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    posted a message on My Minecraft Story - Griefers, Hobbit holes and christmas trees
    One of the first servers I ever used in Minecraft was the best experience in Minecraft I have ever had. Everybody on the server became friends with each other, and we lived in peace for a while, having fun. I made a house on top of a hill and helped people build their stuff. We made a railway system, different cities, a swimming pool, community mines. I climbed up the ranks of the server, and became a mod. I helped all the new players, and helped the admins build. I never thought that anyone would destroy it all.

    One of the admins had decided to advertise the server again. He made a new post on this forum, inviting new players to enjoy our server. I hadn't ever had the thought that a server would need a whitelist, but with the absence of one, the new post invited unsavoury people. The next day, I entered the server to find my house griefed, along with many others. I helped rebuild, and the op added a whitelist. But the next day, I entered the server to find everything destroyed. Lava everywhere, dirt towers, half destroyed houses and world edit chunks missing. That day i quit the server. The admin had lost all hope to rebuild, and decided to reset.

    I spent a while looking for a new server. Every single server was the same - dirt towers, sh**ty people, griefing everywhere. It was like acting like an ass was a new trend. So, after a month or so, I decided to log onto my original server. It was just a typical server now. All my friends had left, no players stayed for more than a week, and the sense of community was lost. For me, a part of Minecraft had died.

    Since then, I have had some great experiences on servers. But they all end in griefing.
    On one server, I had made some friends and we had a small village by a beach. We were starting a castle, and I had made a christmas tree which the admin put christmas presents in on christmas morning. But it was soon destroyed.
    On one server, I had applied for admin, and helped build for hours and hours with the other 3 admins, and the server was griefed before it even started. One of the admins had decided it would be fun to destroy it all.

    Then I began my own server. This was a private server with 7 of my IRL friends, so I expected no griefing. I had since lost interest in public servers.
    The first server lasted for a while, before it was griefed - I still don't know who did it.
    The same for the second and the third and the forth.

    I then created a creative multiworld server. It gave players an option to go to a survival or creative world.
    I had HEAPS of fun with my friends making pixel art and buildings for ages, and it was one of the best times on minecraft I ever had. Then one of my 'friends' destroyed everything. I was sick of griefing, and decided to spend hours recreating everything. I recreated every pixel art pixel by pixel. It sickens me that someone could not care so much, be so ignorant of other people's feelings that they could do such a thing.
    After that the server was back to normal. We expanded everything and made pvp arenas, mansions and had fun. Then it happened again. I had banned fire and tnt, but one of my 'friends' spent an hour creating tnt minecart nukes. Tnt minecart nukes take around 3 minutes each, and he had made enough to destroy the entire server. I asked him why he griefed - His answer: "You took away my giant penis statue, so yeah, you deserved it". The grief was directed at me, but he didn't even think about the others he was affecting. One of my friends is going through depression, and I felt so bad for him, all of his hours of work destroyed.

    Now I have created a new server. He have made a world with ships, Hobbit holes, and mansions. No one griefs, and the server is peaceful.
    But it took a lot to get there. So what is the psychology of a griefer? Why do they do what they do? A common answer would be "It's fun". But this is what makes me hate griefers the most - The fact that they do what they do for "Fun". How could anyone with a brain think that is fun? Another answer would be "Trolling". Trolling is sometimes just a person's excuse to be an ass. Haha, look how you destroyed that 8 year old's drawing. That's not trolling, that's being a d**k.
    Another excuse would be that its just a videogame, it doesnt affect anyone. But how very wrong that is. An artist can spend ages making a beautiful painting - how would you feel if some guy came along and set it on fire? Is it different inside a computer?

    Griefers don't think about who they are hurting. There are young children playing minecraft, there are people who spend hours into their work, and in minutes someone can just ruin that person's whole day. For "Fun". That is just sad.

    I think that a stand should be made against griefers. Griefers should be able to have their accounts banned completely. People should be able to go on a public server without being afraid of someone having "Fun".

    "Learn to right click" - Ancient minecraftian saying meaning 'Learn to build, not destroy!'

    Ok, I've had my rant, and hopefully some people have read the whole thing.
    What are your stories of griefing?
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    posted a message on Command blocks question
    On my adventure map I want to make a class system.
    I have "/clear @p" on one block, but I want to make it connected to another one which then gives the player a sword/bow. How do I make another command?
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    posted a message on Weird Zombie glitch
    I was on my server yesterday, and I was trying to stop a griefer. He was destroying a giant house I made, which now had mobs spawning in it because he destroyed the lights. So I was just about to ban him, when I saw a zombie holding gunpowder. Then it's face flickered to steve, then back to a zombie, then started rapidly flickering between them, then it stopped at steve. The steve head was slightly bigger than normal, and he had parts of zombie and steve mixed together, but was walking like a zombie, and holding gunpowder. The griefer saw it as well, but then killed it just before I could ban him. This was on vannila minecraft.. Sorry I couldnt take a screenshot, but this actually happened. Has anybody experienced a glitch like this before?
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    Hi! On my server I am making a "House of Oddities", which will showcase, in the form of a maze, many of minecraft's strange/fun 'bugs', or just secret stuff that not many people know about. So far I have slabs on top of ice (making them slippery) and going through paintings. What are some other things I could put in it? Thank you
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    posted a message on vannila survival 18 slots. don't grief! admin first 10 people on
    Admin please delete this post.
    I have taken down the server because it was griefed.
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    posted a message on SMP's Revival - [October 20th, 2014] - 1.8 (sans CTM)
    I love this texture pack! Keep up the great work :)
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    posted a message on More uses for squid
    Quote from burninpoop

    why would you breed squid if they
    a.) spawn natrually
    2.) swim away
    c.) suffocate themselves in an enclosed space
    squid meat! do you normally eat squid?????

