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    posted a message on When did these "trolling 6 year olds" channels become so popular? And why?
    Quote from TheRocketCat»

    I don't know. There is a lot of hate for six-year olds, mainly because there's that stereotype of kid gamers being annoying on servers and scream "I CALL HACKSSSS" in chat or something. (Like I said, its a stereotype. Not every kid is annoying.) Maybe this is revenge? Some people are just mean and like hearing others get upset. It doesn't really make sense to me so I stick with YouTubers that do legit mod reviews and games.

    Yeah, I get that little kids can often be annoying online. However, these YouTubers are going out of their way to "befriend" children on XBox Live(usually) and then proceed to permanently mess their world up, and when the child gets angry(obviously), they act flabbergasted. I mean, a lot of adults would probably be quite upset if someone came and destroyed something they've put hours into, why is it so strange that 8 year olds get angry? As you said, it's more that these people themselves obviously enjoy harassing others and then making a buck off of it.

    Quote from Badprenup»

    Mojang does not have any rules about griefing or trolling on servers. A big part of their philosophy is that servers should run themselves. Xbox on the other hand has more specific rules about that kind of thing but even then destroying builds in Minecraft is kind of "iffy" because it is a legitimate part of the game, and more often than not it would probably have to be reported within the Xbox's report system for it to really get to people at Microsoft who do that kind of work. Trying to ban users over YT videos which could be falsified and staged is much more risky than dealing with reported messages and players.

    Depending on the content of the videos, the best bet would be to report it to YouTube directly, as they are more likely to remove videos of people harassing others than anyone at a different company seeing it and taking action.

    I had the impression that "trolling" was against Minecraft's ToS due to the ZexyZek scandal some time ago, but I guess it might not be anymore(or it wasn't in the first place either and I completely misunderstood some things).

    Reporting to YouTube seems like an interesting idea, but I personally doubt it would work - I assume that a bunch of people have already reported said content, and nothing obviously came of it. I might give it a shot, though.
    Quote from onlinediscord»

    Yeah I get no pleasure out of watching them. Sometimes they'll pop up when I leave youtube to autoplay and I always skip them.

    I mean I get it, kids can be annoying, but they're kids. If we expected them to know better we'd let them vote.

    They sometimes show up in my feed too, in fact one did just a few hours ago(and that was what got me to make this thread).
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    posted a message on When did these "trolling 6 year olds" channels become so popular? And why?

    I... just don't get them. What kind of person do you have to be to get kicks out of watching a 20-something year old no-life bully little children over the internet and destroy their hard work? I find it kind of sad that some channels that solely specialize in doing this have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And I'm surprised Mojang/XBox(since that seems to be the prime medium for these "trolls") legitimately just let this slide and don't pursue some kind of action against these people, considering that this kind of stuff seems blatantly against the terms and conditions of both platforms and is giving them a bad name.

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    posted a message on Let it go, it’s time to stop updating
    Quote from Geneo»

    True, however:

    For instance, people love their "shaders" mod. But Mojang can't add that to the vanilla game because some modder(s) has already done it and has the "rights" to it. I bet a vast majority of the things Mojang would love to add to the game is off the table cause some modder has already done it. In essence, I think mods has tied Mojang's hands, and they're left with "little improvements".
    OR mods have made Mojang lazy. "Don't worry, it'll be modded...."

    That's.... not how it works. At all. Mojang can implement whatever content it wants, even if there is already a popular mod for it. The reason you don't see fancy shaders in MC is because:

    1) A very substantial part of the community would be unable to run the game with a decent FPS rate if something like Sonic Ether's shaders got implemented.

    2) It would probably be a very controversial game design decision. MC's current graphics are iconic, and making such a profound artistic change to the game would inevitably upset a lot of people.

    Reason number 2. is also generally why Mojang isn't adding a lot of features you see in mods. The game's basic structure has been set in stone for over 5 years. Sure, a huge amount of content has been added in those 5 years, but all of that content was built within a framework that persists to this day, and which hasn't been changed truly profoundly since Beta 1.8. Suddenly making large-scale changes to the structure of the game would likely not sit well with all players. I mean, look at how much flak the new combat system gets, not even because it's bad(at least in my experience - almost anything is better than the pre-1.8 click-spamming) but just because it changed something a lot of people didn't want to change. And the combat change wasn't even that profound - now imagine if some truly huge changes were made, such as adding magical spells or IC-style industrial development. As I said, a lot of people would not be pleased, claiming that it's not in the "true" spirit of MC.

