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    A "solution" I found in order to
    exterminate / disable Iron Golems

    This "fix" results in Iron Golems spawning for a quick moment, disappearing, and leaving items (iron, poppy) behind. However, works for me, even resulted in a surprisingly significant frame rate boost. Covers a very wide area, but multiple command blocks may be needed for huge maps.
    287 Golems were nuked when I first ran the command below:

    Plug into a repeating command block:
    /kill @e[type=iron_golem]

    + Run the command below, in chat:
    /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

    ^Disables the notification every time the command block eliminates Iron Golems. Otherwise it was pinging my screen every few seconds.

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    posted a message on Iron golem infestation - can I disable them or turn them off?

    I'm making a custom map and there are Iron Golems EVERYWHERE.

    This map is planned to be shared w/ my baby cousin someday, been trying to keep it 100% child-friendly w/ no scary/suggestive/combative materials, locales, wording (signs, books) or the like. It's pretty much for exploring and role-playing. The Iron Golems are the only thing that's out of place & ruin the map.

    There must be at least 50-70 of them in my town. The attached screenshot doesn't do the plague justice, they've everywhere.

    Iron Golems are clogging up hallways/doorways, blocking paths, trapping villagers, and destroying the aesthetic of my village/map. The bigger my town gets, the more frustrated they make me and the more intrusive they become ]: Can they be turned off?

    Is there a command or setting to disable Iron Golems?


    hiding them / throwing them into a pit

    They just respawn seemingly as fast as I can corral them. I now have a Golem pit teeming with them. Have given up on wrangling them as it's an act of futility, kept making the pit bigger and more of them just keep spawning.

    anti-Golem spawning surfaces or environments

    Not gonna wreck my entire map just to attempt to curb the spawn rate of these annoyances. Not gonna destroy all my beds, doors, or place slabs or glass all over the place or dig lava tranches.

    Golem lures or traps

    0% compatible with the size and layout of my town. Also, playing in Peaceful.

    killing them

    Doesn't work. Gave up on that too.

    I just want a town with villagers and buildings and bunnies. No noisy, out-of-place lumbering hulks. I've been working on this map for at least a year and have been hoping a solution would be included in an update eventually.

    Thank you for your time.

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