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    Hah, this is a quite known problem, specially if you hate being home alone.

    I admit, when I was younger, I always had a little fear of what was outside my house, or in the hallway.
    Today, I no longer have that fear... maybe a little when I'm outside, in the late nights, I then get a little fear, specially if I meet lousy drunk people, they can freak me out sometimes.
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    posted a message on How long have you been around?
    A little before multiplayer was introduced, it was still only in an early test stage.
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    posted a message on Whats your main game?
    I'm from Facepunch, and right now it's Arma 2, Braid, TF2 and some old classics.
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    posted a message on Anybody care to devulge their steam ID?
    Mine is Hatsen :-)
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    posted a message on Automatic Climbing
    Quote from XyNox »
    I disagree. Most of the guardrails you can find on rooftops or stairs are 1 block tall walls. With autoclimbing you can run over them easily and fall off the stairs, rooftops, bridges, etc.

    The player should only be able to climb some specified types of blocks.
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    posted a message on Lets see your characters!
    Quote from Skyward »
    Oops forgot my attempt at Duke Nukem :biggrin.gif:


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    posted a message on Improved Sand behavior / Trap blocks
    Quote from Tuo »
    I think I get the gist of the Trapblocks. You step on it, and fall through, correct? It was a little fuzzy.

    But I can come up with some ways griefers can use them. Obviously they should be colored like other blocks, to confuse players. But doing this, a griefer could maybe create a massive hole underground and fill the top with grass trap blocks. Someone steps there, BAM, they fall 100 feet to the bottom of the map. Trust me, it's very easy to create such holes.

    Well, as long as we have a restart/reset button, we're gonna be okay. :smile.gif:
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