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    posted a message on CTM overlay on custom blocks?

    I've been making a resource pack for use with optifine's connected textures feature.

    One of the thing's i've added is random stone blocks, but now my grass overlay won't overlay onto them.

    Is there a way to fix this? i've tried specifying matchTiles=ctm/stone/0.png etc. but that didn't work.

    My grassoverlay.properties file:

    matchBlocks=coal_ore iron_ore gold_ore diamond_ore redstone_ore emerald_ore lapis_ore podzol farmland dirt coarse_dirt grass_path stone granite andesite diorite cobblestone gravel sand red_sand oak_log birch_log spruce_log acacia_log dark_oak_log jungle_log oak_wood birch_wood spruce_wood acacia_wood dark_oak_wood jungle_wood stripped_oak_log stripped_birch_log stripped_spruce_log stripped_acacia_log stripped_dark_oak_log stripped_jungle_log stripped_oak_wood stripped_birch_wood stripped_spruce_wood stripped_acacia_wood stripped_dark_oak_wood stripped_jungle_wood sandstone chiseled_sandstone cut_sandstone smooth_sandstone
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