    That's also the reason that mods are so vital for the game. They make the game incredibly flexible, and each and every player can shape the game to their "ideal" vision of it. Some players will want a fantasy-themed game with magic and an exclusively pre-industrial atmosphere while others will want to build huge electronics factories and explore space. It is impossible for the base game to cater to both groups at the same time, so such a thing is left to the modders to solve.
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    posted a message on What is the oldest version one could generate a world in that would work today?
    Quote from P3num6ra»

    Back until they switched to Anvil level format I believe, so possibly the newer 1.3 1.2. But you could go eariler since I think Minecraft can convert older file formats to the newer Anvil format.

    I'm pretty sure you can use older versions, due to converters existing in the game itself, as you said yourself. I have several worlds from Beta and Alpha that still work(to some extent), so it's certainly possible.

    Quote from BigAlanM»

    The last time the world generator was changed was with Release 1.7.2.

    Any world created with a version earlier than that will NOT be smoothly integrated with any terrain created with the newer world generator.

    Biomes borders would be quite strange at those locations also since the biome maps for earlier version won't be the same as the one produced with the current world generator.

    Therefore, don't use PCMCv 1.6.4 or earlier, start with PCMCv1.7.2.

    Yeah, I assumed that 1.7.2 is the oldest version one can use and expect the world to stay flawless when changing between versions. However, I'm willing to take a risk and use much older versions, even though world conversion between versions might not exactly be perfect.

    Quote from Da__Doctor»

    I Made a YouTube series about this

    Which one?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    They want to know what the oldest possible version you can play in that can be converted by later versions up to the current version; in other words, they want to start playing in InfDev (or whatever) and gradually update to newer versions, as if they had started playing back then and updated as Mojang released new updates, which I've seen other people do for the fun of it. In either case you'll have biome borders and more (versions before 1.2 did not save biomes with the save data so when you update you'll get funny things like snow in deserts and vice-versa). They even said that they wanted a world generated under multiple versions.

    I know that versions up to (at least) 1.6.4 are able to convert worlds in the MCRegion format, which was introduced in Beta 1.3 (1.6.4 even creates a "level.dat_mcr" file, which is supposed to be a backup made when you convert a MCRegion world, when you create a new world; however this file is no longer present in the latest versions. Of note, if you use NBTExplorer to set the world type to default_1_1 you can get the 1.1 world generator, which was identical to 1.2-1.6.4 except for not having jungles).

    Similarly, Beta 1.3 (at least) can convert Alpha formatted worlds, possibly some later versions (up to 1.1).


    http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Alpha_level_format (this is the format used since InfDev; there is no mention of conversion from older formats)

    Thanks for the info! So, using only Minecraft and it's internal format-conversion abilities, one could go back all the way to Infdev, which is pretty much enough since anything before that is exceedingly primitive and probably not particularly fun to play. However, I'm curious - using workarounds and third-party tools, would it be possible to convert an Indev or perhaps even Classic/Survival test world into the Alpha file format? Even if it exists(which I have a feeling that it does), it probably wouldn't be worth the hassle.
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    posted a message on What is the oldest version one could generate a world in that would work today?
    Quote from Hexalobular»

    Interesting idea.

    Do you have a plan for gradually expanding the explored part of the world so as to have examples of all versions of the world?

    I have no practical experience with upgrading older versions but a changed save format isn't necessarily a problem if the version after the change was written to convert the old format as at least some versions were (though they may have been later.)

    Good luck and enjoy your time travel! B)

    Yep, that's my plan.

    Yes, I think that there was also a save format change after alpha, but it was possible to convert old to new worlds. I think that the differences between Infdev and Indev worlds are far more fundamental and harder to reconcile, though.

    Thanks for your response :)

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    posted a message on What is the oldest version one could generate a world in that would work today?

    Title says it all. I want to do a vanilla survival campaign, starting in a very early version, and then gradually updating to 1.11, but I'm not sure what is the earliest possible version I can start in. I assume Infdev would be some sort of limit, since all worlds before that wouldn't be infinite(and hence, I assume they're using a drastically different save format). If there are any tools that might be useful, do suggest them.

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    posted a message on Your most rage-inducing moment in survival

    Title says it all. What was the moment/event that caused you the most anger and frustration when playing in survival?

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    posted a message on Tents, Alternative To Beds.

    Excellent suggestion, there really needs to be a way to sleep through the night without changing your spawn point when going on longer journeys/expeditions.

    Also, the tent would be pick-uppable when destroyed, I assume?

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    posted a message on What is your luckiest moment(s) ever?
    Title says it all. What was/were some of your moment(s) in the game that involved a huge amount of luck?

    Two of mine are:

    1. Fairly recently, crafting a fishing rod early in the game(when I didn't even have iron tools yet), going out to fish, and one of the first things to catch being an Infinity bow with almost full health.

