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Hey everyone, I'm Hunter. I am your average 17 year old :) I am a moderator for Minecraft discussion, I joined the MCF as a moderator on 4/3/2013 and then again on 16/7/2014.

I love meeting new people and being around friends, but when I am home I enjoy playing video games and watching anime. As some of you can tell by my profile picture, I love Sword Art Online. It was my first anime, and while it got mixed reviews I love it nevertheless.

I would love to learn the japanese language, I think its a very beautiful language and plus it would mean I don't have to read the subtitles in animes :P

My favourite animes:
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Sword Art Online
High School DxD (The storyline is really good!!)
Shakugan No Shana
Date a Live

Currently Watching:
Infinite Stratos
No Game no life
Lagrange Season 2
Sword Art Online II

I am half Malaysian half Australian and I live in New Zealand. Oh New Zealand, where everything is so expensive and we have an abundance of sheep. But it is very peaceful, at least where I live..
I live in a town just out of Christchurch and it's pretty quiet, and I love it. I grew up in New Zealand for most of my life, but I would like to immigrate to another country in the next few years.

Places I want to visit:
South East Asia

My Avatar

Kirito, Sword Art Online here

Past Avatars
DeviantArt picture links :
Pikachu here.
Sword Art Online Blue Kirito here
Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemict
Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist here

I am pretty good at using HTML, PHP, Mysql and python. But I am not an expert, but I am best in my class (high school)

I have been playing Minecraft since beta 1.7.3 (Pistons yay) and I have been playing everyday since then.


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1337 posts LEET Special! - 19 February 2013

My hardware!
My laptop:
intel i3
HD 3000
8gb ddr3 ram
500Gb HDD
15.6" screen.

My PC: Once I get all the parts 0.0
R9 280x Toxic
Phantom 410 White
and some other stuff

Got any questions you would like to ask me?
Simply PM me right here on the forums and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where and when to find me.
IRC #minecraftforums I will be on mostly all day and my IRC name is Hunter_ .

Thank you for stopping by


Previously known as hunterman12345, on the 22/02/13 I got it changed to my current name

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