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    posted a message on How to get started * For game illiterate Mom of young player *

    I think this video will be perfect for what you're looking for:

    It explains a Youtuber's settings that may be ideal for you to follow along. Why? Well, typically Youtubers have settings set for their own advantage within the game. In the video, it shows what his settings are, he explains why he sets them, and what they do in relation to the game. Now, this video is also perfect because it shows a finger cam (A camera showing how he moves the character with his fingers instead of just showing the screen recording). This is ideal so that you can learn finger placement and a bit of understanding on how to access the game's UI.

    And yes, this video is created for the same version you're playing on (Bedrock Edition - a.k.a Pocket Edition; which is basically the code name for what device you're playing Minecraft on - Android).

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    Must we get our own gear to slay the beast?

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    posted a message on CanNOT grow trees underground??? What gives?

    Trees need direct access to the natural Minecraft sun, without it, it's impossible.

    If you want to plant trees "underground", then you should probably dig a ceiling roof that reaches all the way to the surface and place glass blocks as the ceiling (as it's obviously transparent). You'll still get an "underground experience", but it could be ruined due to the now-present sun rays.
    Sorry fam. :steve_tearful:

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    posted a message on How to move villagers to your houses?

    Use Emeralds...

    (Not really though. LmA0)

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    posted a message on Rip Minecraft Forum (.net)

    Not Today.
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    posted a message on i need help

    You are playing on the version 1.11.4, which during this update, did not have this feature you are describing. This feature came on the update of 1.14.

    So, if you want to do the "crouch of 1 block height", then you'll need to play on 1.14.x; otherwise, the feature will be ahead of the version and be non-existent to the 1.11.4 version.

    Although this feature does exist, you'll need to play on a more recent version to have access to it (being 1.14.x).

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    posted a message on How to optimize villager trades.

    Truly, what you are looking for requires elevation in your realm. You'll more than likely will need plugins to do this. Since it's a realms server, this will be more of a hassle to achieve. Trades with villagers are random but have their own boundaries to prevent complete randomness (in regards to their profession and prices). Some items are impossible to trade with villagers, and some are possible, yet rare.

    You'll need to have luck on your side to accomplish this as not all trades are possible. A player cannot determine whether a villager will have an exact trade, but a player can get a consensus as to what the villager's trades will be (Ex: Blacksmith will have a more likely chance of selling a sword than a farmer, etc.)

    You cannot be certain, but you can be familiar with the concept. Getting "OP" trades in vanilla is almost impossible without the plugins to do so. It's truly a gamble and if you don't have spawn eggs for these villagers, it will be way harder to achieve.

    Good luck on your market, and if you need a solution, look no further than plugins.

    Xiao. :nssnss: by Drazile12

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    posted a message on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Resource packs

    Good question. You can, but if the world you are joining requires you to use a certain texture pack, the world will nullify your texture pack. If the world has no set texture pack, you can use whatever texture pack you want. Just know that other people won't see the textures you see and that you can't upload worlds with texture packs, the player has to download it themselves too in order to be on the same page in regards to texture packs.

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    posted a message on Just bought minecraft from the microsoft store how do i get mods to work?

    Not much you can do other than buy Minecraft again. Maybe you can hope for future updates that Windows 10 Minecraft will have some sort of link with the website's Minecraft. I feel bad, but you should always research what you buy before you get it.

    Good luck! :eatenalive: by Cynips

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    posted a message on Bug

    Então você deve obter um telefone compatível para Minecraft, isso não é um bug. :bookflip: by MineWarCrafter

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    posted a message on How to get started * For game illiterate Mom of young player *

    Well, I will give you a few tips and explanations on what you're confused about (that you've listed), but I highly recommend watching videos that go down to the basics of minecraft. Visual representation is a key necessity when learning how to play minecraft and it is time consuming before you can become a Minecraft "pro". Granted, when I was learning how to play Minecraft, I actually started on an off-brand Minecraft copycat, but as I started experimenting, I started learning. Experimenting is also another thing on your part you should try on your part as you start learning the basic interface of how Minecraft works and its relation with other in-game mechanics.

    Minecraft Vitals- This includes the player's health levels, hunger levels, and armour levels (if you want to count that - but I won't since I don't have enough time to explain).

    Health levels determines how close you (the player) are to death (grim, but true). In minecraft, your health vitals are represented with red hearts. Each heart represents two life points (or HP; which stands for Health Power); in total, the player has 10 hearts (each representing 2 HP) which adds up to a total of 20 HP (the minecraft basic amount). Once your HP lands to zero, the player (you) die. You can take damage from mobs (monsters), falling from a large height, potion effects, hunger (if you starve to death), suffocating in a wall, drowning, other players hit you, and more. You can regenerate health by making sure your hunger is full or by drinking potions and other items.

    Hunger levels is the same thing as Health except, well, it's your food levels. This determines how close you are to starving. The player must eat in order to stay saturated and not die of hunger. Staying fully saturated also helps the player regenerate health (if the player has less that 20 HP). You can eat by killing animals like sheep, pigs, cows, etc. Or you can start a farm and plant potatoes, wheat, carrots, and more. You lose hunger points by using up energy or regenerating health. The player uses up energy when he/she mines, builds, sprints, regenerates health, jumps, etc. You won't know how much energy you're using (as Minecraft doesn't show this), but you can determine this by seeing how fast your hunger bar depletes. The faster it depletes, the more energy the player is using. It's important to keep yourself saturated and eat foods wisely as some foods can fill back more hunger levels than others (Ex: Steak > Berries).

