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    You are a magically gifted person, or just a gifted person. As your peers have discovered your abilities, they have convinced you to join the Knights of the Dawn. The Knights of the Dawn are a secret society sworn to protect and defend the seven sanctuaries and the preserves across the world. You decide after much pestering by your friends to join, deciding for your own reasons to do so. After asking around are given a piece of paper with an application to join. The basics of what the Knights of Dawn do is that they form individual groups formed of humans with special capabilities. These humans band together to defend preserves of mythical creatures and Sanctuaries. The group you are placed in is a group of humans with magical abilities. Your job is to go around to Sanctuaries and protect them from a looming danger that resides there. It could be as small as a larger monster being out of control to a powerful demon who needs executing. You will be accepted by filling out the application given to you thoroughly and carefully, especially if you are of rare folk. Please carefully read each of our formalities listed before the application page and agree to them.
    1. No metagaming, or powergaming/godmoding.
    2. No controlling NPCs. Admins and mods are excused from this rule .
    3. We all start at the same level skill wise, with each character understanding their skills, but not yet being adept with them.
    4. The character positions are listed from least power, to most powerful. Please remember the more powerful the character, the more detailed the app.
    5. Please put “Fairy Queen” in the Other section of the application so I know that you read the rules.

    Forum Name:
    Character Name:
    Skills (If you are a regular human, skills include anything from potion brewing, to knowing a magical language):
    Appearance (This includes clothes.):

    Humans (0/4)
    Humans generally don’t have any special abilities. Although, those who are aware of magical creatures usually have some sort of skill. These can be anything from knowing how to peacefully handle creatures, or how to brew potions to combat them.
    Skinwalker (1/2)
    Skinwalkers are humans who have the ability to shape-shift into certain animals.

    Character Name: Alicia May
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Skills (If you are a regular human, skills include anything from potion brewing, to knowing a magical language): Being a skinwalker, Alicia is capable of turning into entirely and or halfway, a white tiger, a small snow owl, and white seal.
    Appearance (This includes clothes.):
    Personality: Alicia can be quiet most of the time, interacting with few people as she carries a lot of baggage from her past, but she will smile and laugh with people. She is rather excitable around those she knows and is happy to interact with the people that she knows. When she fights, she's rather grim, not liking to fight after having seen what it can bring. She prefers being a tiger, then owl, saving a seal for when she needs to go underwater.
    Strengths: Agility and grace are what she relies on the most when a seal and of owl, relying on strength as well when a tiger. She can't use weapons very well, carrying a small knife only as a backup though she can hardly wield it at all.
    Weaknesses: weapons, but she is also restricted from changing to any animal beside the ones listed. She's rather claustrophobic and has a low pain tolerance in human form.
    Biography: Alicia was born into a village of skinwalkers, being accepted and loved easily. The village acted more like a pack than a village making everyone close with everyone. She grew up, being trained to change, but not how to use her animal skills and talents.
    Alicia was one of seven children, her family being very large and always kind towards one another. They would play, switching from animal to animal to human for , biting and scratching playfully all day long and be content. The adults would hunt, watch the children, and protect each other.
    When Alicia turned seven, she witnessed the death of her entire village as it was destroyed by poachers. She had been living on the savannah grasslands, peacefully, until the men came with hunting gear and shot or stabbed every skinwalker there was that defied them. She witnessed her eldest siblings being killed as well as her parents and the older people in the village. All the children were take prisoner, to be sold to different buyers who would either kill them for their animal qualities to sell, or keep them as pets. Alicia escaped when an older sibling of hers helped give her the chance, then watched as they were killed as punishment.
    She fled, running as far as she could, searching for a place to stay and get help. Years passed as she traveled, learned languages, and learned about her world.
    Weapon: claws, small knife
    Other: fairy queen

    Dragonbrother (2/2)
    Dragonbrothers are similar to Fairykind, however they are connected to dragons. The can speak with dragons, and are not afraid of them. They are also faster and stronger than the average human.

    Forum Name: Greywulv999

    Character Name: Alex Whiteclaw

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Skills (If you are a regular human, skills include anything from potion brewing, to knowing a magical language): Being a dragonbrother Alex can talk to dragons. Besides being stronger than humans Alex has minor abilities over fire. He can't melt a sword or blaze his entire body but creating small fires in his palm and controlling other smaller fires is something he can do.

    Appearance (This includes clothes.): About 6'1" with short choppy hair that he always wears a beanie over. His eyes are bright violet. He has a little stubble along his face and through his left eyebrow is a small scar. He likes wearing a plain t-shirt maybe with the word of a state on it. Usually he wears this with jeans.

    Personality:Alex is incredibly cocky. He believes there is nothing he cant do. He isn't like this all the time, he mostly becomes this way with people he isn't incredibly close to.

    Strengths: Whilst fighting he likes to heat up his hands to burn his enemies as he hits them. It doesn't help incredibly but it can distract them.

    Weaknesses: Well he is cocky like i said. This leads him into stupid situations that he sometimes can't get out of without the help of others. This hurts his ego.

    Biography: Alex grew up in a sanctuary/haven which was full of dragons. It was called Willowwind and he loved it there. His father, a wizard, married the caretaker of the haven, his mother, Julia. Alex suspects that because of his fathers past it is the reason why he is a dragonbrother. He never really saw why people were so scared of the dragons. They seemed perfectly natural in his world. Like a higher version of a human. Now that he is old enough he wants to find out more about the dragonbrother kind. And also more about the dragon of which we know so little.

    Weapon: A longsword completely metal. Including the hilt so that his power can heat the sword.

