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    Anything new for Criswelvania in 2018?

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    Well that explains it! Thanks, Criswell, and good luck with the map!

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    Hey! I've been replaying through the old MDK that was given out in 2014 recently, and I've noticed something: the chests (not all, but some) will refill after you quit the game and then load it back up again. Is this something with the game and will it do this in the next release? Thanks!

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft suffering from feature creep or something similar?

    Feature creep is the mass addition of new features to a product without going back and expanding upon old features too.

    Since Minecraft going gold, it seems that few updates have focused upon expanding upon and reworking old mechanics and features. Looking back at the 10 updates we've had since Minecraft was fully released, the updates that have had a major part of them devoted to working and expanding on an old feature are 1.5, 1.7 and 1.9. 1.5 is in my opinion the best example of a non-feature creep update so far, since everything was focused on redstone contraptions.

    Other updates, like 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 seemed solely focused on adding several unrelated smaller things and didn't expand a lot on any of the previous updates.

    Personally, I really liked 1.10, partially because of its speediness in being completed and partially because of the new features, but I also felt like the new features were somewhat gimmicky and didn't actually add much to the overall Minecraft experience. I wouldn't mind seeing a return to an update every month or two months that works on refining and expanding a major part of the game and adding a few new toys to balance it out along the way.

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    Quote from SnailsAttack1»

    Seems like a pretty good suggestion, but I think that you should be able to wash dust off with water.

    Sure, sounds like a good addition.

    Quote from Cerroz»

    Redstone - This just sounds tedious and fidgety, a mob walking into the wrong part of a redstone contraption could break it.

    Sugar - Pretty useless... Just use a potion. A potion effect should apply from some sugar hitting something's skin.

    Blaze Powder - This does what Flint & Steel does while lasting longer.

    Gunpowder - This one's kind of interesting, though if you want something on fire or exploded, you can easily do this without the powder.

    Redstone - That's why it'd have to be carefully built and streamlined. It's the same for all redstone contraptions, isn't it?
    Sugar - That's why I picture this as a low-tech alternative to potions that can be used early on, with a heavy drawback.

    Quote from DuhDerp»

    Would this extend to a way (however comical) to cause hissing creepers to reset? Instead of running away and coming back to repair the damage done, just blow on the creeper to put him out.

    Definitely no.

    Quote from Unclevertitle»

    The redstone one seems a little iffy to me. Redstone dust on it's own isn't usually a power source. (Granted all it takes to make it one is to craft it with a stick... so I don't have much of an argument here.)

    What would be more interesting in my opinion is if a mob sprayed with redstone dust were able to conduct a redstone signal. It could still be used in redstone circuitry but the mob would have to be standing near a powered redstone signal to be detected by redstone circuitry. This enables the mob to interact directly without any visible buttons, switches, or tripwires and without mucking up existing redstone circuitry by only powering circuits that have an appropriate "mob sized gap."

    I think you're right; while both a powered mob and an unpowered mob would be useful, it doesn't really make sense that only redstone could create a signal.

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    Quote from Angeltxilon»

    Is item consumed?

    Yes, the dust will always be consumed. I think I forgot to put that in the OP, I'll edit it now.

    What is the force of the explosion (in "F" unities)?
    I need details, I suppose that you are not suggesting a big explosion like TNT, it would be impractical and overpowered.

    It wouldn't be an explosion at all, but rather if the player/mob is near an explosion/flame then they will be dealt blast damage and knocked back a good few blocks.
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    Certain items, when right-clicked, would create a two-block long particle effect in front of the player as if it were being blown outwards, consuming the item in the process. This particle effect would last for five seconds. Mobs or players that walk into the cloud will be given a layer of dust on their model and a special effect. Placing these items in a dispenser will also blow it out, though a dispenser's cloud will be four blocks long rather than two.

    The dust effect can be washed off with water.


    Blowing redstone dust onto an entity would give it the ability to conduct a redstone signal from circuitry adjacent to the block the entity is currently standing on. Uses for this include farming using villagers, integrating mob pathfinding into circuitry and carefully placed traps on other players. The redstone effect will last thirty seconds.


