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    posted a message on Build Team: Textures123, Our Build Team needs builders, we will pay you.
    Founder: Grow5K
    Head Builder: None
    PLUS+ Builder: None
    Builder: None
    Builder: NitronFX
    Builder: 1Deadskull
    Builder: None
    Builder: None
    Builder: None

    Where a Build Team that's works for servers and builds lobby's, hubs and more for them.
    Were in need of builders, so I hope you could apply for a builder position. We will be paying builders
    if there doing a nice job, The first build were going to do is a spawn we will upload that spawn to the
    minecraft forum, If we get downloads and likes we will go on big/small servers to build.
    You will have to have a screenshot of your builds, It dosent matter how old you are only things that matter about
    you is your building and how mature you are, but you can still make jokes.

    In Game Name:
    How mature are you to 1/10:
    Skype Or Email:
    Screenshot of a build:
    Why should you be apart of the Build Team:
    Why do you want to be builder?:
    How much money do you expect?:
    Anything else:
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    posted a message on FNAF Roleplay Server <Need Builders> Duedate 6/2/2016


    Welcome to are fnaf roleplay forum, if you want to apply to be a builder to make the maps

    you will have to make an application. To do that please read the rules for the application

    then you may apply, please use the format.

    Application Rules

    Must have a microphone

    Must have skype

    Must be over 12+

    Must have played all fnaf games

    No lieing

    No more than 1 post

    Application Format



    Have you been a builder on an other server:

    How long have you been playing minecraft:

    Image of an build:

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