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    posted a message on AoA--25 New Dimensions• 330 Mobs• 27 Bosses• Skills• Quests• 600+Items [LARGE Bugfix Update, May 2018]

    First played with this mod when it was in its early stages. Does it still have the weird restriction that prevents you hurting mobs until you reach a certain level, or something along those lines? I only vaguely remember, but I found it pretty off-putting, despite all of the great things this mod adds. Hopefully that's been removed, or is at least configurable?

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    posted a message on Quick and simple limited-range creative flight block

    Hello all, one thing I've noticed that is sorely lacking in the modded minecraft scene is a less powerful flight solution than what we have. Items like the angel ring or the draconic armor provide essentially unlimited creative flight, pretty much making players gods and completely trivializing exploration and combat. These are very nice items to have around, but there are certainly cases where modpack developers want to provide creative flight for building purposes and such, but without giving players too much power.

    I think the simplest solution to this would be to make a mod that provides a single block, which gives players a creative flight buff while staying within a certain radius around the block. Something like a 3x3 square of chunks centered around the chunk in which the block is placed, or maybe starting with a single chunk with possible upgrades. It could of course be based on a block radius rather than chunks; really whatever is easier to code or more optimized for minecraft. It would also be nice if the block required fuel to provide the buff, perhaps to be enabled/disabled in a config file.

    I say "quick and simple" but I understand full well that I'm not a developer, so I'm making an assumption that it wouldn't be a hugely involved project to code. Nonetheless, hopefully it's possible, as I think it'd be a great tool for modpack developers who wish to provide creative flight without trivializing much of the game!

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    posted a message on Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.12.2) (1.7.1) (Updated 01/27/2020) - Mobs, Monsters, Monster Girls

    I've always loved this mod, and I've recently decided to use it in adding a lot of flavor and variety to dungeons in an adventure map. However, it seems that trying to use GoG mobs in spawners has quite a few issues. Some mobs seem to work as normal in mob spawners, but others end up spawning absolutely nothing. this may or may not be an unfortunate side effect of the y level and biome spawn conditions set by the mod, but might there be a way to bypass this and make the GoG mobs work in any vanilla mob spawner under any conditions?

    To be clear, I'm playing 1.10.2, with the latest version of the mod. I'm changing vanilla spawners using spawn eggs, and the spawners show up as the correct GoG mob type in Waila. They just simply don't spawn anything. Even following the y level and biome requirements from the wiki seems to result in nothing spawning.

    EDIT: For example, I can't get the Matango to work in a mob spawner at all. Nor the Sahuagin. The Futakuchi-Onna, however, works fine.

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    posted a message on Dungeons! Mod

    Posting in this thread because you have so many different threads for your dependency mods, and this is the one most recently posted in. I hope that's cool.

    I'm currently trying to run Dungeons! in 1.8 with PlansCreator so I can create plans and then bring them into Dungeons! 1.10.2. Unfortunately, I've run into a strange issue. When trying to run all the latest versions of the required mods in 1.8, I get an error during launch saying it can't find PlansAPI. I then tried downgrading to an older version of PlansAPI (4.0.4) and that doesn't fix the issue; it just says it requires 4.0.8. However, again, when i run it with 4.0.8, Forge throws up the error that it can't find PlansAPI. I'm at a loss as to why it's doing this, but it seems PlansAPI is not loading properly?

    My /mods/ folder looks like this:

    dungeons (folder)











    It looks to me like I've installed and unzipped everything correctly, so I've no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    (As a side note: it would be absolutely swell if you were to update PlansCreator to 1.10.2 and upload your mods to curseforge. Dungeons! has massive potential combined with the functionality of PlansCreator for modpack creators and could honestly gain a lot of popularity there. Dungeons2! looks good, but its simplification from the original mod makes it less powerful insofar as creating custom dungeons for modpacks.)

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    posted a message on Wildly differing performance on comparable machines (possible AMD GPU issue?)
    Quote from urielsalis»

    When he presses F3, what is shown in display adapter?

    It shows his GPU, as it should. The program GPU-Z is also showing 80-90% GPU usage while mc is running, so it's likely not the GPU issue I thought it was.

