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You guys I know that you don't understand me but listen up I am Netherlands and I have issues with to say anything in random things so if you cannot understand me it's fine but you can also contact me on my discord and on my Skype also if you want to see me like playing Minecraft go to my YouTube channel prince jack and I am not in kinda guy that speak good English in the chat route so I leave I try my best but I could say and that you can understand me please don't worry about my English just like my mods and also the same with Netherlands and if you don't have a mic you can always chat and you can hear me.

also i am handicap with (cogen symdrome and artistic)

My Skype add ricometzen1992

My discord add Prince_jack_bat#1913

Minecraft username


well if people help and learn it me

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Minecraft YTprincejack PSN ricoanime Steam YTprincejack Twitch ricoanime

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Skype ricometzen1992