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    With techne not being a thing anymore I was hoping to use OBJ files for mob models, but I can't find a way to render them. the body.render(scaleFactor); method doesn't work with IModel or OBJLoader.

    please help!

    client proxy dose have

      public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) {
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    I will join you, pm details pls

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    I give these guys congrats on this work, no matter how quiet they have been. I have modded before and quit halfway through thinking I could make a whole game with the amount of work needed to mod. I understand that what they have done is hard work, and I thank them for it.

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    Quote from JBF

    Nice creation. Could you post a world save? I can usually learn better from experience!
    k, done ^_^
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    Turns out making your own crafting system is pretty easy! All you need is command blocks, repeaters and comparators, a clock, and a dropper + all the things you want to craft and there recipes. The hardest part is getting the things you want to craft!

    Crafting Recipes

    Desired Object


    This cannot be done in survival, only creative! The chunk with the command block must be loaded for crafting. Crafting bench will be at a fixed location.

    Easy enough to see, but for a quick explanation! The “TestFor” command block has a dropper exactly like the one I am using as a crafting bench two blocks up, but with the recipe in it. The “Clone” command block has one with the item the player is trying to craft. If someone places items in the exact way it is in the dropper above the “TestFor” block, then that dropper is replaced with the “Clone” one!
    You cannot craft stack of items using this, and the bench cannot be move. If an item is not exactly right in every way, then the crafting will not be completed.

    Now only if you can add your own items with commands and resource packs!

    /particle crit x y z 0 1 0 1 35

    /clone ~ ~2 ~ ~ ~2 ~ x y z

    /testforblocks ~ ~2 ~ ~ ~2 ~ x y z

    the world is a bit of a mess!


    in case you spawn in a random place! 1442 4 577
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    I would like to see a command that will give a player a block or item that only exists within a resource pack, much like with play sound. There are a lot of resource packs that change items to different things, and uses command blocks to make them act differently than normal.
    For items I would like to see a sort of “Tellraw” like attached to the item and will run different ones for right or left clicking. The command could have fields to allow the user to make custom items used as armor or fuel or even act like an ore in a furnace. I would like for there to be something similar for blocks when placed, maybe even open an inventory or change blocks.
    This addition could open the game to more weapons or building blocks in an adventure map without limiting the map maker in blocks or items, as well as add some new items for server owners to add to their server experience thought minnie games and survival. *

    /CustomItem <Texture> <Player> <Item|Block> [Type]** [amount] [data] [dataTag] [rightclick command] [leftclick command]

    Item Type:
    Food, Fuel, Helmet, Chest_Plate, Leggings, Boots, Place, Projectile<WeaponType>***, Projectile_Weapon<WeaponType>, Splash_Potion[Splash_Sound,effects], Snowball[Throw_Sound,effects]
    Block Type:
    Light, Power, Redstone, Half_Block, Stairs, Alpha, Solid, 2D, Damaging, Degrade, Decay, Shatter, Directional[Direction], Fence, inventory[Row_space,columns]

    where would this idea be useful??

    *To add crafting recipes to minecraft at the moment you will need to use the “Clone” command to target a block with inventory , with finished product, that matches “Testforblocks” to a template block with inventory with a filled recipe. The targeted block with inventory cannot be moved, but, as I imagine this command, right clicking a custom block for the first time will make a set of command blocks that will clone desired block over to target block.
    **As [Type] – [Food,Place,Light]
    *** weapon type is something the item maker puts in to identify what weapons can use this ammo.
    I believe dig speed and what you can dig up is already a data tag, and should be addressed in the data tag section.
    Shattering blocks are blocks that will not drop
    Placing items are items that can be put on blocks
    Placed Items can use block types too.

    In game command blocks are easier and more player friendly then external java dev programs.
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    There are resource packs that adds Fog, and maybe even a mod or two, but I really want to see this in the game. I think that it should make more mobs spawn in the fog, and would not push the player like water dose. It should flow slower, but much like, water.

    It would naturally spawn in low areas, especially in caves and forests. It would also be able to be picked up in buckets, much like water.

    Fog would be a good addition to any grave yard, or anything that looks creepy. The increasing mob spawning function would also be good for mob grinders.

    A pic of what I came up with using a resource pack:

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    This is a “Complete the Monument” Map with a small RPG feel to it. There are twelve wool with one already in the monument and another just given to you. There are more than one wool in most challenge areas, and areas that are not challenges.
    Of course there are hidden objects that are completely over powered, but they may be hard to find. This map does not use any spawners for the challenges, it depends fully on natural spawns. Bad mobs can spawn in the spawning area, and may have already done so. Slimes also spawn in the spawn area, and EVERYWHERE ELSE!

    Don’t spawn blocks, and listen to “ ^_^ ” if you ever come across him, his signs will be on bedrock. Do not cheat, no flying or xray mod. No auto kill mod or anything like that, although, you can completely disregard my rules, but that would be cheating. You CAN mine things, just not where there is a rule saying not to.

    Useful information
    This map is my first CTM map, and may have some slight bugs. One bug being slimes spawning everywhere. Also please note this was made before and after minecraft updates, in which SPC became useless, and my minecraft updated on its own. Now there are clear sings of the brush tool being used, and spots of bedrock and gravel about, please ignore them. It is also a wise idea to keep backups of your minecraft.jar as I have learned. There is nothing in the neither, I don’t think I’ve even been there. There may be spelling and grammar error, I'm not going to fix them. :wacko:




    http://i.minus.com/1...b/Vamp Cave.zip

    Wool Monument

    Vampire's hidden Rod

    Deviant Art Gallery


    on 9/9 at 3:35 am EST I fix the monument to actually work when you complete it.

    Please leave feedback after playing this map.
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    Fog would spawn in forest biomes, some villages, random dungeons, strongholds, temples, and abandon mind shafts. It does not push the player nor does it do damage, but it does increase the spawn rate of aggressive mobs. It can be picked up in a bucket and moves a little faster than lava, but goes a little farther than water.

    This is re-textured water, to show what fog would kind-of look like.
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    posted a message on WorldPainter - graphical & interactive map creator/generator
    I found this website that helps with makeing .bo2 files http://faskerstudio.com/minecraft/BBOB/ it makes everything really easy!
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