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    woah good application AdorableIzzy

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    Name: Gray (Yes that is my real name)
    In-Game Name: GrahamCrackersSr
    Discord Name & Number: GrahamCrackers#8177
    Past Experience: I have been Admin or mod on at least 5 servers. 3 of them were minecraft PE servers (Hackerbeware, Firebearcraft, and Yumcraft). The other two were pc servers (Acramus, GTA). I have hosted 2 servers, both minecraft PE, as they are cheaper. I was a builder on one server, and I loved thinking up new and creative ideas with the staff team.
    What position are you most interested in?: Creative Director
    Why would you be a good candidate for this position?: As I said, I love thinking up new ideas with other staff members. I am an artist, I love painting and projects. I, in my opinion, think I am a creative person and has lots of logical methods of creating new ideas. I always try to think realistically, so I try to recommend innovative, crazy ideas that are more than doable. I have a few ideas for a skyblock server. I would really like to implement secret areas or silly environments throughout each island. Maybe each island could have a secret room with a clue or goodies. These are only a few ideas. When I get to know the server more, I'll definitely have more ideas. I really really really like this idea and hope I can be apart of it.
    Is there anything you would like to add?: 1. I am 12, so consider if you really want a 12 year old to be apart of your staff team.

    2. I will not be online very often the first to weeks of June because I will be going on vacation to check up on some things (but I will be online on discord). 3. I'm not really the best builder, but I can build. I would like to help out a little bit in the building aspect a bit, but not anything big as I do not feel I am qualified for builder.

    Oh and my old forums account got deleted so that's why I barely have a background here.


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    Your age:12

    IGN: kinofalamb

    skills building, commands, being silly

    job admin

    Why I should add you i need friends plz lol

    In all seriousness, I would like to join a server to be apart of a group. I have been admin and co-owner on many servers, mostly on PC. I have even hosted my own server for a time, and I'm thinking about doing that again. You should add me if you need someone with experience, activity, and I have sum ideas too :3 (hehe plz i wanna troll sum players too) (nice trolling) Thanks!

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