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    WATCH: The RedEDGE+ (alpha) Trailer | Available late 2017.

    #MirrorsEdge | #MirrorsEdgeCatalyst | #Minecraft | #Parkour | #FreeRunning

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    Having some issues tweaking the v1.153 shaders (using MC & Optifine 1.7.10). In more natural settings it looks gorgeous - but in a city made primarily of white tiles and a lot of glowstone & torches... well.

    The two biggest issues seem to be:
    1) The bloom? (glow) of the glowstone & torches is WAY too intense, and it looks really unnatural...I need a way to turn that glow down so that it isn't blown out during the night - and baking everything in light during the day...

    2) The purple/pink color introduced during sunset/sunrise is just a little too intense - I think reducing some of the color so more of the natural block color is preserved will look a lot better...No idea how to do that.

    Night & Day

    Sunset & Sunrise

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    Would be cool if you were able to use some command blocks to slowly fill the area with water - making the players have to move quickly to outrun the poisoned water as it rises to the top.

    Example at 16min.

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    I just want to thank you SO much for making this map! Since it was released I've been tinkering around with the resource pack, adding to it, and using some additional mods to plan out my own Mirror's Edge project within Minecraft. NONE of it would have been possible without the work you put in on this, and it's really taught me a lot about map and texture creation, as well as some of the more hi-end tools used in their creation to make amazing things in Minecraft.

    If you ever happen to stop by this forum again, I'd LOVE to hear what you think of my project RedEDGE+

    It's all about pitting you and your friends against each other in a race through the city ^_^

    Thank you man. <3 Edgecraft

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    Taking inspiration from Mirror's Edge and it's reboot Catalyst
    RedEDGE+ puts you against other runners in an underground race through The City of Glass.

    *This FORGE map is being designed for single & multiplayer, uses an expanded resource pack

    HEAVILY built on-top of the original 'Edgecraft' by Lord_Pancake, and incorporates several mods including:
    + OptiFine
    + ArchitectureCraft
    + Carpenter's Blocks
    + CubesEdge with modified speed & controls
    + RopesPlus with modified colors
    ...as well as Sildurs Vibrant Shaders v1.141 (Lite & Medium) with a modified torch color.


    Read the full Mag here: http://testfordev.com/mapmag/
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