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    posted a message on Year 2065: Post Apocalyptic Super Duper Serious RP [1.5.2] [24/7] [Essentials] [Whitelist] [Bukkit]
    Out of Character

    Minecraft account name: Celebratty

    Country of residence and time zone: United States, EST

    Define role playing in your own words, do you have any past role playing experiences? I do semi-serious to serious RPGs a lot, generally with an apocalyptic/futuristic theme. Minecraft RPGing is a new thing to me, as I mostly RPG on forums. I mostly play characters that are not like myself.

    What is your reason for applying to this server? I love apocalyptic settings, and porkchops in ma earlobes. I'm constantly hunting for a good apocalyptic server, and constantly failing to find one. After leaving Minecraft for a year and coming back with all my old servers gone, this was the first one that caught my eye as something I'd actually play.

    Have you been banned before, if so why? As far as I can recall, I have been banned from one server (a PVP server) because I was arguing with the owner that a certain player should be banned for hacking, with 5 people backing me up and all of us had screenshots. Said owner refused to ban the hacker because they had been friends for years, and banned all five of us to keep us quiet.

    Do you agree with our rules, how about the lore? I agree with the rules, it'd be horrible for a server to not have a firm base, and I find the storyline amazing. It isn't often that you have a server that someone put a lot of effort into beyond just the buildings.

    Will you use the server's official texture pack? Why wouldn't I? It would be illogical and useless not too.

    Define Powergaming in your own words, example:
    Powergaming, oh powergaming. Used by players to forcibly push situations down other players throats, it is the bane of RPGs.
    John leapt from behind the counter, stabbing his knife through the back of Tim's chest, slicing through his heart and killing him instantly.

    Define Metagaming in your own words, example:
    Pretty much using OOC knowledge that your character shouldn't know. An example is someone else mentioning their character is preparing to hunt down your character, and you abruptly get a feeling something terrible is happening and stay on guard and alert for the rest of the day.

    In Character

    Character name: (Last names aren't required) Scarlet Jerrson

    Your character's story so far: (placeholder)

    Does or did your character have any companions or family? As of now, Scarlet has no companions.

    How old is your character? 24

    Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features? Tanned caucasian skin, with dark brown eyes. She wears her hair shaven close to her head, and is never seen without her green cloak.

    How does your character act? Scarlet has a cold, businesslike demeanor and generally dislikes people unless you have a valuable skill to offer.

    Character's occupation: Scarlet is a drifter, roaming from town to town in search of something better than what she left behind.

    Does your character have an education? (Read or write) Scarlet was homeschooled her entire life, however it was not enforced by her parents which lead to doing other things instead of studying. She has intermediate reading skills, along with writing skills.

    Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced: Scarlet has a freakish ability to keep track of inventory, along with how much food she has and how long it will last.

    Does your character hate or fear anything? (placeholder)

    Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain (RP, and Long):
    Anything else to add? (placeholder)
    Provide an image of your character's skin: (placeholder)

    Sorry to put placeholders, but I'm at a local computer. I'll probably finish this tomorrow.
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    posted a message on FTB MINDCRACK Up and Running!
    Age. 14
    Time Playing. I can get on most afternoons weekdays, and a lot during the weekends.
    What you are looking to do on the server. Play a good FTB server, waste time I should be using for important stuff.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]♔ShandeMC♔[Bukkit]♔[Survival]♔ [NoWhitelist]♔[24/7]♔
    Quote from PINK_FEAR

    Ok what do you want me to do then? Add a little "Vanilla With Tweaks" In the tread headline?

    If that would make you happy i will be glad to do so :)

    Btw, i have seen mouch worse cases than this, there is ppl calling their server "vanilla" when they have Chestshop, adminshop, and level plugins installed :P (just wanted to tell you, not that its relevant)

    Let me explain this to you in the simplest example I can, not even removing the word vanilla which you appear to be confused about.

    Take your favorite ice-cream. Vanilla. Order it at a nice ice-cream place off the menu.
    Have the server give you half vanilla ice-cream, half chocolate ice-cream, and you loathe chocolate and try to avoid it. They are mixed, and as anyone who has ever eaten chocolate and vanilla ice-cream will know, if you mix them together, you mainly get chocolate flavor and have your ice-cream an unpleasant muddy color. You ask them why it has chocolate, and they point to the menu, where the ice-cream is called Vanilla (with tweaks).
    Now why not just call it chocolate? Or in this case, Bukkit?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]♔ShandeMC♔[Bukkit]♔[Survival]♔ [NoWhitelist]♔[24/7]♔
    Its not vanilla. It has plugins. Learn what vanilla is and take the tag down, or take the plugins off.
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    posted a message on So i recently started a new world....
    Equivalent Exchange. <3
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    posted a message on Hosting a Server...what should it be?
    I'm hosting a non-hamachi bukkit server and I'm wondering if I should do;
    So, which one? And what plugins should I use?
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    posted a message on Survival Map Server-Looking for people!
    Xrayne, we aren't starting until 10 people, can't login. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Survival Map Server-Looking for people!
    Quote from xyrayne

    IGN: xyrayne
    Character Name: Mr. Stevenson
    Bio: Came from a small family and has traveled since his parents died. He was once apprenticed to a scientist but revoked his title to become a merchant and travel space
    Appearance: Wears a jacket and a light on his head, pretty much my skin.
    Merchant/ space traveler
    Do you like muddkipzz: what?

