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    posted a message on Find The Button: Christmas RAGE!

    This is a REALLY well-made hidden button map. The Christmas theme is really apparent in each level, and the buttons are very well hidden! Not to mention the effort put into the buildings of each level, the custom models and the command blocks!

    I love it and I want more of it!

    P.S. The particle effects from the Saturation can be removed by just adding "true" to the end of the command block's line!

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    posted a message on Lojicke | Brand New Puzzle Map! | Check It Out!

    Howdy! I've just downloaded the map and I'm going to start playing it! Brand new puzzle maps are always a treat to play, hopefully this one is too!

    I finished the map!


    Overall, the map itself was alright. The puzzles make me think hard, like the room where you had to craft stuff and especially the piston room, but I felt like there weren't enough puzzles in the map. Plus, there were a number of bugs that forced me to use Creative Mode to fix. However, there were a number of cool things in the map like that cool rainbow door and the Dedication Room which were pretty cute! The aesthetic of the map was pretty: quartz blocks and white stained glass make a pretty good combo!

    ETC (Estimated Time of Completion): 25MIN.

    NIP (No. of Individual Puzzles): 5 PUZZLES.


    PUZZLE 1: Find lever that opens door among many other levers.

    SOLUTION: Trial by error.

    PUZZLE 2: Find a way up the hole in the ceiling.

    SOLUTION: Use items given in chest to craft a wooden pickaxe to break the stone into cobblestone to craft into a furnace to smelt the iron into a bucket to scoop up the nearby water and use the water to go up the ceiling.

    PUZZLE 3: Multiple Choice Question: "How many blocks of spruce wood were given?"

    SOLUTION: 4.

    PUZZLE 4: Multiple Choice Question: "How many levels were completed up to this point?"

    SOLUTION: 2.

    PUZZLE 5: Use a series of pistons to push a block of sand into a pressure plate.

    SOLUTION: <Cannot remember solution!>



    This trapdoor leads into a dark tunnel full of bats. If you fell into this tunnel, escape is impossible without flying.


    If you push this button, this piston will extend, exposing the outside for all to see.


    Anyone about to finish this map will have their hopes and dreams crushed by a hole in a two-block high tunnel! Beware.

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    posted a message on The BLASTER - Bite-sized puzzle experience with TNT! (Updated!)

    Now updated to v.1.1! This update fixed a map-breaking bug that prevented players from progressing in Level 6!

    Short Description:

    The BLASTER is a very short singleplayer puzzle map for Minecraft 1.11 all about using TNT to blast yourself above and across obstacles!


    • 10-15 minutes of mind-blowing gameplay!
    • 6 explosive levels of increasing difficulty!
    • Last but not least, a jokebook featuring many guaranteed not-to-bomb knee-slappers!


    • The only rule of this map is to never go into Creative Mode! Everything else will be dealt with thanks to Command Block technology.

    Download (for Minecraft 1.11):

    Download link for v1.1

    Older versions:

    More Screenshots:


    v.1.1 -

    • Removed Resistance particle effect that obstructed the screen.
    • Added obsidian reinforcement to Level 2 to prevent TNT in the level from destroying redstone outside the level.
    • Replaced some Quartz blocks in Level 5 with Obsidian to prevent level breaches with TNT.

    v.1.0 - Initial release.

    The BLASTER was created and designed by Hatbeemo. By the way, could you count the number of blue flowers in this map? I've lost count.

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    posted a message on I'd like to delete and remake my forum account.
    Well what do you know! Looks like I can do this a lot faster than I initially hoped. Thank you for the support.
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    posted a message on I'd like to delete and remake my forum account.
    After a couple of years, I have returned to my account and realized how low quality it is. So I'd like to change and remake it entirely.

    But, the first step is getting rid of my current account name, which has numbers in it. Names with numbers in them aren't the best names, so any way to get rid of it?
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    posted a message on Problems With Magic Launcher, Optifine, and Minecraft Forge
    I think I can fix your problem.

    Minecraft Forge actually has Modloader on it.

    So the solution is to remove
    Modloader and replace it with Forge. Then put it on the top or below that and there you go.

    I have the mods arranged like this

    minecraftforge ok
    audiomod ok
    optifine ok

    If it doesn't work, Ill find another way.
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    posted a message on New 12w22a survival server [Build Rights][24/7]
    ign: valkyrie129
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs
    Don't forget the pokemon from Johto, Hoein, Sinnoh too. That would make the mod a whole lot better.
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    posted a message on [All Versions] Adreadaline (Your Parkour and Speed Skills Tested To The Max...
    I call my maps Adreadaline, because my obstacle courses are dreadfully tough! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [All Versions] Adreadaline (Your Parkour and Speed Skills Tested To The Max...
    Thanks to ryan4123 for helping me with how to add the pics in. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [All Versions] Adreadaline (Your Parkour and Speed Skills Tested To The Max...
    Quote from ryan4123

    For pictures go to imgur.com click on computer and click on the pictures (im geussing there from screenshots) you can edit it and then it gives you a URL and you can put that for the picute on MC forums. :smile.gif:

    This is how you get a link try it out

    Thanks. Thanks to you, everyone can see the speculation before playing it!

