for his friends, even if he gets in the way of things. And the Nether portal thing was a little off admitably given he doesn't fear death at all. Waving his hands in the air during the nether coaster and commenting about boomtownians dying doing something they love, which he would like also. Could just be fear of the unknown vs fear of the expected. I would say his main weakness is his lack of intelligence. Doesn't really get in to intelligent thought either, choosing to do what he sees as the quick solution before thinking of the consequences. He doesn't change in this sense. But he...basically redeems himself. Even when you thought it was too late, he volunteers to go alone (even if he doesn't ultimately) to distract the storm. And says the glorius line "I don't want to be the selfish one anymore."

    TL;DR: Gets no votes because he comes across as a jerk, but does redeem himself and is more complicated than that. Perhaps even the most intricate character in the game.

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