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    posted a message on [1.13.2] Fully Auto Wheat Farm

    If you fill the farmers' inventories with seeds they can't pick up the wheat and so can't turn it to bread.

    That means that you need hoppers, usually hopper minecarts, under the farm to pick up the wheat.

    Villagers can only have 4 inventory slots with the same item so give them 4 stacks of wheat seeds and 4 stacks of beetroot seeds (in that order) and they should harvest the wheat and leave it for the hopper minecarts to pick up.

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    posted a message on Hello everyone I am new to the game java 1.14.4 survival, vanilla

    I hope somebody can help you get your world back, I'm afraid I don't know much about that.

    There is a special thread for asking for help with that, if you ask there you might get the attention of somebody knowledgeable who isn't interested in iron farms.


    There's no need to put the iron farm down low, Sharpe103 was talking about a mine, that's tunnels you dig through the rock to find ore.

    The Wiki (third button on the green menu bar at the top of the page) says

    "The iron golem then has a chance to spawn in a 16×6×16 cuboid area centered above and below the location of the villager who spread the gossip."

    Personally I can't make heads or tails about which heights they can spawn on but it's clearly saying up to 16 blocks horizontally.

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    posted a message on What is wrong with my 1.14 iron farm?

    I'm thinking the grindstones may be too high, last I checked they have to be next to or under the level of the villagers legs/feet, the beds are less than a full block high so the grindstones would be at stomach height and I don't know if they'd be usable there or not.

    I'm not really clear about the distances from a villager that golems spawn but it seems likely that the right end of the spawning area in the second picture is too far down. Golems are supposed to spawn within a certain distance of the villager that spreads the gossip about needing a golem, so if a golem tries to spawn at that end it probably can't, so if you get it too work you may well get fewer golems than if it were shorter (or higher up).

    And having a lot of villagers in the same village might not increase spawn rates so it might be better to have several villages.

    Do you have the daylight cycle running?

    The villagers apparently have to use both the beds and workstations so that probably means it has to be night sometimes.

    It also means that they need to only be scared by the zombie some of the time, they need to have some peaceful moments to use the beds and workstations.

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    posted a message on Asking for suggestions for fun and challenging biomes for a buffet world?
    Quote from TheCardinal»

    Remember, when you're playing cave buffet you can always go on top the upper bedrock, there are gaps in it (water pockets), just have a look in creative. That way you can get access to villages. I've come across a Pillager outpost too but there was nobody around.

    Thanks, that's nice to know.

    I expect that pillagers, unlike villagers, don't spawn with their structures, and presumably can't spawn on bedrock.

    So if you want pillagers you could try surrounding their tower with dirt/stone.

    Though one might expect them to be able to spawn inside the tower, it has a wooden floor doesn't it?

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    posted a message on Phantoms no longer spawn in my world.

    1.15 is adding a game rule to stop phantoms from spawning, "doInsomnia", note the capital "I"

    If you type

    /gamerule doInsomnia

    in chat it should tell you if it's true or false, false would mean that phantoms shouldn't spawn, if that is the case type

    /gamerule doInsomnia true

    and that should turn spawning back on.

    True is supposed to be the default value but if you upgraded your world it may well have been set to false.

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    posted a message on Trouble with fill (outline, replace, etc)


    Back in 2017 the command needed data values or states for the blocks.

    I never really understood how to use them but

    /fill ~ ~ ~ ~10 ~10 ~10 water 0 replace air 0

    seems to work.

    Here's the link to an appropriate version of the Wiki page for the /fill command.


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    posted a message on Pure Ocean Biome Seed (like, defective - no other biomes, no land masses)

    You were probably messing around on the world generation screen and chose either large biome or buffet world.

    The screenshot shows the view from spawn on the normal 1.14.4 version of the world.

    The large biome world does spawn you in a large mostly featureless ocean but it does have a large taiga:

    600 blocks to the north.

    I haven't checked very far in the other directions.

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    posted a message on I just don't get Fortune on a book
    Quote from eumycetozoa»

    I'm sorry, I translated it wrong (I'm playing the German version). I meant "Fortune" to increase the number of block drops.

    Easy to do!

    The only difference would be to try enchanting a pickaxe instead of a fishing pole.

    True a pickaxe is more expensive than a book, what I usually do when I'm starting a world is have a bunch of iron tools and armor to test the enchantments before investing the diamonds for the real thing.

    You don't always get the same enchantments on diamond items as on iron but it gives you an idea.

    It's easier to get good enchantments if you're working on many items, so you enchant whatever gets the best enchantment, but of course sometimes there is that one thing you really want, like a Fortune III pickaxe.

    Good luck with your enchanting!

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    posted a message on I just don't get Fortune on a book

    Luck of the Sea?

    You can either try putting torches, or something else, between the enchanting table and the bookshelves to change the enchanting level, which can change the enchantments offered or enchant something which will reset the enchantments (you still might get the same enchantments, it's the luck of the draw).

    If the only thing you are interested in is Luck of the Sea you could start by checking if you get it directly on a fishing pole.

    Then try various combinations of torches, a torch by the side of the enchanting table will only cancel out the 1 or 2 bookshelves on the other side of the torch (even if the torch is on the floor it cancels out a bookshelf on the second level), a torch at the corner will cancel out up to 6 bookshelves, the 2 in the corner and the 4 next to them.

    If that doesn't work you need to enchant something, either something that will give you an enchantment you might use sometime or a throwaway item like a stone shovel for 1 lapis and 1 XP level.

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    posted a message on Need help with a command

    There may be a better way, but one thing you could try would be to /spreadplayers them to the roof and then immediately teleport them straight down however many blocks to the lobby.

    You'd have to make sure that the lobby was big enough that none of the players ended up in the walls of course, even if they managed to move a few blocks before the teleport.

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