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    posted a message on Expansion Add-Ons (Different themes catering to all players)
    I have enough trouble as it is finding a nice, friendly server to have a nice time playing. If most of them were for expanded versions, I think I might cry.
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    posted a message on Block Transmuter
    Here's another thought: Can you change non-source lava blocks into lava source blocks? I know there are two different IDs for each liquid, but the impression I got was that it was for moving and non-moving, not source and non-source.
    If you can turn a moving lava non-source block into a moving lava source block (which would instantly stop moving if it were contained, I assume), we could also add lava to the renewable resources list.
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    posted a message on Deer: a non-breedable passive.
    I really like the idea of having breedable and unbreedable-but-more-easily-spawned versions of our current animals. Let's make it so that we don't have a bunch of redundant animals everywhere that we have to look through, though:

    - Wild chickens (ducks seem exactly like chickens except with a different item for their meat, which seems redundant to me) drop eggs but can't be bred. Eggs give you breedable chickens.
    - Boars spawn with little pink piglets that will follow you if you hold wheat.

    The other two seem different enough that a system like this won't help.

    I also support...
    - Wild animals running "like dickens"
    - Bucks, boar, and rams having a chance to become aggro

    I do not support...
    - Rabbits and hawks. Seems fairly pointless and completely separate from the main idea of this thread. Frankly, they should work on the AI of the one partner-type mob they have before adding another one.
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    posted a message on Seed & Plant Potions, and More!
    This is my potion idea dump. I know that Mojang has been looking for more potion ingredients, but I see them everywhere.
    There are undoubtedly other threads for this, but this idea-dump seemed way too big to put in another thread, so I didn't even bother to use the search. Sorry.

    Plant-based stuff

    Everyone knows that it's childishly easy to get stacks upon stacks of seeds of any kind once you get a small farm going. Plus, we already "brew" plant matter into hot water in real life; it's called tea. Why not brew it into awkward potions? It seems logical enough to me. Certainly more logical than brewing in ground-up rods from seemingly mechanical mobs mixed with slime from jumping underground blobs with vaguely intelligable facial features. Personally, I wouldn't do that if I didn't know what it did. I'm not sure about you, though.
    So, shall we get to some recipes?

    Pumpkin Seeds + Awkward Potion =
    Pumpkin seeds are positively packed with dietary fibre and plenty of vitamins, so clearly brewing these into your potions will boost your system a little!
    Effect name: Vitality
    Default: The default potion has a substantial chance to subtract a half heart from all damage sources, making it a great defense against cave spider poison and fire. Note: this potion, as well as the redstone and glowstone variants, do NOT decrease or negate any damage to armor that the attack would cause.
    +Redstone: Redstone reduses the chance of subtracting the damage, but lengthens the time it lasts, just as you'd expect it to do.
    +Glowstone: Rather than glowstone increasing the chances, it'd increase the amount of damage it can reduce the damage source by (but, of course, reducing the time the potion lasts), making it better against things like skeleton arrows and fall damage.

    Melon Seeds + Awkward Potion =
    Creative name, amirite? Alternative suggestions would be great, but I'd hate to ruin the surprise for non-wiki-users. I can imagine people squee-ing at this when they try it to see what it does.
    As a kid, do you remember being told that if you swallowed a watermelon seed, a little watermelon plant would grow inside? Well, it seems that the magic of nether wart makes this a reality!
    Effect name: Bellyache
    Default: When damaged, there is a chance that you drop a melon slice and receive an additional half heart of damage. This can be useful if you get stuck in a cave with twenty-six skeletons and no food. However, remember that it still takes time to eat the food you get it, so it is by no means overpowered.
    +Redstone: Simply lasts longer. No decrease in chances. Considering that the net amount of melon seeds would be the same if it decreased the chances, that'd be rather silly.
    +Glowstone: For the logical reasoning above, it'd be silly to just increase the chances but decrease the time. Therefore, it leaves the chances the same, decreases the time, but makes you receive no additional damage upon spewing a melon seed.
    +Gunpowder: This one is quite interesting as a splash potion. When given to other players or yourself (or endermen or the enderdragon I suppose), it has the same effect as the default. When given to zombies or spiders and then damaging them, it has a chance of spawning a "poisonous melon slice" item that can be used in a potion the same way poison sacs (see quite a bit below) can. When given to creepers and then damaging them, it can give you a melon slice, or, rarely, gunpowder. Anything else probably deosn't have a stomach, so the potion has no effect.

