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    posted a message on Bukkit Officially Joins Mojang!
    Yess yes this is great news! :smile.gif: Hopefully multiplayer will be a lot more streamlined in the future, that's what's put me off it occasionally!
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    posted a message on Minecraft News; Winning Your Own 3D Print
    Option 1: There is genuinely nothing happening in the world of Minecraft and writers are being pressured for articles so 3D printing is a good one to milk for content.
    Option 2: The 3D printing company is owned by someones brother/friend/pen pal/aunt, or pays for these articles.

    In any case, surely no news is better than 3D printing news at this stage?
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    posted a message on My Crafting Complaint
    No wiki = need a guide. The game doesn't have any sort of introduction/help/mercy unless you have a wiki, so some crafting help is definitely needed.
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