    Blowing sugar onto an entity would give it a speed effect for five seconds, followed by a slowness effect for ten seconds. Useful in PvP for slowing down players or for giving yourself a short speed boost.

    Blaze Powder

    Blaze powder would do fire damage when blown onto an entity. Any meats dropped by the entity will be cooked but the items will still be preserved. Useful for automatic mob farms. The blaze effect lasts five seconds.


    Blowing gunpowder onto an entity will do nothing by itself. However, if the entity comes near an open flame or is hit by an explosion, additional blast damage will be done and the entity will be knocked back two blocks. Useful in PvP or traps.

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    posted a message on Additional Combat Improvements: Stamina, Slings, and more
    Quote from Zarlog_Core24»

    Minecraft is a building based game. The whole reason it was created was to make it different from all the combat games out there. The new combat system has sort of ruined this, but not completely. However, I noticed that you said it was the start of a major combat overhaul. I think a few of the ideas are neat, but you need to think about what would happen if this was added: lots of players who have been playing minecraft for a long time (pre 1.8) would stop playing because they would say this update ruined Minecraft. Minecraft, ever since it was first created in 2009, was created as a fun building game where you could do just about anything. It was never supposed to be about hard combat unlike all the other games that were out. Of course, now the game has started to turn into every other game, and an update like this would kill Minecraft once and for all. If you want a complicated combat game, go find another one.

    No support.

    I'm not looking for a more complicated combat system, I'm looking for a combat system that expands upon things already established in the game.

    Minecraft, to me, is summarized best in three parts (though I cannot recall who came up with this summarization):

    Mine: it's your world, you do as you please.
    Mine: the game revolves around mining for resources.
    Craft: the game revolves around crafting new things with these new materials.

    I want Minecraft to be a Sandbox game, a game about options. I want the game to have options to advance some of what has already been established in the realm of combat, whether combat against mob or another user. I also want the game to have options for tons of other things, but those things aren't what the thread is about. I definitely do not want Minecraft to become a combat-oriented game, I just want it to fully explore what it's set up for itself, ya dig?
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    posted a message on Additional Combat Improvements: Stamina, Slings, and more

    I've edited the initial post a little bit based off of Cerroz's feedback and added a ranged weapon section. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Additional Combat Improvements: Stamina, Slings, and more
    Quote from Cerroz»

    Gauntlets - I would shoot up Mojang's headquarters 9 times over if they ever added anything that allows the ability to just grab players and control their movement. No, no and no.

    I should clarify: The gauntlets would not let you control another player's movement: the other player would still be able to move, but if taken by surprise then the attacker would be able to influence their moving.

    If you've played Left 4 Dead 2 and are familiar with the Jockey, think of something similar to that except the person being pulled around would have way more control.
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    posted a message on Additional Combat Improvements: Stamina, Slings, and more


    The Combat Update laid the groundwork for what is, in my opinion, a really great beginning for a combat overhaul. I do feel, however, that there are areas that can be expanded upon and new gateways to explore in combat.


    The stamina bar would NOT be a new feature, but rather a visualization of your cool down between weapon swings in the corner of the GUI. This will be important for charged attacks that I will be detailing further down in this post.



    The most obvious suggestion for shields is adding the classic tiers of wood, gold, stone, iron, and diamond, but that is not the focus of this part of the suggestion. Instead I want to look at adding two additional kinds of shields.

    Bouncy Shields

    Crafting a shield together with a slime ball will give a bouncy shield, which would replace the current deflect effect the shield carries. Splash potions, snowballs, eggs and arrows that hit the shield will now bounce off and be returned to sender. Fireballs will burn off the slime and turn the shield back into a normal shield, though, so be careful.

    Spiked Shields

    Crafting a shield together with a cactus will give a spiked shield, which damages mobs or players when they come into contact with the shield while you block with it.

    In addition to these new kinds of shields, I want to look at giving shields their own enchantment: Sturdiness. The Sturdiness enchantment resists against Knockback. A Sturdiness II enchantment will withhold against a Knockback II and only knock back the player holding the shield by as much as the normal Knockback rate on a hit.


