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    posted a message on Better Player Models! (Knee and Elbow Joints)
    This would add nothing to the game, while ruining a rather iconic figure of Craftmine. Nobody's gonna go "oh hey, that guy has lots of joints, he looks like the Craftmine dude".

    I don't see a need, at all.
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    posted a message on How Complicated Will Smp Become
    Well, your conclusions are flawed, no matter which way you come at it. Some measure of security is wanted and needed to build safely. It's not like everything becomes super-regulated, it's mostly just a screening check to make sure you're not an asshole or a greifer.

    NOTHING like the government and security problems associated with America and the Westernized world. Let's not go there, this is Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Weird cross in ground?
    The terrain generator does throw out a fair few crosses, but no more than any other terrain feature.
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    posted a message on Need inspiration: shop ideas
    Blacksmith, lumberjack, valuables (gold/lapis), perhaps?
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    posted a message on pigs as veg pet alternatives
    Actually, no. He does state that pigs, in real life, apparently make good companions, and why not in MC too? It's not the SOLE reasoning, but it exists, and the idea COULD work if implemented properly. So **** whether or not you like vegans, and let's talk about the IDEA. Pig Pets.
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    posted a message on pigs as veg pet alternatives
    Look, it's not for you to tell people how to live their lives. If OP wants to do this, then that's his call, and he's making a decent suggestion. At the very least, pigs would be an interesting choice as a pet. Don't be such an ass about it.

    What the hell does being a vegan have to do with owning a carnivorous pet anyway? The wolf isn't vegan. What's the problem? Nothing.
    You've gotta kill pigs to get pork to feed them. Not very vegan.

    I'm not entirely sure how taming pigs would work, but it's not a terribad idea. Elaborate a little more on the mechanics, and sure, why not?

    Also, OP, I'm sure the modding community would be more than happy to lend a hand. I think there are already mods that let you do similar things.
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    posted a message on Craftlands: Survivor
    Well, the minor emergency is kinda a big one now, and with that, a job, and me taking my prelim-HSC's, and one actualy advanced HSC course, I've got **** all in the way of time. The story is NOT over, not by a long shot, and I'll drop back in every week or so to let you guys know that I am STILL alive. If I ever do plan to drop this, (and I don't) then I won't just leave you guys hanging, I will tell you, and probably post all the work I have, along with a semi-summary of where it was heading. But that's a worst-case-ever scenario, and not likley.

    Quote from Zaijian »
    This is an amazing story! you're missing commas in places, but that's okay, I still love it! XD :Diamond: for you

    And I usually have too many commas :tongue.gif: Thankee for the diamond and the tip.

    Quote from Cupcakescankill »
    Sorry, I'm lazy :SSSS:

    So there's this guy called Hurly and he's being chased into the wild by some assasins. Shenanigans ensue.

    Quote from Gunnar120 »
    "Crackly.... like dry leaves" :SSSS:
    "Happily shitting on my crops" :Pig:
    These are the sentences that made me actually laugh out loud.

    Well, I wasn't going for comedy, but I must admit, in retrospect, that last line does give a chuckle. Glad to see you enjoy!

    Quote from Robert C »
    Pretty good. Keep it up!

    Will do! Slowly, but I will!

    Quote from Gunnar120 »

    Bumping is apreciated a lot, but not needed. Don't feel obligated to do this, I'll try my best to keep this semi-alive.

    Quote from nanoman172 »
    i LOVE it
    i have a suggestion. or 2
    on one day, he should find reedstone, and on another, he should encounter and befriend a lost baby slime
    many diamonds for u
    [Diamonds go here]

    Redstone, perhaps. I'm not entirely sure how he would deal with it, as he's not an intelectual/logical thinker. But a slime, almost definatley. Thanks!

    Quote from awopcxet »
    can you make a day 13? plz or i will do this
    burning notch then yummy

    Erk! No need for violence! I'll get to writing as soon as I can! :tongue.gif:

    Quote from roff13 »
    IMO, i think u should write about a dungeon or the nether next... if not, keep on writing, cuz...

    Thanks, man! Dungeons and the Nether are slated for future exploration, if only breifly. He's not as much of a miner as one would think, but they will appear.

    Quote from musicalangel »
    This is fantastic! Please continue it!