    Other: Fairy Queen

    Forum Name: Hero_of_Mythra
    Character Name:Mark Emberstone
    Skills:He has excellent skill in Heavy weapons and armor, handling Broadswords and Plate mail with ease,being a Dragon brother.
    Appearance (This includes clothes.):

    His main features are his striking blue eyes and Dirty blonde hair,he also has softened features and a Healthy yet slightly skinny build.


    Although his Cape is slightly more toned down

    Personality:He's friendly, trying to make a good situation on anything.
    Strengths: Heavy swords and armor, other than Dragon brother powers.
    Weaknesses:If he tried archery,he would shoot the person behind him.
    Biography:He was a baby when unknown parents left him to die in a dragon sanctuary. Two dragons took him in,Feeding and Teaching him.His father taught him to Hunt and recognise certain creatures, While his mother taught him the Finer points, like Reading. Soon after,the caretaker caught him trying to Take some meat from his Kitchen. The caretaker taught him English and how to use weapons. One day, a representative from the knights came for him,and after a couple hours of travel,he's here.
    Weapon:A huge Broadsword.
    Other:Fairy queen. He's a Dragon Brother.

    Unicorn (0/1)
    Unicorns are magical creatures who derive their powers from their various horns. They all have a human avatar.
    Shadowcharmer (1/1)
    Shadowcharmers are humans that are connected to the dark magical creatures. They can speak the languages of trolls, undead, etc. They are immune to magical fear, and in small areas of light can become near invisible. Also note that all Shadowcharmers have their own unique ability.

    Forum Name: Gyutop
    Character Name: David Rose
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Skills: All basic Shadow Charmer skills, along with being able to generate, summon, and control ice at command. This includes emitting a cold aura around his surrounding area. This is his Shadow Charmer ability unique to himself.
    Appearance (This includes clothes.): He prides himself in keeping himself looking good. He often wears suits of varying colors, and often a hat, such as a fedora along with it. That is only when not out on adventure, though. When on an adventure, he wears jeans, tennis shoes, and a plain grey shirt with a black vest over it. He also has a belt that has a few various survival tools in it. He has green eyes, and black hair that he spikes up in the front.
    Strengths: Becoming a Shadow Charmer requires one very important skill. Courage. David has plenty of this. Along with that, he is very confident of himself, having become a Shadow Charmer increased his confidence tenfold. He's willing to do anything if it helps to protect a preserve or the Knights of the Dawn.
    Weaknesses: Because of his courage and confidence, he can often be brash and daring. Because of this, some people think he's arrogant, and have trouble getting along with him. And of course, another barrier between him and people is that he connects better with creatures of the dark instead of humans. He also can have a bit of a temper. He doesn't necessarily let it get out of hand, but he is easily annoyed. It seems like the only person he really connected to his sister, Sarah.
    Biography: He was born in the preserve of Seafare. His mother was the caretaker, and his father often helped with whatever needed doing. He and his sister, Sarah, grew up in the preserve. They both know plenty about taking care of a preserve. The lived rather regular lives. Well, as regular as they could. David always wanted to get out, and see the world, whereas Sarah was more interested in the affairs of the preserve.
    When their mother died when they were 17, the choice was obvious to take over. Sarah did it, and David took over their father's duties. For about five years, they worked together. Through the whole five years, they let their father live with them, until he died of old age. Now they were left by themselves, and Sarah began looking for help. As danger around the farm increased, David became more brash in his protection of the house. He knew the monsters were trying to test the two young lings running the preserve, and David wasn't going to let them win.
    One day, they caught word from a fairy that there was a loose wraith bothering some of the more peaceful creatures on the preserve. With his katana, David set off. he soon found the wraith, and struggled extremely to fight it. Through perseverance, and sheer luck, he defeated the wraith. In the process, he became a Shadow Charmer. For another five years, he lived on the preserve, not knowing what he was. When it was discovered by him talking to a troll in its native language in front of Sarah. She immediately knew what he was, and told him to join the Knights of the Dawn.
    Weapon: He uses his Shadow Charmer abilities, and often carries with him a sheathed katana with him in case his skills won't protect him.
    Other: Fairy Queen

    Fairykind (0/1)
    The Fairykind are the handmaidens of the fairy queen. They can see in the dark, command fairies in the queen’s name, and speak and read the fairy language and the languages derived from it.
    Wizard (0/1)
    Wizards are former dragons who have given up their dragon form, and remain permanently in human form. Because of this though, all their power is channeled into extreme magical energy. They use various spells to command and summon different types of magic.

    Sanctuaries, Preserves and Their Keepers
    Magivale - Robert Talin
    Willowwind - Julia Farnswo
    Pumpkinmedows - Steven Elendor
    Fairy Forest - Mr. Smith
    Seafare - Sarah Rose

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    ((A decision has been made on the Children of Zeus applications. I am only aware of Wulv's, Juliet's, and Nerd's. If others applied, please tell me ASAP. Well, here's the verdict: Wulv, you have had problems in this RP before, and need to show us that you have gotten past them. Denied. Juliet, you already have two characters, and we are a bit worried it may cause for 'scattered' RP. Denied. Nerd, your application seemed well put together, with obvious effort. It is clear you scooted away from the norm, and did your best to create an original character, who still resembled Zeus. Accepted!))

    "Our cabin?" He scratches his neck. "Isn't it MY cabin?" He had been left behind staring at the arena, and had wanted to go there, until she said it was closed. He walked quickly after her, not wanting to get left behind. For the first time in a while, he realized that maybe he 'liked' a girl. There was something familiar about her. Maybe it was just that their godly parents worked together in the Underworld. He blushed, but pushed it away, unfortunately not in enough time to hide it from Ivory if she looked his way.
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