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    Quote from magmacube_tr»

    Interesting. I am playing in 1.15 snapshots. Maybe I am mistaking something? My rabbit farm is pretty crowded.

    I couldn't say.

    I'm getting the same results in 19w42a as in 1.14.4, random babies with no bias towards desert or against black.

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    The Xbox One version and the Win-10 edition are both the Bedrock version of Minecraft so if you want to be compatible with the Xbox One you need to stick with the Win-10 edition.

    But Java is better for mods and resource packs, as far as I know the only way to change the Bedrock game is getting stuff from the Marketplace but you should ask about that in the Bedrock section of the forums


    also to get a different viewpoint on the merits of Bedrock vs Java, like, perhaps, most people here in the Java section, I'm biased towards the Java version, though my main reason for preferring Java is that I like the way the controls work better.

    Have you found the Wiki?

    Third button on the green menu bar at the top of the page.

    It is a great source of information, though it can be hard to find things if you don't know what to look for (or sometimes that a thing even exists.)

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    Humble Bundle, Fanatical Games and Indiegala have loads of cheap games, mostly for Steam




    Check the bundles for the best prices.

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    What version are you playing in?

    My second attempt at breeding a black bunny with a brown one resulted in a black baby rabbit.

    in 1.14.4

    The Wiki claims that there is a 47.5% chance for the type to match each parent and a 5% chance that the baby's type will match the biome you're in.


    I had the same result with desert bunnies, the second breeding between a desert bunny and a brown/salt-n-pepper bunny resulted in a salt-n-pepper baby.

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    Pretty well thought out.

    If that water is under the farmland it won't do any good though, the water has to be at the same level as the farmland or higher to hydrate the farmland, I tested, that still is true in the latest snapshot.

    It's not really going to make any difference once the carrot has grown, but if you want it you could put it next to one of the honey blocks or next to one of the hoppers under the honey blocks, under the sandstone.

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    Very interesting, I get a cone!

    At Y = 256 it's a full chunk, at Y = 1 it's only one quarter of a block!

    I think you'll just have to wait until they fix it.

    Perhaps put in a bug report if nobody else already has.


    This appears to be the same issue even though it's described differently.


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    Quote from heringen»

    There is noone lot of chunks around, as i know there is a limit of mob spawned per player, not per server.

    The limit is per loaded chunk, so players in the same place have the same limit as a single player, spread out players have more mobs the more players there are.

    But you don't get your own private limit, the limit is applied to all of the loaded chunks.

    When you kill endermen new ones spawn but they can spawn anywhere they are able to.

    So unless they are killed anywhere they spawn, the places where they don't get killed will fill up and the places they are killed get fewer and fewer spawning.

    Why other farms work better than yours I don't know, maybe they are bigger (more likely to spawn endermen) or maybe they are being used when fewer players are in the end (or fewer players that aren't killing all the endermen that spawn around them anyway).

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    I'm not really clear on the current village mechanics but could it be that the villagers have to be closer together in order to gossip?

    The standard design seems to be to have 3 villagers, beds and workstations in one cell, and at least 2 such cells.


    Also the Wiki claims you need to have at least 5 villagers within 80 blocks of each other.

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    What version are you playing on?

    I remember a few versions ago lots of people seemed to be having problems with lighting and mob spawning, mostly on servers.

    So if you are on an earlier version of 1.14.x I would suggest updating to 1.14.4

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    That depends, if you feel confident exploring caves then most of it should be no worse but stay away from the cave spider spawners until you have protection on at least of couple of armor pieces or a couple of buckets of milk to get rid of the poison effect. Water buckets can be useful for stopping the spiders, though they can climb on the walls and ceilings.

    To harvest string from the cobwebs use a sword, you can use a cheap iron or stone one if you want to save your normal one.

    If you want the cobwebs themselves you need shears.

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    posted a message on Pure Ocean Biome Seed (like, defective - no other biomes, no land masses)

    You were probably messing around on the world generation screen and chose either large biome or buffet world.

    The screenshot shows the view from spawn on the normal 1.14.4 version of the world.

    The large biome world does spawn you in a large mostly featureless ocean but it does have a large taiga:

    600 blocks to the north.

    I haven't checked very far in the other directions.

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    posted a message on Some Tree's won't grow without Sky access in 1.15 Snapshot 19w42a?

    I don't see anything wrong with posting it here.

    If you want it to get fixed you should post an issue on Mojang's bug tracker as well.


    I did a quick search and didn't see anything that matched.

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    posted a message on (HELP) /kill command

    Aha, you wouldn't want to use peaceful then. <_<

    So are you going to use it to kill the mobs in the mob farm or to kill mobs around it instead of lighting up or slabbing the area?

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    I'm no expert on commands so I don't know if it can be done with one command, I've used one command block for each mob type, /kill @e[type=minecraft:zombie], /kill @e[type=minecraft:creeper], etc

    Note that /kill will leave their drops all over the place, looking messy and possibly increasing lag, it's usually better to teleport them into the void under the world.

    There is now (since 1.14.2) apparently a gamerule "/gamerule doMobSpawning false" that stops mobs from spawning naturally though they will still spawn from spawners etc, also animals would still generate with the chunks.

    Or you could switch your difficulty to peaceful which removes all hostile mobs and stops them from spawning.

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    That does look odd, not only shouldn't that trade be locked, when a trade is locked there should be nothing in the right hand box and what is in the right hand box looks like an ocean explorer map??????

    I presume that you have tried taking the map from the trading window and restarted Minecraft.

    It shouldn't matter but I would suggest giving him a cartography table so he resets the locked trades, it might get this one unstuck as well.

    Or, since there is obviously something wrong and you should have been able to get the map I would say you were justified in using cheats.

    (If you have cheats locked off you can still use them by opening your game to LAN in the game menu.)

    Either go to creative mode and give yourself a villager spawn egg and a bunch of emeralds to try again or use the "/locate Mansion" command to get the coordinates.

    Are you using any mods?

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