    Gauntlets would be a new type of armor that belong in a new armor slot, the hand slot. Gauntlets add 1 armor point for all tiers. The gauntlets would fully protect the arms and upgrade unarmed hits:

    Leather: 2
    Gold: 3
    Chain: 3
    Iron: 5
    Diamond: 6

    In addition to upgrading unarmed hits, right-clicking with the gauntlets would allow the ability to pull around mobs and players, rapidly draining the stamina bar. This would allow pulling players off ledges, pushing hostile mobs back, and pulling passive mobs into pens or out of danger. Gauntlets can be enchanted with any of the usual armor enchantments, along with Fire Aspect and Knockback.



    Slings are a new item that allows for the rapid fire-rate bows used to have. Slings would draw upon throwable items as ammo. Throwable items would still be able to be thrown without a sling, but a sling would add a damage rate and knockback.

    The throwables as they stand are snowballs, eggs, ender pearls and fire charges. None of these items do damage on their own. In addition to these four items, I would recommend that slime balls, bricks and a new item called pellets are added to this list.

    Snowballs wouldn't change that much; they still wouldn't do damage and in fact would no longer do damage to armor, but would actually be used for supporting other players by putting out fires/players on fire. Shooting snowballs from a sling increases the knockback of snowballs.

    Eggs would do 1 point of damage when fired out of a sling. Beyond that they would not change.

    Ender pearls would do no damage when fired from a sling, but if they hit an opponent it will teleport them within 8 blocks of their original point, much like eating a chorus fruit.

    Fire charges would do 1 point of damage and give a fire effect to the opponent. Beyond that they would not change.

    Slime balls would do 1 point of damage and would ricochet off targets and blocks once.

    Bricks would do 4 points of damage and would not be shot as far.

    Pellets would be crafted from flint (1 flint = 4 pellets). Pellets would do 2 points of damage and shoot the fastest out of any of the other items. These are the primary ammo type for the sling.

    The downside to the sling is that all of its ammo (including bricks) would only stack at a maximum of 16, and ammo would not be recoverable. They're also meant for a close-range attack, not able to shoot as far as a bow.

    Charged attacks

    Holding the right-click with a full stamina bar would allow the execution of a charged attack. Note that being hit while charging an attack will drain the stamina bar entirely and your weapon will take a hit to its durability.

    The sword's charged attack is a beheading move that increases the damage of the attack and if the enemy is killed in the shot, a head is guaranteed.
    The axe's charged attack is an armor break that destroys or halves the durability of a piece of your enemy's armor that your axe comes in contact with.
    The shield's charged attack is a stun that paralyzes the opponent for a split-second, allowing a quick attempt at gaining the upper-hand. This move is only executable when the shield is held in the main hand.
    The gauntlet's charged attack is a fist of fury that knocks back the opponent several blocks.


    So there we have my proposal of how combat could be improved. I will expand and tweak the suggestion as feedback comes in. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Incorporating skin selection directly into Minecraft
    Quote from NoSupport»

    No, the point of a skin is it's a to make your character look custom to others, resource packs are different.

    Don't you realise this?

    I'm referring to this emboldened sentence when I ask "Couldn't the same be said about a resource pack?": a folder stored in your files couldn't connect into the mojang servers, and would not reflect to anyone but you.

    The purpose of a skin vs. the purpose of a resource pack is irrelevant in this part of the conversation.

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    Quote from NoSupport»

    Nah, it would just be creepy.. Anyways, I don't think we need this, not sure a folder on your computer goes to the mojang severs, I don't think it's possible, mainly because, a folder stored in your files couldn't connect into the mojang servers, and would not reflect to anyone but you.

    Couldn't the same be said about a resource pack?
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    First of all, skins work via server if I recall correctly. This means that the skin has to be sent to the Mojang servers, which requires the rendering of the skin to change. Changing it in-game on a server does nothing, as every player would have to press F3+T to re-render the skin.

    Ah, I see. But if you log out of the server and then log back on, then the skin would properly render, right?
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    Quote from NoSupport»

    If this is just on the fly, no. That wouldn't work. Imagine just seeing a player change skin.. Anyways, vague, how do I get to this folder? Etc.

    No Support

    It works exactly like the resource pack folder when it comes to the folder. What's the problem with watching a player change skins?
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