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Hi, I am Jürgen!

Friends call me Sonny. I am a musician and software developer from Hamburg / Germany. I play Minecraft since 2016 and I am an absolute fanatic and addict. I rum a Let's Play channel on YouTube and, among some other games, I play mostly Minecraft there. I have 2 Minecraft Let's Plays going for over 300 episodes by now (April 2020). One in English, one in German. Both Let's Plays take place in different worlds.

As a musician, I work on 3 music projects: alionsonny (Reggae / Dub / World Music), Willma Poppen (EDM / Techno / Electronic), Cimelium (Ambient / Ethnotronic / Neo Goth). One music project for electronic punk rock and electronic rock is in the making.


Gamer,Musician, YouTuber, Reallife Survivalist, Hiking, Biking, Coding, Graphics, Video Production, Social Politics, History

Location Hamburg / Germany

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