    Quote from cyber10kid

    You insert media by hitiing thr button, but the pictures have to be somewhere that has a link. P.S. You spelled adrenaline wrong, i spelled it rigt there.

    Thanks for the info.

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    posted a message on [All Versions] Adreadaline (Your Parkour and Speed Skills Tested To The Max...
    Adreadaline is a series of hard obstacle course maps that will test your speed and jumping to the limit.

    So far, I have made the first one, Swamp Edition, a course that takes place in the murky depths of the swamps, and the second one, Raging Ravine Edition, which ridds the course in the midst of a great ravine and introduced the Tower of Babel, the third, Dread Desert Edition, the challenge ridden in the hot, deserts, the fourth, Taiga Terror Edition, the course NOT for the acrophobics, and the fifth, Peril Plains Edition, the obstacles on a lush greenland, and the Smart Moving Edition , which gives you some obstacles to test your Smart Moving Skills, and Endless End Edition, which gives you obstacles from the End itself, and Hell Edition, the course straight
    from hell, and a parkour tutorial for the newbies. There is even a Dread Pack, which gives you all the Editions and the Parkour Tutorial in 1

    Obstacles Made so Far in the Series:
    *Rising Logs- Traverse through ascending logs
    *Treeshrooms- Jump across these.
    *Tidal Terror- Navigate to the exit while getting slowed down by currents.
    *Cactus Bridge-Block,Cactus,Block,Cactus. Best recommended to stay on the blocks.
    *Lily Pillas- Hard Jumping Pillars
    *Sticky Situation- Find a way to get past pistons that block your way.
    *Minetrip- Get out at the correct time, and get through whats next.
    *Ladder Jump- Jump,Climb.Jump,Climb.
    *Hovering Heaven- Don't fall down.
    *Run for it!- Race againt gravity, and TNT.
    *2 Paths- One wrong, ones right. (button pushing might be needed)
    *Rock Climb- Jump from rock to rock!
    *Checkerboard-Like the original game,but black is an instant loss.
    *Rings of Fire- Don't get BBQ'ed!
    *Hotel Maze- 2 Paths, 1 costs you extra time, 1 costs you no time. Room for 1 please!
    *Never-Ending Walls- Looks familiar? Just your jumbo sticky situation...
    *Tower of Babel- One of the toughest obstacles I ever made which involves timing, and determination. (WARNING: If you are experiencing constipation, vein rupture,red-headedness, or total head explosion, I will NOT pay for your life insurance.)
    *Jumping Stones- Like a kangaroo. But don't jump off the blocks or start again.
    *Rising Cactus-Desert Version of Rising Logs, but with some added spikes.
    *Lavaroo- Like jumping stones, however a miss is equal to death in lava.
    *BullsEye- If you are a man of accuracy, you can leap, and land on the 1 block of water used as an inflatable that stops fall damage.If not, too bad...
    *Jumping Stones 2- Longer, Harder.
    *Pillars of Ascension- Don't fall at the top pillar.
    *Tacklecart- Ram the minecart and ride it. Failiure involves an extemely hot spa in the lava pool.
    *Mushroom Checkers- Like Checkerboard, but with some mushroom toppings.
    *Giant Ascending Logs- The name says it all. Just don't fall off the high logs.
    *Mushroom Towers- Get to the top.
    *The Pit- A huge hole with safety water on the bottom in which you have to jump from
    a very high altitude. (Chances of falling in the safety water directly is 30%, failing
    is 60%
    *Tightrope- Walk without a bar on your hands.
    *Bridge Rush- Race against Redstone, and Rails.
    *Up and Down- Jumping to the Top, and Hoppin' to the Bottom.
    *Baby Steps- Simple Jumping Pillars. Not hard, right?
    *Trapdoor Parkour- Open Close, Open Close.
    *Return of the Lily Pillas- Back with a vengeance.
    *Leap of Faith- Jump to the Glowstone block!
    *Ladder Pillars- Pillars with Ladders. Obvious, right?
    *17 Sprint Jumps- Keep pressing that Space Bar and W key!
    *Slippery Situation- Jump from ice to ice. "Note: This is the first obstacle with a skip option."
    *Door Parkour- Parkour from door to door.
    *Trapdoor Tower- What have you learned from Trapdoor Parkour?
    *Total Balance- A deadly combination of iron bar parkour and iron bar tightrope walking.
    *Ladder "S"- Climb down the S! "F5 Recommended.
    *Lesser Fire Maze- Don't touch the walls!
    *Greater Fire Maze-Greater than the Lesser.
    *Death Rope- Tightroping over death itself.
    *Web Maze- Don't go through the cobwebs.
    *Over Hell- Jump and Jump.
    *Fall of Victory- Jump into the water.


