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    Quote from tipjar3

    will it be done soon?

    Short answer; no.

    I haven't been able to sit down and really work on it. I do have terrain.png up to date, but all new gui elements haven't been touched yet. To anyone who uses my pack on a regular basis, I'm sorry for all the delays. Tell you what though, I'll upload a temporary version tonight with what I have done so far. I'll put up the link in this post, so keep an eye out. Please don't use this version in videos, reviews etc. as it is not an official release. Thanks

    Here ya go:
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    Quote from tipjar3

    are you gonna update the mobs and armor

    Yes. Armour is done, excluding chainmail, but I'm waiting for 1.3 to upload another release. Mobs are most likely next, little by little. I got distracted by working on custom water for a while when I should have been focusing on mobs... And to make matters worse, water is back to the drawing board anyways.
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    I've worked on armour this week for the first time and all except chainmail are (what I consider) ready. We'll see how that goes. I wasn't going do anything to chainmail, since you can't obtain it normally and I never use it, but I think I'll edit it anyway at some point.

    I've been fussing with the grass texture, trying different things while still trying to preserve the original design from 2010. Can't quite get the proper balance of contrast for what I'm trying to do even after trying a handful of different things, but what I have so far is suitable. I've also changed the enchantment glint overlay.

    Other than that, I'm waiting for the next release of Minecraft to come out so I can work on new textures. I don't bother with snapshots anymore since content/textures tend to change without notice. I'll be including the new armour in the next release, as well as updating screenshots and the OP.

    Quote from OneWingedPie

    I really love the look of this, consider it downloaded, +1 too you!
    too bad that for every good pack there always seems to be 3 simple or default edit packs
    Thanks Pie ^^ hope you like it once you've tried it out. About simple packs/edits; with a little sifting, there are a lot of gems to be found here.
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    To anyone who downloaded the May 9th release, please delete it and download the May 23rd version 2 release (Download link is in the OP).

    Having been fed up with a few bad textures, I've spent the last two nights making changes. I don't usually touch the textures for grass and stone, but I needed to add some more visual stimuli to them both, however subtle. It helped. Due to changing stone, I also had to change other blocks that rely on the stone texture; ores and stone half steps. I played around in the past with the steps, trying to make them patterned or otherwise different, but I think I like the way they are, so I worked with that. The new steps embody the original design, but are sharper looking and not as eye-hurtingly bright :)

    Added a little depth to birch planks. They're no longer flat looking.

    Changes to desert shrubs and sandstone bricks make deserts not suck anymore. It's pretty fantastic.

    The decorative stone brick block has a complementary blue border making it look quite good with the green and purple tones in strongholds.

    Pictures of the new textures can be seen under "Images" on the first page. Take a look, but first prepare your retinas for a grand feast.

    Quote from Oceans_Man

    I did download my version, however sadly I don't have time to play mc any time soon :(
    I will be away for 3 months, so if you feel like slacking a lot, now is your chance. Apologies for being unable to give opinions on things at this point, if I had the time I'd gladly do so. This place just needs more attention really.

    In any case, have a good summer and hopefully I'll have time again after. I'll try peek in here every now and then as time allows, I expect magical things when I return! :P

    Gone for 3 months?? T_T Now who'll provide quality feedback for $9.95 a post? I mean, really, your rates are super reasonable. ;)

    It's a good thing you didn't have time to check out the pack for 1.2.5 v1, because it stunk. Let me know when you're back and I'll whip up a new OM version for you.

    You have a good summer too!
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    Pack is updated for 1.2.5!
    Download link is up in OP, check update history for changes made. Images will be posted later to reflect new blocks and edits.
    Sorry for the hiatus everyone.. now go and have some adventures!

    Quote from Oceans_Man

    That is all :3

    heh, you got me :) Check PM for your version, but if you could also check out the main pack and tell me your thoughts on the sandstone, that'd be great. Trying to find a balance between the natural and decortive blocks.
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    Quote from Oceans_Man

    See what's wrong there?
    Nudge Nudge

    Always the great motivator :)

    I stepped away from the pack for selfish gaming pursuits (I’m looking at you, FFXIV!) but the desire to continue is always there. I had completed redstone lanterns and the new planks, but hit a creative wall shortly after. I’ll upload something for 1.2 this week, even if it’s not ready.
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    Quote from Forever A Troll

    Last time I checked(I believe it was Beta 1.8.1) these were entirely unused.

