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    Same problem with iPad Pro. Usually takes a shut-down and restart to clear the problem. Trying to figure out which Apps are not releasing the sound resources for other applications.

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    Quote from nowonmai666

    Goshawk: Do you still have the old version of MCMap? (It will have been placed in the trash when you did the update and should still be there if you haven't emptied it?)

    If you right-click and "show package contents" you can open up the app. Navigate to Contents/Resources/ and you will find a file called "mcmap" (no filename extension).

    Copy the new version of that file into the old version of the app and you will have a working version of the app compatible with both Minecraft 1.7.4 and Snow Leopard.

    Maybe it would be best to also copy tiles.plist and the colour files? I haven't looked into that.

    Thank you nowonmai666 for the help.

    Quote from Voikya

    My apologies. I've put in a fix to return Snow Leopard support. If the 1.6.0 release isn't even starting for you, you'll probably need to download 1.6.1 manually again: http://cl.ly/0w3w2R3.../MCMap Live.zip

    Voikya the link worked for the manual download and the program runs in 10.6.8. Thank for the quick update.

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    First off thank you for the hard work Voikya.

    However after the update I did not have a functional program. (The updater did not specify a minimal OS version before the update)

    Could you make a version of MCMap Live compatible with Snow Leopard 10.6.8?


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