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    Hello minecraft forums,

    I am an experienced animator with over 1 year of experience in blender. I have been making animated intros for over 6 months now and I am getting a lot better.. I want to become even better at what I do, and that takes some practice, so I am currently offering to create intros very inexpensively for people. I have to charge money for 2 reasons. First, I only have so much time, and second I get flooded with requests any time the word free comes up.

    Currently I can make 2 kinds of animations:

    3d Text ones like this:

    3d Minecraft ones like this:
    " target="" data-ensure-absolute>" frameborder="0" autoplay="false" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups">
    If you are interested in either type please post below or pm me, and I'll add you on skype so we can talk about what you want. The intros are usually 15$ or more, with text based ones being much cheaper.
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    Look guys , how many times am I going to have to say it. IM NOT INTERESTED IN BEING "A PART OF YOUR BIG PROJECT" UNLESS YOU ARE PAYING. The problem with that arrangement is that I get to do all the work while you sit on your behind and then when it's finished and you upload it and get all the views/subs/credit.

    Oh, by the way. 3 minute long videos are going to cost you over $100 guaranteed. Think that's absurd? Go learn to animate and do it yourself.
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    Name: Michael
    Skype:Mtursam (MineAheadTV)
    Email: I don't really want to post it here
    Skill: I'd say 7-8, check out my work and you can decide
    Blender, Vegas movie studio 11
    About me: I started animating almost a year ago. I began with mine imator but quickly grew tired of it's crappiness :P. I moved on to blender and have been using it since. I am primarily an animator, and I'm pretty good at that. My modeling kind of sucks :P.
    Past work: check out my youtube here: www.youtube.com/Mineaheadtv
    I also am working on episode 2 of my animated series, my profile pic is from that and it's a whole lot better than anything I've done before.

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    Important Update!!!
    This Server is DEAD. It has been dead for a long time now. Stop Bumping this thread. Stop PM-ing me.

    Hello Minecraft Forums,
    Today I am very excited to announce the release of a new kind of hunger games server. I grew tired of your traditional, battle after battle kind of hunger games. To me, that really doesn't capture the essence of the books at all. I want a server where I can try to survive in the world of the hunger games, where actually having to go into the arena is a bad thing, and starvation is a much bigger threat. So, I am hosting this new server because it is something I have wanted for awhile now. It is slow going, so right now the thing I need most is builders. Also, it should be noted that people who help me build will be much more likely to receive admin. If you do not want to help build, join the server anyway and talk to me about what you think of the idea. Getting peoples input on this would be great, and i also want to know how popular this idea is. let me know if you guys like it! I hope this server can grow and entertain myself and anyone else who joins.

    (Server is whitelisted, request below)
    IP: Mtursam.sytes.net:25565

    More In-Depth Description of What the server will be about:

    (Please note that the following is what will occur once construction is finished)

    When you join the server, you will be assigned a district. Once you join this district, you will need to find a way to get food, whether for you that means hunting illegally or finding a job. Once every 2 weeks there will be a drawing held, and 12 citizens will be randomly chosen to compete in the hunger games. The games will be recorded and broadcast on the server's own youtube channel for everyone to watch. The winner of the games will be showered with gifts, and given an apartment in the capital, along with the chance to help design future arenas as a gamemaker. Moderators will be peacekeepers, and there will be a limited number of admins chosen by me to play as a gamemaker and design things.

    Applications for builder should include the following:

    First Name:
    In game name:
    What you have built in the past (pics or links would be nice):
    Have you read the books?:
    Will u play on the finished server?:

    What we have finished so far:

    We have 95% of the capitol done!
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    Quote from wildchild777

    Please don't say Mine-mator again it is a bad program and too many little kids use it and make bad videos.

    use cinema 4D if you want to see some cinema 4D animations check out my channel.

    Look guys, Animation is hard. There is no shortcut and no easy way. You can't just push a button and out pops an animation. It takes time to learn the interface. As wc7777 said, cinema4d is a good program, although expensive. People have also used 3ds max and maya, which are even more expensive and harder to use. Blender is free, and although it isn't n00b friendly if you put in the time you can learn it. Blender produces results that are on par with all the other programs, so don't be put off by the word free. Remember, youtube is your friend.
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    Quote from SpectrumDesigns

    sorry mate, bu im afraid you will never find someone to do this for free. Your out of luck.

    Agreed. I could do it for 5 but not for free.
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    Quote from SouthPaw1337

    Don't sell things on the forums. Just don't.

    Would you care to elaborate?
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    posted a message on Hunger Games Roleplay Survival Server MUST READ
    The person who posted this is nowhere to be found but I am willing to host this if i get some help setting things up.
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