    If that's not good enough for you, feel free to take a look at the code yourself. :smile.gif:

    :smile.gif: Nope, that's good enough for me. Nothing water-related used them when I looked, so I had a feeling they were unused. Now to unravel the mystery of the first three water splash textures... I should really look at the code for these things.
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    posted a message on The All-Inclusive Guide to Texturing
    Great job on this much needed guide, steelfeathers!

    This is what I wished existed when I first started editing textures and needed to know what every part of an image was used for, before having to meticulously test them myself. Thought I'd lend a hand with particles.png.

    Particles.png with numbered blocks.

    Click the button below to see the explanations of each of the textures!

    Row 0:

    00/01/02/03/04/05/06/07 = Smoke particle animation. Progresses from right to left. Used for placed torches and redstone torches, fire, lit furnaces, TNT explosions, mob and player deaths, mob spawners, blazes, bones given to untamed wolves, lava embers (see 31) and brewing stands.

    -00/01/02/03/04/05/06/07 (static images) are used for the particle effect around portals and Endermen.

    -00 is used for the particle effect within water, and around bedrock and mycelium.

    Row I:

    10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17 = Water/rain splash particles.

    -Only 13/14/15/16 are used for rain splashing on the ground/water surface
    -Only 14/15/16/17 are used for splashing water (from player, mob or item), and when wolves shake dry
    -I thought 10/11/12 were once used for splashing, but have not been able to locate them in 1.1.

    Row II:

    20 = Bubble. Appears when water is splashed, or player is drowning
    21 = Fishing pole bobber

    Row III:

    30 = Flame. Used with torches, lit furnaces, monster spawners, magma cubes
    31 = Lava ember. Jumps out of lava; also uses smoke particle animation (See row 0)

    Row IV:

    40 = Note block particle
    41 = Critical melee and bow attack
    42 = Enchanted attack

    Row V:

    50 = Heart. Appears above animals who are being bred or tamed

    Row VI:

    60/61 = Unknown (Need verifiable source as to whether they are used or not. Introduced in Beta 1.4. (They are NOT used for water splashing, wolves shaking dry or rain splashing on the ground).

    Row VII:

    70 = Water/lava droplets (Falling from the bottom of blocks with water/lava directly above them)
    71 = Water/lava droplets (Forming at the bottom of blocks with water/lava directly above them)
    72 = Lava droplet that has fallen to the ground

    Row VIII:

    80/81/82/83/84/85/86/87 = Status/potion/splash potion effect seen around players/mobs and thrown splash potions. Progresses from right to left.

    -Refer to http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Potion_effects for which potions create effects and their corresponding colours.

    Row IX:

    90/91/92/93/94/95/96/97 = Splash potion effect. Progresses from right to left.

    -Not mentioned in the wiki article (http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Potion_effects). As far as I know, as of Minecraft 1.1, only thrown splash potions of healing and harming use these sprites.

    Row X:

    A1/A2/A3/A4/A5/A6/A7/A8/A9/AA/AB/AC/AD/AE/AF = Standard Galactic Alphabet for letters A to O (left to right). Appear when enchantment table is near bookshelves.

    Row XI:

    B0/B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B6/B7/B8/B9/BA = Standard Galactic Alphabet for letters P to Z (left to right). Appear when enchantment table is near bookshelves.

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    posted a message on [16x][1.9]【Jungle Ruins】[DISCONTINUED]
    This pack is bursting with originality and creativity. It really is the best collaboration pack I've seen. Truly exceptional work you guys.
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    Looks nice. I'm using it.

    Quote from chaoslel

    I really like the GUI

    Quote from Forever A Troll

    This pack needs more love. :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from Helzarck

    Very interesting. It's colorful and nice. Good work.

    Quote from BlueBananaz123

    Wow! Those textures look great! It looks especially smooth for a 16x 16 texturepack. Really well done!

    Quote from eikkapeikko


    Quote from grar

    dis is purdy!
    me like!

    When I decided to see how the thread was doing, I wasn't expecting all of this support. I don't know what to say. Thank you so much!

