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    Currently Taken :3

    I am not an owner of a server and am NOT recruiting staff for one. I am simply applying for staff on a

    server; read the thread first...

    Ign: GreenLizardGamer

    Age: 14

    Language: English

    Time Zone: Central Time

    :DH: Experience as Staff: :DH:
    I have performed these roles:

    I started as a Helper on a server and over a period of 6 months I was gradually promoted to the staff role Admin.

    Very knowledgeable when coming to events
    I learn very quickly
    Good at configuring plugins
    Moderate Builder, Excellent in some cases
    Determining punishments for rule breakers

    :stair: Positions applying for: :stair:
    :DH: Admin :DH:
    Why am I cut out for this position?: I relies how much time and effort it takes to be an Admin and how much leadership it will require to preform this duty as Admin, I know a lot of things need to be done with this job, but I got time and the capabilities to take care of it all.
    :IH: GM :IH:
    Why am I cut out for this position?: There are some things Mods shouldn't be worrying about, In that case I will be performing the tasks that are required for your expectations for a GM. If its events it will be done with enthusiasm, and diligence. If its building it will be done with a cheerful attitude and at a moderate building skill level.]]

    :LH: Mod :LH:
    Why am I cut out for this position?: Chat moderating is very important, just as important as plain old player moderation. Rule breakers can be dealt with differently, I will deal with them individually varying on what rule they broke.

    :Diamond: Skype username: :Diamond:

    :Bench: What will I bring to your server?: :Bench:
    I will bring a great deal of help for your server by keeping watch for those morbid rule breakers and dealing with them with the most suitable punishment. I will be an active staff member that will help build and bring a source of new ideas and talents to your server.

    :GP: Plugins I am knowledgeable of: :GP:
    - Bukkit, Essentials -
    - iConomy, EssentialsEconomy -
    - Group Manager -
    - Vanish, MobDisguise -
    - MobArena, Catacombs -
    - WorldEdit, WorldGuard -
    - Basics of VoxelSniper -
    - Towny -
    -AnCasino -
    - and much MUCH more! -
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    Got some referrals from some friends and would like to play on your brilliant idea of a server.
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    Good work guys, and here's a building I made just for you guys called "Crafter's Club"

    DOWNLOAD (Its the building you first look at, and you might find other buildings but they were apart of a failed zombie map map, same as title)
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