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    posted a message on Mindcrack like server looking for players
    IGN: Havhk
    Age: 18
    A little about you: I am a very mature, intellectual person who likes to take minecraft to the next level in terms of how its played. I dont just build and mine i like to build massive farms and projects to lengthen my experience on a server!
    A little about your minecraft experience: I started playing in MC alpha 1.6 for a few days, didnt really understand the game so i put it down until about the adventure update beta 1.8 and i loved it so i continued playing up until now. I know alot about the mechanics of the game and would rate myself at a 9 for overall minecraft knowledge and expertise! I hope to get on the server and thanks for reading!!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Sun SMP - Whitelisted, Snapshot 14w29b Fully Vanilla Server (16+)
    IGN: Havhk
    Age (16+): 18
    Country and/or State: Idaho USA
    Skype Name: Ill give this once contacted
    What do you enjoy most about when playing Minecraft?: the openess and freedom while playing
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: alpha 1.6
    How many hours would you like to spend on an average day on our server?: about 4-8
    Youtube Channel:Havuhk
    How many episodes would you like to record, let's say, in a week on average?: uhh maybe 2 or 3 ive been busy lately
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    posted a message on I'll Make Skin!
    Hey flaming hawk! Is there anyway you could do a human cyborg for me. i dont really have a picture but kind of like docm77's skin but instead of the creeper aspect, maybe make that part of the skin more human so half human half robot! Thanks for your time and i hope you can do something awesome for me!!
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    posted a message on VanillaVille [Mindcrack like] 100%Vanilla Youtube Community *SMP* !NEW!
    Name: Thomas
    IGN: Havhk
    Skype Name: Havuhk

    Age: 18
    Country(we do not discriminate): US
    Youtube Channel: Havuhk (no uploads yet but maybe in about a week when i get my ram upgraded)
    Why do you want to join VanillaVille:I want to play vanilla survival with mature people who actually know how to play the game
    What aspect of minecraft are you best at (redstone,building..): building and the technical side, not so much redstone but in the aspect of how the game works and functions
    How often will you be on the server: Daily for sure
    Whats your Favorite block in minecraft: probably cyan stained clay
    Are you mature: Yeah and im pretty laid back and calm
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    posted a message on [Mindcrack Inspired] [Snapshots] 100% Vanilla Minecraft Server
    What is your IGN? Havhk

    Why do you want to join our server? Because i love playing survival minecraft and really want to play with mature people who actually know how to play

    How old are you? 17 but going to be 18 in about a month

    What time zone do you live in? Mountain Time Zone

    How long have you been playing Minecraft for? since alpha 1.6

    Will you be active on the server? Yes i will play daily and will help with as many community projects as possible

    Tell us something interesting about yourself! I am a daily gamer and am always looking to learn something i havent learned and also share what i have learned with others to help them become better

    Do you have a Skype? Yes it is Havuhk
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    posted a message on MrShneeblie's Whitelisted Server - MineCrack Fan Server - NEW
    MineCraft Name (case sensitive): xJGx

    2. Age (must be 10 or older):17

    3. YouTube Channel (Optional): Havuhk

    4. How long have you been playing MineCraft:2+years

    5. What are your MineCraft strengths? (Mining, Building, etc):building, im okay at redstone, experience, and how the game works

    6. Have you ever been banned? (If so, for what?): no i have not and i dont plan on doing anything to get banned either!
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    posted a message on SiNCraft - 100% Vanilla SMP inspired from Mindcrack and Hermitcraft.
    • IGN: xJGx
    • Real Name: Thomas
    • Age:18
    • Location: Idaho, USA Mountain Time Zone
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    posted a message on 1.7.4 survival server 100% vanilla no addons, whitelisted
    Why do you want to join the server?
    2. Have you ever played on a private server? Yes i have played on multiple but they were disbanded and i am looking for a new one
    3. Age 18
    4. MC IGN xJGx
    5. Do you accept the rules? Yes of course!
    6. Do you have Ventrillo? No im not sure what that is...
    7. Have you ever been banned / why? no i havent im an easy going person and tend to follow the rules
    8. Do you like creepers? (explosion damage is on) i dont mind them, they dont really bother me
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    posted a message on The Minecraftian Server [Vanilla, Whitelisted, 24/7, Mindcrack Style Community] Now Accepting Applications. [Fresh Map!]
    In Game Name:xJGx
    What Time Zone are you in: MTN
    What do you consider your MC Strengths:Building, knowledge, experience
    What do you consider your MC Weaknesses:Redstone
    Do you watch the Mindcrack videos:Yes!
    If so who is your favorite Mindcracker:Definitely Etho
    What would you Suggest for a Community Project:a King_Happy Enderman farm would be cool
    Why do you want to join The Minecraftian:I dont like to play survival games, i only like survival and your server seems like a place that i would like to play!
    On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the highest) rate your self for minecraft expertise:8.5/10
    What areas of Minecraft do you excel in?Building, the technical side, how the game works, mob farms and a little redstone
    Tell us about yourself:ive been playing Minecraft since alpha 1.6 and really enjoy playing with other people and especially on a mindcrack like server because i watch mindcrackers videos daily
    Any Special considerations we should take into account prior to making a decision: im an easy going and trustable person, i like to play with other people and help with the big community projects! so please choose me for your server!!!!!
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    posted a message on Team Rez Minecraft team now recruiting
    Team Rez is a fresh, new team looking for people to play minecraft and do some building or just play some survival! We also have a Black Ops 2 team but that's not why I'm posting. Message Havuhk on xbox for invite. You will need to show me one of your worlds so I can see your skills! HoHope to see you soon! Thanks!
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    posted a message on Xbox One Minecraft Skins?
    There will never be aim editors because the game is rated E 10+. People will just make skins that have nudity or blood and that would force 4J to change the ESRB rating which theyalready said they won't.Skin editors* sorry
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    posted a message on Looking for good builders/ creative minds
    Looking for people to help me with my first hunger games map! Please be a good builder or have a creative mind. Message Havuhk on xbox for info. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Looking for experienced, mature players for survival on hard
    I have a well established world that I've mostly done solo and want to play with other people. Leave your gt for an invite
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    posted a message on Lookin for long term players for survival
    Looking for people who will stick around to kill dragon and do a ton of stuff. Message Havuhk if interested, also If you are able to record, that would be phenomenal.
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    posted a message on Starting Mineraft Team
    Whats your gamertag? Havuhk
    How old are you? 17
    What do you do?(Ex. Build,Mine,Redstone) Mine and build
    Are you familiar with minecraft? Been playing for 2.5 years
    Are you dedicated/loyal? Yes, I'm on every day :)
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