    Wheat Seeds + Awkward Potion =
    I imagine wheat seeds to be like chia or flax seeds, enough said.
    Effect name: Naturopathy (I am extremely open to alternative names here)
    Default: A less-potent combination of the speed, jumping, and healing potions. Almost unnoticeable, but enough to notice that some things suddenly seem a little easier.
    +Redstone: More time, less effect.
    +Glowstone: Less time, more effect.

    Sapling + Awkward Potion =
    This is completely different than a health potion, despite the similar name. It doesn't heal you, but rather cures you. Essentially, it's a milk bucket for those who don't have a cow farm, but it only removes negative effects. Redstone and glowstone have no effect on it, since it's immediate and has no lasting effect, and has no way of numbers associated with it to adjust.

    Plant stuff left: long grass, vines, leaves, pumpkins, sugar cane. Note that not all of these may be suitable for potions.

    Other potion modifications I'd like to make:
    - Cave spiders drop poison sacs, replacing spider eyes in poison potions. Frankly, if I wanted to make a poisonous potion, I'd mix in stuff from the spiders that are actually poisonous, but, again, that's just me.

    Poison Sac + Water bottle =
    Exactly the same as the already-existing poison potion, but with a different ingredient. This makes much more sense to me.

    Spider Eye + Awkward Potion =
    Surely you know of this one.

    Flint + Water bottle =
    Same as the already existing one, but with different ingredients. Flint is sharp.

    Fermented Spider Eye + Awkward Potion =
    Alcohol poisoning, I suppose.
    Old description: You cannot possibly say that this isn't needed. This would be so amazingly cool, and makes absolute perfect sense for drinking a potion made from a spider's eye. (Another possibility is to make this an alcohol-related one, but I doubt Mojang wants to add drinking alcohol into the game)
    Effect name: Blindness
    Default: The screen is black. You can still press esc and see all the normal options, and e to see your inventory. The latter may see odd, but otherwise it may be rather confusing if you can't see the name of the effect that's happening.
    +Redstone: More time.
    +Glowstone: Less time.
    +Gunpowder: Mobs affected by this ignore you (although it affects them for much less time than it would in non-splash form, more like 10 seconds), and no longer have edge detection. If you can make a bunch of these, they could be great for mob grinders, but it seems like a super-inefficient use of resources. A better use would be simply for emergencies involving a creeperpocalypse.
    Does not work on end mobs or blazes.

    Ender Pearl + Awkward Potion =
    Like an ender eye, but teleports you to a random location nearby that can be safely stepped on, like endermen do when touching water. This can do things that throwing an ender pearl cannot, like teleporting you through walls, but it does not give you any choice as to where you teleport to, unless you somehow set something up that it only has one choice, i.e. a giant room with two blocks to stand on, one of which you start on. I imagine this being a great setup for puzzles in adventure maps.
    Like the mediinal potion, it does its thing right after use, and therefore there is no need to make an effect name.
    +Redstone: Less possible distance. I have no idea why one would do this, but the opportunity's there.
    +Glowstone: Greater possible distance.

    Seaweed (I think we can all agree that this is a necessary Minecraft addition, but otherwise it can just use fish or something) + Awkward Potion =
    What the fire resistance potion is to the fire resistance enchantment, this is to the respiration enchantment. Basically essential for underwater exploration.
    Effect name: Respiration
    Default: 3x time between air-meter loss. No difference for drowning time. I figure that it's completely illogical that drowning doesn't take as long, but this might be fixed.
    +Redstone 2x time between air meter loss instead of 3x, but for a greater amount of time.
    +Glowstone Completely gets rid of air meter loss, but only for a minute and a half, like most glowstone potions. It'd be silly to make it be 6x time, I think, although that's another possibility.
    Note: this potion doesn't affect swimming speed at all. I figure it's better to have two potions for those two very different effects.