    Quote from lordofsax

    Man, this is beautiful. Packs like this (original packs made by passionate artists) are why I keep texturing and keep looking 'round these forums. I just wish that the forums had a screening process so packs like this weren't lost in remixes and x-ray packs.
    I will certainly be keeping an eye on this pack :biggrin.gif:

    I agree with your sentiments completely. It can get frustrating when all you see is waves of remix and x-ray packs flooding the forum but it makes finding genuine art that much more rewarding. I love that feeling of clicking on a thread not knowing what to expect and then being blown away by the quality and design of some original packs. Speaking of, what you've created so far is looking quite excellent. I look forward to seeing your continued work :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from Croco15

    Great pack! I love how detailed and original the textures are. The cobble is my favorite out of every other texture pack, I love the variation of brightness. Seriously, great job. This pack deserves way more attention. I'll keep my eye on this. :wink.gif:

    I only have one problem with the pack. I personally think that the half-steps are way too bright. Compared to everything else, they look really out of place.

    That means a lot coming from you, :3 I'm honoured. Grimpack is one of my undisputed favourite packs of all time.

    I can see where you're coming from with the half-steps. I'm sure if I made an alternate for them they would blend in better, mostly for builds that incorporate them with stone blocks as part of architecture and stairs. I've never really had a problem with them since I've seen them as a decorative white stone block that I use for accenting various things (also, I'm not exceptionally good at building. Definitely not my strong suit). I also like how there's a progression of light to dark between half-steps, stone and cobble. I'll have to play around with them and see what I can come up with.
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    posted a message on Minicraft - Mining Made Easy, Deceptively Engaging Concept
    To anyone having issues with the game not loading at all with the web link version (when the page just appears as a black screen), and you use Firefox with Adblock or Adblock Plus: Go into your options for Adblock and uncheck "Show tabs on Flash and Java". Restart Firefox and try playing it again.

    This may not work for everyone (You may have additional plugins installed, for example, that also interfere with Java), but it should prevent a few headaches for some.

    If all else fails, download a different browser just to use for Minicraft. Before I found my fix by fiddling around with various settings in Firefox, I had downloaded Safari to see if the game would load at all, and it did no problem.

    Now go and kill that Air Wizard!
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2.5] Grn Magic Texture Pack (May/23/2012)
    1.1 update available for download. Added language support icon and spawn eggs.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2.5] Grn Magic Texture Pack (May/23/2012)
    Updated again. It's now 1.0.0 v3. Changed lapis lazuli, lapis block, and changed clay back to red. Will edit the image on the OP eventually, and add a few full res screenshots.


    Quote from Oceans_Man

    Thanks for the suggestions! While making your edition, I ended up using a few elements from it that I may not have stumbled onto otherwise. It's funny, most of the issues you've pointed out were on my mind, but I'm so "meh, good enough" about my pack that I just ignored doing anything about them.
    Summary: I'm lazy and stupid :9

    What was the small changes made the last few days?

    For version 2, the only changes were to the brewing and enchanting guis.

    Funnily enough until you mentioned it (well until I saw the new screenshot on the first post) I didn't notice the skull, I just liked the blue glow it had. (Is addicted to blue glowing moons)

    I thought I'd mention it since it looks odd to me otherwise. But the blue I like. Apparently, there's a volcanic eruption occuring somewhere that makes the moon blue every night, haha.

    Ok challenge accepted, can I see them? XD Chances are you didn't keep a copy of them anyways so no worries.

    Those ugly tools have been erased from existence. I even had the hdd they were on incinerated for good measure.

    No need to defend, I was just curious, not aggressive. For some reason the sandstone never looked out of place to me, I imagined it more like an old pottery pyramid kinda brick. Like some old ruined stuff left under the sands of time. I've used the new sandstone for a museum floor (and it's a big museum) but it's not growing on me...

    Never thought you were being aggresive. Nor was I seriously defending. I... am not the most serious person in the world :3 Never take anything I say too seriously. EVER!!! OR ELSE I'LL FIND YOUUU!! See?
    About the sandstone, I did love the old look but I don't get that old ruin feel when I'm underground. I've been meaning to change it to a natural look since biomes started using it naturally. Ch-ch-ch-ch changes.

    As for the clay...I can't walk past clay without digging it up anyway, so it doesn't have a chance to look out of place. I don't want to be greedy and ask for an edited just for me version, and while I would very much appreciate it you seem to be busy enough as is.

    Should you ignore what I said and find time, I certainly wouldn't complain about an edited version with the old sandstone, clay, bricky lapis like the other ore blocks and a redder netherbrick.

    Done and done, check your PM's. Again, I missed the red clay a lot more than I thought I would. It's back!

    ...compared to vanilla texture vines...

    Ahh, gotcha.

    For the symmetry, it wasn't intended as a comment towards the gui, but rather the actual top face of the enchanting table block.

