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    posted a message on Farming Valley 0.9.5 - Alpha Testing - Looking For Applicants

    IGN: SilentHunterX

    I want to be introduced to new modpacks and servers, my old servers are just not cutting it with the same old same old genres and stuff. Maybe this will be my antidote, who knows?

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    posted a message on how do youtubers play very good

    ^ Based.

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    posted a message on New Hermitcraft/SMP Themed Server!

    Minecraft Username - SilentHunterX

    Discord User Tag - Silent#7429

    Post YT/Twitch/Whatever Platform? Yes/No & Link - I might get back into uploading on my Minecraft Channel

    Minecraft Skills - Building, redstone (some), and Terraforming by hand. I can also build sky islands pretty well too.

    Age - 16

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    posted a message on This Minecraft ad in the Stockholm Subway - 200IQ

    That's some real money spent there.

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    posted a message on Diagonal lighting glitch

    Based ^

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    posted a message on Diagonal lighting glitch

    Try a different shader or update your Optifine to OptiFine 1.12.2 HD U C7, that should be the start to discovering your diagnosis. If those don't work, then the solution will more than likely just get technical. Or reload the shader if you MUST use that shader pack for that specific texture pack.

    It shouldn't be from your texture pack, if the shader only does it for your texture pack, then maybe the source problem will be from there. My best guess would be that you need more transition lightnings in the texture pack, not sure.

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    posted a message on What would you do to make 1.15 better?

    This may be old news for the minecraft community about the 1.15 "Bee Update" so far, (Note that if Minecraft does add stuff to 1.15 other than Bees, the title is subject to change) but it has come to a bit of a bummer as an update. It is a little too early to criticize Minecraft at the moment since it is a snapshot, but for an intro for 1.15, this was not the greatest introduction to 1.15.

    Others would argue that it is a neat concept, the bees are something new and added a much anticipated update adding more mobs, but I would argue otherwise. Don't take me wrong on this one chief, but the bees was an okay update, not as good as the previous updates for sure. In general, Minecraft could use a better update than just a new mob that can primarily be sourced for food and decor, etc. My general statement and purpose was to find out what people would personally want to see in Minecraft. It can be a bit wacky, or it can be a bit more realistic to what Minecraft would more than likely add.

    So, to delay no further, my question is, what would you do to make 1.15 a "better" update as a whole? (Yes I know it's just a snapshot, and for clarification, when I mean better, I mean as in a more intriguing update).

    The question is solely opinion base, no one is right or wrong in the discussion, so please don't shamefully criticize others' responses just because it sounds a little 'way out there'. For all we know, any of these responses can be added to Minecraft with enough support and general community attention.

    My answer to my own question:

    If I wanted to make Minecraft 1.15 future update a "better" update for my attention, I'd say I would want some kind of new world generation in the nether (e.g. New ores or new and scarier mobs - that are unique of course, or a new build generation), I would also want a new feature in dolphins where you can tame dolphins to ride them and have a custom saddle for them (details for this one will be excluded since I've elaborated this idea before in a previous post - go check it out through my profile if you want), and lastly I'd probably want some kind of "mini dimension" that requires a sort of ritual to access. These additions would just be phenomenally legendary to me, ngl.

    For the nether world generation and such, I was thinking about having Mojang add a mob that can throw blocks at you and explode on impact. The explosion strength for blocks would be similar to tnt used on a stone and would increase or decrease based on block explosion resistance (The base parameter for such measurement would start with netherrack and would have intervals set for every other block), for player damage, I'd say 1 health point at a 6 block radius from the projectile explosion (w/o armour) and 7 health points with direct impact (w/o armour - 0% resistance). The projectile speed would be of 15 - 20% slower than a skeleton arrow and the mob's movement speed would be similar to a creeper charging at you but 5 - 10% faster. This mob can slingshot and stick to walls, and would only have 15 health points. It's appearance would be a mixture of a magma cube and an enderman but the mob would have a thicker body and would be 2.5 blocks high. This mob would be hostile and has a attack delay of 2.5 - 3 seconds. The mob would drop anywhere between 0 - 2 gold nuggets, 9 exp points, and 0 - 1 of the new ore I want added - unsure on the %s of loot droppings. Also the mob can deal 9 health points (0% resistance - no armour) if the mob slingshots into you (mob will slingshot if you are in sight and around 10 blocks away, or if they want to run away in a sense). The mob can slingshot a maximum of 15 blocks and will slingshot 8 blocks per second when slingshotting - when in the air. The mob will take 2 - 3 seconds to charge up a slingshot, giving the player enough time to prepare.