    BEV of the whole course.

    First Halve of the course, which consists of the Rising Logs (lower Left),
    Treeshrooms (next to the Rising logs),
    Terror Tidals, Rising Logs 2 (barely visible behind the above trees),
    Cactus Bridge, and Sandstone Stairs

    Second Halve of the course, including the Lily Pillas, Sticky Situation,
    Minetrip, and Ladder Jump.

    Third Halve of the course, made out of Hovering Heaven, Run For It, 2 Paths,
    and the finish podium and the rails back to the start.

    Entrance to the Ravine Obstacle Course.

    The Rock Climb, the CheckerBoard, and the Rings of Fire.

    The Hotel Maze, Never-Ending Walls, and the Tower of Babel, with
    the finish podium on the top of the tower.

    BEV of the whole Dread Desert Obstacle Course.

    The stairs to the Start, and the Contestants and Spectator Lodges
    at the sides.

    The Giant Hole in where you have to jump in.

    The Mushroom Tower, with some jumping blocks connected to the top mushroom.

    The Mushroom Checkers, Bullseye, and the Giant Ascending Logs.

    The Spawn Point of Peril Plains and a Water and Lava Well.

    The Contestant's and the Spectator's Lodge, with the Start in the front.

    The Treeshrooms, the Tightrope, and the Bridge Rush.

    Hovering Heaven, Never Ending Walls, and Ladder jump in the distance.

    Up and Down, Ladder Jump, Bullseye, and the finish podium.

    The Minecart back to the Start.

    Map Rules:
    1.No crafting anything that would allow you to cheat in the obstacle courses.
    2.Don't destroy any blocks in the obstacle courses.
    3.Don't place any blocks in the obstacle course.
    4.Have Fun!

    "This map is multiplayer compatible. Up to 2-8 players can play."

    High Scores:
    To add an even bigger challenge, time yourself or let someone time you.
    The lower the time it took to finish, the better!
    Please post your scores on the comment lines.
    My Score:
    2:30 (SE)
    2:45 (RRE)
    1:31 (TTE)
    1:51 (PPE)

    Since Minecraft is at full release already, I can work better on the maps :D

    Swamp Edition: http://www.mediafire...m61z2hdx2z2wl0h
    Raging Ravine Edition: http://www.mediafire...89tdci23rsbw7rk
    Dread Desert Editon: http://www.mediafire...bfp6x6s55fumq37
    Taiga Terror Edition: http://www.mediafire...1w6r8lzmgg9heg4
    Peril Plains Edition: http://www.mediafire...m8b406ume79443a
    Smart Moving Edition: http://www.mediafire...2dwrfqlvubutw79
    Endless End Edition: http://www.mediafire...2dxq950srkyeg1z
    Hell Edition: http://www.mediafire...m514vzjsdekccd7
    Dread Pack (All Editions in 1!) http://www.mediafire...zh6lhdsgnkl4ccg
    Parkour Tutorial Map: http://www.mediafire...fay9dheekpfkio0
    Mushroom Monstrosity Edition: http://www.mediafire...wmr642qw8grms4s


    Special Notes:
    Swamp Edition- If you fail in Run For It, skip it, because its impossible to do without all the TNT in the way.
    Peril Plains Edition- Once you are done with the Bridge Rush, deactivate it if you don't want major lag ruining your course run.

    Once I'm done with Mushroom Monstrosity Edition , ill be open to suggestions about where i can do my next edition of Adreadaline. You can even suggest some mods that adds new biomes and dimensions so i can make an obstacle course for it. ex. Twilight Forest, Aether, ExtraBiomes, etc.

    If you like my maps, tell me what you say in the comments section.

    Yogiverse Thread Link: https://yogscast.com...new-Dread-Pack!

    Anything new about this thread or the maps will be found here.
    *Fiendish Forest Edition will be replaced by Mushroom Monstrosity Edition
    due to the fact that every single time I spawn ends me up either in a
    swamp biome or taiga biome. If I can, I could make it if I can successfully spawn in a forest biome. If you want, you can give me some map seeds. That will help.

    *Mushroom Monstrosity Edition has been released! Featuring mushroom-themed
    obstacle courses, this is recommended for the fungus lovers.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] The House Mystery -Back with a Bang!-
    Things to remember in Story/Rules Room:

    Read the Rules from left to right and the Story from right to left.
    Or in simpler words: Start from the arrow.

    And last thing: I'll limit the crafting to levers only.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] The House Mystery -Back with a Bang!-
    Quote from jlucas5679

    i had the mod installed, but i never used it

    Oh. Good thing then.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] The House Mystery -Back with a Bang!-
    Quote from jlucas5679

    heres my lets play of your map ^^

    Were you using Too Many Items?
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