    I normally eat squid, and it's delicious.
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    posted a message on Server map keeps resetting, please help!
    Minecraft version - 1.3.2
    Server hoster - HostedGameServers

    I have had my server up for about 6 months now, and this only started a bit after we updated to 1.3.2. Whenever I reset the server or stop it and then start it up again, all the blocks everyone placed and destroyed are back to what they were when it reset last time, but the items and the position of the players remain the same. Basically the map resets when the server resets (NOT server reinstalled). My minecraft server is completely vannila and it even happens on craftbukkit. Also, this only happens most of the time, because on rare occasions it doesn't happen. Please help, because our server has been off for almost 2 weeks because of it!
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    posted a message on Crossbow Mod 2 - 100% Customizable! - 250+ Combinations!
    I would like to have this mod in me and my friends server but it is private, only 7 people use it.
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    posted a message on {{SELLING THE SERVER}}{Races} {Now Accepting MODS } {Fantasy} II{~*The Midlands*~} II {PvP} {Quests} {Economy} {Magic} {Dungeons

    Character name: Deltrik Relonie

    Character age: 34

    Character Gender: Male

    Character Traits: Delrik is an engineer, working with redstone and creating machines. He is a hard worker and often leaves to mine for days before returning with a haul of ore to work his machines. Some of his hobbies are smithing, mining, working and engineering.

    Character appearance: Delrik has brown hair and a beard with a grubby face, often wearing blacksmith clothes. He wears a brown hat going over his forehead.

    Character back story: Delrik was born in a small village owned by the kingdom of Aluman. He worked for his father in the mines and worked with machines. He was always trying his hardest for his father. He was unaware of Holgrath until he came to the village to talk about his fathers taxes. He had raised the taxes and his father couldn't get enough money. For the next week he worked as hard as he could to get the money needed or his father would be evicted. It wasn't enough, and Holgrath didn't evict him. He excecuted him. After that Delrik didn't like Holgrath at all but stayed in the kingdom of Aluman to take over his fathers business.

    Example of role playing:

    'Hey, it's Delrik! Where have you been?'

    'Huh? Voices.. it's Trint. Would you lend me a hand with these coal rocks?'

    'Of course!'

    'Thank you.. How long have I been this time?'

    '5 days. I think it could be your longest'

    'Don't be daft, it's far from it!'

    'Where would you like me to put these?'

    'Straight in the furnaces!'

    Which kingdom do you wish to join?

    The Kingdom of Aluman, but I am not loyal to Holgrath.

    Out of character info:

    Username: HappyNoid


    Do you have experience role playing?RP servers, DnD, LARP

    What do you like/ Dislike about this thread: It's all good.

    Why do you want to play the server? For a good place to play minecraft and have fun.

    What is meta gaming and powergaming? Metagaming is a strategy which is used to get advantage over other players. Powergaming is doing things for a long time.

    Do you agree to the rules? Yes

    Anything else? :D
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    posted a message on {{SELLING THE SERVER}}{Races} {Now Accepting MODS } {Fantasy} II{~*The Midlands*~} II {PvP} {Quests} {Economy} {Magic} {Dungeons

    Admin applications:

    Username: HappyNoid

    Age: 13

    Do you have experience role playing? Yes, I play Table Top rpgs and have gone on a lot of rp servers before.

    What do you like/ Dislike about this thread: That it talks a lot about the old server - it's a new one, and new players won't really know about it (also it could point out that the server hoster might have problems again, which it won't)
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    posted a message on Savage Raid PvP - [1.7!] [CUSTOM PvP/Raid Server] [24/7 LagFree] [FULLPvP] [PvPStat Tracking/Leaderboard] [Base Raids] [Factions
    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name) HappyNoid
    • Age 13
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below? Yes
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok. None!
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    posted a message on Thinking about bringing the ~Mid-Lands Role playing~ server back{Admins/builders}
    Well, I was admin on midlands so I'll join.

    Minecraft name: HappyNoid
    Age: 13
    Minecraft building experience: Building for servers, medieval style buildings
    Have you ever been and admin on a server before? i have been an admin on 2 servers including Midlands (i still haven't changed my banner from the ad..), and mod on 3 servers.
    What would you be willing to do to help out? I could make dungeons, guilds and points of interest for the players (like a giant library at the spawn etc)

    :) It's good to see you are starting the server again
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    posted a message on Weird jagged movement lag
    Quote from Thornoz

    Open Minecraft,turn your graphics to fast instead of fancy,and if that doesn't work, hold ctrl+alt+delete,start task manager, find javaw.exe, change priority to high, and change affinity so that cpu 0 is the only one that is checked

    This should stop some of the lag.
    it worked! and its faster than when i wasn't lagging! thank you!
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    posted a message on Weird jagged movement lag
    Minecraft version - 1.2.5 and 1.3.1 (also happens on Tekkit)

    Whenever I move the movement is jagged, and it doesn't seem to be lag. It's like I am teleporting an inch every second, but between those seconds I can still move, and the FPS is 27-40. Jumping seems faster, and I swear I move faster. It is really annoying and when I try place a block, I place it about 3 times. Please help. This happened to me before but after a few days it went away. What's wrong?
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