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    posted a message on Redstone Working Incorrectly (Java Edition)

    Redstone does work differently in Java/Bedrock.

    That looks normal (for Java) the redstone prefers to connect to redstone componants rather than blocks, you need to run it straight at the block without having a chance to connect to anything else instead for it to connect.

    You could place a repeater on this side of the left torch (facing towards the torch).

    The repeater would connect to the left torch and since the right hand redstone can't connect to the side of the repeater it should connect to the torch instead.

    Or you could remove the redstone this side of the left torch and move the left string of redstone one block to the left so you can turn it so it runs straight into the left torch so it connects.

    that is make a u shape out to the left.

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    posted a message on Fish not spawning - 1.14.4

    You should basically never take a world back.

    That is never open a world in an earlier version of Minecraft than it was last played in.

    If there were any changes to how the world is stored the earlier version won't recognize the changes and chances are it will decide there are corrupted chunks, deleate them and regenerate them and everything you've built will be gone..

    It might work within the same major update, 1.14.4 to 1.14 for instance but you should test it on a backup.

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    posted a message on Help with minecart filling station

    I can't find my previous post, it was probably quite a long time ago, but in a similar thread I posted an idea, if you have room at the bottom for a rail loop you can have a normal powered rail brake/kicker in a downward slope at the loading station, move the detector rail to the start of the loop, connect it to the powered rail at the loading station and have 2 minecarts on the track.

    That way the cart is sent off when the other cart gets back from the unloading station, whether it's full or not, and the next cart starts loading.

    If the minecarts start running half empty you could try adding a delay before the cart is sent away from the unloading station.

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    posted a message on Asking for suggestions for fun and challenging biomes for a buffet world?
    Quote from TheCardinal»

    Remember, when you're playing cave buffet you can always go on top the upper bedrock, there are gaps in it (water pockets), just have a look in creative. That way you can get access to villages. I've come across a Pillager outpost too but there was nobody around.

    Thanks, that's nice to know.

    I expect that pillagers, unlike villagers, don't spawn with their structures, and presumably can't spawn on bedrock.

    So if you want pillagers you could try surrounding their tower with dirt/stone.

    Though one might expect them to be able to spawn inside the tower, it has a wooden floor doesn't it?

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    posted a message on Way to check if players have slept through the night?

    I'm having trouble understanding exactly what the Wiki says about inverted day light sensors but it most definitely states that they aren't affected by weather so I'd play around with them and see if they provide a useful signal.

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    posted a message on Slime Farm Not Working
    Quote from potato_560»

    Do I put the portal gate in or outside my slime chunk area?

    You should never put a Nether portal where mobs can get to it, unless it's part of a mob farm and you don't use the same portal.

    If mobs go through a portal they won't despawn or wander off if there is no player in the destination dimension, so they'll be waiting for you when you go through.

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    posted a message on Villager disappearing

    Spiders won't attack villagers, just players.

    As far as the villagers are concerned you only have to worry about zombies, drowned and pillagers.

    (Unless they get in the way of something attacking you.)

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    posted a message on Villager disappearing

    I'd think you would have noticed by now if they were being killed by zombies but it really doesn't look to me as if there are enough torches to light everything up properly.

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    posted a message on Way to check if players have slept through the night?

    I not very good with commands but can't you access the result of "/time query daytime" somehow?

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    posted a message on Phantoms no longer spawn in my world.

    1.15 is adding a game rule to stop phantoms from spawning, "doInsomnia", note the capital "I"

    If you type

    /gamerule doInsomnia

    in chat it should tell you if it's true or false, false would mean that phantoms shouldn't spawn, if that is the case type

    /gamerule doInsomnia true

    and that should turn spawning back on.

    True is supposed to be the default value but if you upgraded your world it may well have been set to false.

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    posted a message on Asking for suggestions for fun and challenging biomes for a buffet world?


    I should take a closer look at the buffet settings, I didn't know there was a desert lakes biome and I never checked out the floating island option.

    I did check out the desert hills biome but decided it would be too hard without wood for at least a crafting table.

    The floating islands route sounds better than digging with your hands until you find a mineshaft.

    I did briefly check out the caves world type, assuming you can see where you're going that made it way too easy to find mineshafts.

    Also you really need to set it to permanent night or the sky shows up everywhere that's outside of the render distance.

    Yeah, those goofy wandering traders sure are careless with their llamas!

    You need to have tamed the llamas or they despawn, after 20 minutes I believe.

    They can be bred but the babies also have to be tamed or they will despawn, they take 20 minutes to grow up, unless you speed that up by feeding them, and then you have 20 minutes to tame them.

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    posted a message on Does this kind of application exist?

    Now days you can get markers on the normal Minecraft maps by placing banners at those location.

    That would of course limit you to the vanilla map functionality.

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    posted a message on Multiplayer Help

    You're trying to connect to a LAN world?

    If you are on the same network and one of you starts their world in single player and opens it to LAN then it should show up at the bottom of the other players server list in multiplayer.

    Could there be some firewall or something blocking you?

    Are you sure you are connected to each other?

    Can you transfer files or anything?

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    posted a message on Creepy growling sound after thunder

    It could have been a skeleton horse.

    Some fraction (between 0.75% and 6.75% depending on difficulty) of lightning strikes spawn skeleton traps, they look like a skeleton horse and if you get near them they get struck by lightning and spawn a skeleton rider and 3 more skeleton horses with riders.


    I can't find the noise, I'd suggest getting a spawn egg in Creative mode and spawning in a few to listen to.

    Creepy growling and monster-y noise sounds about right.

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    posted a message on NEED HELP!!! - command

    /execute as @e[type=item,limit=1] run tp @r

    teleports 1 item OR stack of items to a random player.

    Setting the command block to Repeat will keep going till it has done all items one at a time so they don't all go to the same player.

    If you have, say 10 diamond blocks and don't want one player to get them all you need to spread them out so they don't stack.

    If you want to be sure that each player only gets one item or everybody gets the same number you probably need to use a scoreboard or something like that.

    execute as @e[type=item,limit=1,distance=..10] run tp @r

    limits the area from which it picks items to 10 blocks from the command block.

    I don't think the "limit=1" is needed unless you want to spread the teleports out in time.

    execute as @e[type=item,distance=..10] run tp @r

    spreads the items (or stacks) out between players.

    (In my first test 1 player got all the items but that seems to have been because they were all in one stack.)

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