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    posted a message on PixelSwag server [Friendly Community] [100% Vanilla] [New Map] [Whitelist] [Mindcrack Inspired]



    Country Of Residence:

    Do You Have a YouTube Channel?

    If so please link it:


    Why Should You Be Accepted?
    Well the main reason is because I have been looking for an SMP server to post videos for and I have not been able to find a GOOD one and thought this one was good so I was going to see if I could get in :)

    What do you enjoy doing?
    I enjoy minecraft, gaming, and editing. I just recently got into editing so I'm still learning the ropes but a clan has already recruited me to edit for them which is good :)

    Tell us a little about yourself:
    I do get on my computer at least once a day and have over 200 subs and growing. I plan to post 3 or so times a week of this server if I got in and would love to interact with the other players :) If you were to contact me skype or twitter would be best I dont check the forum much. Thanks for reading this hope you consider :)
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    posted a message on [XBOX] Let's Play starring llManyRegretsll ! DAILY


    In this series you'll watch as me and my friend llManyRegretsll struggle to live in our world!
    These episodes are posted daily and will continue as long as I can think until we or the fans get bored of the series, so make sure to come and watch!

    Follow my twitter!

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    posted a message on Im looking for an SMP server to join!
    I just recently kicked my channel back into gear and was wondering if there are any SMP servers availible for people with 1000 subs and under for me to join? If someone where to tell me I would post an episode every sunday so i you have a server plz tweet me @HaxsterV or PM on youtube HaxsterV or msg me on skype HaxsterV thanks guys :)


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    posted a message on Can someone help a brother out?
    Or not...
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    posted a message on Can someone help a brother out?
    Ok got a few things here so LESGO BIG BOI!

    1. Is there any way possible to install maps/TP's no jailbreak or comp whatsoever. I have iPhone 4, latest mcpe version.

    2. Um MCPE 0.7 is bugs galore

    3. I am ed off at the way they set up accounts on realms. I LOST MY NAME! Why couldnt we use our original mc accounts if we had them? Ugh i am so mad. Anyone else have this issue? I knew having a cool original name would draw attention -.-

    4. I havent been on this forum in almost half a year. Dont get me wrong ive played mcpe since it firt came out ive always been up to date on the new and upcoming features hut im glad to be back :) wonder who remembers me? I was wondering the forums and saw so many familiar faces. Omg ive missed you guys :)

    Anyways answer whatever question I asked. Im sure theres some in there somewhere.

    -[HAX]OH I forgot! Is there an app for the forums?
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    posted a message on [HAX] Skyblock Hardcore Series! Ep 1-3 DONE *READ*

    By: HaxsterV

    In this series you watch as i go through multiple fail attempts at skyblock hardcore! This series is fun and really well done for how early ive joined youtube (imo) But all im asking is that you stop by to watch some videos and maybe sub! Im just about to reach my first landmarks at 20 subs and 100 video views :) If i could get just a little bit of support! Thanks so much for your time! :)

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    posted a message on Hunger Games Livestream Join!
    Come join this is my first legitament livestream if your not coming at least help spread the word!
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    posted a message on Creative World livsstream! (suggested builds)
    I builld wha people suggest redstone, castles, you name i build it! highest suggestion wins. I will be on for a while! And i will livestream again tmrw! Come join!
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    posted a message on Community Ideas (29 Ideas and 1 Mod) [Newest Idea(s):THE END REACTOR!?!]
    These are some decent ideas but most will not come to PE. But i do like the idea of this. Good jpb man :)
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    posted a message on My new fort barricading my house spawns mobs? Huh?
    Its the latest update. In the 0.4.0 people had and still have problems with mobs spawning in lit areas. This bug is to be fixed in the next update according to johan.
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    posted a message on *Super Hardcore* release date!
    I dont think that should be in the maps sections because this is not releasing a map. This is a informational post about when it will be released. And ill try to get some screens out if i can. Ive been busy with lots of stuff like school, family, and building the map.

    But thanks for the support you guys will not be disapointed :DOh and sati if you want to take screens for me ill send you a link soon and you can take pics in certain areas that ill tell you. K?
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    posted a message on *Super Hardcore* release date!
    I know i know, you guys want screenies but i cant take any atm. But when the map comes out i will have LOTS of screenies for you guys to look at. But not enough to spoil the map ;)
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    posted a message on Infinite terrain mod (in development for Lua API)
    I honestly dont think infinite world generation is possible at all. If it was possible then the actual eevs would of added it by now or at oeast started working on it. But i do think making the worlds bigger is easier and a lot more possible.

    But to me personally i think id rather have "true and real" biomes and caves before infinite or larger worlds. As of right now PE is progressing but its slowly getting bland. There not adding biomes or anything other than blocks and mobs. They need to start focusing on terrain or this game will get boring fast because as of now we only 4 biomes that i can think of which are;

    And thats it.
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    posted a message on how do i open chests with out jailbrake?
    Well if you mean taking items out and putting items in then you should try updating since chests where officially added in the last update.
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    posted a message on *Super Hardcore* release date!
    My map that ive been making for a few months now will be released veryyy soon.. This map shouldve been done a LOOONG time ago. Its just that i put it off till now when ive been going insanely hard at work on it.

    What this map is is a pocket edition version of vechs super hostile series. When i joined the forums back in feb. I wanted to play a super hardcore but no one had made/ported one so a few months later i started to make a map of my own! I know what most of you are thinking. And that is "oh blah blah this is gonna be a newb map" but honestly not really. This map contains 3 intersections and 10 blocks for the monument. 7 wool and 3 ore blocks. This map will contain difficult challenges along with some spawners that i made. Another thing about this map is its:

    100% HANDMADE!

    I never put this map on a computer once. I made this 100% by hand. The mods i used to make this are the following:
    -Fly in survival mod
    -Snowball grenade mod
    -Instant tnt mod

    Remember one thing though. This is POCKET EDITION so there is limits to how hard and difficult i can make it. As of right now i have 3 spawners. One quad spawner, one double spawner, and one single spawner as pf right now. All i have left to build is the last 2 rooms in the final intersection. I do also plan to add many more maps to this series.

    And finally the release date issssss: October 25th!!! I plan to have this released by the 25th if not sooner. Although i do not have screens (which i need someone to do for me pwease) i promise this is something to look forward to. My testers seem to enjoy it :) But when this map comes out i should have my new ipos and i will make a dev commentary.

    Thanks so much for reading all this jibber jabber and follow me for more info sooner! :)


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