    This new ore for the nether would be a material used to make a special type of equipment - I'm thinking throwing darts that will deal around 6 health points, and 2 ores and a stick all in a diagonal row pattern will make 3 darts. The ores are of rarity similar to iron but maybe slightly rarer - 2 - 4% spawn decrease than normal iron ores.

    For the new nether natural build generations, I'm thinking like a mini temple that will spawn 2- 4 of these new mobs and will have items like a dungeon but can contain this new ore (23% chance). The mini temple will have around 3 chests and the new mobs will spawn on a sort of balcony that will have view of the entrances. Made of a new block as well and maybe a mix of nether brick, idk.

    Dolphin ideas and concept link: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/suggestions/2982102-ridable-squid-and-turtles#c2

    Mini Dimension, similar to how in an older version of MCPE (0.5.0) with the nether reactor core, well this mini dimension will probably be the same of sorts. You make an "access portal" using a similar method, activate it, and be transported into another dimension that will provide lots of gear and new building blocks, and more of the nether new ore. (Also the mini dimension access portal could probably be accessed by crafting the needed blocks with the new ore or something to provide more useful uses for the ores). And you activate it to get in and the only way out is to jump back in to a grounded portal (similar concept to end portal after the ender dragon is slain). So yes, you can get stuck in the dimension and no, the portal cannot be broken, which will weary players who are cautious from venturing too far out, but challenge those daredevils to explore further. So keep tabs of the portal back home or die to get back to the overworld.

    Just food for thought, if Minecraft saw this, developed these concepts to be even better and more sophisticated rather than the vague explanations I've given, 1.15 would be a legendary update (for me). But obviously, Minecraft wouldn't have time to develop such concepts considering 1.15 can be expected to be released in the following 1 - 2 months; September or October; November the latest but that's just stretching it at that point.

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    posted a message on PointsMC - Looking for Staff to make this dream into a reality!

    IGN: SilentHunterX

    AGE: 16

    TIME ZONE: [MST] Mountain Standard Time; UTC - 6

    DISCORD ACCOUNT: Silent#7429

    HOW MANY HOURS CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE A DAY: Approximately 4 - 6 hours daily.

    WHY DO YOU WANT TO HELP: I'm interested in the overall concept of the server. I see potential in such community concept and would see it fit for myself to incorporate myself into such activity through helping the server's activity, motivation, and present current ideas I may already have to the table. I want to help not only for the server's wellness, but for the experience of it all. The journey's process is a portion we all need to intake and remember as it can show us where we came from and where we are now.

    - Ex-Moderator for Lifeboat,
    - Retired Builder for Hyperia
    - Community Leader for TuroCraft
    - Helper for OrionCraft
    - Retired Head Admin for MChat SMP
    - Recruiter for Infinity Dark

    WHY PICK YOU: I believe my ability to negotiate proper enforcements, previous knowledge, an opportune spirit, and motivation to help the server would make me a head candidate for a staff position. I've taken a short break from Minecraft servers lately and would like to head back into it. I've been able to deal with situations under pressure in this source of work field especially in larger servers. Over the years of moderation, community management, and devotion of time and ideas for servers, I've come to realize that this journey has made me proud. I wish to expand my list of servers that I've helped out in order to show other servers, "Hey, I can help you out if need be". I believe that this would be a goal I've set in future and would only be accomplished though morale and ethics. I am not strict or stuck up, but will be when the time and scenario calls for such. And with needed motivation and schedule, I can become an asset that will boost the server, not for me, but for the team as a whole.

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    posted a message on People are using x-ray texture packs on my 1.14 server, and I'd like to know how to detect/stop it.

    Understandable, have a nice day. B)

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    posted a message on New FTB Infinity Modpack Survival Server

    -IGN: SilentHunterX

    -AGE: 16

    -Where are you from?: Canada

    -How much will you be paying on the server?: 4 - 5 days per week* - Depends on schedule, but it should be stable at 4 - 5 days per week with some hours here and there.

    -Do you agree with the rules?: Yes. and I will abide by them.

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    posted a message on People are using x-ray texture packs on my 1.14 server, and I'd like to know how to detect/stop it.

    What is this server's IP address? Just curious as to what server this thread is about.

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    posted a message on Simple sugarcane auto-farming

    Lovely, thanks for making a little sugar cane make that needs 4 of every material. This will surely be easy to remember!


    Also, this mech is stackable and expandable right?

    I'm pretty sure it is, but you didn't elaborate on that so I'm a little curious. Anyways, neat project and you should totally post on here more often! You've only posted once on forums and I'm pretty sure people will like to see more of your builds and work (even if it has already been built before).

    So yeah, nice for me to be the first person to ever respond to you. B)

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    posted a message on Ridable Squid and turtles

    Nice idea!