    I think the table looks great, all asymmetrical and whatnot. Mmm, yep, asymmetrical deliciousness. Worried about symmetry? Look at it from a 45 degree angle so the diamonds are vertically stacked XD

    Tl;dr: I like the pack as a whole. But from personal experience, no feedback is worse than bad feedback. Keep in mind this is all personal opinion!

    You're absolutely right, and even though my pack has always been a personal hobby for myself, I realize that others (like yourself) might actually like it too (for some reason). So even though I make changes for myself, others' opinions give me reason to look at something differently, or again, or to just not be lazy. I can promise you that this will be 100% complete one day as it is a goal of mine, so I won't be going anywhere. But because this is a casual hobby, and I'm kind of an amateur, it may take some time to get to 100%. Well, it's already been a long time, I've been working on this since around Alpha 1.0...
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    posted a message on [16x][1.2.5] Grn Magic Texture Pack (May/23/2012)
    The download link is back up! Check it out.

    Quote from Oceans_Man

    Yikes, I've been critiqued! Haha.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll address your points, answer questions and provide explanations the best I can.

    - The moon is very pretty!

    Thanks. I think it looks great when you see the skull face, but a little strange otherwise. But I still think it's swell.

    - The tools look great, I don't know what your problem is D:

    Ok, yes, but you should have seen them when I said they didn't look good... Spent a while working on them. Now they rock.

    - I like what you did with the stone bricks, though perhaps the cracked one is a little too different, then again I wouldn't know how to change it.

    I wanted different. Sometimes it looks like missing or pushed in bricks and other times it looks like a jewel embedded in the wall, or something... It grows on you. Well it grew on me.

    - The nether brick seems just a little bit too purple-y for me, I do like it in a way but not in another, perhaps add some darker reds instead of the purple.

    The purple plays off the red of the netherrack, and adding red to the bricks would make the Nether a red overload. I tried. It looked terrible.

    - I very much dislike the changes to sandstone and clay

    I can defend both of those textures! When I made sandstone, it was back when it was a manufactured block, so they looked man-made. Naturally occurring sandstone (especially when you find a small cave with it on the ceiling and walls) looked very, very out of place with my original texture. Like, it-bothered-me-every-time-I-saw-it, out of place. So I made the bottom and sides look more natural, and styled the tops to be used as ceramic-like floor tiles without making them look out of place in the wild.
    The clay was changed because now that it is much more common, I was getting bothered by the red clay and changed it to an earthy colour. I think it looks quite nice in river beds and swamps now.
    But if you don't like the changes I can always make an edited version for you.

    - Did I mention the moon was very pretty?!

    Yes. Yes you did. :smile.gif:

    - I can't talk about the particle effects much, at least yet since I've not played with those

    Those include: Critical strikes, enchanted strikes, water/lava drip, potion/splash potion effects, experience orbs and I added a gradient to the standard galactic alphabet particles.

    - I like the GUI for creative, very colourful ^^

    I was hoping the wooden building block theme would inspire people to create. My favourite part is the glass marble slider ^^

    - Perhaps a moot point, but your lapis block texture no longer matches the gold/iron/diamond. The brick effect is cool, especially since it's rather shiny, now we just need slabs and stairs...

    I didn't feel the lapis block needed to change. I like that it's just a chunk of lapis. I use it to accent different things in my homes.
    The brick effect was much needed as the ore blocks were so... blah... before.

    - Vines look so much more vine-y, I like. I think the curvyness helps them, look rather purdy on the semi-glossy stone bricks.

    You make it sound like I had vines before this update. :/ confused.

    - A slightly older point, I actually thought the lapis looked cool as a blue bottle, the "drop" just doesn't suit it. Perhaps change it to a blue shiny gem, you seem to like glossy things. Would be purdy!

    Not that my pack makes, or has to make, sense but getting an ink bottle from lapis made no sense! XD
    I'm intrigued by the idea to make it a gem though! Next time.

    - I don't like the brewing GUI, it's a little too contrasting between the blue and the red gradients. Perhaps make the blue a little darker, make the writing black and change the yellow/red gradient to a pure colour. And if possible make the item fields stand out a little more. I don't know how the GUI art works, so I might be asking the impossible (I'm a coder not an artist! :3)

    Well, Mr. Fancy-pants-coder, part of what you ask is impossible; the title text is hard coded. I made the red less red and now it seems easier to see (You should understand that I use my tv as a monitor so I didn't realize it would be hard to see. But that's so shortsighted of me, and now I check everything with the gui option set to small). I also made the areas to place bottles darker, as I cannot make the background darker (It's meant to be shiny glass).