    I've noticed he's allocated 12GB ram to Minecraft, but Minecraft/java refuses to use more than ~4.5 GB of it, no matter what. His f3 screen is showing Mem: 38% 4180/10923MB, with still a constant 2 fps, and 0 chunk updates in singleplayer. This definitely tells me his ram is bottlenecking, but I have no idea why. His windows resource monitor is also showing the proper allocation, with plenty to spare for system processes, etc.

    Before anyone cries out: "DON'T allocate that much to Minecraft! It just bogs down your system!" In this case, with this many mods, it's necessary. And like I said, myself and others can run this setup without an issue, with the same ram in our machines.

    Is there anything known to prevent minecraft/java from using the full amount of ram it's been allotted?

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    posted a message on Wildly differing performance on comparable machines (possible AMD GPU issue?)

    Hello, I've recently launched a private modded server for myself and a few friends to play on. I've got quite a bit of experience running heavily modded servers for friends, but this is my first foray into 1.10, and one friend is experiencing extremely low FPS; about 2-4 frames in game, which is obviously unplayable. Meanwhile, myself and two others can play at a near constant 60 fps with vsync. It seems improbably that, with his specs, we would see such a huge difference in performance, so I'm wondering if the issue may be that he's on an AMD card, which have been known to have issues with minecraft and/openGL in recent years. If so, I'm hoping there's a fix.

    We are in fact playing on a HEAVILY modded server. Forge shows 352 mods loaded, which I know is on the very extreme end of things, but it's very much playable on my end, and with the machines we're all running, there shouldn't be such a massive difference in performance.

    My system:

    Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4.0 GHz

    16.0 GB DDR3 RAM

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

    In-game 60 fps with vsync.

    Friend's system:

    Intel Core i3-4360 @ 3.70GHz

    16.0 GB DDR3 RAM

    AMD Radeon RX 470

    In-game 2-4 fps with all settings minimum.

    It seems likely to me that perhaps the GPU is not properly kicking in for minecraft, in this case. That's kind of a shot in the dark, but I've heard of similar issues. It seems unlikely that him running a same-gen i3 (as opposed to i7) would be the issue, since Minecraft hardly utilizes multiple cores anyway. It also shows his CPU and GPU utilization are extremely low when he runs the game, so something is up. We've checked that he's running 64 bit Java. We've checked his memory allocation. All are what they should be. We've also tried both with an without Optifine and BetterFPS to no avail, so I'm at a loss. He should definitely be able to get a playable 30 fps at the very least, on a system that has and can run Witcher 3 at max settings, 1920x1080 at 60fps.

    A few notes:

    We're running forge 1.10.2-

    We're using MultiMC to run the mod pack, if that's important.

    I'd post his latest fml client log, but there's no indication of anything hampering performance from what I can see. The file is 11 MB as well, so it's a pain. I can post it if need be.

    I know full well we have more mods than would usually be considered reasonable. If it really is just that his system is running to its fullest potential and that we need to slim down, then I'll do so. I suspect that's not the case.

    I've scoured the internet for similar issues, and only seen a few posts on various other forums, all unsolved. Additionally, I've seen "benchmark" type videos of people running the same hardware getting hundreds of frames with shaders, etc. I'm at a bit of a loss what his machine might be doing. I'm just hoping there's someone out there who's solved a similar issue before that might point us in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

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    posted a message on Streams - Real Flowing Rivers!

    Quick question: Does anyone know of a way to retroactively generate these in an existing world? I'm not talking about new chunks. I'd like to have them generated into existing chunks. The simpleretrogen mod doesn't seem to support this mod (unless I'm doing something wrong), but I'm wondering if there's another way.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10]Rails of War — Siemens-Schuckertwerke akkulok update

    Could somebody share a working discord link? The one posted a few pages back says it's expired. I'd like to try the dev build for 1.10.2 if possible.

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    posted a message on Pokecube - Revival, adding >800 pokemon to minecraft
    Quote from Thutmose»

    hmm, can you check if this also happens if you move the save file onto your computer, then run a local server? if so, can you send me the save file and a link to the modpack, or a list of mods? If I can get this to occur on my computer, then I will be able to narrow down what happens.