    There's a lot more to discuss about Minecraft and how to play games in general, but I must stop here before I end up writing a novel on how to play Minecraft and basics of every other game. For now, I suggest you watch these videos and experiment for the time being. The more time you spend on the game, the more familiar you're going to get with it.

    1. Watch these videos:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgjO8sOmQrM (What is Minecraft?)


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8AT01tuyrk (Basic Principles of Game Design)

    1b. Optional:
    (This one is to see how to get from just starting with your built home to a several towns or even a city - A let's play in other terms).

    2. Experiment with the game; see how the game works (you can do this while you watch the videos too if you want).

    3. Search up any questions you may have or ask here again on the forums.

    4. Play the game (not experimenting anymore).

    5. Repeat (from steps 3 - 5).

    Good luck and enjoy Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Who gets the credit for killing the ender dragon?

    Ok, when you kill a mob, there are experience orbs (as everyone knows).

    Say a player hits a zombie twice with an axe and leaves the zombie at two hearts. You barge in the fight and manage to punch it to death and get the ["Monster Hunter"] achievement. The player who killed the zombie gets the theoretical "claimed kill" even though the other player did 90% of the damage. The orbs go to the person who did the most amount of damage if they pick it all up first.

    In this scenario, it is classic Minecraft game functions; the orbs went to the closest player, and the player who slayed the zombie with the final hit, got the achievement. Simple. For your scenario though, it is different. How so? Well, what stuck out to me in your reciting of events was this:

    "Either due to server lag or some other problem, he didn't see the xp fall and that being his reasoning for why the orbs suddenly went for him."

    Server lag could've played a big role in this scenario; however, we do not know this for sure (unless we review server traffic, the player's connection strength, player ping (in ms), server TPS, and player FPS). On the other hand, orbs could've fallen (as normal) and your friend happened to be in the right location at the right time (maximizing the Exp drop for him/her) or that they simply picked up the most amount of orbs - this would be the logical answer. But, if your friend didn't see the orbs fall, then lag could've played a role to a point where he/she would be "teleporting" 4 to 5 blocks per second picking up a lot of the orbs before you could. By teleporting, I mean as in lag spikes for the massive amount of exp that dropped onto the ground. Connection could've played a big role here, but it is uncertain.

    Your friend is wrong on his excuse of getting the most amount of exp for his damage ratio. I think it was simply that he/she picked up majority of the exp drops. Now, I am wondering, did you see the exp fall? Or was it the same as your friend?

    This is my belief.

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    posted a message on Just started playing again and have no clue what's going on

    You should definitely check out some of the latest contraptions, redstone hasn't changed much since the last two updates, but there are tutorials for redstone bases, key combinations, sorting systems,walking houses, faster redstone computers, and more.

    If you read about 1.14.x update, there are pillagers and raid systems. Definitely check that out, and maybe build a containment unit around a pillager outpost for infinite exp and good enchanted crossbows. There are also a few new block interaction updates like how you can make heart of the sea "turrets" and such, but you should just read the update notes and test them out.

    Also, mind that you should totally make a 1 block high house you can live in. They are really cool and only require one block high to live in (previously impossible). There are also new slabs and blocks so try building something with that. And last thing, when you crouch, you can fit in 1.5 block areas (or 1 empty block with a slab below it (I just thought you should know that too).

    There are a lot more things to check out but, I cannot fit it all within my desired time slot to answer your question.
    Good luck, and keep exploring veteran!

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    posted a message on Recruiting! [SurvivalCraft - Anarchy Server]
    Introduction (To Server)

    IP: SurvivalCraft.xyz
    This is a Vanilla Anarchy Minecraft server, created to provide players with complete freedom to play the game the way the developers originally intended. There is a large emphasis on our community growth, so we can facilitate both people willing to form alliances and conquer together, and those who want to go it alone.

    The Server has the following:
    - Players have complete and total freedom to do whatever they want!
    - Very little human moderation -- only in severe circumstances do they take action.
    - Vanilla settings and world generation.
    - Absence of commands that take away from the survival experience!
    - No world resets!

    Join us now at IP: SurvivalCraft.xyz

    Main Purpose

    I am looking to create an group or counter-team on this server with the goal of taking down the server's largest empire.
    This group will be selected based on commitment, skill, and behaviour.

    Acknowledge that the server isn't too large either, which means that I am also looking for player-base in this community. I personally believe that creating a conflicting group will not be easy; however, I am willing to look for the perfect team, but not merely a team, a bond to say the least.

    This team's goal for this server that I will be creating is to conquer the largest empire by ratio.

    The personal goal I have for this team is to create a team bond where we can log on and work together to create name.


    What you think this group or clan will be about:
    What you wish to gain from this:
    What are your talents (e.g. Redstone, PvP, Scouting, etc.):
    How often will you be on:

    I acknowledge that this may also be linked to another topic, but the goal was to bring player-base to this server. Also, meet me on the server if you see me; SilentHunterX
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    posted a message on ZetaCraft I SMP I 1.14.2

    IGN: SilentHunterX

    Age: 16

    I would love to be a part of your community. I feel that SMP servers really get administrators to grasp the needs of specific players and often times they play the game with the players with actual player-like mentality over grander servers where Admins mostly look for rule-bypassers rather than adhere to player wants/needs specifically and play with the community.

    I hope I get accepted, thank you for reading my opinion on SMP servers.


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