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    posted a message on Rezupack - V4.0 now available - [32x to 512x] [WIP]
    This is so beautiful I could cry.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][16x16] NoShades (v0.4.1)
    I don't know why everyone doesn't like this. Maybe because they don't do modern design. Says something about people doesn't it... I like it, The thing is, I wish every block (colour) would take the shade of the lightest piece of shade that is on the block. Take the lightest grey that is already on stone, and apply it to the block. Take the lightest blue on diamond, and apply it to the rest of the diamond. Right now everything is really dark. Maybe it's just me looking at the ores and stereotyping everything else, but that's what I see.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Creative Command Blocks Mod - Adds command block to creative inventory!
    Maybe add a keybind that could do it just with a press of a button? I just do /give GolldenFalcon 137. I don't really find this that much faster unless you don't bother to memorize the item ID.
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    No pics, NO CLICKS.
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    posted a message on MOST SCARY MOMENT IN MINECRAFT!
    Well this didn't happen to me, it happened to a commentator on youtube that i regularly watch. He was playing on one of Vech's Super Hostile maps (#1) He was up on the volcano (like at the edge where you could fall in), mining stone and he turned around and a creeper was at the other end looking around. It was like a 5 block diameter and it was just standing at the edge while he turned around. My heart jumped when it happened.

    "I think part of me just died there!" - PBat (PaperBatVG)
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