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    It's called quasi-connectivity, pistons can be activated by redstone that would power the block above them, even if there is no block above them.

    So it's the block with the redstone torch 2 blocks above the piston that's powering it.

    An extra complication is that the piston needs a block update to "discover" that it's being powered that way.

    So if you add redstone power diagonally above or 2 steps above a piston it won't extend until you, for instance, place a block or do something else next to it.


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    posted a message on did i miss a patch?

    They don't seem to be connected to anything in particular in the Nether, I think they're just randomly placed.

    (I only tested one though.)

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    posted a message on did i miss a patch?

    It's a "ruined portal"


    added with 1.16

    You can find them underground and underwater as well.

    And in the Nether.

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    posted a message on village popularity

    Wandering traders are the only way to get some things in certain specialized cases, like Skyblock, Survival Islands, single biome worlds.

    In a standard world they don't do much for you though they can get you things like cactus, jungle trees, etc without having to go off and find a desert, jungle, etc.

    Oh, and llamas and leads.

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    posted a message on Switching between loudspeakers and headphones without restarting Minecraft?

    Moving a resource pack twice no longer reloads the resources, the game is now cleaver enough to realize that nothing has changed.

    So I downloaded a random texture pack, every other time I move it to the right and then down to the bottom where it won't change anything in game and every other time I move it to the left. (I can never remember the F3+T, perhaps I should stick a note to my keyboard.)

    Does anybody have an easy to understand instruction for making a resource pack that doesn't change anything?

    Or how to find or make a copy of the Programmer Art resource pack?

    That way I could just leave it at the top of the right side without having to move it to the bottom.

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    posted a message on Are diamonds now harder to find?

    I don't think it's changed.

    It's probably just your subjective feeling.

    There's a lot of randomness to mining, sometimes you can dig 3 tunnels without finding any, then the next might have 3 veins.

    Or, if you're caving, it makes a big difference how deep the caves or mineshafts you are exploring go, most aren't deep enough to have diamonds.

    And I don't think caves have changed much since 1.7

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    posted a message on Fill Command Help [1.16.1][Java Edition]

    Nevermind, I see you're right about the block coordinates.

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    posted a message on Enderman farm fix

    Is it nametagged so it doesn't despawn?

    Make sure the endermen can't reach it.

    Have you watched it to see if it is despawning or getting damage from the endermen?

    (You need to be more than 34 blocks away for it to despawn.)

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    posted a message on Vineyard and wine
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    There is potential to make alcohol the longer lasting renewable energy resource in the overworld compared to charcoal.

    But it needs processing via fermentation of plant based items before it can be extracted.

    But charcoal, blaze rods and kelp blocks are stackable, smelting up to 1280 items per inventory slot.

    (And coal blocks 5120 items/slot.)

    If alcohol is stored in bottles, buckets, barrels casks, etc it's almost certainly not going to be stackable, plus you need to handle the empties.

    And kelp block production is very easily automated.

    So a new energy source isn't really needed. Alcohol would need some other justification for its addition. Then it would make sense to use it as a fuel as well.

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    posted a message on How to hide messages in the command block chat


    /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

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    posted a message on Why does the world border exist?

    The World Boundary page in the Wiki gives a lot of info about problems going too far out.


    Apparently the game can be modified to work normally out to about +/-1000,000,000 blocks but ±2,147,483,647 is the absolute maximum due to using 32 bit variables and earlier versions had problems much closer in.

    So there has to be a limit somewhere, they picked +/- 30,000,000 and there's presumably no real reason to put ant effort into changing it.

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    posted a message on How do I reset an the new attribute command

    According to the Wiki, the attribute generic.attack_speed applies to players and the default base is 4 so I'd expect that

    /attribute @p minecraft:generic.attack_speed base set 4

    would reset it.

    It does say "base" so presumably it's modified by what tool or weapon you are using.

    I'm curious, what effect did that command have?

    It has "speed" in its name but it is supposed to control the number of full strength attacks you can do per second so I'd expect that setting it to 0 would mean that your attack strength would never recharge? So maybe you should change it to a higher number if you are trying to speed up your attacks?

    It wouldn't be the only attribute that is named backwards, take hunger for instance, a low hunger level means you have to eat and high means you are full.


    Oopps! I forgot to change the 0 to a 4, changed it now.

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    posted a message on Piglin Brutes spawn only in world generation

    I found a piglin brute in 1.16.2 pre 1 in a world started in 1.16.1, I had even been to the Nether in 1.16.1, though only briefly.

    My portal had spawned right next to a bastion remnant, I didn't spend much time exploring that in 1.16.2 since I thought it was unlikely they would have spawned there but when I flew off in a random direction in creative and found another remnant I found the brute after a short search.


    I found another random bastion remnant and used a command

    /execute at @e[type=minecraft:piglin_brute] run setblock ~ 57 ~ minecraft:glowstone

    to place glowstone blocks above the positions of brutes and found that there were 7 brutes in that remnant.

    And, as I expected, the remnant next to my portal had none.

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    posted a message on Piglin Brutes spawn only in world generation

    That seems very odd , If the game generates new chunks they should be generated in the version you are currently playing.

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    posted a message on Did kelp as fuel change in 1.16?

    That's a pretty simple design, not too much that can go wrong with it, I was expecting a long hopper chain where things could get stuck or something.

    Does the kelp hopper stay full?

    If the kelp is being fed in too slowly so that the smoker gets empty some of the time then some of the kelp blocks burn time will be wasted on an empty smoker.

    It would be possible to add a holding chest for the fresh kelp and some redstone that stops feeding in kelp blocks if the chest isn't full. Or add a few layers to the farm so the smoker stays full.

    (Or replace the smoker with a furnace to slow it down.)

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