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    Gaze upon this magnificent creature...

    FORGS is a vanilla inspired resource pack that adds frogs to Minecraft by replacing the rabbit textures. It also adds sounds and frog related text changes.

    There are 6 different varieties of frogs +1 secret frog for those who are daring.
    Also, Toast has not been changed for this pack, as it is a pet memorial. However it does make for interesting magician tricks with name tags.

    Special thanks to Loreweaver, who's love of frogs inspired me to make this pack (as far as I know, there's no other pack like it). Also to Brinjal, who implemented sounds, and Krixwell who provided frog related text edits, including splash text. This pack wouldn't be the same without you!


    Frogs are good.

    American Bullfrog

    Strawberry poison dart frog

    Red-eyed tree frog

    Desert rain frog

    White's Tree Frog

    Wood frog

    Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bj9b9b7w29ae5wv/AABV-IA63_oS4srlBwaprbxGa?dl=0

    Usage: You may include these textures in your own packs, as long are credit is posted with the resource pack and with any postings/listings of your texture pack.


    This is my first Minecraft community posting! So I hope you enjoy seeing my work. I hope to have time to make more complex packs in the future. :triforce: by Drazile12

    Note: This pack was made for 1.12
    I haven't tested anything to see if it's compatible with 1.13. No ETA on that right now.

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