    The only time when pokecube looks at chunk nbt data is when the chunk itself is loading/unloading, where it does it for the terrain system, but this shouldn't result in thousands of chunks loading at once, I suspect it is some other mod that does something with world loading, which then pokecube's check interferes with somehow, and causes a loop, which loads more and more chunks, this occured once before with a mod that made and registered a fake world for something (I think a map of some kind?) which then caused a crash when pokecube tried to check if any pokemobs were trying to use moves in that world.

    if you can get specific instructions on how to trigger this issue, I will try to fix it.

    The world is several GB in size, and there are near 300 mods loaded, so sending everything wouldn't be very practical. If you really want to dive into this issue that potentially nobody else will ever encounter again, there is a list of all loaded mods under "System Details" in that pastebin I shared. Again, it's rather lengthy, and given the nature of the issue it seems extremely hard to pinpoint. There was very little to no indication of what may have triggered it. At the time, I was simply returning to the overworld from an RFTools dimension, something I had done many times before with Pokecube running. I had no chunk loaders from other mods placed anywhere in the world. This happened after many, many hours of play with all mods loaded and working just fine, so I couldn't even tell you a way to trigger the issue even if I wanted. At this point it's probably not something worth tackling. The only indication that Pokecube is somehow involved is that the issue was resolved when I removed it from the server. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess what really happened.

    Thanks for your help, in any case. I may try reinstalling the mod on the server later on and see what happens. If there's any further indication of problems, I'll report back.
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    posted a message on Pokecube - Revival, adding >800 pokemon to minecraft

    I've already had both explosions and meteors disabled the entire time I've been playing. Did not want those things happening in my world. Also, even with such a large amount of mods, the server has run fine for hours, if not days on end without TPS lag due to hitting peak RAM. This is also in a world I pre-generated (with all mods present) out to about 3000 blocks in all directions, with a world border.

    I guarantee you that the issue was the server trying to load up thousands of chunks at once, and only the moment my player entered the overworld. If I restarted the server and checked TickProfiler through my console, the normal 256 spawn chunks were loaded and the server ran at a solid 20 TPS. The moment I logged in, I quickly checked TickProfiler again, and it showed loaded chunks skyrocketing up past 1000+ before it was too laggy to even respond. Obviously thousands of chunks loaded simultaneously, especially with a lot of modded entities, is going to cause memory issues no matter how much I've allocated. And again, pokecube shows up in every crash report, and removing the mod immediately fixed the issue. I have no idea why pokecube would be seemingly calling up some nbt related function in unloaded chunks causing them to load, but it seems the likely cause.

    I also think Thut is correct; it's probably nothing to do with the smeltery. That was just the particular entity being ticked at the exact moment the server ran out of memory. It doesn't mean it was the cause.

    Again, if this is too much trouble to deal with, then don't worry about it. For all I know it could be some weird random unintended interaction between pokecube and some other mod that's causing it, in which case it'd be really difficult to track down. If that's the case, I may simply have to say goodbye to my pokemobs in this pack.

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    posted a message on Pokecube - Revival, adding >800 pokemon to minecraft

    Hey, just want to say I appreciate how helpful you've been! I've played at least 15+ hours with the mod in my very large personal modpack, and it's been a lot of fun. However, I do have a pretty severe and very strange issue to report.

    What happened is that, seemingly out of nowhere, my server started trying to continuously load a whole lot of chunks that I wasn't anywhere near. It seemed as though it was basically trying to continuously load every chunk in the overworld. The server would run fine until I logged in to the overworld, at which point it would begin trying to load thousands of chunks, causing TPS to drop to nothing until the server crashed with an OutOfMemoryError. I tried loading up the server several times with the same result.

    Each crash report that managed to properly save (most failed with not enough memory to even write the file) really only had a few things in common: a bunch of stuff about the chunk provider, stuff about NBT tags, and lines such as:

    at pokecube.core.entity.pokemobs.helper.EntityStatsPokemob.func_70097_a(EntityStatsPokemob.java:201)
    	at pokecube.core.entity.pokemobs.helper.EntityMountablePokemob.func_70097_a(EntityMountablePokemob.java:58)
    	at pokecube.core.entity.pokemobs.helper.EntityHungryPokemob.func_70097_a(EntityHungryPokemob.java:70)

    This led me to believe that pokecube was loading chunks on its own for some inexplicable reason, and upon completely removing the pokecube mods and thutcore, the issue completely disappeared.

