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    AGE 32
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    Hey bored playing MineCraft today with Peeps Add me.. pSN HARLEYMEOW
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    It bothers me how there are just squids swimming around the ocean . I would love if the Minecraft creators could create a Mermaid Villager Mob character for the game. THE MERMAID VILLAGER. The Mermaid villager would circle its town that is under water but you could swim underwater around it. You swim to Mermaid and make trades for fish .. shells.. coal..diamonds. etc.. You wouldn't want to trade with the Mermaid to many time because it will go in attack mode, The mermaid villager would attack you in the water and will stop attacking until you reach the land. I really do love playing this game and this would be a fun add on!. I need more ps3 buddies so add me. psn HARLEYMEOW
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