    I used to write fanfiction for other interests (Phantom of the Opera and such) but I never thought that minecraft fanfiction would be any good, or could even be written. After reading yours, I am very interested in this type of fan fiction, and after searching for some hours on the forum, I have yet to find a fanfiction that even holds a candle to your expertise of wordcraft! (see what I did there? :biggrin.gif:)

    But all joking aside, your skill in detail is astonishing. It has been a long time since a story has grabbed me so! I reached the end and found myself ravenous for more! Please please please, continue with this story! I will be waiting quite impatiently for the next installment :iapprove:

    Good luck, friend!

    ~musicalangel ♥

    Aha! Many thanks for the extended response! Fanfiction is indeed a rather delicate balance, and I'm not entirely sure I balance on that particular tightrope properly, I at the very least cling desperatley to it, I hope. If you take a look at the Chroniclers (or perhaps Chronicles, I forger) of Minecraft thread, they've got a lot of stories there that are, honeslty, amazing. It's a brilliant thread, and I'm proud to be included in it.

    I will indeed continue, and I'm glad that you're enjoying it so far!

    Quote from Gidding »
    I just voted for Die in a hole! because it sounded funny XD

    that's sorta why its there. Also to keep the trolls away from the other options.

    Quote from le_alouette »
    A well written story!! Keep up the good work.!

    Indeed! More is forthcoming. Forthcoming like... something slow but anticipated..... like... christmas? I don't know. But it's coming. :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from Gunnar120 »


    So, more IS coming, and I greatly appreciate all the feedback! Just hang in there a little, and make sure you enjoy yourselves that little bit extra, just for me. Or something.
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    posted a message on Which Minecraft logo do you like?
    The new logo is kinda tacky. I really thought the old one just worked, it fit with the game, and it even used block textures from the pack you were using. This just looks bad, especially when you fullscreen the game. The whole "the A is a Creeper" thing is probably the only good bit, and that's not worth a logo change.

    That said, the old logo wasn't really the sort of look you'd use to market a game. This one looks more markety, and since it's gonna be sold and ported, you've gotta have something more universal.
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    posted a message on Mo creatures
    Quote from TheSporeGA1 »
    You have just had the most Epic Section FAIL I have seen yet.

    Be properly constructive.

    OP, try posting in the Mo' Creatures topic. That's where the guy who made the mod is, as are lots of peoplle who use the mod. At least one of them will be able to help.
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    posted a message on Forum Suggestion
    Redstone is actualy no more than logic gates, so going to any forum about that would suffice.
    Also, not enough demand for it. There are tutorials, and tips and tricks, but they all are in the beta singleplayer, and are easy enough to find.

    There's not much to talk about, though. There's some neat stuff, but that fits in under construction. Doesn't need its own subforum.
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    posted a message on Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea - An idea for Oceans
    Well, hey, welcome to the forums.

    First off, even though the in-forum search is broke, it's still possible to search the forums by typing this into google:

    site:minecraftforum.net ocean

    Replace ocean with whatever you want to search for. Search well and often, because chances are, it's been thought of before.

    This thread: viewtopic.php?t=67089&f=1 is a mega-thread all about oceans. It's got everything you've suggested and more, so go contribute there.

    And never post a thread that you intend to finish later. Finish it FIRST. Please.
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    posted a message on Crop-harvesting Scythes- why and how they are needed
    So, you really just want to make farming, already the easiest part of the game, even easier? This isn't in any way needed or useful. The hoe works fine as a grass-tilling implement, and i'm really of the opinion that farming should be HARDER.

    If anything needs to be added in farming, it's flower/pumpkin seeds and watermellons, but there's threads for that.
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    posted a message on new creature
    First off, to search: Type this into google: site:minecraftforum.net mole (replace mole with any term)

    Second: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=60741

    Third, OP, you were completley out of line. Posting like that, and an attitude like that, WILL get you banned. Especially being so new to the forums.

    So everyone chill.
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    posted a message on Your bday world
    Not DDMMYY? Also security, indeed. We're going to track you down and rape you becuase we know your birthday.
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    posted a message on Did I get lucky twice? Or is this how minecraft works?
    What's happening is that the save isn't being deleted properly, and you're getting bits of your old world show up in your new one.
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