    2. I was exploring a ravine. Since a large part of the ravine's base was lava, I thought that it would be easier if I travelled along the ledges near the top. Now, these ledges are, of course, unlit, and they have several(also unlit) cave openings on them. So I'm walking along and suddenly I hear the dreaded hiss. I turn around to kill the creeper, but I didn't have enough time and it exploded.

    Now, I didn't really care about the damage from the explosion(I had full iron armor), but I did care about the huge friggin lake of lava below me that I started plummeting down towards. Just before I fell down in to the lava, however, I actually managed to land on a tiny, 2*1 ledge in the lower part of the ravine. Had the explosion been just a little more distant from me, or had it catapulted me just a little more left or right, the outcome would have been... bad, obviously.
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    posted a message on Nostalgia and More Nostalgia..
    Don't get me wrong, I love the new versions of the game, but I can't help but miss the old versions.

    I occasionaly start up the pre-Halloween update Alpha and play around a bit in it, but instead of quenching my nostalgia it usually just makes it worse. It makes me remember things that you cannot relive - the "newly discovered game" feel, the regular updates from Notch(and the very fact that Notch was developing the game at the time), the community, and you also can't play mods from that period(despite the fact that they were a big thing even back then).
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    posted a message on Pyramid of the Sun
    Wow... Impressive... Downloading right now - from the pictures, it seems awesome.
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    posted a message on Creepy events in Minecraft
    You copied the 'creepy music' part from this thread?


    Which you replied to less than an hour ago?
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    posted a message on WHY OH WHY 1.8! [The Good And The Bad!]
    Quote from Secrowe»
    1.8 is sorta good, but some new features I just wonder in my head: WHY OH WHY. I mean sea lanterns?Seriously? We already have glowstone, redstone lamps and night vision potions. Second of all, why do we need lapis just to enchant? I hate to mine and you need to use xp just to enchant too, so lapis is sorta just another thing you just HAVE to find. But why in the world do we really need armor stands? Sure, it's a cool way to show off your brand new diamond armor, or your lucky feather falling 4 boots but otherwise there is not really any point to it at all. Lastly, probably the least most annoying feature actually, sea temples. The ocean has always been so.. boring. The only use us minecraft players really had for it was getting water, not usually squids and to find islands or get to the mainland. But ever since the new ocean mobs came out the ocean was at least a tad bit more interesting. There's a new place to get some loot and a new ocean mob more interesting than a boring squid!

    Even though 1.8 has it's flaws, I like some things too. This doesn't really interest people but since I really like to build with stained clay, I can just mine it out of of a desert temple! Also, I really like rabbits and it's about time we got some use for carrots other then all the obvious uses. Red sandstone is ok but ever since I got minecraft, I've been wanting different colored doors and fences. The designs for the doors are weird but they are cool too. The fences and gates will take time getting used to for me though. Slime blocks I really like because they are sooo much fun to jump on, since I am to lazy to download a trampoline mod. Lastly, I am a fan jump potions and a little bit of granite and all those other blocks. Jump potions are awesome because before, I could only get that jump boost from a stinking beacon, and trust me I hated fighting that wither. Granite and the other blocks sorta just spruced up mining a bit, so all you mine isn't some random ore (well I would obviously think of diamond ore as boring) and stone. Now you got 3 other blocks you can find in a cave. Well thats it for the good things.

    All in all, 1.8 is a 3 and a half star rating of an update. Some items and features aren't really needed but others were creative and awesome! Post your opinion below! I want to know what you think of 1.8 too!

    1. Sea lanterns - Just because we already have blocks that do the same function as a new block doesn't mean the new block shouldn't be added. That's like saying "We have dirt, we don't need any more building blocks!". Even putting that aside, I STILL don't understand why some people have problems with the game getting new blocks purely for the sake of variety.

    2. Lapis - This was put in to both make XP farming less easy(but not totally impossible) and to finally give lapis a use. You hate to mine? Sorry, but why in the world did you buy a game called "Minecraft" in the first place, then?

    3. Armor stands - Again, so what if it doesn't have a non-cosmetic use? Many of us always wanted to put armor decorations in our castle hallways - in what way do armor stands negatively affect gameplay?

    I mostly agree with the rest. I give 1.8 4 and a half out of five stars, the half star gone since I feel it didn't have any sort of focus, unlike previous updates(just my opinion, though)
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    posted a message on Admins and mods
    Because they are useless, take up space on the forum and keep misinforming people.
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    posted a message on Need help with getting older versions back
    Grimekos- tried, but didn't work

    Kaval- yes, I have, and I get the same result.
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