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    posted a message on [forge 1.6.4] Micro's Furnace Tutorials [will update all parts to 1.6.4]
    Does anyone have the links to the videos? It seems my browser/internet/or this update to the forums killed the embedded videos and I can't watch them here, nor can I extract the links to manually do so myself.

    also for SkylordJoel I looked at how the vanilla furnace works in 1.7.2 (you can look in the referenced libraries in that version) and this code snippet might help

    * Update which block the furnace is using depending on whether or not it is burning
    public static void updateFurnaceBlockState(boolean p_149931_0_, World p_149931_1_, int p_149931_2_, int p_149931_3_, int p_149931_4_)
    int l = p_149931_1_.getBlockMetadata(p_149931_2_, p_149931_3_, p_149931_4_);
    TileEntity tileentity = p_149931_1_.getTileEntity(p_149931_2_, p_149931_3_, p_149931_4_);
    field_149934_M = true;

    if (p_149931_0_)
    p_149931_1_.setBlock(p_149931_2_, p_149931_3_, p_149931_4_, Blocks.lit_furnace);
    p_149931_1_.setBlock(p_149931_2_, p_149931_3_, p_149931_4_, Blocks.furnace);

    field_149934_M = false;
    p_149931_1_.setBlockMetadataWithNotify(p_149931_2_, p_149931_3_, p_149931_4_, l, 2);

    if (tileentity != null)
    p_149931_1_.setTileEntity(p_149931_2_, p_149931_3_, p_149931_4_, tileentity);

    What it looks like is it grabs the state of the tileEntity and uses a different Icon depending on that.
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