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Hey friend! Thanks for checking out my profile!

I'm Hopper!
I'm an animator artist who plays games!...A lot!

I mostly play PC and anything Nintendo, but I don't discriminate! Playstations, Xboxs, and even Ouyas! I also play a lot of Minecraft. That's why I'm here. But when I'm not playing games, I'm animating! Like animations? Check out some of the stuff I do!

Steve joins a strange new world, but things are far from safe...

I spent almost 5 months working on it, so I'd love it if you did!

This is a comic series, drawn by me, where Steve goes on a journey to discover the ancient legendary Ender Sword.

It helps a lot if you share my stuff if you like it, so yeah!
Interests Animation, video games, and things of that sort.

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