    Otherwise accepted. Once I get to ten I'll open it.
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    posted a message on Survival Map Server-Looking for people!

    I'm hosting a server that will be playing the survival map Asteroid 5251, but with a twist. The server is hosted in Tennessee, and will be 24/7.
    ~Communication is IN-GAME.
    ~You have to be able to use grammar
    ~Don't be a noob who runs around yelling crap and killing people
    ~No swearing

    How it works is I'm not sure how many people the server can hold at once, so the first accepted apps-first people who will get on. But don't rush, if you make an amazing app and took time writing it I'll probably let you in rather than someone who wrote 2 sentences. Say no, I like turtles in the part of the form if you read this. This is RPG, so stay in character. Its not severe though, there is OOC and I don't beat anyone but a certain few.

    The map has been removed of all provided items and instead with chest shops. You can create a shop and gain more money to thrive, or go spend it all. Your main goal is to rule everyone, and survive.

    Character Name:
    Short Bio (at least 2 sentences):
    Appearance (doesn't have to match your skin):
    Class (Archer, Warrior, Magician or Priest, I use XL):
    Do you lyk mudkipzz?:

    List of People Accepted:
    1. Celebratty
    2. And776
    3. Funnybunnydummy
    4. Spiritking14
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    posted a message on Ocuppy wall street=communism
    Quote from pineappley12

    Is anyone else thinking this is communism? I mean they want distribution of wealth and all that crap. Isn't distrubuting wealth to everyone a little communist? And the U.S.A. is an even playing field, I could literally be a millionaire from just sitting at my computer. It seems to me those sons of ****** just want to be rich without working to hard. There stupid movment for 'equality' wont get anyone anywhere and why the hell, Wall St.? I bet half those people dont know what even happens at Wall St., or even what happened there a hundred years ago. To sum it all up, these people are lazy uneducated communist bastards. They want want no one to be rich or poor and no leaders.

    I had to do that before I could even reply. And your still entirely wrong..research your ****.
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    posted a message on Betelgeuse - Return of the Spiders [Fantasy RP] [Medieval] [1.5.1]
    My computer is glitched to where the internet only works HALF the time (>_>) so I'm slamming my laptop trying to login. This is my server host computer, so I can't play from here, but I should be on in a few minutes.
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    posted a message on Betelgeuse - Return of the Spiders [Fantasy RP] [Medieval] [1.5.1]
    Oh, and I need to make me a skin, so I might not get on instantly.
    Should I use spout or not? I already have it installed so its no hassle.
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    posted a message on Betelgeuse - Return of the Spiders [Fantasy RP] [Medieval] [1.5.1]
    OOC Info
    Minecraft Account Name: Celebratty
    Age: 14, no judging, though.
    Why Are You Interested In Joining? I've quite literally been an online RPG-er since I was 8. I love RPG and I like progressive ones where you can develop your character. I havebn't found a good RPG server in ages and am interested in this one.
    IC Info
    Name: Celeste Sky
    Age: 17
    Biography: Celeste's mother died at her birth. She lived with her father for years, instead of learning ladylike talents she learned to hunt and sail a ship. A skilled archer, living in a log cabin for many years left her with a dislike of society, despite her being welcomed. When the apocalypse hit, Celeste's precious land was destroyed and she fled into a portal willingly. Now, she always speaks as if in charge despite the situation.
    Skills: Archery, Hunting, Fighting
    Appearance: Celeste is a girl with brown hair, pale skin and light green eyes. Despite this she is tall, lean and strong and carries a sword on her hip. She has a bow and arrows slung across her back, and she wears a green rough shirt and leather pants, along with waterproof black boots.

    Fezzes are cool, I'm dead serious.
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    posted a message on Harry Potter RP : Needs Members!!!
    How many books have you read? All of em.
    How many movies have you seen? All but Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2
    Have you host a popular (5-20 people) on the server at a time? Yup.

    I'm only gonna host if we get enough builders and this gets popular enough.
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    posted a message on Looking for RPG Server
    Pro-It appears to be german and no details about it...no thanks.
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