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    This is nice!
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    posted a message on NEED PROFESSIONAL BUILDERS!! <3
    Professional builders? I'm pretty sure none of us are getting paid to build in minecraft lol.

    Root word, profession.
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    posted a message on YouTube RPG Server is looking for expert builders! Get noticed!
    I'm watching this topic. I will post an application when I get some pics of my recent work!
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    posted a message on Do not read this if you play with dirt
    This sounds like just the server I've been looking for!

    Info about me + pics in this topic:

    I have been improving fast, in my opinion. I have much more to show you than what it in that topic. I will try to show you some more recent screenshots of my work that I am quite proud of :biggrin.gif:

    Some of my recent work includes: an entranceway into a medieval village, and an unfinished small medieval mansion.

    IGN: Greenzoid2

    "This isn't impossible, I just have to try 99999 more times to get it right."
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    posted a message on Some of my first houses
    Quote from GRxRyder

    How old are you first? Lol. Edge of Eternity is 17+ you can click my banner to get to the thread but if you're over 17 I'll just whitelist you and meet you later maybe so I can show you to my island. I'm working on an island town that's RPG-styled. So, you'd have a lot of say in the project. :biggrin.gif:

    ah. I'm only 15 lol. Oh well :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Some of my first houses
    Quote from arkangel916

    Nice. Very Good.

    Thanks :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from GRxRyder

    I like the creativity but the first house looked a bit plain, you might wanna add a little more or change a bit. I'm not that great at building but I can help you with RPG builds if you want. Just lemme know if you have a server we can meet on or you can help with gathering supplies on the server I'm admin for.

    Sure, I'd love to help you on your server. Just pm the ip.

    And yea I know the first one was kinda plain, but I don't like to change my finished work, so maybe I'll try it again another time.
    Quote from Hungrybear8

    I think those are fine examples of great architecture in Minecraft. They may not be overly big and epic, but certainly show some talent in aesthetics and design. Well done!

    Thank you!

    Quote from 5argan

    the later houses are fine, but as others said already, the first house looks a bit plain.
    try to vary materials more or break up big walls (for example with more windows etc).
    Make your buildings look 3d. Do not build a plain wall but give it a shape other than a line/circle.
    You could also try to furnish your stuff or add gardens or whatever.

    Hope I could help you :wink.gif:

    and btw: these houses are much better than my first ones (that was on survival tho but still :smile.gif:)

    Thanks :smile.gif: These aren't really my first houses, but the first ones where my goal was to make something that actually looked good.
    And I'll try to keep your advice in mind next time I build. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Some of my first houses
    I have just recently come back to minecraft after not playing for about a year. Since I've come back I've been playing almost every day. I have been looking through the screenshots forum looking at everyone's amazing builds, and I decided I wanted to learn how to become a good minecraft builder. Here are some of my first attempts at building aesthetically pleasing creations(all houses so far).

    Wood/brick House:
    I made this house while using the default texture pack

    glowstone block ceiling/floor looked a lot better in default XD

    Went on youtube and looked up how to build medieval looking buildings. Here are some that I have created:

    My very first attempt at this style:

    Second house of this style:

    I decided to go bigger. I am quite proud of this one, hopefully it looks good to you guys.

    Please tell me what you think. I want you to be completely honest, because I am looking to improve.
    If you know any other styles that you think I should try please tell me so I can look them up.

    Oh, and I see a lot of people put the texture pack into their threads, so here is the one used in these photos:

    Cr3ative 0ne's Medieval Texture Pack
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    posted a message on My fortress-style city [WIP]
    Nice! I couldn't build anything legit. I just don't like survival mode that much, I've always used mods and now creative mode.

    Can't wait to see this turn out in the end, but it's already looking great!
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    posted a message on Kaligenous Kingdom
    This is really nice! Looks like you put a lot of effort into it. Things like this are the reason that I spend most of my time in this section of the forums :biggrin.gif: I've been browsing these forums long before I made an account.

    By the way, I watched the whole video. Just amazing! I hope you continue to build and continue posting them on the forums!
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    posted a message on Swag Craft |No Whitelist| |Full 1.1 Update| |World Guard| |World edit| |Voxel Sniper| |24/7|
    Hey, can't wait to make a few builds on this server. I am currently trying to become a better all around minecraft builder, and I am hoping to find some people who can give me good advice here.

    Looks like a great server!
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    posted a message on Help build up an ingame nation!
    I'm sure there are some griefers who roam these forums looking for threads like this.

    But anyways this sounds pretty cool, and I've been wanting to build my first city for a while now :biggrin.gif: Maybe this is the place for me. I'll check it out next time I play.
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    posted a message on | Arcadia Games | HUB 1.7.4 | Survival | Creative | Vanilla | Anti-Grief | Survival Games | Join + Play! | Forums |
    What is your Minecraft name?

    What is the recipe for a Bookshelf?
    I have no idea. I have a feeling that this is a test to see how much survival I've played and I should know this..

    What do you like to do in Minecraft?
    In creative mode, I like to test my creative abilities and try new things. I like to learn from my mistakes and improve myself.
    In survival mode, I like to gather chests full of resources for other people to use when building amazing things.

    Were you referred by anyone?
    No, I found the thread when browsing through this forum.

    Do you agree to abide by the Rules and the Building Guidelines?
    Yes, I agree to the rules and the building guidelines.
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    posted a message on NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE (308L X 128W X 155H) -Survival -No Mods
    I've always wanted to do something like this. But I know I would get bored by the time I mined enough resources to build the foundation.

    Nice work Swervish! I just read the entire thread from page 1 to here!
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    posted a message on Large City with Roman/ lower Renaissance theme (Wip)
    This is nice, I can't wait to see the final build! :biggrin.gif:
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