    As I said, I played quite a few hours with no issue, and this came up suddenly out of nowhere. I wasn't even doing anything related to the mod at the time, in fact I believe it happened shortly after creating a new RFTools dimension; one of many created with PokeCube installed, so I doubt it's related to RF tools. It MAY be an issue with Tinker's Construct, judging from the block entity being ticked, but that seems really odd and it's hard for me to say. I know that having such an absurd amount of mods at once is asking for trouble, so this might be too much to untangle, in which case feel free to tell me I'm an idiot for running so many. :P

    In any case, I'm not a modder or in any way experienced with debugging beyond the very basics of setting up working modpacks. I have no idea how easy it would be to find the cause of this, but there it is. Any helpful advice would be appreciated!

    This is in minecraft 1.10.2 with latest forge. I tried different versions of forge with the same results. Here's a full crash report with my (admittedly huge) list of mods included, if it helps:


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    posted a message on Carpenter's Blocks

    So in theory I could add recipes for the experimental build through craft tweaker, right? Would this be inadvisable? Is there potential for breaking my survival world as I get future updates to the mod?

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    posted a message on Pokecube - Revival, adding >800 pokemon to minecraft
    Quote from Thutmose»

    quite a bit of the config stuff is internal variables, and have not been documented yet, several have had usage changed since they were originally named, if you are willing to dig through code, all of the config values are held here: https://github.com/Thutmose/Pokecube/blob/1.10/Pokecube Core/src/main/java/pokecube/core/handlers/Config.java

    The one for hunger, is pokemobLifeSpan, which used to relate to the despawn time for the pokemobs, now it related to how long they take to starve.
    baseSmeltingHunger is how much hunger it costs to smelt an item with a fire type move (try using flamethrower on some chicken that you drop on the ground)

    The surface dungeons can be tweaked with worldgen.xml in config/pokecube/structures, by lowering the value for chance.

    the levels don't just increase with distance, they increase in a specific pattern, the default being this: abs((25)*(sin(x*10^-3)^3 + sin(y*10^-3)^3)) where x is the x coordinate, and y is the z coordinate. This results in a range of 0-50, with the lvl 50s being at relatively small areas about 1500 blocks along some of the diagonals from spawn. This function can be changed to whatever you want, it is in spawnLevelFunctions, the number before the colon being the dimension, so 0:abs((25)*(sin(x*10^-3)^3 + sin(y*10^-3)^3)) is for overworld, and -1:abs((25)*(sin(x*8*10^-3)^3 + sin(y*8*10^-3)^3)) is for the nether (the factors of 8 in this one account for the relative coordinate shift between nether and overworld)

    Wow, quick reply, and with a great deal of information. Thanks a ton! Guess I've got a little bit of tweaking to do.

    One other thing: when testing the mod in singleplayer, I could freely switch moves. Testing on a server now, and outside of battle I can select moves, but during battle it keeps defaulting back to the first move slot. I've checked in the config, and B:autoSelectMoves= is set to false, so it couldn't be that. EDIT: Cyndaquil just learned ember, and is now defaulting to that, so it's behaving as if it wants to auto select, despite the config.

    If it helps, I'm running the latest version for 1.10.2

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    posted a message on Pokecube - Revival, adding >800 pokemon to minecraft

    I absolutely love this mod. I find it brings pokemon into minecraft in a way that fits the game nicely, without trying to force Minecraft to change its core mechanics for the sake of its own mechanics. Very well done!

    Just a quick question, though: is there any documentation for the config files around? A lot of the config lines are self explanatory, but some I can't quite figure out. For example, if I feel pokemon are starving too quickly for my own gameplay preferences, how would I change that? What does baseSmeltingHunger do, for example?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Another issue I'm having is that these surface dungeons with the two chests inside seem to generate a bit too frequently in the world. I don;t want to have such constant easy access to chest loot. Is there a way to make them much less common, or even disabled entirely?

    EDIT2: Yet another. It seems like wild pokemobs' levels scale up with distance from the world spawn, but it looks to me like they only scale up to about 25, then scale back downward as I travel further out. Is this intentional, and is it configurable?

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    posted a message on Lunatrius' mods

    Quick question: With Stackie, can it be installed on the server without needing players to install it on the client? Thanks in advance.

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