    Ink sac + Awkward Potion =
    Increases swimming speed. Since it's a common resource in water, I think that's a pretty fair use for it.
    Effect name: Swimming Speed
    Default: 2x swimming speed in all directions.
    +Redstone 1.5x speed instead of 2x, but for a longer time.
    +Glowstone 3x swimming speed in all directions, but for less time. I was thinking of making it 4x to fit the pattern, but I decided that was ridiculously silly. You'd be like David Hasselhoff in the Spongebob movie, but bobbing up and down while in the standing position.

    Note: Weakness potions may need a bit of tinkering now that I've messed with the fermented spider eye.

    Thanks for your time, everyone! If this gets enough support, I may make banners and/or a GetSatisfaction thread, as this seems like exactly the sort of thing that Mojang is looking to add, last time I checked.
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    posted a message on Bad Seeds
    "Winter" is definitely the worst, at least for survival mode. I don't believe anyone will beat that.
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    posted a message on Those pesky bunny cows, keep harassing my snow golems
    If this is in SMP, try making your walls out of solid blocks like glass blocks (or, if you're being thrifty, dirt or wood or something). I believe there's an issue with animals recognizing the chunk they're supposed to be in, but not the full location, so if you go away and then come back, they can be on the other side of fences.
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    posted a message on Worst seed ever?
    Nah, the worst seed is "Winter" by a long shot.
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    posted a message on Water dripping
    Then again, what if they made the drips hydrate farmland (which is one of the features I would love to see implimented)? Would you really want it to be restricted to only weak materials?

    I think that instead of only some materials dripping, only some materials shouldn't drip. Glass is a good one for that (although apparently it's already fixed, according to some sources :tongue.gif:), and I guess it's pretty obvious that obs, iron blocks, gold blocks, and diamond blocks also shouldn't.
    Cobblestone defintely should drip, as it seems pretty unrealistic to me that cobblestone wouldn't let in water, unless glued together with mortar or something like that, which it obviously isn't in this game, as you get it from simply breaking stone.
    Same thing applies for bricks; it all depends on whether they're mortared together.
    This is a weird one, but obviously chests should. They don't take up the full block. So should extended pistons.

    Anything else debatable or worth mentioning that I'm missing?
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    posted a message on Diamonds & abandoned mine at your spawn!
    Wow, this is ridiculously awesome. I wonder how fast you could end rush with this seed.
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    posted a message on Water now drinkable
    A water bar is one of the features I'd like in a super-realistic mode, along with...
    - it taking longer to destroy blocks,
    - water source blocks getting damage every time they fill something in until they disappear (as well as getting damage every for each block it spreads to for things like waterfalls),
    - heat damage for spending too long in deserts or the nether or near lava while wearing armor,
    - cold damage for spending too long in a snowy biome without wearing armor,
    - shears being able to cut off whole melons as well as remove melons and pumpkins faster than hands,
    - animals needing food to survive (pigs, of course, eating mushrooms),
    - water dripping from the ceiling being able to hydrate farmland,
    - lava dripping from the ceiling causing damage on top of the heat damage its proximity causes,
    - certain ores appearing more in certain biomes,
    - tools not working as well when damaged until "sharpened" by combining it with something on a crafting table,
    - having to bake bread,
    - plants not growing as quickly,
    - trees having roots,
    - floating things falling if surrounded on 3 (EDIT: 4, so it doesn't prevent decks) sides (including the bottom) by air,
    - leaves dissintegrating into a variety of tree seed which has a CHANCE to become a sapling when planted, as well as planting itself if on the ground for too long,
    - animals and mobs not simply "spawning" but introducing themselves into the world in their own little way (skeletons and zombies coming out of the ground, creepers growing from spores, animals mating on their own if their variety of food is abundant in their area, etc), the exception being spawners. A wizard did that.
    - A hundred billion other things that I'm forgetting but have totally thought of before.

    Coming to you never, or if a good modder has an extreme whim.
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