    I'm not sure about the rideable squid and all because the player would easily outweigh the squid (theoretically based on mass and size) and the squid's propulsion of ink would probably be reduced by slightly over 50%.

    I do however, since we're talking about squids, think that maybe they should be "tamed" in a sense, not so much that they can be controlled (like dogs and such) but just for iconing breeding and such. They would be fed fish and would have two stages of growth (like most passive mobs) which would be youngling and adult.

    I do like your idea of having a controllable ride animal, but this case, I think dolphins would be a better candidate if that and that the armor would have some kind of horn coming from the head region of the armour. On top of that, since dolphins are mammals, you would be able to see how much air bubbles they have when the player dives under water whilst on the dolphin so the player has to be cautious not to drown the dolphin while exploring that way they don't end up drowning it while diving underwater.

    OOh and maybe the dolphin can be recalled by a player using some kind of whistle.

    Why is this so? Well, here's why:

    • If a player ventures underwater and leaves the dolphin still in water, the dolphin would idle and drown to death. So the dolphin would probably swim around whilst maintaining oxygen. The dolphin would swim in a general area where the player last left them and could be recalled by a player using a whistle. As long as the player is within an x radius of blocks from the dolphin and is near a water source, the dolphin will swim near to the player when recalled using the whistle.
    • A whistle will ensure the non-idle dolphin can be easily recalled and not wander off too far away that the player loses the dolphin forever.
    • A whistle can also be used to do a stunt when the player is riding the dolphin.
    • If the player is underwater, the dolphin will swim to the player rapidly and wait for the player to get back on. If the player fails to get back on with a certain amount of time, the dolphin will swim back up to "regen" its air bubbles.
    • The dolphin cannot be recalled if the dolphin has low amounts of air bubbles and is regening this value, otherwise, the player can spam the whistle and kill the dolphin while at it. Consider this to be sort of like a cooldown.

    These are just some ideas as well, not expecting inclusion into Minecraft as a feature, but I really think this concept would be a little neat addon for a possible next future update.

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    posted a message on new bug in the game

    This might be a resource pack error or resource pack file corruption.

    Luckily, as you can tell, it doesn't affect the gameplay in any severe way, but it just might be a file corruption or error. This really wouldn't be classified as a bug as it isn't a distributed bug that happens often to players who do select actions and in return, Minecraft "bugs out".

    In your case, I would try to fix this by:

    • Reloading the texture pack you were using. This can be conducted by selecting another texture pack you have and equipping that as your texture pack. Exit your world, then exit Minecraft. Following those steps, enter Minecraft back again (same version) and before you enter your world, revert back to your original texture pack and then enter the world. This may or may not work depending on the files (if the texture file is really messed up or - if it works - it was a simple error in the world).

    Portion B:

    • If that doesn't work, you can check if the Minecraft files for Enderman Eye Textures are intact and normal (Enderman eyes have a different texture file than the body itself).
    • You can also completely rid of Minecraft and all files associated with it and redownload a fresh copy of Minecraft.
    • You can instead use a different texture pack or an alternative texture download (if it is of the same texture pack you were using, the default pack, it can be found online).
    • Or lastly, you can just ignore the white eyes of the Enderman and just called them Enderbrines from now on. B)
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    posted a message on Nether Update

    I agree, the Nether should receive an update. The Nether in my opinion (as well as most other Minecraft users) should receive an update in structure, mobs, items, and ores.

    I really like the food concept of your post. It would be an interesting update portion if the food gave some type of themed buff for the Nether (like how Chorus Fruit has teleportation upon consumption of the food item - similar to that concept). I was thinking some Absorption and/or Fire Resistance possibly. This would be a nice addition as this would bring a long a new form of meta for minecraft PVP and PVE, but to avoid an over-subacute amount of broken gameplay, there would be a small chance for a small amount of wither effect ( 1- 2 seconds - like a spider eye almost but with a smaller chance of the negative effect).

    Why add the negative connotation towards a new food item? Well, this is to remind players of the 'hell' of a place that the Nether is - pun intended.

    Ores, I was thinking for a type of tool or building material. Not sure what the ore would be, but if this was the case, I would probably add it for one of those two services.

    Mobs, I was thinking of adding some kind of ground sporemite or something in the "pests" category, just to make the nether a little less bland. Maybe these little guys spawn from broken blocks or nether wart farms,

    For structures, I was thinking of like a Nether Temple guarded more heavily with wither skeletons and such with possible loot like enc. books, ores, and maybe an occasional skull in a chest here and there.

    These are some basic outlines for my principles of the update on the Nether, I don't think any of them will be added, but just to post personal opinion out there; that would be nice.

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