    - The enchanting table...OCD is getting to me with non symmetrical top...aagh. Hyperbole aside, I'd prefer it symmetrical. For the actual GUI, I like the red felty colour. My one gripe here is that the numbers for enchantments don't stand out enough, perhaps reverse the tattered background (flip it around the y-axis), so the darker area of it is on the left and not behind the number? It makes it better or worse, probably best to let you play around with that yourself.

    If you can believe it, I darkened that area behind the numbers 3 times (and it has to be dark. The numbers are not legible otherwise.) So, I fixed it! It's now burnt on two corners and the numbers stand out nicely. And I get your concern with symmetry, I really do, as I have OCD as well (All the cool kids have OCD nowadays). But I like asymmetrical things too, mostly for artistic accents and whatnot. Also there's no way to make that GUI window symmetrical, since the clickable areas are all hard codded. I left the paper out when there isn't an item placed because my goal with the GUI's are to get a general impression of texture and feel when you use them.

    - There may or may not be other things, I've only been on a peaceful server, been building a lot. I assume you've not changed mobs, so it doesn't matter. I won't have seen items you can't get from the creative invent, is there any in particular I should look at?

    Nope, mobs haven't changed yet. And for items to check out, I don't have any in particular to suggest. You should check the spoiler at the end of this post to see what exactly has been changed since July. It's... not a short list XD

    hope you had a good new year and appreciate your work on the pack, it's my one and only (texture pack)!

    Thank you very much. Your dedication to use my pack is mind blowing to me.

    Hmm did you make changes to the mossy cobble? It seems or feels different... too bad I don't have a screeny of the old variant with the pack on to compare. The green seems rather bright, and the block doesn't match the inventory icon anymore.

    Nope, it hasn't changed in a long, long time. Also, the icon in menus is the block (hard coded), so it's always the same no matter what.

    Heh, A majority of this entire post was like a mini lesson on hard coding, haha. :9

    Click the spoiler to see the full update history of Grn Magic 1.0.0 v2
    Grn Magic 1.0.0 v2

    -heart (Edit)
    -water/lava drip particles
    -effect particles
    -standard galactic alphabet (added gradient)

    -blocks of iron, gold & diamond (edit)
    -Stone Bricks
    -ice (edit)
    -clay (edit)
    -iron bars
    -pumpkin/melon vines
    -giant mushrooms
    -pumpkin (edit)
    -cake (previous version)
    -brewing stand
    -end stone and portal blocks
    -enchantment table
    -dragon egg
    -sandstone (edit)
    -nether wart
    -breaking animation (Edit)

    achievement window (bg.png) (edit)

    paintings (kz.png) (edit)


    misc (edits)

    -icons.png (new icons for hunger, experience, hardcore and end dragon health)

    -seeds (edit)
    -ghast fireball
    -clay ball (edit)
    -melon and pumpkin seeds
    -stick and arrow (edit)
    -lava bucket, ink sack (edit)
    -rotten flesh
    -beef and chicken
    -blaze rod
    -ghast tear
    -gold nugget
    -nether wart
    -glistering melon
    -spider eye/fermented
    -glass bottle/potion/splash potion
    -eye of ender
    -blaze powder
    -brewing stand
    -magma cream
    -music discs
    -bow animation
    -all tools and weapons

    alchemy.png (edit v2)
    slot.png (edit)

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    posted a message on [16x][1.2.5] Grn Magic Texture Pack (May/23/2012)
    Quote from Oceans_Man

    So, 1.9 never happened, unless we're waiting for the next 1.9. Guess we'll never see you again D:

    Jokes aside, still waiting, hopefully something will be out soon!

    Haha, yep, see you in late 2012 for Minecraft 2 :wink.gif:

    I swear that I'm ridiculously close to a release. I have a list of things I wanted absolutely done before uploading the pack as I don't like heavily WIP releases. Here's the list off the top of my head:
    -Complete terrain.png (Done!)
    -Complete particles.png (Done!)
    -GUI textures for enchantment table, brewing and creative mode (75% Done)
    -Complete items.png (excluding armour) (safe to assume done!)
    -Moon phases (right away)
    -Various misc textures (probably won't worry about a lot of them for now)

    On top of that, I've redone all of the tools and I still can't get them to look great, and made changes, both big and small, to a handful of blocks and items. Again, I am sorry for the long wait but I do hope you like the latest version when it finally sees the light of day.
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